5/8 WWE Results: Erie, PA

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 4:06 AM EST

WWE Raw House Show Results - 5/8/09
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Chris Jimerson sent this report in:

My name is Chris Jimerson, and I just wanted to let you know what happened yesterday at the WWE RAW House Show in Erie, PA.

Howard Finkle was our ring announcer for the evening. I believe it was my first time to see and here him live, so that was awesome.

Anyway... to the results!

Kofi Kingston defeated Chavo Guerrero
- Kofi is really fun to watch in person. The crowd was really behind him. Though I really have nothing against Chavo, I was rooting for Kofi comepletely.

Sheamus O'Shaunessy defeated Jamie Noble
- The crowd didn't really seem to care too much about this match. Mostly because I think alot of them just looked at the FCW star Sheamus O'Shaunessy like "who's this guy and why should we care?" Though I was really happy to see some new blood being displayed here. I hope O'Shaunessy can actually do well in WWE.

The Miz defeated Festus
- Festus by himself just isn't quite as fun as both Festus and Jessie. And he kinda just jobbed to the Miz. It was kinda lame, really. I do not know now nor what WWE ever really saw in the Miz. If they think he can be such a big star, I guess that's their right. I dunno. This match didn't do it for me.

Matt Hardy defeated Goldust
- This match was much like the last one. Quick and pretty lame. It was my first time seeing Goldust live so that was cool. I understand that Matt Hardy is working with an injured hand, but the way he just bopped Goldust with the cast and won... it was a very unconvincing victory. Though the 16 year old girls in front of me were rather pleased.

MVP defeated William Regal to retain the WWE US Championship
- I still can't believe MVP is a face. I don't see it. Though the crowd went crazy for him. I'm not a fan of him, but he did have a decent match with Regal.

Carlito and Primo defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. to retain the Unified Tag Championships
- It was awesome seeing so much young talent in the ring in one match. Also it was great to see Cody and Ted shine on their own without just acting as henchmen with Randy Orton. I'd go as far as calling this the Match Of The Night. Definitely my favorite match.

Maryse defeated Mickie James to retain the WWE Divas Championship
- I missed most of this match to use the bathroom, but I guess it was alright. I'm not a huge fan of most of the Women in WWE these days so this match honestly didn't mean much to me.

John Cena and Batista defeated Randy Orton and The Big Show
- I hate John Cena with every fiber of my being and it makes me sick to say that the crowd here in Erie is SO Pro-Cena. Though I guess both teams had a downside. I hate Cena but like Batista. I hate Orton but love Big Show. So... I guess I was kinda screwed no matter which team won. Though I'd take Orton over Cena anyday. Boo John Cena!

All in all, an okay show, but definitely not the best I've ever been to live. I'm glad I didn't try to buy more expensive seats for this show. I think that woulda been a waste of money.