Impact Results - 2/5/09

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On Friday, February 6, 2009 at 4:08 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
February 5, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Sorry about the recap being so late this week guys. My school had its homecoming basketball game tonight (we beat the hell out of ‘em!) and a concert afterward (which my ears are still ringing from) and my college doesn’t have a football team so this is our big deal for the year and I’m just now getting in. Well, any I guess It’s time to cross the line.

The show opens with a recap from last week and hype for Against All Odds. Main Event Mafia are going to start the show off and Mike Tenay points out that Kurt Angle is out in front with Sting way in the back with Nash, Scott, and Booker in between them. Kevin Nash is going to start things off and he talks about having so many surgeries over his year saying that he’s been around the block a few times. He says that he has done a lot of business in that ring but most of his work was done behind the curtain. He said he was like David Copperfield, if he wanted someone gone they were gone and to say that he stirred some “sh*t” over his time is an understatement. He says about a year ago Joe ran his mouth about Scott Hall and he hates to keep bringing up the past but when he did that he pretty much wanted Joe gone. He says he doesn’t know who Joe knows but he is the first person that he ever wanted gone that wasn’t sent packing. Nash says last week Joe showed his ugly face with a new crop haircut and some facepaint and thinks that makes him a tough guy. The fans are chanting “Joe” now. This pisses Nash off and he says well then how about he goes old school and kicks Joe’s ass. Nash says that whether or not Joe knows it, he has been cast to play the role of Nash’s “b*tch” in the Main Event Mafia movie. That was a little harsh. Angle says that everyone is thinking about what’s going to happen when he, Sting, and Team 3D face off for the TNA World Title. Angle says that maybe they’ll get a clear picture of what might happen when they team up to face 3D tonight but he’s not sure if he knows Sting anymore. He says that when the MEM was born they made a pact that they would get the respect that they’ve earned and that’s what all its about. He says that regardless of what Sting thinks none of them have lost sight of that. Kurt guarantees that the TNA Title will remain with the Main Event Mafia after Sunday regardless of what he has to do and then tells him that he’ll see him later. Sting and Kurt stare each other down as we go to the back.

Lauren is in the back with 3D. Devon says that Kurt Angle may be one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the business but they’ll be ready for him at Against All Odds. Ray says that he’d like to see Kurt Angle in his trunk with a pair of cement shoes on his feet getting ready to go in the Atlantic ocean or maybe hung up from the nuts in a meat locker. Ray says that Kurt has taken this Mafia stuff too seriously and asks what he’s going to do put a horse’s head in his bed now. Ray then says that Devon has woken up with a few pigs in his bed and then looks at Lauren and says “don’t worry I’m not calling you a pig.” Ray says that last week Angle sent Sting to the wolves because he wanted them to soften him up for AAO and now he’s going to hide behind Sting in a tag match. Ray says that Kurt will never tag out to Sting because they are going to keep him in the match the whole time. He ends by saying that at AAO one half of the world’s greatest champion will become the World Heavyweight Champion.


TNA Rough Cut w/ Kiyoshi

They show a lot of footage from Kiyoshi in Japan and Canada with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin talking about his abilities. Kiyoshi says (in Japanese) that he grew up idolizing Great Muta and when he got older he had a tryout for All Japan and had a chance to work with him. Keiji Muto (Great Muta) actually makes an appearance and says that when he first met Kiyoshi he saw nothing special about him but he was moved by his passion and that’s when he saw the true spirit of a wrestler. Alex Shelley talks about how Muta is the Hulk Hogan of Japan and Muta’s greatest American rival Sting actually says some nice comments. Sting says that if Great Muta is taking the time to teach and to help train Kiyoshi then that means there is something great that Kiyoshi can bring to the table. He says that the fact that Muta is backing Kiyoshi speaks volumes. Kiyoshi says that he has always respected Muta as a wrestler and as a man but after training under him his ultimate goal is to surpass his legend. Wonderful segment put together right there.

They show a replay of last week’s beatdown that Lethal Consequences got from the MEM and Tenay points out that the Motor City Machine Guns were in the building but didn’t help them. Lauren is in the back with the #1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles. Consequences says that the problem is not with the Front Line, it’s with MCMG. Creed says that when they made the commitment to band together to take on the Main Event Mafia they made the commitment to put the “family” first and egos second. He says that MCMG are no better than the MEM and Lethal says that tonight “the Rockers” (MCMG) get rocked. He then says that AAO that “Funk and DiBiase” (Beer Money) are getting beat no matter what, even if they bring Virgil.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences

Before Lethal Consequences get in the ring Beer Money attacks them from behind! The referee doesn’t throw the match out because it haasnt officially started yet. Lethal throws Storm into a wall while Creed beats down Roode at ringside! They’re getting the better of the Champs before Beer Money makes the comeback and Storm throws Lethal into the wall himself. MCMG just sit back and watch the whole thing. Lethal gets the advantage on Storm until Jacqueline jumps on his back and chokes him while Storm and Roode double team Creed. They put Creed’s arm against the ring post and then nail it with a chair! Finally Beer Money leaves and the Guns are actually leaned back on the turnbuckles smiling about what just happened.



Motor City Machine Guns vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & “Showtime” Eric Young

Back from commercials and that match finally begins with Sabin whipping Lethal into the ropes. Lethal with a handspring off the ropes into a backflip over a clothesline attempt from Sabin and then hits a hiptoss into a cartwheel and nails a basement dropkick to the face of Sabin. Lethal gets an early nearfall and they show a replay of Creed getting his arm destroyed and the trainer trying to help him. Back live Lethal hits repeated jabs on Sabin and then comes off the ropes but eats a knee to the gut. Sabin tags out to Shelley but Lethal hits shoulder blocks on Shelley in the corner and then does a back hand spring and goes for another RVD-style but Shelley catches him in a front chancery and then attempts to whip Lethal into ropes but Creed reverses it. Lethal charges Shelley in the corner but he backdrops Lethal over the top and goes for a right hand, but Lethal blocks it and then hits a springboard missile dropkick sending Shelley crashing to the floor. Sabin then tries to hit a springboard move but Lethal ducks underneath him and hits a Suicide Dive onto Shelley on the outside! Sabin then goes for a slingshot cross body but Lethal sidesteps him and Sabin eats the concrete. Back in the ring Lethal gets another nearfall on Shelley. Lethal attempts to whip Shelley into the corner but Sabin is able to get a blind tag as Shelley reverses the whip. Sabin charges in with a clothesline attempt but Lethal moves out of the way and he nails Shelley! Lethal then whips Sabin into the corner and goes for a running elbow but Sabin moves and then Shelley hits a nasty running clothesline in the corner! Shelley goes for another one but eats a dropkick from Lethal! Lethal charges at Sabin but eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker instead for a nearfall. Sabin throws Lethal into the corner and then tags Shelley back in. Shelley and Lethal trade nasty forearms but Shelley gets the advantage after hitting a Roaring Elbow. Shelley then puts Lethal into a standing crossface/abdominal stretch combination and then rakes the eyes and hits nasty elbows to the exposed ribs of Lethal. Shelley then goes for the Sliced Bread but Lethal pushes him into the corner and hits an Enziguri! Lethal has no one to tag since paramedics took Creed to the back. Sabin comes in for some more double team action and then start laying in nasty double kicks. Sabin then does a crazy rollup that I can’t really describe but only gets a two count out of it. Shelley tag as Sabin back in and he hits the double axe handle as Shelley held him. All of a sudden Eric Young runs out to the ring and gets up on the apron and starts getting the fans to chant for Lethal. Sabin and Shelley double whip Lethal into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Lethal ducks and then puts Shelley in a waistlock, but Shelley reverses it. Sabin goes for a front kick on Lethal as Shelley held him but Lethal moves and Shelley is able to catch Sabin’s foot. Shelley then throws Sabin’s leg at Lethal but he catches it and Sabin goes for an Enziguri but Lethal ducks and Shelley eats it! Lethal then reverses a clothesline from Sabin into the Lethal Combination and is able to tag out to Young! Young in like a house afire with rights and lefts to both Shelley and Sabin. Atomic-Drop on Shelley and a Discus Clothesline on Sabin. Young hits a Hot Shot on Shelley and then hits the Guillotine Legdrop off the top on Shelley! Young covers Shelley but only gets a two count before Sabin breaks it up. Sabin throws Young into the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner. Shelley is standing on the ring apron and he hits Young with an Enziguri from the apron while Sabin hits EY with a Yakuza Kick at the same time! Shelley climbs to the top and Sabin picks EY for the Cradle Shock as it looks like they’re going for that Cradle Shock/Double Stomp combo, but EY blocks the Cradle Shock and then pushes Sabin into the ropes crotching Shelley! EY picks Sabin up for the DVD and slams his head into Shelley’s crotch and then puts Shelley up on Sabin’s back and hits the Double Death Valley Driver for the pin!

Winners: Jay Lethal & Eric Young via pinfall (Double DVD)


Back from commercials Alex Shelley says that there is two things that mean the most to him, his tag team partner and the X-Division Champion. Shelley tells EY that if he’s going to aim at the King he better not miss. He then says that he doesn’t have a challenger for Against All Odds so he wants EY. Young says first, it doesn’t look like he missed and second, he agrees as long as Shelley’s “life partner” stays away from ringside. They then hype up the PPV. West says that he just got word Shelley vs. Young is official.

In the back Jim Cornette is with the Kongtourage and he bans them from ringside for the ODB vs. Kong and then kicks them out. Booker then walks in and says that he has an idea, he will referee the Shane Sewell vs. Bashir match for tonight. Cornette says that’s not happening and he has to wait for AAO.


In the back Beautiful People are with Lauren. Angelina is still pissed about the incident with Daffney and she says that tonight will look like a massacre and it won’t be a wrestling match tonight it will be a tragedy. Velvet talks about everything they had to do and says tonight the fun and games are over because Taylor and Roxxi’s asses are theirs.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Shane Sewell

This is a rematch from their match at Genesis last month. The fans chant “USA” at Bashir as they lockup. Bashir puts the boots to Sewell in the corner and then throws him to the opposite corner and puts the boots to him again. Sewell comes back with a running clothesline and then a big backdrop. Sewell with a hip toss and then an armdrag and Bashir bails out to the floor. Bashir then pulls Sewell by his feet and throws him into the guardrail. Back in the ring Bashir hits a big right hand for a nearfall. Bashir then starts headbutting Sewell’s back and hits a Russian Leg Sweep for another two count. Bashir then puts Sewell in a waistlock. Sewell comes back with right hands and then hits a back suplex. Sewell with right hands on Bashir and goes to whip him in the corner but Bashir reverses it and charges Bashir but Sewell droptoe holds him into the middle turnbuckle. Sewell then hits a nipup in the corner into an elbow on Bashir’s groin. Sewell then hits the Bulldog for a nearfall. Bashir comes back with a jawbreaker and goes for a Suplex but Sewell reverses it into a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex for a close nearfall. Sewell then starts chopping Bashir in the corner and attempts to whip him into the corner but Bashir reverses it sending Sewell at the referee but Sewell was able to put on the brakes. Bashir then charges at Sewell but he moves and Bashir nails referee Slick Johnson. Both Bashir and Sewell then hit each other with clotheslines. Booker T. starts walking out to the ring in a referee’s shirt with Rudy Charles and Earl Hebner trying to stop him, but Booker ignores them. Booker starts a 10 count on them until Bashir gets up and then goes for a Guillotine LegDrop but Sewell moves and then hits a Flying Cross Body off the top! Sewell covers Bashir but kicks Sewell in the head instead of making the pin. Booker lays the chops and right hands in on Sewell but he makes a comeback with right hands of his own until security runs in to break it up.

Winner: Shane Sewell via DQ

In the back JB is with Sting. Sting says the TNA Title is about honor, pride, and respect but if anyone else gets the title it will be tarnished. He says as long as he’s there that won’t happen. JB then asks Sting if he’s saying that if Kurt Angle gets the title he will tarnish it and Sting just stares at him and then walks away.


Back from commercials they show the history between Roxxi and Taylor with the Beautiful People.

The Beautiful People w/Kip James vs. “Hardcore Knockout” Roxxi & Taylor Wilde

No sexy entrance from Velvet and Angelina tonight as they are all business tonight. Velvet and Angelina don’t waste any time as they jump Roxxi and Taylor during their entrance! Angelina throws Taylor into the guard rail as Velvet puts the puts to Roxxi at ringside. Angelina puts Taylor into the guard rail again. Velvet droptoe holds Roxxi facefirst into the ring steps! Finally the match officially starts as the Beautiful People continue he beatdown on Taylor in the ring. Angelina throws Taylor facefirst into the top turnbuckle and then throws her into another one and tags in Velvet Sky. Velvet with a kick to Taylor’s stomach and then mounts her and lays in the donkey punches and then chokes her! Angelina tags back in but Taylor comes back with Elbows and then a big Cross Body for a two count. Angelina comes back and chokes Taylor on the bottom rope as they show a replay of Roxxi eating the ringsteps. Angelina nails Taylor with repeated right hands and then tags Velvet back in. They hit the Holla Double Elbow on Taylor and then chops her in the corner. Velvet charges at Taylor in the corner but Taylor gets her knees up and tags in Roxxi. Roxxi with a clothesline on Velvet and then another one followed by a Scoop Slam attempt, but Angelina runs in ana blocks it. They then hit the Bicycle Kick/Russian Leg Sweep combo on Roxxi for the pin.

Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall (Bicycle Kick/Russian Leg Sweep)

After the match they do the Bicycle Kick/Russian Leg Sweep on Taylor and then celebrate over Roxxi and Taylor’s bodies and then paper bag them. All of a sudden Daffney runs out still doing that damn Sarah Palin impersonation and she low blows Kip James and then puts the beatdown on the Beautiful People! She throws Velvet out of the ring and then hits the Roll of the Dice on Angelina which Tenay referred to as the Thrilla From Wasilla (where she was Mayor of, oh that is just so witty). Look, I’m all for Daffney in TNA (she is a good wrestler) but this is just stupid. Brutus Magnus’ TNA debut is next.


TNA Rought Cut #2 w/ Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi says that he learned about the fundamentals in All Japan and his time there was great but knew he would only get so far there. Shelley talks about how young guys have to earn their stripes in Japan and Scott D’Amore reiterates that sentiment. Sting talks about the Japanese training techniques and says that Kiyoshi will be someone that they can’t take lightly. Kiyoshi wants to clarify to the people that he is tyring to honor the Great Muta’s legacy, not copy it. He says he is going to take what he learned from Muta and forge his own identity out of his passion and strength. Am I the only one that’s dying for Muta to come into TNA and team with this guy at least just once? They already have a built in feud with Sting that they can use to put this guy over because of Sting’s past with Muta.

Shark Boy vs. Brutus Magnus

Shark Boy hasn’t been seen in months and now he is about to be fed to the debuting Brutus Magnus straight outta the United Kingdom. He’s a built guy but not scary, roided up big. He looks like he could still move in the ring but I guess we’re just going to have to see. Shark Boy starts the match off with right hands on Brutus and then goes for a Cross Body, but gets caught in midair and Brutus hits a modified Power Slam for his first nearfall. Brutus then lays in European Uppercuts on Shark Boy and then hits Shark Boy Snake Eyes-style on the top turnbuckle. Brutus then hits a nasty Flying Knee on Shark Boy and then hits the Leg on him for a nearfall. Brutus whips Shark Boy into the ropes and hits a Flying Back Elbow and then pulls him towards the corner. Tenay talks about how Magnus was telling him that he has a move called the Tormentum which Tenay says is Latin for twisting or torture. Brutus then goes for a slingshot elbowdrop but Shark Boy moved out of the way. Shark Boy comes back with some right hands and then hits the Thesz Press and hits an elbow on Brutus. Shark Boy puts the boots to Brutus in the corner and then hits the Codebreaker on Brutus followed by an attempt at the Chummer, but Brutus pushes him off and then hits the Tormentum which is a Twisting Samoan-Drop that kind of looks like a Reverse Death Valley Driver. Nonetheless he gets the pin with it.

Winner: Brutus Magnus via pinfall (Tormentum)

After the match Brutus gets on the mic and mocks how he waited all this time to get to TNA and that’s all the competition they could give him. He then makes an open challenge for anyone to face him at Against All Odds because his time for glory “is upon ussssss,” yeah he did it Gladiator style.

In the back JB asks Angle about Stings comments from earlier. Angle says Sting didn’t even say anything and it’s just him trying to stir things up between he and Sting. He says they’re smarter than that and he talks about what 3D said. He says that 3D need each other, he doesn’t need anybody and he will prove it tonight. JB says Angle might need Sting tonight but Angle says he can do it on his own and walks off.


Back from commercials they hype up the match between Morgan and Abyss for Sunday.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “War Machine” Rhino

Matt Morgan seems like he can be a good heel to me, he just seems like a dick. I believe this is Rhino’s first TNA appearance since Genesis. They lockup and stalemate each other. Morgan then kicks Rhino in the gut but Rhino comes back with big right hands and Morgan whips Rhino into the corner. Morgan charges at Rhino but eats a back elbow from Rhino and then Rhino charges at Morgan but he hits Rhino with a big clothesline. Morgan then starts talking trash to Rhino and choking him. Morgan then taunts the crowd and puts his knee into Rhino’s gut followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Morgan then puts Rhino in the corner and hits those repeated back elbows to his head which really needs a name. Morgan then hits a Big Splash in the corner and chokes Rhino on the top rope. Morgan then hits a leapfrog body guillotine to Rhino as Rhino laid throat first over the top rope. Morgan screams that it’s time to call Dr. Youngblood (the Dr. who did Rhino’s neck surgery) and then gets a nearfall. Morgan throws several right hands at Rhino and then starts choking Rhino with his own arms. Rhino fights to his feet and comes back with right hands of his own and then hits a clothesline and a flying clothesline. Rhino hits a big shoulderblock in the corner followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino then sets up for the Gore but Morgan leapfrogs him and then hits the Carbon Footprint! Morgan then goes to ringside and grabs a steel chair. Morgan places the chair on the mat and then calls for the Hellevator until Abyss’ music hits! Abyss comes down with two bags with him! Abyss puts the beatdown on Morgan with a clothesline and a big splash in the corner followed by the Blackhole Slam! Abyss points at the bags and then pours out the thousands of thumbtacks! Abyss sets up to Chokeslam Morgan into them but Morgan wants no part of that and bails out to the floor.


Back from commercials they show how Abyss threw all kinds of weapons into the ring and poured out a bag of glass. Back live Abyss starts screaming like the old Abyss and introduces Morgan to his real best friend: THE MONSTER ABYSS! Abyss says he has endured a lot of things like an abusive father, prison, therapy, and even some shock therapy. Abyss says that Morgan knew how delicate his situation was and he tricked him with a sense of trust that the real Abyss doesn’t have. Abyss talks about how Morgan calls himself the “DNA of TNA” and he grabs the camera and says that he is about to show him what happens when you add the Abyss chromosome into the mix and then starts punching the damn thumbtacks. This dude is insane. His fists are nasty bloody with tacks sticking in them and his hands are shaking. Abyss says that the saying goes, “you hurt the ones you love” and this Sunday he’s going to prove those words never more true. He screams that he is going to kick Morgan’s ass. Damn, that was by far the best Abyss promo, EVER. Lauren comes from backstage and starts telling Abyss that it’s going to be fine but he wants to hear none of it.

In the back JB is with Mick Foley. Foley says that tonight they will find out if Kurt and Sting can coexist. Foley reveals that Jeff Jarrett will be returning next week on Impact!

Main Event
“The Icon” Sting & “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Team 3D

Sting and Angle have separate entrances tonight. 3D are rocking the IWGP Tag Team Titles to the ring tonight. Devon and Angle start the match off. Angle puts Devon in a waistlock but Devon reverses it into a side headlock. Angle then pushes him off into the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Devon. Angle argues with Sting some and then charges at Devon but meets his clothesline. Devon lays the right hands into Angle and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Devon reverses it and then hits a Flying Back Elbow for a nearfall. Angle again argues with Sting and Devon hits him with an arm drag and locks him in an arm lock. Devon tags in Bubba and he hits an Axe Handle-Drop on Angle anad then puts him in a wristlock. He actually bites Angle’s fingers I think. Angle comes back with a poke to Ray’s eyes. Angle then whips Ray into the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Ray then hits a hiptoss and then a clothesline followed by a big scoop slam for a nearfall. Sting offers a tag but Angle tells him where he can stick it. Angle locks up with Ray again and he pushes Ray into the corner and lays in some body shots on Ray and then beats him down in the corner. Angle then knocks Devon off the apron and Angle trips Ray and puts him in the Ankle Lock, but Ray kicks him off and then Angle hits an elbow on Ray for a one count. Angle then hits a right hand on Ray and attempts to whip Ray into the ropes but he reverses it and Devon gets the blind tag and then hit a double hot shot on Angle! Devon covers Angle and gets another nearfall. Again Sting offers the tag to Angle and again Angle tells him to shove it and then eats a Back Suplex from Devon for another nearfall. Angle bails out to the floor to get a breather and Sting and Angle begin arguing as Scott Steiner runs out to be a peacemaker.


Back from commercial Angle takes out Devon with a clothesline and they show a replay from the break where Steiner got involved but got sent to the back by Earl Hebner. Angle puts Devon in a chinlock but he fights out of it, but Angle goes for the Angle Slam. Devon counters it with an armdrag and then tags out to Bubba. Bubba with right hanads and then whips him into the ropes and hits clotheslines. Bubba then hits the Bubba Bomb for another nearfall. Angle kicks Ray in the head and then hits a big German Suplex and again Angle refuses to tag out to Sting. Angle climbs to the top rope but Ray stops him and puts him on his shoulders to eat a Doomsday Device from Devon! Sting then distracted the referee so he couldn’t make the pinfall but then Booker T. ran in and attacked 3D causing the DQ.

Winners: Team 3D via DQ

Steiner joins in on the beatdown of 3D as Sting watched on the outside but 3D makes the comeback and takes out Angle, Steiner, & Booker! Angle and Sting then argue on the outside as Booker and Steiner hold them back. Nash walks up and tries to cool everything down as well as Sting screams at Angle, “friend or foe?” They end the show with a hype video for AAO. Again they end it with Samoa Joe saying the real "Samoa Joe" is here. I just realized that this Sunday will be the first time ever that all 5 TNA Titles will be on the line in the same night and not a single gimmick match on the card.

- Match of the Night: Kurt Angle & Sting vs. Team 3D (**)

- Promo of the Night: Abyss' psycho promo (awesome promo, his best ever)

- Overall Grade: B (solid go-home show)

Against All Odds Final Lineup:

- Brutus Magnus Open Challenge

- Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner

- Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

- TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. Shane Sewell

- TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. ODB

- TNA X-Division Title: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Eric Young

- TNA World Tag Titles: Beer Money Inc. (c) vs. Lethal Consequences

- TNA World Title Fatal Four Way: Sting (c) vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon vs. Kurt Angle