Feedback on NWA in Texas, APWF, CHIKARA, IWA Tri-State, and PWR

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On Monday, August 25, 2008 at 3:44 PM EST

Bree Smith sent this in:

NWA in Texas is a scam, I paid $35 for front row seats as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend because I know how much he loves Sid Vicious and XPAC…. Not only did all of the people that paid the $20 seats end up in the front row seating but neither Sid nor XPAC were at the event, I even checked the listing before we left to drive to San Antonio from Austin and there were no disclaimers saying either weren’t coming. Sometime mid-event they announced that Sid was not going to make it do to airline issues but they never said XPAC was not there. We sat through a mostly boring show waiting for XPAC disappointed that Sid wasn’t going to be there. Then the show ended and there was no explanation for no XPAC. I am disabled and driving that far was hard enough but to surprise my b/f with these front row seats for 2 of his favorites was going to be worth it, my utter disappointment afterwards and no explanation was really bad. I feel that NWA did not sell the tickets they expected and decided not to bring in the high dollar wrestlers with no explanation. A true rip off. I would like to get the difference of the general admin to front row seats back for the blatant rip off, I don’t mind paying the gen admin for that show but I paid the extra for a great show that never happened and feel truly ripped off and lied to.

Shannon Rose sent this in:

The APWF Pro Wrestling Event on Saturday, September 20th at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida has been cancelled due to a death in the family of promoter Chris Lash.

Please check out for when the event will be rescheduled.

CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA welcomes Colin Delaney of WWE fame into "La Loteria Letal"!

Next month, we're gathering up 18 of CHIKARA's finest and tossing their names into a random lottery - and among them will be a familiar face from the recent past of the WWE! Fresh off his 6-month tour-of-duty with the ECW brand, Colin Delaney will rejoin his CHIKARA pals for action in just under two weeks!
Of these eighteen wrestlers, sixteen of them will be chosen for duty in a tag team tournament, paired together at random and sent in pursuit of three points! On Saturday evening, September 6th, we'll offer the first two rounds of tournament action featuring these extemporaneous tag teams, as well as some non-tournament bouts.
For starters, the two wrestlers that are not selected in the lottery will face off in a singles match that night in Easton. Additionally, a non-tournament 8-man tag (or atomico, if you prefer) will round out the card. All this awaits the loyal members of the CHIKARMY when we return to the Lehigh Valley on September 6th, at the Palmer Community Center on the outskirts of Easton, PA.
Names already entered into the lottery:

1) Eddie Kingston
2) Claudio Castagnoli
3) Mike Quackenbush
4) Lince Dorado
5) Brodie Lee
6) Helios
7) Ultimo Breakfast
8) Vin Gerard

9) Hydra
10) Larry Sweeney
11) Tim Donst
12) Jimmy Olsen
13) Icarus
14) Colin Delaney

Right now, our two August events, including "All That Glitters" are up for sale on the Smart Mark Video site! They are complete with all the matches from the events, as well as backstage interviews, and additional bonus materials! All that, and new, original covers! Support CHIKARA by buying our official releases, available only at Smart Mark Video!

Advance tickets for upcoming live events (including our return to the Lehigh Valley) are on sale right now! Visit our online store and pick up your copy of the third issue of the CHIKARA comic book (Season 7, Volume 3)!

"La Loteria Letal"
9.6.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Community Center!
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

"Style and Substance"
9.7.2008 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena/New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner Street
in South Philly, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!

"The Artistic Pursuit of Being Yourself"
9.20.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Streamwood Park District Community Center!
777 S. Bartlett Rd.
in Streamwood, IL!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

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IWA Tri-State sent this in:

IWA Tri-State proudly presents
"Fear No Evil"
Saturday September 20th, 2008
at the Jersey Star Elite All-Stars and Recreation Academy
120 Sewell Road in Sewell, NJ 08080
7:30pm Bell Time
Tickets are $15 Ringside, $12 General Admission

Here is all 9 matches that will make up this exciting card

Devon Moore

*Devon Moore has been bragging to any one who will listen that he was the man who put Mad Man Pondo out of IWA Tri-State any wrestler who was at the 8-16 show to face him in match for the 9-20 show labeled "Fear No Evil".. He signed an open contract and left it in the back locker room.. What Devon Moore forgot was that Sabian was in attendance that night scouting the Talent of IWA Tri-State for his pending debut.. As soon as Sabian heard about Moore's challenge he made sure he was first in line to try to teach Devon Moore a lesson in Respect... All week Moore's lawyers have been trying to get him out of this match but not that the red tape has been cleared the match is official.. Both wrestlers have history with each other and this match will be another in a series of epic battles.. You need to be in Sewell, NJ on September 20th to witness this!!!

The Mystery is Revealed
"Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper
The Rockin' Rebel w/ Don Montoya

* Don promised some one from both Cooper's past and his own past and he delivered.. The Rockin' Rebel and a wrestling veteran who not only knows every trick in the book, but also invented most of them.. He and Eric Cooper have battled many times in the past and even though the matches have always been close, Eric Cooper has never defeated the Rebel in a one on one contest... Don Montoya knows this well and that is why he chose Rebel to help him embarrass Coop and drive him out of professional wrestling.. Cooper was informed of his challenger earlier today and has gone to Florida to train with Team 3D (Formally known as the Dudley Boys) to get ready for this encounter.. Can Eric cooper beat the Rebel or will the Rebel's experience and Don Montoya's interference keep the Rockin' Rebels streak of victories over Cooper intact??

Also already announced

Two of Pro Wrestling's Best Kept Secretes Collide
"Krazy K" Kirby Mack
"Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force w/ JADEN

*At the last show Tommy Force made Mexico's Lince Dorado tap in a very close, back and forth match-up.. He looks to continue his winning ways by taking on one of the best up and coming stars in wrestling today known as Kirby Mack.. "Krazy K" has been in the ring with Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore,Homicide, Hernandez, Steve Corino, Milanno Collection AT, Paul London, Brian Kendrick and many of today's very best stars yet he has yet most of the wrestling public has yet to know his name.. That will all change tough as he takes on his toughest test to date in Tommy Force.. Kirby Mack wants to make am impact in IWA Tri-State and finally become a house hold name.. No matter who wins the fans are in for a treat with this explosive contest

Rematch from "Tradition Reborn"
Trixie Lynn
Kacee Carlisle

*At the last show Kacee used the ropes to her advantage and pinned Trixie for the 1,2,3.. Trixie wants to prove to the wrestling world that she can beat Kacee and earn the respect of the Fans of IWA Tri-State.. Will Kacee cheat her way to victory again or will Trixie come out on top?

Tag Team Warfare
The Downward Spiral (Twiggy Ramirez & Problem Child)
The Dark Karnival (Chio & Jo Jo)

* At "Tradition Reborn", the rebirth of the Downward Spiral was one of the main points of interest for the fans coming to the show.. Twiggy & Problem Child didn't disappoint their legions of fans when the squeaked a victory over they very talented and game Team New Era.. This time they have to try their luck against the established and double tough tag team of the Dark Karnival.. Jo Jo and Chio are a real Force in tag team wrestling and are looking to come to IWA Tri-State to test their skills against the very best tag teams in the business.. Fans of South Jersey wrestling know that there is already a rivalry between Jo Jo and Problem Child, Now this issue will escalate with the involvement of their tag team partners.. This match will be a classic for the fans of traditional tag team wrestling.. I have only one more thing to say about this match and that is "Damn that's Wrestling"

One on One Match-Up
Vinny the Fixxer

*At the last show the scheduled match up between Vinny the Fixxer and former WWE Superstar Sal Sincere got turned into a 3 way elimination match when South Jersey's own Patch also wanted to fight for the honor of the Garden State.. After Vinny and patch disposed of Sal the action picked up and they had a knock down, drag out affair.. Vinny narrowly won with the help of a steel chain.. This time though Patch vows to beat Vinny even if he has to stoop to Vinny's level.. Who will win this amazing encounter this time around??

6-Man/Trios Action
The Puerto Rican Freebirds (Pinky Sanchez,LJ Cruz & Kid Kaos)
Team New Era (Mat Bomboy,Corey Kastle & Rick Feinberg)

* At "Tradition Reborn" the PR Freebirds made a huge impact.. The Charismatic Pinky took DJ Hyde to the limit and the high flying combo of Kid Kaos and LJ Cruz impressed every one with a win over Ophidian and Fire Ant.. This time all 3 of them are in one match and the fans are in for something special.. TNE also wrestled on 8-16 and came up just short in their bid to spoil the debut of the new Downward Spiral.. Even in that narrow loss they showed the management, and more importantly the fans of IWA Tri-State that they belong in the big time and look to get on a winning track on 9-20.. Both teams have a lot to prove and this match should be very exhilarating...

Battle for IWA Tri-State Contract
"Pro Wrestling NOAH Superstar" Bobby Fish
"The Greek God" Papadon

* Both wrestlers are looking to make a name for them selves in the IWA Tri-State promotion but room is limited.. This match has been signed so both wrestlers can prove them selves in this company.. The winner will get an IWA Tri-State Contract and if the loser can make a good showing a contract may also be offered to him.. Both wrestlers are training like never before and both will be in tip top shape for this encounter.. Bobby Fish has international experience with his work in Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan.. When he is not in the ring with the likes of Jun Akiyama he is training with the best in the business to get ready for this match.. On the other hand Papadon plans to go havok all over Bobby Fish.. This "Internet" Darling wants to show he has the goods to not only make it as a singles wrestler but also make it to the top of IWA Tri-State.. Who will win this contest where both wrestlers have a lot to gain and a whole lot to lose?.. I guess you will have to be in Sewell, NJ to find out

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Greg Excellent & the Hellaware Assassin

* On 8-16 Greg Excellent wanted to show off his dance skills, but WHACKS had something else in mind as he wanted to fight.. Just when you though you would see GE and WHACKS go at it, Mr. Excellent claimed he pulled a groin muscle and had a substitute to fight WHACKS.. That person turned out to be the dangerous Hellaware Assassin.. WHACKS and Hellaware battled and even used thumbtacks to hurt each other... WHACKS was about to win when a low blow by Hellaware and Greg Excellent .. WHACKS challenged both of them to a match on 9-20.. This match will be brutal...

Also scheduled for this action packed show:
The Sensational One (S-1), IWA Tri-State Owner Atticus Rheighns, Referees Derek Sabato, Tonya Stevens and Jimmy Clydesdale, Ring Announcer Sean Beckerman & Many More

For more ticket info write us at or by going to our Myspace page at or you can call us at 609-440-6770 (Please Leave a Message)

You can also visit us on our message forum at

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you all at the show on September 20th

Robert Goldenberg sent this in:

Pro Wrestling Revolution (PWR) Video Webcasts Debut on Sports Webcasting Network (

Free On-Demand Video Webcast of Resurrection, featuring WWE Legends Tito Santana, Cousin Luke from the Bushwackers and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart

(New York) - Sports Webcasting Network ( proudly and exclusively presents a FREE On-Demand Video Webcast of PWR - Pro Wrestling Revolution’s Resurrection Show. The independent promotion, which is based on Long Island features some of the northeast’s quickest rising wrestling superstars and also features some of wrestling legends. Resurrection featured WWE former greats Tito Santana, Cousin Luke from the Bushwackers and the Legendary manager Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart. The show also featured three championship matches including the PWR International Championship between Chris “Pain” Forza and Amand Duemuerto, the PWR Tag Team Championship between the Carnival of Destruction (C.O.D.) featuring former Demolition member Blast against Rave Nation and the PWR Heavyweight Championship between Samir Ahmed II (Champion) and Mike Magnum (Challenger).

This is the second event Sports Webcasting Network has broadcasted for PWR. The first was on August 10th, 2008, when PWR presented wrestling action at the Metro New York Balloon and Music Festival. The card featured former WWE Legend Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and John Heidenreich. That event is available either on a pay-per-view basis or by purchasing a DVD. Further information on how to order the pay-per-view or DVD is available at

Rob Goldenberg called all the action for Sports Webcasting Network.

For the last six years, Sports Webcasting Network, has been airing high school sports and other sports related content on radio, television and the internet. Sports Webcasting Network is a full service broadcasting outlet for high school, collegiate, amateur, and professional sports has emerged as the premiere as a media outlet for sporting events and entertainment in the northeast, and as an entity, which recognizes student athletes and their achievements on the field. Offering the latest cutting edge broadcast solution with audio and video webcasts streamed live and/or on tape over the internet Sports Webcasting Network can reach a potentially limitless audience. Among its viewership, SWN has boasted that fans in more than 15 countries, including Canada, Israel, Australia, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Belgium have watched their webcasts.

The Revolution is Here!
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