Smackdown Results - 9/12/08 - Milwaukee, WI ('New #1 Contender')

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On Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 1:42 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
September 12, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We get a rundown of the WWE Championship Scramble match from Unforgiven. It wasn’t a terrible match up until the ending which made absolutely zero sense. Why wouldn’t Jeff Hardy break up the pinfall instead of making another pin? He had more than enough time. That was just stupid. Other than that the match was good. This was a good video package. Thank God they didn’t include the epically boring beat down of the Undertaker by Big Show.

We now get the Smackdown video which is followed up by an always great pyrotechnics display inside the arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim Ross and The Tazz welcome us to the show. Tonight the four men involved in the Championship Scramble who didn’t win will be involved in a Fatal Four Way match tonight to determine who will face WWE Champion Triple H at No Mercy! Also, why, OH WHY, did Big Show blindside the Undertaker?

Triple H’s music hits and the crowd is happy. I don’t know why but sometimes when the show opens up with a Triple H promo in the ring I get flashbacks to the Attitude Era circa the year 2000 when every RAW and Smackdown would open up with a long, long Triple H promo. They aren’t good flashbacks…

As Triple H is getting into the ring, Jim Ross comments that Unforgiven was one of the most exciting nights of his entire broadcasting career. Exaggerate much?

Triple H opens up by saying that if we didn’t see Unforgiven then we need to. He says if we didn’t see any of the Championship Scramble matches then, trust him, we need to. Triple H tells us the second it comes out on DVD to run out and buy Unforgiven which hints to me it didn’t do well buy rate wise so they need all the residuals from the DVDs! Oh, Triple H just admitted he wants us to do this partly because he gets really good residuals from it.

The other reason why he wants us to own this PPV is because it was awesome! It was an unbelievable night… according to Triple H. Triple H says the titles changed hands a hundred times, CM Punk was punked out by Randy Orton (good) and it allowed Chris Jericho to basically win the lottery (even better!!). Matt Hardy finally put together a huge win and cheated death... yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Triple H says Rey Mysterio came out with the craziest Mohawk you’ll ever see. That’s definitely true. Triple H finishes up by saying that only one man actually retained his title and that was him!

Triple H said that critics said he only had an 80% chance of retaining the title. Triple H said that pertains to the other guys but not him because he’s The Game. Triple H says the Scramble was one of the most difficult matches he’s ever been apart of in his entire life but yet, as always, he found a way with just one second he was able to… but before he can finish his sentence he’s interrupted by the man who would’ve been WWE Champion had that one second been shorter, Jeff Hardy!

Jeff Hardy enters the ring armed with a microphone. Hardy congratulates Triple H and asks the crowd “is he not the man” to which they cheer wildly even though no one in the crowd is actually clapping. I hate when they do that!! Hardy says he beat him fair and square and that he did all he could but Triple H still won. Hardy says that Triple H is truly the King of Kings. He even says he’s awesome and that everyone in the locker room thinks so and they all respect him, including Jeff Hardy. God, who wrote got their hands on the scripts this week?!

Hardy then says in the WWE Universe (gag) Triple H is like a legend. He’s got the talent, physique, brains, he’s got everything! Triple H is smiling and says it’s time for Jeff to stop all of his “heartfelt” praise. Triple H says he appreciates all the “praise” and he’ll reciprocate and lavish praise on Jeff Hardy by saying he respects and admires him. He admires his passion for the business and his desire and that every night he puts his body on the line trying to reach for that sacred brass ring but he is always one second away! Ouch! Triple H says that’s the story of Jeff’s life.

Hardy says that maybe Triple H is right and maybe he always is one step away or maybe he just never had the right people to push him along. Maybe he never had the Kliq! Maybe he never had DX or maybe he just didn’t have the family!! Owned! Hardy says if he did he might just have what Triple H has.

Triple H says maybe that’s true although maybe he’s forgotten about his brother Matt. Triple H reminds him of who is brother Matt is – he’s Jeff’s former tag team partner, the only time in his career when he’s been really successful, heck, his entire life! Triple H says as a matter of fact people thought Jeff was the better Hardy but today Matt is the champion. Triple H says it’s not that Jeff isn’t talented or anything but he had his brother Matt around him to keep him focused and on the straight and narrow. The fact is since he hasn’t been around Matt he hasn’t been able to focus on business long enough to keep his extra curricular activities in line which prevents him from getting that much talked about brass ring! Good comeback.

Triple H says that might sound harsh but the thing is he doesn’t want to get into some bitter argument because it doesn’t do Hardy any good nor him. Triple H says the fact is whether Jeff believes it or not he does respect Jeff Hardy and tonight Jeff has a Fatal Four Way match where the winner faces him for the Championship at No Mercy – one more shot at the brass ring. Triple H says he hopes Jeff wins and Jeff says he will. Triple H says he hopes that tonight he proves Triple H wrong because no matter what happens tonight it’s guaranteed that when he gets to No Mercy he’ll prove him right! The music hits and Triple H leaves the ring.

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Did you know WWE is watched by more than 15 million people every week in the US? I guess they can’t beat the NFL in ratings when it’s not preseason!

Maryse’s music hits and she’s making her way out to the ring with Victoria and Natalya, the girl who really should’ve wrestled McCool at Unforgiven. What business did Maryse have being in a singles match on PPV?

Maryse, Victoria & Natalya vs. Michelle McCool, Maria & Brie Bella

The bell rings and it’s the Diva’s Champion starting for her team against Natalya. They lock up and McCool takes Natalya down quickly. They lock up again and McCool gets Natalya in a headlock. Natalya hits her in the midsection, throws her into the ropes and gets knocked down by a shoulder block. McCool comes off the ropes and jumps over Natalya, comes off the ropes again and Natalya goes for a hip toss but McCool does a cruiserweight move into a nice roll up for a one count. McCool kicks her in the midsection and hits a nice European Uppercut. McCool goes to whip her but Natalya reverses the whip and goes to back body drop McCool but she lands on her feet and hits a thrust kick to Natalya, knocking her down and getting a one count. McCool gets Natalya in a front face lock and puts her in her corner as Maria tags in.

Maria kicks Natalya in the gut and wrenches her arm a couple of times and brings her to her knees where Maria hits a nice Magistral Cradle for a one count. Natalya is quickly up and back in a headlock which she powers out of and gets Maria in a key lock before slamming her on the mat. Natalya wrenches Maria’s arm but she uses the ropes to do a back flip to reverse the pressure and wrenches Natalya’s arm before doing a kind of sloppy float over arm drag. Maria wrenches the arm again and tags in Brie Bella.

Bella comes off the second rope with an axe handle on Natalya’s arm. She wrenches her arm but Natalya immediately pulls it away from her. This spot was awkward as Bella should have capitalized immediately but instead left Natalya standing there stupidly waiting for her to hit a jumping snapmare on her. Bella whips Natalya into the corner and monkey flips her out of it. Bella tries again for the monkey flip but Natalya flips her over her head by the heels. That was impressive. Natalya stomps her and Maryse tags in.

Maryse hits a backbreaker for a one count. Bella puts up a fight with Maryse but Maryse takes her down and rolls over and hits some forearms to the back of Bella’s head. Maryse slams Bella’s face into the mat a few times and hits a nice snapmare and tags in Victoria who enters the ring with her flipping over the top rope leg drop but Bella moves out of the way!

Bella is struggling to get to her corner but Victoria grabs her leg. She’s nearly there when Maryse and Natalya run in and knock McCool and Maria off the apron. Victoria pulls on Bella’s leg and she flies out of the ring. Victoria tries to catch her but she quickly goes under the ring. Victoria pulls out Brie Bella again and throws her back in the ring. Bella now “miraculously” takes Victoria down and gets a cradle for the pin!

Winners by Pinfall: Michelle McCool, Maria & Brie Bella
Match Rating: *

Immediately after the match is over McCool and Maria knock Natalya and Maryse down. McCool kicks Maryse out of the ring and a different looking Brie Bella gets her hand raised.

Still to come tonight: Why did the Big Show turn on the Undertaker??

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The WWE Rewind is brought to us by Just For Men hair dye: R-Truth’s match from last week where he squashed Bam Neely after coming through the crowd singing his lame rap song.

It’s the same thing this week. Milwaukee is treated to R-Truth coming through the crowd singing his generic rap song “What’s up?” My girlfriend is not impressed and I think she said she hates him at least fifty times. He finishes this epic entrance with some dance moves that, in my opinion, don’t really fit the song.

Ooooo Chavo Guerrero is his fresh meat for tonight. I guess Chavo’s push is pretty much over, no?

R-Truth vs. Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely

The bell rings and they lock up. Chavo gets a quick waist lock, followed by a quick full nelson, followed by a nice snapmare and a chin lock. R-Truth quickly gets out gets Chavo in a hammerlock. Chavo elbows him in the face and hits a kick to the midsection. Chavo wrenches the arm but R-Truth quickly wrenches Chavo’s. Chavo kicks him in the midsection and goes off the ropes and gets a huge hip toss from R-Truth followed by an arm drag and R-Truth keeps the arm bar on and asks the crowd what is up. Chavo gets to the feet and gets out of the hold and R-Truth takes him down with a nice spinning wheel kick.

Truth comes off the ropes and into a flipping calf kick by Chavo (impressive) and he gets a two count. Chavo kicks him in the ribs and hits a nice European Uppercut for a two count. Chavo now gets R-Truth in a chickenwing but R-Truth is quickly up but Chavo keeps hammering his back. Chavo comes off the ropes and into a clothesline. Chavo gets up and is quickly down from another clothesline. R-Truth punches him and whips him into the ropes and hits a back elbow. R-Truth whips Chavo into the ropes and lowers his head and gets kicked in the face by Chavo. Chavo charges and gets powerslammed. The crowd is into this and R-Truth hits a bicycle kick for a two count. R-Truth now goes for the Scissors Kick but Chavo moves and goes for the Three Amigos and hits it. Chavo is now up top for the Frog Splash but R-Truth punches him and climbs to the second rope and gets pulled off by Bam Neely, causing the Disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: R-Truth
Match Rating: *

Chavo is not happy that Bam Neely came into the ring and caused the DQ (like he would’ve won anyway) and confronts him about this. Chavo yells at him that he pays Bam Neely to do his job and since he didn’t do his job he’s not getting paid today and pushes Bam. He apparently pushed him over the edge because Bam pushes Chavo to the ground and screams at him! Bam turns around into a kick in the midsection from R-Truth and a Scissors Kick! Chavo quickly attacks and whips R-Truth into the ropes and he comes off with his Spinning 360 Degree forearm!

Backstage, Shelton Benjamin is talking with Eve Torres. He’s talking about how no one can beat the Gold Standard because he didn’t get pinned at Unforgiven. Triple H walks up and Eve goes away. Triple H says she’s hot and he didn’t mean to interrupt Shelton’s romantic interlude but he noticed that Shelton was the only one who didn’t get pinned at Unforgiven so there isn’t any reason why he should have to qualify tonight. Shelton agrees and Triple H says Jeff Hardy is fired up and says that Shelton should worry about him. Shelton says that he doesn’t have to worry about Jeff Hardy because instead of reaching for brass rings he’s reaching for Triple H’s gold title and Triple H says “good” and walks away.

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We’ve got some breaking WWE news: its WWE’s 1-2 Punch on MyNetwork TV because Smackdown is moving there on October 3rd! On October 2nd it’s the broadcast television premiere of Wrestlemania 24 and the next night is the All Star Kick-Off of Smackdown! Check your local listings, of course. I’m looking forward to this move. I like how they couldn’t actually say they were moving to MyNetwork though!

Tazz says that last Friday, Smackdown had three times more viewers than College Football did on ESPN. JR said that’ll make Lee Corso mad.

Its biscuits and gravy time! They come out dressed as moving guys with the words MyMoving Co. on it probably because they couldn’t actually say they’re moving the show to MyNetwork.

Kenny Dykstra is their opponent tonight and he comes out saying that it’s obvious that he could be an All-Star in any professional sport and that he has more potential than anyone in the company. He says he’s a twenty-two year old stud yet he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He asks what he has to do – dress like a garbage man.

Kenny says he’s taking the garbage out to the dumpster right now and he hits Festus in the face and knocks Jesse off the apron. Kenny begins hammering Festus before Jesse comes in and throws him off. Festus gets up and Jesse goes to the outside and rings the bell and Festus goes insane! Festus kicks Dykstra down and whips him into the corner and hits a running butt bump followed by a nice diving shoulder tackle. Festus now has Dykstra on his shoulders and hits a Fireman’s Carry Flapjack and Jesse tosses Festus something.

Festus begins using duct tape and putting it all around Kenny’s body. Jesse tapes his feet together and they put him on a dolly and I guess that’s the end of this strange segment.

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Well it’s not over yet. Kenny now has green plastic all around him and he’s being wheeled around on a dolly by Festus as Kenny keeps screaming. Kenny screams that they don’t want none of him and Jesse covers his mouth with duct tape and they keep moving him. Good! Their music hits and this segment is now officially over.

Jim Ross tells us that he’s just been informed that Vickie Guerrero and Big Show will be out in a few minutes to explain why he mauled the Undertaker.

We now get a video package from Unforgiven with Big Show and Undertaker. I thought this segment was great when the Big Show was laughing hysterically as the casket was coming down and while Undertaker was coming down. Undertaker’s lines have been brutally bad lately so he deserved to get punched around by Big Show. Still, the beat down went WAY too long and it got really boring. I couldn’t have cared less by the time they were walking to the back and apparently neither could that crowd… but then again they hardly cared about anything the whole night.

Justin Roberts now introduces the Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero who comes out without her wheelchair. I think I hate her more than Sarah Palin. That’s a lot of hate.

Vickie Guerrero asks the audience to excuse her and they do not. I think she’s a better heel than Eddie ever was. She says the Undertaker made several threats to her before Unforgiven such as taking her soul and threatening to send her to the fiery depths of Hell. However, as we all witnessed (unfortunately) he did not send her to Hell nor did he take her soul. Vickie says he couldn’t even take her job as she is still the General Manager of Smackdown. She says the Undertaker threatened her and she literally spat in his face.

Vickie says that she didn’t do this alone and she asks the audience to help her welcome the World’s Largest Athlete – The Big Show! I’m going to miss Big Show coming out smiling and waving and laughing because he’s now coming out with the rough and tough face. Regardless, he definitely needed this turn.

Big Show says a couple of weeks ago Undertaker destroyed Edge in a Hell in a Cell and her family abandoned her so Vickie approached him and asked him for help. Show says at first he didn’t want to do it as she never did anything for him but then he was thinking about it and he wondered who the hell the Undertaker thought he was. Show says that every single superstar on Smackdown has to follow the rules and regulations issued by the General Manager or they’re out of a job, including him. Show says if he doesn’t want to do something there isn’t a man, machine or beast that can make him do it. Big Show says the Undertaker thinks he’s special and above that. Show says to the Undertaker that he may think he’s above many things but no one is above him.

Show says at Unforgiven he and Vickie made up a plan – they showed the Undertaker that he has to play by the rules just as he does. Show says he followed the rules on Smackdown because he knows what’s best for the show and for all of us. Show says after showing the Undertaker just who is in charge of Smackdown he started seeing the fact that he has a good thing helping Vickie out. Show says they are a true power couple as there will be neither wedding rings nor sweet nothings whispered into people’s ears – this is strictly business!

Show says he can help Vickie get Smackdown to where she wants it to be and Vickie can help him get to where he wants to be and that’s a journey that leads to the WWE Championship around his waist. Show says in order to get that he has to get Vickie what she wants and what she wants is an apology from Undertaker! Show says he will apologize because if he’s not sorry now then he’ll personally make sure he will be!

Still to come – Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. The Brian Kendrick with the winner facing Triple H at No Mercy!

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We’re back from the break and Funaki and Scotty Goldman are waiting in the ring for their squash.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Scotty Goldman & Funaki

The bell rings and Kozlov immediately levels Funaki with a thrust kick. Goldman is laying in some forearms to the face and gets the Moscow Mauler in a headlock but he gets thrown down to the mat face first and gets an elbow dropped across his back. Kozlov then hits a hard kick to the ribs of Goldman. Kozlov turns and goes for a thrust kick on Funaki but misses and Funaki gets some right hands and then gets taken down by a thrust kick. Kozlov picks Goldman up for a fall away slam but instead gets him up on his shoulders and sends him chest first across the corner, propping him up there. Kozlov then kicks a field goal on Goldman’s stomach and throws him into Funaki, who is in the corner. Kozlov hooks both of Goldman’s arms and head-butts his chest. Kozlov then hits his Battering Ram Head-Butt to Goldman and kills him. He then murders Funaki coming off the ropes with a Head-Butt as well. Nice bump! Kozlov then covers Funaki for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: ¼ *

Kozlov begins speaking his native tongue to which the audience does the Steve Austin approved “What?!” I’m so tired of that! Kozlov then says in English he came here because he thought that Smackdown could give him a challenge. Kozlov demands a better challenge and he says if no one will give him a challenge then he’ll find one himself!

Backstage Ezekiel Jackson is reading a WWE Magazine and Triple H walks up behind him and laughs at a picture in the magazine. Jackson stands up and they go nose to nose. The Brian Kendrick then walks up and asks if he can help Hunter. Triple H smiles and says “The Brian Kendrick” to which he responds “at your service”. I love it. Triple H says he stopped by to wish him luck in the Fatal Four Way match tonight. Triple H wishes him luck on getting that Number One Contender slot. The Kendrick says he should rightfully have that slot after Unforgiven, where he was the longest reigning champion in the history of the Championship Scrambles and now he has to go out there and wonders why he has to fight three other men to earn this number one contendership. The Kendrick says this is preposterous and Triple H says it’s ludicrous. Triple H says that’s a good point because he saw his performance that night and it was unbelievable. Triple H says just between them he was rooting for him the whole time so with that being said of all the losers there were that night The Kendrick was, by far, the biggest! The Kendrick is not happy to hear that!

Still to come – The Fatal Four Way match!

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Jim Ross thanks Motorhead for providing WWE with the theme song for Unforgiven, “Rock Out” which sounds exactly like “Ace of Spades”. Debate me if you think I’m wrong but I don’t think anyone really can!

The WWE Tag Team Champions are out next for a non-title Tag Team match and there opponents are Primo and Carlito Colon! Carlito is finally making his Smackdown debut since being drafted back in June and he ditched that ridiculous new hairdo that I saw him sporting on the net! Back to the tried and true fro!

As they come down we get a pre-taped promo from the Colons. Carlito begins speaking in Spanish but then says that they’re brothers teaming up for the very first time on Smackdown. Primo says he’s been waiting for this his whole life and he can’t wait. Carlito says Smackdown will never be the same again because they’re too good looking but they have to do something about Primo’s hair! Carlito says Primo and Carlito being on Smackdown… now that’s cool!

Hawkins & Ryder vs. The Colons

Carlito is sporting long black pants now. He’s starting this match out against Zach Ryder. The bell rings and this match is officially on. They lock up and Ryder pushes Carlito off and taunts the crowd. You don’t do that to Carlos Colon’s son! Carlito smiles and kicks Ryder in the midsection and bounces his head off the top turnbuckle. Carlito lays in some fast and furious lefts in the corner with some kicks until the referee pulls him off. Ryder comes out of the corner with a hard punch to the face and a forearm to the back. Ryder whips Carlito into the ropes but Carlito comes off and hits a nice rolling neckbreaker! Carlito covers but it’s only a one.

Carlito picks Ryder up and Ryder gets a knee to the midsection and whips Carlito off the ropes (Primo makes the blind tag). Carlito ducks a clothesline and goes under the bottom rope and Primo floors Ryder with a springboard dropkick! Ryder gets up and Primo kicks him twice in the legs and then takes him down with a really nice spinning leg sweep for a two count! Primo has Ryder in a front face lock and tags in his brother Carlito.

Primo suplexes Ryder and Primo jumps up onto Carlito’s shoulders and Carlito powerbombs Primo onto Ryder’s chest! Nice double team move. Carlito covers for a two count. Carlito is going into the ropes when he stops because he noticed that Curt Hawkins had lowered the top rope so Carlito would fall out! Carlito kicks him off the apron and turns into a leg lariat from Ryder! That’s always an impressive move.

Ryder tags in Hawkins and he begins hammering Carlito’s face with the ground and pound. Carlito gets up and gets kicked in the gut and Hawkins hits a textbook suplex on the man who spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool (Dave Stephens!). Hawkins gets a two count for that effort. Hawkins now locks in a chin lock. Carlito struggles to get to his feet and does but Hawkins uses Carlito’s hair to slam him back down to the mat. Hawkins tags in Ryder who comes in and gets a one count on Carlito. Ryder brings him back to his corner and bounces Carlito’s head off the turnbuckle and tags in Hawkins again. Ryder holds Carlito in the corner and Hawkins hits a jumping forearm to the face which stuns Carlito. Hawkins gets a close two count on Carlito. Hawkins then bounces Carlito’s head off the turnbuckle (he should have brain damage by this point) and tags in Ryder. Hey, you can’t fault them for having poor continuity.

Ryder hits a snapmare on Carlito and then wrenches the neck, twisting his neck to a sickening angle. Carlito struggles to get to his feet and does. Carlito elbows out and whips Ryder into the ropes and goes for a front dropkick but Ryder hangs onto the ropes and Carlito crashes down to the mat! Ryder coves but the referee only finds a two count. Ryder tags in Hawkins. This was strange – Ryder does a backslide pin on Carlito and Hawkins comes around and kicks him in the sternum. Not exactly the most creative double team move in the world, guys. You’ve been teamed up for how long and that’s all you can come up with double team wise?! Tazz of course calls this innovative – that man used to be the Human Suplex Machine!

Hawkins stomps Carlito on the ground. Hawkins then begins pulling back on the neck of Carlito. Carlito struggles and gets to his feet and rolls Hawkins off. Carlito goes for the tag but Hawkins explodes and hits a clothesline on Carlito… sigh. Hawkins pulls Carlito into his corner and gets an arm bar on Carlito as he tags in Ryder, who comes in and hits a forearm to the face of Carlito. They’re really putting the E in WWE right now.

Ryder bounces the back of Carlito’s head off the mat a few times and picks Carlito up in a front face lock and tags in Hawkins. Hawkins kicks Carlito in the ribs, hits a snapmare and then hits a rolling neck snap and gets in Primo’s face before covering Carlito for a two count. Hawkins now has Carlito in a chin lock again. Carlito is struggling a lot more and the audience is trying to will him on. It works as Carlito gets to his feet but Hawkins whips Carlito into the corner. Hawkins charges and Carlito rolls out of the way and tags in Primo!

Primo enters the ring but jumping over the top rope and duking it out with Hawkins and goes to whip him but it gets reversed but Primo comes off the ropes with a nice diving back elbow. Primo hits a nice clothesline, does a cartwheel and dropkicks Hawkins down! He then knocks Ryder off the apron. Hawkins charges Primo but gets two boots in the face. Primo goes up to the top rope and hits a Crossbody but the pin gets broken up by Ryder!

Primo tags in Carlito who takes Ryder out of the ring. Hawkins didn’t know Carlito was tagged in as he goes for Primo who kicks him in the face and Hawkins backs up into a Back Stabber from Carlito who coves him for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Colons
Match Rating: * ½

The Colons celebrate their win as Hawkins and Ryder sadly leave the ring.

MVP is walking down the hallway when he’s stopped by Triple H in the hallway. Triple H asks MVP where he’s going and MVP says he’s going to handle his business in the Fatal Four Way. Triple H pretends he didn’t know he was in the Fatal Four Way and asks him why he’s in it. MVP says it’s because he’s the highest paid athlete in Smackdown history. Triple H says the other night he didn’t do so well. Triple H says Jeff Hardy can be in it because he was in the match until the end, The Brian Kendrick was the longest champion during the match and Shelton Benjamin wasn’t pinned at all but he’s not sure why MVP is in there. MVP says he’s in it to take Triple H’s title at No Mercy. Triple H says he hopes he doesn’t choke like he did on Sunday.

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We’re shown a shot of the outside of the arena in Milwaukee.

We now go to a WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand video which shows highlights of the classic Cage Match for the NWA Championship between Harley Race and Ric Flair – the “Flair for the Gold”. It took place on November 24th, 1983 and it’s just got history all over it. Harley Race handed the torch to Ric Flair that night and the wrestling world was never the same again. Did Gene Kiniski break his ankle in this match? I have no idea and if anyone knows PLEASE E-MAIL ME! I wonder every time I watch this match.

Jim Ross and Tazz talk about that match a bit and Ross cites WWE Hall of Famer Gordon Solie as one of the commentators in that match. It’s now time for the Fatal Four Way.

MVP is the first one out. Shelton Benjamin appears on the Titan Tron and says that if anyone doesn’t understand why he’s called the Gold Standard it’s because he shines brighter than anyone. Benjamin says if we see how bright he shines tonight we’ll understand why he’ll be facing Triple H at No Mercy and we’ll understand why Shelton Benjamin is the Gold Standard. Shelton then makes his entrance. He’s followed by The Brian Kendrick and we’re now in line for a commercial break.

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Jeff Hardy’s music now hits and the opponent in this match makes his way to the ring. The match can now begin.

Fatal Four Way Match
Winner Faces Triple H for the WWE Title at No Mercy
MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell rings and The Brian Kendrick immediately bails out of the ring. I guess he’ll be watching for the time being. Jeff Hardy hits a right on both Shelton Benjamin and MVP and begins fighting them off. Hardy whips Shelton into the ropes and knocks him down with a back elbow. The Kendrick tries to sneak in but he’s quickly out as Hardy saw him coming in. Benjamin rolls Hardy up for a one but Hardy rolls through and gets a one count on Benjamin before MVP breaks it up. MVP is laying the boots into Hardy in the corner and then Benjamin joins along. They’re forming a temporary alliance here. They take turns stomping the enigma… whatever that means! They whip Hardy into the ropes and hit a Double Team Flapjack on him! MVP goes for the cover but stops when he notices Benjamin coldly staring him down.

They continue to stare at each other as Hardy rolls to the apron. Benjamin goes to lock up but MVP immediately goes down and tries to take out Benjamin’s legs. Benjamin, being a former amateur wrestling champion, doesn’t allow this as he gets a waist lock on MVP and rolls around and goes for a pin but gets nothing. Benjamin then catches MVP with a right hand while he’s getting up and levels him with it. With these two going at it The Brian Kendrick quickly gets in and covers Jeff Hardy for a one count before the pin is broken up by Benjamin and The Kendrick is kicked out of the ring!

MVP then attacks Benjamin from behind and hits a forearm. MVP then hits a throat thrust on Benjamin and hits a nice face breaker knee smash which takes down Benjamin. MVP then goes over to Hardy and whips him chest first into the corner and hits a clothesline to the back of the head while he backs up. MVP backs up like he’s going to go for that running kick to the face when he notices The Kendrick came in and tried to hit The Kendrick on Benjamin. MVP catches him on his shoulder while he was upside down performing the move and uses his legs to kick Benjamin in the head! He goes to throw The Kendrick into Hardy but The Kendrick rolls off and pushes MVP into Hardy’s shoe!

Hardy takes MVP down with that nice lariat while Benjamin hits his Exploder Suplex on The Kendrick which sends him out of the ring. Hardy is kicking MVP in the corner and Benjamin attacks from behind. Benjamin whips Hardy into the corner and Hardy runs up and hits Whisper in the Wind on the Gold Standard and gets an extremely close two count! Hardy can’t believe it as we go to commercial.

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We’re back from the break and MVP has Benjamin in a chin lock. During the break Shelton Benjamin back dropped Jeff Hardy out of the ring and he hit his knee on the steel steps while crashing to the floor so he’ll be out for a bit! MVP really has this hold locked in. He then releases the hold and hits a forearm to the face. He then backs up and hits a knee drop to the chest for a one count. MVP now has Benjamin up and in a front face lock. Benjamin punches out of this painful hold and whips MVP into the ropes. He tries for a big boot but MVP catches him, spins him and gets kicked in the face with the Dragon Kick. If they know this is one of his signature moves why do they always spin him? It doesn’t matter…

The Kendrick is creeping up the apron waiting for his spot as Ezekiel Jackson pulls on Benjamin’s leg. Benjamin turns to look as The Kendrick brilliantly dropkicks him from behind! The Kendrick lays in the boots on the Gold Standard and then goes to the corner and does a weird dance while sizing up Benjamin. The Kendrick now charges and hits a beautiful low dropkick to the head of Benjamin and covers for a two count. The Kendrick gets mad and gets on Benjamin’s back and gets him in a half camel clutch. He then completes the move and locks it in completely. On the outside Ezekiel Jackson throws Jeff Hardy into the barrier. That rogue!

The Kendrick has the Camel Clutch in and is hitting crossfaces to Benjamin’s face. Benjamin gets to his knees and then to his feet with The Kendrick still on his back and backs up into the corner hard but The Kendrick is tenacious and won’t let go! The Kendrick has a sleeper hold on and Benjamin backs him up again to no avail. The Kendrick hangs on until Benjamin goes to the center of the ring and jumps back and the full weight of Benjamin lands on The Kendrick! This only gets him a two count though!

MVP now gets back in this match after waiting on the outside and dropkicks Benjamin in the head. The Kendrick rolls out of the ring while MVP picks up Benjamin. MVP hits a forearm to Benjamin’s face which stuns him and he falls into the ropes but bounces back with a huge punch to the face which stuns MVP! MVP comes back with a huge forearm that sends Benjamin to his knees! Benjamin punches MVP in the midsection and punches him in the face a few times. Benjamin goes to whip MVP into the ropes but MVP reverses the whip and hits a nice belly to belly throw on Benjamin coming off the ropes! MVP covers him for a two count. MVP now gets a neck vice on Benjamin and wears him down a bit and covers for a two count.

Jeff Hardy now reenters this match and hits MVP and punches Benjamin but MVP attacks and throws Hardy out of the ring and he crashes to the outside! MVP picks Benjamin up and goes for a suplex but Benjamin arks his body and lands on his feet and hits a German Suplex and bridges it for the pin but only gets a two count! I haven’t seen a German Suplex in WWE for a while. I miss that move. When’s the Diving Head-butt coming back now?

On the outside The Kendrick kicks Hardy in the head. Inside the ring MVP and Benjamin are worn down and they’re on their knees punching each other. MVP kicks Benjamin in the head covers but Benjamin rolls through and covers for a one count. The Kendrick got worried on the outside. The Kendrick now comes in and covers Benjamin for a one count when MVP pulls him off. MVP drops an elbow on The Kendrick and covers for a two count. The Kendrick tries to go to the outside but MVP grabs him by the leg and pulls him back in. The Kendrick kicks him off and scurries out of the ring!

Benjamin punches MVP over the top rope and Jeff Hardy is entering this match now! Oh well it was for about one second before Benjamin just tossed him through the ropes again. Hardy looked like he tweaked his ankle on the landing there. It’s probably nothing serious.

Benjamin now stands alone in the ring for a few moments and then MVP comes back in. Benjamin hits a snap suplex and floats over for the pin for a two count. MVP punches Benjamin but Benjamin punches back and hits a reverse cross arm breaker on MVP. On the outside Jeff Hardy is beating up The Kendrick who tried to enter the ring for another opportunity! Hardy sends The Kendrick into the barricade and inside the ring MVP has Benjamin’s shoulders pinned and the referee is looking right at it and does nothing but then remembers he’s a referee and gets a one count.

Hardy is now in this match and levels MVP with a punch and does the same to Benjamin. He floors MVP again with a punch and stuns Benjamin and has him in the corner and punches him down and hits that nice corner slingshot dropkick for a near fall! Hardy now goes up to the top rope and goes for a Swanton Bomb but MVP pulls Benjamin to the outside and Hardy Swanton Bombs the ring and it doesn’t care!

The Kendrick comes in and tries to capitalize but MVP pushes him off and MVP holds Hardy up for The Kendrick to hit him. The Kendrick goes to hit Hardy but MVP throws Hardy out of the way and decapitates The Kendrick with a clothesline! The Kendrick goes to the outside and MVP hits a forearm to Hardy’s face. He whips Hardy into the corner and Hardy climbs the ropes and hits Whisper in the Wind on MVP! Hardy covers MVP but Benjamin breaks it up at two and a half! Benjamin tosses Hardy out of the ring.

MVP hits a forearm on Benjamin and whips him into the corner. MVP goes for the running kick but Benjamin moves out of the way and MVP is able to stop himself and turn around into Pay Dirt from Shelton Benjamin! Benjamin goes to cover but The Kendrick hits a low dropkick to the face! The Kendrick goes to whip Benjamin into the corner but Benjamin reverses it and charges The Kendrick in the corner with the Stinger Splash but The Kendrick moves out of the way and then hits The Kendrick on Benjamin!

The Kendrick slowly crawls over to Benjamin as Hardy dropkicks Ezekiel Jackson on the outside! The Kendrick covers Benjamin and Hardy is on the top rope and Swanton Bombs The Kendrick who is on top of Shelton Benjamin!! Jeff Hardy covers The Brian Kendrick and Jeff Hardy will meet Triple H at No Mercy for the WWE Championship!!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: ** ¼

Vladimir Kozlov’s music now hits and he’s making his way to the ring with a purpose. He gets in the ring and goes to punch Hardy but he ducks it and begins laying in the punches to Kozlov! Hardy goes to whip Kozlov but he doesn’t budge and whips Hardy into the ropes and levels him with the Battering Ram Head-Butt!! Hardy gets up and gets leveled with a thrust kick from Kozlov! Kozlov picks Hardy up and hits some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Kozlov punches Hardy, gets him in position for a Reverse DDT and hits it. I hope he’s not back to that lame finisher. I like the Head-Butt a lot better! In any event Kozlov went looking for competition and he found it tonight!

Quick Match Results

Michelle McCool, Maria & Brie Bella* defeated Maryse, Victoria* & Natalya
R-Truth defeated Chavo Guerrero via DQ
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Scotty Goldman & Funaki*
Carlito* & Primo Colon defeated Hawkins* & Ryder (non-title)
Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin, MVP & The Brian Kendrick*

Bump of the Night: Funaki being caught with the Battering Ram Head-Butt in midair!
Match of the Night: The Fatal Four Way ** ¼

Mike’s Thoughts

To all fans of my recaps down in Texas I wish you luck with Hurricane Ike. Stay safe!!

Finally, after months of pointless squash matches and one good match against Festus they’re taking Kozlov somewhere! His attack on Jeff Hardy is just what was needed to see if he’s the real deal. Let’s see how Kozlov fairs in a real match. My guess is he’ll do just fine. That man is one ugly son of an ugly afterbirth but he’s a good brawler and I kind of like his style.

I really liked Triple H’s stuff tonight where he talked to all the participants of the Fatal Four Way. I’m looking forward to Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H at No Mercy. I don’t want Hardy winning the title yet but I’m still excited for this match. Maybe they’ll add Kozlov to it though to save Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy for a later date. I’m as big a fan of Jeff Hardy as I’ve ever been. I really don’t think he’ll screw up anymore and I think he’ll be ready soon to maybe be a champion!

As for the Vickie Guerrero and Big Show alliance… I’m not sure how I feel about it. This alliance seems as unholy as the Edge and Vickie Guerrero one. At least they’re building Big Show up to be a future contender for the WWE Title. He still has to work with Undertaker and he’s had good matches before with the Dead Man so this shouldn’t be a terrible rivalry as long as it isn’t Big Show beating on Undertaker until I feel like I went through Chinese Water Torture.

I think it would be cool if Jesse and Festus took all the jobbers that are left on Smackdown and assaulted them with duct tape and “move” them through the weeks until Smackdown moves to MyNetwork. I love this team and I don’t think they’ve gotten their due. It’s a tough gimmick and I think WWE should make them champions before the gimmick completely sours.

While R-Truth definitely didn’t pass the test with my girlfriend the crowd in Milwaukee was into him and that’s what counts. Is the rapping annoying? To me, yes. I’m not a fan of the R-Truth name either. They’ve got to do better than that. I’m looking forward to seeing him in a WWE style match against an opponent he isn’t squashing.

Seriously, how annoying is it that in Diva’s matches the women hit really nice, powerful moves only to get a one count? Seriously, Michelle McCool hit a nice cruiserweight move into a roll up and that got a one count. The Magistral Cradle got a one count. I haven’t seen one Diva’s match lately where they kick out before two unless it’s the final pinfall. It’s really annoying. “Oh my God Natalya and Maryse hit a spike piledriver on Maria and it gets a LONG one count!” Please try to make the kick outs a little more dramatic than a one count. You might allow the audience to actually get into it!

I’m glad to see they’re doing something with Carlito. His brother Primo has a lot of upside as does Carlito and teaming him up with his brother should keep him happy. The tag team was good. There was nothing wrong with that match wrestling wise other than it showcased the fact that Hawkins and Ryder are a dud as a tag team. The Colons are a nice addition to the Tag Team Roster if there actually really is such a thing in WWE.

The show had a lot of dull matches for a Smackdown and was, wrestling wise, one of the more boring Smackdown’s I’ve seen since signing on back in June. However, the show was pretty much all about building up future challengers for the WWE Championship and they did a good job at that. We’ve got Jeff Hardy, Big Show, and Vladimir Kozlov. We’ve also got a nice little rivalry forming with Shelton Benjamin and MVP. That being said we also got advancements in storylines so my final Smackdown rating is:

Final Smackdown Rating: * ¾

As always I’d love to hear back from all fans of the recap, even those of you who hated it. Even if you don’t want to talk about Smackdown and would rather talk about something else wrestling related, shoot me an e-mail! I respond to everyone so write me! Oh, and someone tell me if Gene Kiniski broke his ankle while reffing that classic cage match with Ric Flair and Harley Race!!

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Thanks for reading!