Viva la Raza! # Diecinueve

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Viva la Raza! # Diecinueve: Lucha Weekly
March 27, 2009
By: Josh Boutwell of

I’m sure most of you, by now, have heard the news of Abismo Negro’s passing (which I posted on the site Monday morning) and obviously I will be dedicating a pretty good chunk of this week’s Lucha Update to Abismo, but I will be covering ALL of the other news in Lucha so don’t think I’m ignoring everything else. I have all the information that there is at this point about his passing as well as coverage from the viewing of his casket and I am also presenting a special edition of “Luchadore Spotlight” this week highlighting the career of Abismo Negro. I had planned to do the monthly “Roll Call of Champions” but I will hold off on that for another week and do it next week instead (so that means there will be two “Roll of Champions” in April). We’ll start of this week with the AAA and Abismo Negro news.


Abismo Negro Passes Away

This past weekend Abismo Negro's body was found in a river in El Rosario, Mexico dead of an apparent drowning. Now this is how the story goes. Abismo was traveling on a bus when he suffered a panic attack and ordered the bus driver to pull over. Abismo left the bus and began walking toward the river. Oddly he sent his wife a text message shortly before the time of his death saying that he was lost in the hills. Now it's being said that Abismo may have fell off a bridge on the river and drowned and that the panic attack may have been caused by anabolic steroids. That, of course, is speculation at this point, but it must be stated that Abismo did, in fact, have a history of drug problems. When more information comes out about this I will obviously let everyone know, but I will be spotlighting the career of Abismo Negro in my Lucha Spotlight this week. Abismo was only 37 years old at the time of his passing.


Abismo Negro's Funeral

On Tuesday Abismo Negro's family had held a ceremony in Mexico for family, friends, etc. to pay tribute to Abismo and view the casket before it heads to his final burial place. Almost the entire AAA roster was there including owner, Joaquin Roldan (who placed Abismo Negro's mask on the casket), as well as many others from around the country in Lucha Libre. Among those in attendance were Black Abyss (Abismo Negro's arch rival), Mini Abism Negro, Heavy Metal (from CMLL), El Hijo del Santo, Octagon, Super Calo (Negro's former long time tag partner and the man who took his mask when he wrestled as Winners), and also some other wrestlers were said to show up without their masks (CMLL and AAA) so that fans wouldn't make a scene and take away from Abismo (very classy). Also, on Monday CMLL held a moment of silence in remembrance of Abismo at their Arena Puebla show (which is something that I don't recall them even doing for Antonio Pena). Along with that CMLL sent a crown to be placed on the casket in his honor. Joaquin Roldan stated that he was retiring the Abismo Negro gimmick and that they will be having an Abismo Negro Tribute Show. I've gotten a few e-mails asking me for the picture that a Mexican newspaper/website published showing Abismo's body after they pulled him out of the river, and I'm saying it now that I refuse to do that. It's very disrespectful and the picture should've never been put out there so there's your answer. I am including some pictures from the service for Abismo for you to look at if you chose to, though (all of these pictures were published by Super Luchas Magazine):
El Hijo del Santo, Octagon, & Mini Abismo Negro:

Joaquin Roldan places Abismo's mask on the casket:

The wife, daughter, and family of Abismo Negro pay tribute:

Picudo & Heavy Metal

Absimo Negro's beautiful daughter speaks to the media about her father:

Back Stage Incident Involving Juventud Guerrera Causes Lizzy Valentine to Quit AAA, Possibly Juvi Too

A set of very bizarre things happened over the weekend involving Juventud Guerrera and Lizzy Valentine (Juvi's valet). Lizzy posted a bulletin on her myspace page saying that she was done with AAA after she saw a disgusting incident in the backstage at Friday's TV Taping and that not only the participants disgusted her but also how management handled it. She said nothing more and didn't say exactly what happened. Well, a few days later Juventud Guerrera did an interview with a website called Record and stated that on Friday after he was done with his match he came to the back and found human waste (crap, literally) in his bag and thought it was Jack Evans. Juvi said he approached Evans about the incident and was immediately attacked by Evans and Konnan even jumped in. He claims to have suffered bruising and even a broken nose as a result of the attack. Juvi has only been back with AAA for less than a week and it is unclear whether or not he will remain with the company any further. This a pretty shocking incident, especially since it came out of nowhere. Lizzy has since removed the blog where she talks about the incident so it's unclear what is going on. Then, we finally got the other side of the story where supposedly Juvi found the bag and then started screaming incoherently in English at Konnan who had no idea what Juvi was saying and then he turned to Jack Evans and started screaming. At that point Juvi supposedly bit Jack Evans who then put a beat down on Juvi without the help of Konnan. Who knows? All we know at this point is that Lizzy quit and Juventud's future with the company is unclear. AAA will have to do something because if Juventud's story is true (we all know Juventud has a history of telling crazy stories) then they HAVE to bring down some form of punishment for two major stars pretty much mugging another one. I think the way to best sum it up is bizarre. Well, on Wednesday Juventud spoke to the UK Sun and had the following to say about the incident:
"This was my second show back with AAA and Konnan was not happy about it. We have had problems for years. I tried to talk to him earlier in the show and he ignored me. When I first made my return (at Rey de Reyes) everyone was cool with me backstage but this second show, the vibe was different. I went out and had my match, which was really Juicy (yes he really talks like that), and when I returned to my locker room, I found my bag in a different place and it was wet. I opened the bag to find human feces inside. I immediately grabbed the bag and brought it to the owners of AAA. They were in shock."

Juventud says he then immediately accused Konnan (instead of Jack Evans like stated before) with Konnan denying and then he felt someone grabbing him from behind:

"It was Jack Evans, who I had felt had been stiffing me in our match earlier in the night-kicking me multiple times right in the face. At this point, Konnan got out of his seat and held me down-and punches started flying. Finally Sr. Roldan, the owner of AAA, came in and broke it up. I am really sad about this situation because at one time we were really close friends."

Juventud also says that no one else in AAA will speak out against Konnan because he is the one that's really running the show over there and calls him the "real boss" of AAA. I believe it's been confirmed that Juventud has quit as well, just wow.

Revamped Lineups for AAA's Tour of the United States
AAA changed around the lineups for their upcoming tour of the United States this week. Cibernetico explained last week that he had agreed to these show dates over a year ago and is honoring his commitment, but is not returning to AAA. The updated complete lineups are in the lineup section. *UPDATE* Abismo Negro is listed on the cards and will obviously be replaced so I will be placing ??? in the place of his name on the cards.

1st Round Matches for New AAA Cruiserweight Title Set
After the Domed Cage Seeding Match at this past Saturday's TV Taping we now know what the seeding will be in the Tournament and it follows:
- (1) Teddy Hart vs. (12) Jack Evans
- (2) Nicho el Millionario vs. (11) Joe Lider
- (3) Alan Stone vs. (10) Escoria
- (4) Crazy Boy vs. (9) Extreme Tiger
- (5) Alex Koslov vs. (8) Juventud Guerrera (?)
- (6) Laredo Kid vs. (7) Super Fly
As you can tell that has some pretty intriguing matchups. We have Hart Foundation vs. Hart Foundation, La Hermandad Extrema vs. La Hermandad Extrema, a Stone Brother vs. Dark Family, Mexican Power vs. former Mexican Power, D-MEX vs. potential D-MEX, and Air Force vs. Air Force. Pretty awesome looking tournament in my books.

AAA 03/13 Arena San Juan Results
1) Caricia, Diva Salvaje, & Lady Colombia def. Astuto, Escorpion Dorado, & M1
2) Infinito, Mohicano, Rayo del Escpacio, & Super Brazo def. Bestia Metalica, Miserable, Mohicano II, & Ricky Ricon
3) Crazy Boy & Ultimo Gladiador def. Extreme Tiger & Violento Jack
4) Hair vs. Hair: Dizzy def. Bryan el Stripper
5) Abismo Negro, Alex Koslov, & Silver King def. Black Abyss, Joe Lider, & Nicho el Millionario via DQ

AAA 03/21 TV Taping Results
1) Aerostar & Fabi Apche def. Cinthia Moreno & Oriental
2) Black Abyss, Histeria, & Psicosis II def. Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Ultimo Gladiador
3) La Parka Jr. & Marco Corleone def. Konnan & Silver King via DQ
4) Charly Manson, El Mesias, & X-Pac def. Chessman, Electroshock, & El Zorro
5) AAA Cruiserweight Title Tournament Seeding Domed Cage: Billy Boy lost to Teddy Hart, Nicho el Millionario, Alan Stone, Crazy Boy, Alex Koslov, Laredo Kid, Super Fly, Juventud Guerrera, Extreme Tiger, Escoria, Joe Lider, & Jack Evans
- After the opener Aerostar asks Fabi Apache out and of course Billy Boy comes out and destroys them both.
- Marco made his inring debut tonight replacing Latin Lover (no idea where he was) in the tag match.
- Okay so here is how it goes with the Dome Cage since AAA made no attempt to explain the new Cruiserweight Title situation. The Dome Cage was a Seeding Match meaning that the place you escape the cage is your seeding in the tournament (example: 1st man out is seeded 1st, 2nd man out is seeded 2nd, etc.) with the catch being the man that takes the pin in the end is eliminated from the tournament. It all came down to Billy Boy and Jack Evans with Evans of course getting the pin on Billy Boy eliminating Billy from the tournament. I set the 1st round matches up in the news section of the AAA news.

AAA 03/22 Arena Coliseo Monterrey TV Taping Results
1) Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, & Tito Santana II def. Hombre sin Miedo, Principe Diamante, & Street Boy
2) Billy Boy & Sexy Star def. Aerostar & Fabi Apache
3) AAA Cruiserweight Title Quarterfinals: Nicho el Millionario def. Joe Lider
4) AAA Cruiserweight Title Quarterfinals: Jack Evans def. Teddy Hart
5) El Elegido & Marco Corleone def. Black Abyss & Electroshock
6) Silver King fought La Parka Jr. to a DOUBLE COUNT OUT
7) Chessman, Escoria, & El Zorro def. Charly Manson, El Mesias, & Vampiro

AAA 03/27 (Fresno, CA), 03/28 (Sacramento, CA), & 03/29 (San Jose, CA) Lineups
1) Pimpinela Escarlata & Mascarita Sagrada vs. Decnnis & Mini Abismo Negro
2) La Parka Jr., ???, & Laredo Kid vs. Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown, & Killer Clown
3) Crazy Boy & Super Fly vs. Joe Lider & Jack Evans
4) Vampiro vs. Chessman
5) Cibernetico, El Mesias, & Charly Manson vs. Dark Ozz, Dark Cuervo, & Dark Escoria

AAA 04/02 (Las Vegas, NV), 04/04 (San Diego, CA), & 04/05 (Las Angeles, CA) Lineups
1) Super Fly & Crazy Boy vs. Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans
2) Joe Lider vs. Charly Manson
3) Faby Apache, Octagoncito, & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mary Apache, Mini Abismo Negro, & Decnnis
4) El Mesias vs. Chessman
5) Vampiro, Cibernetico, La Parka Jr., & ??? vs. Pyscho Clown, Zombie Clown, Killer Clown, & Electroshock


Toscano Out for 10-12 Weeks

CMLL superstar, Toscano, will be out of action for up to 12 weeks after he suffered a fracture ankle (right) and fibula last Friday (the reason he was stretchered out of the match) at Arena Mexico. Doctors placed 8 screws in the leg and expect for those to stay in for 3-4 weeks and then he will be able to begin rehabbing the injury.

CMLL 03/15 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Artillero, Polvora, & Super Comando def. Astro Boy, Sensei, & Starman
2) Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada, & Shockercito def. Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, & Pierrothito
3) Black Warrior, Misterioso II, & Sanger Azteca def. Shocker, Toscano, & Valiente via DQ
4) Dos Caras Jr., Mistico, & Volador Jr. def. Atlantis, Heavy Metal, & Negro Casas
5) Hair vs. Hair: Texano Jr. def. Maximo

CMLL 03/17 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Fraile de la Muerte def. Hierro
2) Skaxy def. Plata
3) Quazar def. Relampago Azul
4) Shockercito def. Meteoro
5) Boomerang def. Pequeno Violencia
6) Nosferatu & Rafaga def. Flash & Stuka Jr.
7) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, & La Mascara def. Euforia, Felino, & Negro Casas

CMLL 03/20 "Dos Leyendas" Arena Mexico Results
1) Pequeno Olimpico, Shockercito, & Ultimo Dragoncito def. Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, & Pierrothito
2) Averno, Ephesto, & Mephisto def. Blue Panther, Sagrado, & Toscano
3) Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, & Sangre Azteca def. Hector Garza, La Mascara, Hijo del Fantasma
4) Dos Caras Jr., Shocker, & Volador Jr. def. Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, & Rey Bucanero
5) CMLL World Welterweight Title: Negro Casas def. Mistico (c) to win the title!
6) Mask vs. Mask: Ultimo Guerrero def. Villano V
- In the segunda Toscano was stretchered out after the match.
- In the Semi-Main, Negro Casas wins the 1st fall, Mistico the 2nd, and then Negro Casas picks up the third fall for the semi-upset victory and to end Mistico's near 3 year reign!
- In the Main Event wins a quick first fall, Villano wins another quick fall in the 2nd, and in the 3rd counters the Toque Universal and picks up the win and takes the mask of Villano V! Villano V was revealed to be Raymundo Mendoz Jr. (47 years old). The following is a link to Villano V unmaksed (courtesy of BoxyLucha).

CMLL 03/22 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Caligula & Messala def. Molotov & Sensei
2) Bam Bam, Saturno, & Ultimo Dragoncito def. Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, & Pierrithito
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, & Marcela def. Amapola, Princesa Blanca, & Rosa Negra
4) Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara, La Sombra def. Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, & Sangre Azteca
5) Hector Garza, Shocker, & Mistico def. Ephesto, Mr. Niebla, & Negro Casas via DQ

CMLL 03/24 Arena Mexico Results
1) Puma King & Tiger Kid def. Molotov & Starman
2) Pequeno Olimpico, Saturno, & Shockercito def. Fire, Pequeno Warrior, & Pierrothito via DQ
3) Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata, & Fabian el Gitano def. Euforia, Nosferatu, & Skandalo
4) Felino, Lizmark Jr., & Misterioso II def. Blue Panther, Sagrado, & Valiente
5) La Sombra, Mistico, & Volador Jr. def. Atlantis, Negro Casas, & Rey Bucanero
- This was the debut of Saturno (not quite sure who he is right now) in the segunda.
- Crowd was said to be very pro-Negro Casas during the main event and Negro kept reminded Mistico that during the match. Mistico actually fouled Negro while the referee was paying attention to some dives that the others were doing and then pinned him and continued to put the boots to Negro after the match! Pretty interesting stuff there, good for Mistico to realize the crowd was against him so he went with it.

CMLL 03/27 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Sensei & Trueno vs. Inquisidor & Semental
2) Flash, Stuka Jr., & Leono vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, & Skandalo
3) Lightning Match: Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Pequeno Violencia
4) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, & La Mascara vs. Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, & Sangre Azteca
5) Dos Caras Jr., Shocker, & Mascara Dorada vs. Averno, Mephisto, & El Terrible
6) Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Texano Jr., Villano IV, & Villano V

CMLL 03/29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Katana & Malefico vs. Angel del Mal & Inferieno
2) Palacio Negro & Samurai vs. Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy
3) Boomerang & Gallo vs. Acertijo & Mr. Trueno
4) Maximo, Sagrado, & Valiente vs. Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Sangre Azteca
5) Hector Garza, Shocker, & Toscano vs. Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, & Ultimo Guerrero

CMLL 03/29 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II vs. Cholo & Zayco
2) Fantasy, Pequeno Olimpico, & Tzuki vs. Pequeno Damian666, Pequeno Violencia, & Pequeno Universo 2000
3) Dark Angel, Marcela, & Sahori vs. Amapola, Princesa Sujei, & Rosa Negra
4) Hijo del Fantasma, Mictlan, & Sagrado vs. Ephesto, Lizmark Jr., & El Terrible
5) Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., & Mistico vs. Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, & Negro Casas

CMLL 04/03 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Rayo Tapatio I, Rayo Tapatio II, & Trueno vs. Artillero, Inquisidor, & Super Comando
2) Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata, & Stuka Jr. vs. Dr. X, Loco Max, & Skandalo
3) Cibernetico: Estrella Magica, Le Seductora, Lluvia, & Princesa Sujei vs. Atenea, Coral, Magnifica, & Silueta
4) Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Villano IV & Villano V
5) Mistico vs. Negro Casas


Lucha Libre La Experience Expo To Return in May

The Lucha Libre Expo will again return this May (May 1st, 2nd, & 3rd) and will feature a 3 day event with Lucha Libre action from AAA, CMLL, Perros del Mal, IWRG, DTU, Wagnermania, and Lucha de Antano (I'm not familiar with this group, may be new). There will also be lucha classes held and an MMA event will take place. The event will be held at Centro Banamex in Mexico City and the prices will be 150 pesos ($10) for adults and 80 pesos ($5) for a one day ticket and 300 pesos ($20) for a 3 day ticket. Great prices so if you're there I would suggest going. Also, DTU will hold a fashion show (yeah, I know, I know) and they are bringing in ROH wrestlers: Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero, & El Generico for the event! The schedule for the expo as of right now is IWRG & INDYS (PdM, DTU, Wagnermania, etc.) on May 1st, CMLL on May 2nd, and AAA on May 3rd.

IWRG 03/14 Arena Xochimilco Results
1) Mixteco Jr. def. Goleador
2) Galactik & Miss Gaviota def. Avisman & Vampiro Metalico
3) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, & Dr. Cerebro def. Multifacetico, Trauma I, & Trauma II
4) Solar I, Super Astro, & Ultraman Jr. def. Arlequin, Hijo de Pierroth IWRG, & Pierroth II via DQ
5) Rey del Ring: Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. def. Scorpio Jr.

INDY 03/19 Arena Solidaridad Results
1) Principe Azteca & Shakira def. Crucifijo & Eddie Pitbull
2) Black Soul, Principe Rebelde, & Titanik def. Anarquia, Kryven, & Voltaje Negro
3) Orientale I & Orientale II def. Gran Markus & Gran Markus Jr.
4) Halloween & Mr. Aguila def. Rey Hechicero & Tigre Universo
5) El Hijo del Santo & Super Crazy def. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Damian666

INDY 03/20 Arena San Juan Pantitlan Results
1) Esther & Rossy Moreno def. La Chola & Flor Metalica
2) Mascara Brillante, Mascarita de la Oro, Mini Zumbido, & La Parkita def. Mini Black Cat, Mini Cibernetico, Mini Ozz, & Mini Scorpio
3) Emilio Charles Jr. & Scorpio Jr. def. Cien Caras Jr. & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
4) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Veneno def. Cien Caras Jr. & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
5) Intocable def. Zumbido

Groon XXX (Original Gronda) Benefit Show 03/21 Results
1) Battle Royal: Tony Cirio def. Caballero Opus, Clinico, Espiral Negro, Galactico, Golden Bull, Hell Boy, El Pillo, Potro Salvaje, Principe Gitano, Skayderman, Solaris, & Turako
2) Mini Oriental, Mini Scorpio, & La Parkita def. Espectrito, Mini Cibernetico, & Mini Ozz
3) Dr. Wagner Jr., Elemento, Scorpio Jr., & Zumbido def. Cien Caras Jr., Gargola, Hijo del Leatherface, & Hijo del Solitario
4) Solar I, Super Astro, & Ultraman def. Tony Cirio, Negro Navarro, & El Signo
5) Mask vs. Hair Steel Cage: Valentina lost to Esther Moreno, Afrodita, Vicki Carranza, La Chola, Crazy Star, Flor Metalica, Lolo Gonzalez, Miss Janeth, Rossy Moreno, & Mujer Demente

IWRG 03/26 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Garra de Aguila vs. Keshin Black
2) Galactik & Mascara Magnifica vs. Carta Brava Jr. & Mixteco Jr.
3) Fantastik, Freelance, & Turbo vs. Black Terry, Black Thunder, & Capitan Muerte
4) Head Hunter I, Head Hunter II, & Veneno vs. Arlequin, Hijo de Pierroth IWRG, & Pierroth II
5) IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Title: Fuerza Guerrera (c) vs. Oficial 911

CHIKARA King of Trios 2009 Night 1 3/27 (Philadelphia, PA)
1) King of Trios 1st Round: The F1RST Family (Arik Cannon, Ryan Cruz, & Darin Corbin) vs. Team EPIC WAR (Austin Aries, Ryan Drago, & Tony Kozina)
2) King of Trios 1st Round: Team PWG (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, & El Generico) vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian, & Escorpion Egipcio)
3) King of Trios 1st Round: Team Uppercut (Claudio Castagnoli, Dave Taylor, & Bryan Danielson) vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee, Eddie Kingston, & Grizzly Redwood)
4) King of Trios 1st Round: Da Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett, Trauma, & Willie Richardson) vs. Team CZW (Pinkie Sanchez, Greg Excellent, & Beef Wellington)
5) King of Trios 1st Round: Team F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma, Icarus, & Chuck Taylor) vs. Death Match Kings (Necro Butcher, Toby Klein, & Brain Damage)
6) King of Trios 1st Round: The Future Is Now (Equinox, Lince Dorado, & Helios) vs. Team DDT (Kota Ibushi, KUDO, & Michael Nakazawa)
7) King of Trios 1st Round: The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA, & Colin Delaney) vs. The Cold Front (Al Snow, Glacier, & Iceberg)
8) King of Trios 1st Round: The Masters of 1,000 Holds (Mike Quackenbush, Skayde, & Johnny Saint) vs. Incoherence (Delirious, Frightmare, & Hallowicked)

CHIKARA King of Trios Night 2 (03/28) Philly Lineup
1) ISW Title: Player Uno (c) vs. Twiggy
2) The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) vs. Davey Vega & Gary The Barn Owl
3) Rey de Voladores Semifinals Elimination Match: Fire Ant vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA
4) Rey de Voladores Semifinals Elimination Match: TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA
5) King of Trios Quarterfinals: TBA vs. TBA
6) King of Trios Quarterfinals: TBA vs. TBA
7) King of Trios Quarterfinals: TBA vs. TBA
8) King of Trios Quarterfinals: TBA vs. TBA

CHIKARA King of Trios Night 3 (03/29) Philly Lineup
1) Tag Team Elimination Style Gauntlet: Cheech & Cloudy vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones) vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA
2) Rey de Voladores Finals: TBA vs. TBA
3) King of Trios Semifinals: TBA vs. TBA
4) King of Trios Semifinals: TBA vs. TBA
5) King of Trios Finals: TBA vs. TBA

Perros del Mal 04/03 Lineup
1) Cosmico & La Parkita vs. Mr. Aguilita & Pequeno Halloween
2) Gringo Loco & X-Fly vs. Manowar & Payasito Luchin
3) Damian666, Halloween, & Mr. Aguila vs. Solar I, Super Astro, & Ultraman
4) El Hijo del Santo & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Perro Aguayo Jr.

Luchadore Spotlight of the Week:
Abismo Negro (July 1, 1971 – March 22, 2009)

This past Sunday we lost one of the best luchadores in Lucha Libre today when Abismo Negro passed away due to an apparent drowning. This week I will shine the spotlight on the life and career of one of the most influential luchadores in AAA’s history.

Abismo Negro (Spanish for “Black Abyss) was trained by famous lucha libre trainers, Diablo Velasco and Rey Mendoza (the father of the legendary Los Villanos brothers) leading to his professional debut in 1990. Abismo started out his career working as Pequeno Samurai (the mini version of El Samurai) primarily on the independent scene. Then, Abismo signed with CMLL in 1991 wrestling other the Furor gimmick. Furor primarily wrestled on the undercards of CMLL, but then in 1992 when Antonio Pena split from CMLL and formed his own AAA promotion he was one of the young wrestlers to follow. Abismo was repackaged in AAA under a new mask as Winners. Winners was a female favorite gimmick and became successful quick under the gimmick. At the very first TripleMania he teamed with Super Calo and El Salsero to defeat May Flowers, Rudy Renya, & Baby Sharon. His success carried him into the next TripleMania where he teamed with Rey Mysterio Sr. & Rey Mysterio Jr. to defeat the veteran team of Los Destructores (Tony Arce, Vulcano, & Rocco Valente). At TripleMania III (Show 2) Winners put his mask on the line in his first Mask vs. Mask Match defeating Marabunta. At TripleMania III (Show 3) he once again put his mask on the line against his former tag partner, Super Calo, but this time he failed and was forced to unmask. This loss, however, did not hurt Winners as he became even more of a female favorite technico and began teaming with Super Calo again. At TripleMania IV (Show 2) Winners teamed up with Super Calo, Rey Mysterio Jr., & Oro Jr. where they defeated the team of Perro Silva, Halloween, Kraken, & El Mosco de la Merced in a big Atomicos (8-man tag) Match. A month later at TripleMania IV (Show 3) Winners teamed with Super Calo, La Parka, & El Mexicano to defeat Jerry Estrada, Fishman, Villano IV, & May Flowers in one of the features bouts. Despite Winners being a fan favorite and very successful AAA promoter, Antonio Pena, thought he needed to be repackaged so he developed the Abismo Negro character. The dark character wore primarily black and a very unique mask as well as used an aerosol can to blow fireballs into the air during his entrances and for the first time he wrestled as rudo. Abismo earned the nickname of “El Rey del Martinete” (The King of the Piledriver) due to his many variations of the outlawed Martinete (Piledriver) maneuver. One of Abismo Negro’s first appearance under the gimmick was at the Pre-Show for WWE’s 1997 Royal Rumble PPV where he teamed with Heavy Metal & Histeria in a losing effort against Octagon, Blue Demon Jr., & Tinieblas Jr. Negro continued to appear on WWE television (including Monday Night Raw) until March of that year. Back in AAA Cibernetico had formed the Los Vipers group where Abismo Negro joined as one of the original members along with Psicosis II, Mosco de la Merced, Maniaco, & Histeria. In 1998 Abismo Negro was given a ‘mascot’, a minis wrestler, known as Mini Abismo Negro (who actually went onto become one of the better Minis in the world). At TripleMania V (Show 2) Abismo teamed with Mini Abismo Negro and new Vipers member Electroshock in a losing effort against Octagon, Octagoncito, & Pentagon. Los Vipers went on to battle Los Vatos Locos in a grueling feud over the Mexican National Atomicos Championships, but it was a singles title that Abismo would gain first. On May 19, 1998 Abismo Negro defeated Pentagon to win the Mexican National Middleweight Championship, which he would hold until January of 1999. In ’99 Los Vipers split into two rivaling factions with Negro forming Los Vipers Extreme (with Electroshock, Shiiba, El Cuervo, & Mini Abismo Negro) while Cibernetico formed Los Vipers Primera Clase (along with Psicosis II, Histeria, Mosco de la Merced, Maniaco, Mini Psicosis, Mosquito de la Merced, & Mini Histeria), but after only 2 months the two factions reformed Los Vipers together. Cibernetico split away from the group and formed his own LLL (Lucha Libre Latina) faction with Abismo Negro taking on the leadership role in Los Vipers, but Los Vipers became a subgroup of LLL anyway. On May 2, 1999 Abismo & Electroshock teamed up to defeat Perro Aguayo and Perro Aguayo Jr. to win the Mexican National Tag Team Championships before dropping them only 4 months later to Hator & Pather. In 2000 Abismo Negro took his first trip to Japan during AAA’s Japanese tour and participated in an excited TripleMania bout at TripleMania VIII, the first TripleMania in Japan. This time Negro teamed with Cibenertico, Electroshock, & CIMA in a losing effort against Jushin Thunder Liger, Octagon, Latin Lover, & Hector Garza. While AAA toured Japan Negro also made an appearance for Michinoku Pro where he defeated El Oriental on April 9th. On May 7th Negro & Electroshock regained their Tag Titles from Hator & Panther before dropping them to Perro Aguayo Jr. and Hector Garza in July of that same year. Later that year Abismo Negro became a key factor in the LLL vs. AAA loyalists feud having grueling feuds with top technicos La Parka Jr., Octagon, and Latin Lover over the year. On March 5th of 2000 Abismo Negro had the biggest night of his career to that point when he won the 2000 Rey de Reyes (King of Kings) Tournament. In the opening round Abismo defeated Dos Caras Sr., Killer Clown, & Psicosis II and then went onto to defeat El Alebrije, Charly Manson, & Cibernetico to win the Finals. Abismo’s rise to a top stop in AAA caused problems between he and LLL leader Cibernetico which led to their feud over the leadership of Los Vipers. At Verano de Escandalo (Summer of Scandal) 2000 Abismo defeated Cibernetico in a one-on-one bout but then fought him to a No Contest at Guerra de Titanes (War of Titans) 2000 inside a Steel Cage resulting in no end to the feud, but the feud was put off at that time. In 2001 Abismo Negro almost won the Rey de Reyes again but lost to La Parka Jr. in the finals. At TripleMania IX he, Cibernetico, Electroshock, & Mascara Maligna were defeated by Mascara Sagrada, El Alebrije, Octagon, & La Parka Jr. in one of the featured bouts. In December 2002 Abismo and Mini Abismo Negro made it all the way to the finals of the tournament to crown the first AAA Masco Tag Team Champions but eventually lost to Mascara Sagrada and Mascarita Sagrada. Once again Abismo made it to the finals of Rey de Reyes in 2002 but was defeated by La Parka Jr. again. In 2004 LLL was phased out and replaced by the new La Legion Extranjera in which Los Vipers joined and teamed with many foreigners from TNA Wrestling (due to the working relationship between AAA and TNA at the time). During that working relationship with TNA Negro made several appearances on TNA’s weekly PPV events. This led to Abismo Negro being a part of Team Mexico (along with Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza, & Mr. Aguila) in the first America’s X-Cup Tournament. In that first tournament on February 11th Abismo went undefeated defeating Elix Skipper in the first round then teaming with Juventud Guerrera to defeat Jerry Lynn & Sonjay Dutt in the 2nd Round, and finally Team AAA defeating Team TNA in the Elimination Bout Finals to win the first ever Americas X-Cup. Abismo & Team AAA returned on March 10th to face Team Canada (Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Petey Williams, & Johnny Devine) in the 2nd Americas X-Cup in which Team Mexico was once again successful in defending their crown. In April Team Mexico (Heavy Metal replacing Juvi this time) once again defended their crown successfully against Team UK (Dean Allmark, Robbie Dynamite, Frankie Sloan, & & James Mason) in the 3rd America’s X-Cup. In May of 2004 Team Mexico was once again brought in for the first ever World X-Cup! They once again made a strong showing but were eventually dethroned in the Finals by Team USA. After the first X-Cup Abismo still competed in TNA from time to time (usually with his Team Mexico partners), but he returned to Mexico full time. At this time Abismo also began appearing on the Vida TV program as a judge for talent contests. When Abismo returned full time he took full charge of Los Vipers and once again made it to the finals of Rey de Reyes in 2005, but was defeated by La Parka Jr. for the third straight year. Abismo, Psicosis II, & Mini Psicosis jumped Cibernetico which led to a Steel Cage showdown between Cibernetico & Abismo Negro once again. Negro failed to defeat Cibernetico and they eventually reconciled their differences. In the spring of 2006 Abismo Negro was sent to tour Pro Wrestling NOAH and had a fairly successful tour with his biggest win coming on the July 6th Budokan Hall show where he teamed with Junji Izumida & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi to defeat Mohammed YONE, El Oriental, & Atsushi Aoki in a Trios Match. Later in 2006 Abismo Negro finally turned technico and began a big feud with Cibernetico and his new La Secta Cibernetica group. Their feud continued until Cibernetico was sidelined by a serious knee injury. Los Vipers then left La Legion and began feuding with them. At the 2006 Verano de Escandalo Negro teamed up with Charly Manson, Electroshock, & Histeria to face the group of TNA Wrestlers invading AAA at that time: Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Low-Ki & Homicide, but lost to the TNA invaders. In late 2007 the new character, Black Abyss, which was the evil version of Abismo Negro was recreated and immediately began feuding with each other. At the 2008 Rey de Reyes Abismo once again made to the Finals but lost this time to El Zorro when Black Abyss interfered costing Abismo the match. In 2008 Los Vipers kicked Abismo out of the group for not ‘being around for them’. In the fall of 2008 the feud heated up when Black Abyss ‘injured’ Abismo with his own Martinete move forcing Abismo out of action for a few months. Abismo returned at the 2008 Guerra de Titanes and attacked Black Abyss and the new Los Vipers Revolution group. Black Abyss & Abismo continued to feud into 2009 and were both booked in the 2009 Rey de Reyes Opener. In the match Black Abyss was eliminated by Abismo Negro but Negro was then eliminated by Latin Lover. The two men seemed to be on a path to an eventual Mask vs. Mask match that would eventually take place at TripleMania. Sadly, Abismo lost his life before the conclusion of their feud could be realized. Abismo leaves a great legacy behind and will always be loved as one of the greatest luchadores in AAA history. He will be greatly missed.

R.I.P. Abismo Negro and “vaya con Dios” (go with God).