Impact Results - 7/3/08 (Joe & Nash vs Storm & Roode, Victory Road)

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On Friday, July 4, 2008 at 4:29 AM EST

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The current lineup for Victory Road is as follows:

TNA Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs Booker T
Fans Revenge Match for TNA Tag Team Title: LAX vs. Roode/Storm
Fan Pick The Stip: AJ Styles/Rhino/Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle/Team 3D
"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt
World X Cup finals featuring the Ultimate X Match
Knockouts Match: Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love

On the eve of America’s Independence Day things were not looking so hot for America’s self proclaimed hero, the Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle. The night kicked off with AJ Styles coming to the ring with Kurt’s wife Karen, and calling him out.

Styles challenge was not answered by Kurt though, instead Team 3D, Brother Ray and Brother Devon came to the ring and told AJ that Kurt hadn’t made it to the arena yet because he was out on some hot dates. From there Brother Ray went to on to say that Karen was the problem and that she was nothing but a b**** and a w****. AJ had heard enough and attacked both Brother Ray and Brother Devon. In the end though, the numbers game was too much and AJ was once again left lying in the ring. That is until Rhino came out and made the save. From there Rhino challenged Team 3D along with Kurt Angle to a match at Victory Road. It was to be Team 3D and Kurt Angle versus Rhino, AJ Styles, and Christian Cage. Without hesitation Brother Devon accepted the challenge. The match was made with the fans getting to choose to the stipulation.

Up next we were shown footage from Kurt’s first blind date. He had met the first date at the gym which from the looks of the lady, it was the first time she had ever seen the inside of one. The lady was a beast to put it nicely. Suffice to say Kurt was not pleased.

Back at the iMPACT! Zone, LAX was addressing the fans and Beer Money, Robert Roode and James Storm via a live satellite feed from Houston, Texas where they were on a PR tour for the upcoming Pay-Per-View. Mid sentence Hector was interrupted as out came Storm, Jackie, and Roode for their match with the Motor City Machine Guns. The match didn’t go as Beer Money had promised because after a back and forth match they ended up losing. This came at the hands of Jackie getting up on the ring apron to spit beer in Chris Sabin’s face but missing and instead spraying Storm in the face. In an effort to take out their anger, Beer Money did something that has become common practice for them, they handcuffed their opponents, the Motor City Machine Guns to the ring ropes and began whipping them with belts. Both the refs and security that came down took the brunt of their frustrations as well. Even announcer Don West got a few whips from the belts. Finally, Jim Cornette came down to the ring and put an end to the mayhem. He then said that Beer Money would face the two most disgruntled and upset wrestlers that he could find in the back later on that night.

Up next we see footage from Kurt’s second date. If you thought the first date was bad, this one was even worse. Lets just say this date had a little something extra and not in a good way….she or should we say he was a man. Kurt was once again not pleased.

Back in the arena Roxxi and Moose were squaring off in the second ever Bimbo Brawl. In a match that saw both ladies take a ton of punishment it was Moose that picked up the win when she split Roxxi open after DDTing her on to a street sign in the middle of the ring.

In the back we see Kevin Nash being asked by Cornette to face Beer Money later that night. Nash agrees to do so and then asks who his opponent will be. Cornette is hesitant but tells him it will be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe. Nash says he sees this as an opportunity.

Joe didn’t take the news as well when he was told Nash would be his partner. In the end Cornette told him he didn’t have a choice and thus the main event was set for later in the night.

It was time for Angle’s last blind date. At first it seemed like this one would turn out ok until it came out that the woman had a spastic colon. Kurt promised he was going to get Brother Ray for setting him up on three terrible blind dates.

In the second round of the World X Cup it was Alex Kozlov accompanied by Davari taking on Ray Bucanero of Team Mexico. Kozlov started off strong and got an early near fall. In the end though, it was Team Mexico that got the victory and two more points when Bucanero hit a senton bomb from the tope rope.

Kurt had finally arrived at the arena and came out to the ring. He immediately called out Brother Ray. Both Brother Ray and Brother Devon come out immediately Brother Ray tries to calm Kurt down. He tells them all about the match that Brother Devon had agreed to for them. He also apologized for the dates and said he had lost his black book and thus he had to use Brother Devon’s black book and that is where those ladies had come from.

Brother Ray said he would make it up to Kurt and called out a very pretty blond lady to the ring. It was going well until she told Kurt that one of her traits was that she was very loyal. Kurt got angry saying no lady was loyal and they all cheated just like his wife Karen. It looked like Kurt was going to get physical, he then apologized saying he would never strike a woman but he knew someone who would. Out came the beautiful people. They attacked the woman in the ring and put a brown bag over her head.

It was about this time that Karen came out and slapped Kurt in the face and knocked down both Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. They got back to their feet and all start to surround Karen when out comes AJ, ODB, Gail Kim, and Rhino. All eight of them begin going at it…all hell has broken loose in the ring.

After a commercial break and everyone in the ring had been broken up Jeremy Borash is in the back with Booker T in his plush locker room. Booker says he thinks it’s great that Joe is so focused on Nash because that way Joe has not been concentrating on him. He promises that he will win the title from Joe in his home town of Houston at Victory Road.

Another portion of Rough Cut with Matt Morgan airs and he is talking about how he got into wrestling.

In the next round of the World X Cup it is Curry Man of Team TNA taking on Team Japan’s Milano. In a back and forth match it was Team Japan that picked up the win after a low blow.

In the back Lauren is interviewing Storm and Roode who say they aren’t afraid of Nash or Joe. James Storm also shows off his new Beer Money home made t-shirts.

In a much anticipated match Taylor is facing Raisha Saeed for a chance to face Awesome King next week for not only the 25,000 dollars but also the Knockout’s Title. After a back and forth match that included interference from Kong on more than one occasion, it was Taylor that got the win with a German Suplex. Next week she would have her rematch with Kong.

In the main event of the night, it was Beer Money going against Joe and Nash. It was clear that both Joe and Nash were having trouble co existing each trying to upstage the other. Although, this was coming more from Joe, especially when he blind tagged himself into the match. It was a back and forth match. Nash tried to get the tag in at one point and got a one arm salute from Joe. In the end Joe hit a muscle buster for the win. One thing is for sure this night did not go well at all for Beer Money as they lost both their matches. Momentum is clearly on the side of LAX heading into their title match at Victory Road.

Back in the ring, even after picking up the win Joe and Nash are having words with each other. Suddenly they are interrupted when Sting of all people’s music began playing! Was he back? YES! Sting was up in the rafters looking down as iMPACT! went off the air.

If you missed this week’s iMPACT! don’t worry. You can catch the replay this Saturday night on Spike TV. Check your local listings for times. All roads are leading to Houston and Victory Road live on Pay-Per-View July 13th. So don’t miss iMPACT! next week because much is sure to be revealed going into the Pay-Per-View.