Ring of Honor: 8/15 - Cleveland, OH (McGuinness/El Generico and more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 6:40 PM EST

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com

Cleveland Gray's Armory
August 15th, 2008- 8:00 pm belltime
1234 Bolivar Road
Cleveland, OH 44115



1) Shane Hollister & Mitch Franklin defeat Ninja Blue & Ninja Yellow after a tornado punch from Mitch Franklin. Pretty dull match.

2) Johnny Gargano defeats Sami Callihan with The Stroke (not familiar with what Johnny calls it).

3) Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne & Lou Crank defeat Midwest Air & Ground of Benjamin Sailor & Nate Bash after a Sugarfoot Rana. Crank sold really great.

Main Show

~Crowd looks to be 350-450 range.

1) Kevin Steen defeats Jigsaw with a Swanton to Jig's back. Fun match dominated by Steen.

2) Delirious defeats Rhett Titus. During Delirious' entrance he just stalked around ringside. Not running around or acting crazy like usual. Midway through the match, Jimmy Jacobs and Allison Wonderland came out yelling to Delirious that he belonged with them. Delirious destroyed Titus in the corner with Panic Attack after Panic Attack. Rhett was bleeding a gusher. Delirious used the blood to paint his mask. Ref stopped the match after FIVE Panic Attacks.

~After the match Jacobs announces Delirious as the NEW Age of the Fall member. Allison hugs Delirious and holds him like a Mother holding her child. Daizee comes out to try and talk Delirious out of it, but he ignores her and leaves with Jacobs.

3) Bryan Danielson defeats Kenny King with a high angle armbar at 14:45 of the 15:00 time limit. Great match, King looked good. Danielson came out sporting a mad farmer's tan. He got a "Tan of the Year!" chant.

~SNS Inc. are out.

4) Sara Del Rey defeats Sassy Stephie with a standing axe kick.

5) Adam Pearce defeats Ruckus with a poorly executed half nelson suplex following SNS Inc. interference. Presumably sending a message to Albright.

6) Austin Aries defeats Tyler Black in a great scientific wrestling contest with the Last Chancery. Black announced before the match that it was to be held under "Age of the Fall rules". No brawling allowed, just straight scientific wrestling.

7) Jay & Mark Briscoe defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious in a wild around the building brawl with a spring board doomsday. Highlight was Mark delivering a double stomp to Delirious off the top through a table.


~No return date announced as expected.

8) FIP World Championship: Erick Stevens defeats Claudio Castagnoli to retain the FIP World Championship via disqualification when Claudio wouldn't stop kneeing Stevens in the corner. Claudio jumped Stevens before the bell, played a great heel throughout. Ref tried to pull Claudio off, so Claudio went after the referee with a chair! Dragon ran out to fight off Claudio.

9) Chris Hero & Go Shiozaki defeat Roderick Strong & Brent Albright when Hero loaded his elbow pad and knocked Strong out with a roaring elbow. Lots of chops, as you'd expect.

10) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats El Generico with the London Dungeon to retain the ROH World Championship. Unbelievably fantastic match. Robbie Hart gave it ****1/2 live. Generico kicked out of everything. Two Towers of London, The Rebound Lariat, the top rope lariat, the first attempt at the London Dungeon didn't work. Generico gave it his all. "Generico's hope spots alone were worth the price of the show."