Impact Results - 5/14/09

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On Friday, May 15, 2009 at 1:53 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
May 14, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with a quick recap of last week and then hyping up the Ultimate Sacrifice Match as well. The little title of this week’s show is “Nightmare at the Asylum” which is kind of interesting since “The Asylum” was the name of the arena at the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee where TNA ran all there shows for about 3 or so years.

Mick Foley’s music hits and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring. Tenay talks about how there was an incident that took place earlier in the day between Jarrett and Foley in Nashville while shooting some type of segment. Foley puts over the importance of the match at Sacrifice and talks about his opponents already named, Sting & Kurt Angle, and what they are sacrificing. Foley says by May 24th he will be completely focused on the TNA Title but right now he needs to talk about something else. He pulls out a copy of Jeff Jarrett’s new 4-Disc DVD and says that until he watched it he may have forgotten about all of Jeff’s contributions to TNA. Mick says that if you’re watching tonight and something feels a little off it’s because for the first time in the history of TNA Wrestling Jeff Jarrett will not be part of the show in any form. The fans chant “you suck” as Mick says that he feels a little responsible for Jeff not being there. He says that he pushed Jeff and said some things that maybe he shouldn’t have and maybe he shouldn’t have taken certain actions that he did. He addresses the rumors of there being video of an altercation in Nashville earlier today and he says they are true. Mick pulls out a DVD in a small case and says that as Executive Shareholder he knew there would be difficult decisions that he had to make and he says that he understands there may be parts of the video that are hard to watch and maybe unsuitable for children. He says the decision he had to make was whether or not to show the footage and of course the fans chant “put it on” and Mick says he was brought into TNA to make difficult decisions so he has decided that the fans deserve to see the footage. He says during the course of the night we will allowed to view what is on the disc. He says on May 24th his thoughts will be on his championship but tonight his thoughts will be where they should be, on Jeff Jarrett. As Mick leaves the ring Mike Tenay reiterates that Mick Foley is not crazy, he is in fact calculating so we should keep that in mind.

In the back JB is with the Main Event Mafia minus Kurt Angle who is shooting footage for a movie. Steiner says that the Main Event Mafia is the hottest thing going and everybody wants a piece of it. He says that Kurt left him in charge in his absence and JB asks if he is serious. Steiner screams at him to shutup and of course he’s serious. Steiner claims that he was a ‘rouge scholar’ and head of his class at Michigan and then says a quote from the Lion King for some reason. JB looks confused and asks if that’s from the Lion King which Steiner responds with “uhhh…what? Yeah, I’m a king, I’m a lion.” Wow. Steiner says that Book has a match with Jethro Holliday and Book says he has it handled and Kevin says he has his business handled. Steiner asks Nash if he took care of Jenna and Nash says that he dotted the I’s and crossed the t’s. He says she has agreed to back them financially but she wants Sharmell exiled from the Mafia. Book is pissed but Steiner calms him down and tells them to take care of business in the ring and he’ll take care of the domestic dispute. Steiner walks off and Book and Nash argue somemore.


In the back JB approaches Mick Foley in his office as he is taking down a picture of Jeff Jarrett and JB asks him what he’s doing. Mick covers himself by saying there is a little crack in the glass and it’s disrespectful to Jeff so he is going to get it fixed. JB says that it’s not even glass but Mick changes the subject. JB wants to know what’s on the disc and Mick tells JB that if he teaches him how to do the ‘crazy eyes’ and he’ll tell him what’s on the disc, but Eric Young comes in. Young complains about his ‘opportunity’ being that he teams with a guy that he had never teamed with before. Foley tells Young not to be bad mouth the good name of Jethro Holliday and then tells him that he doesn’t have time for EY. EY says he’s one of the best all around talents in TNA and Foley says if he wants an opportunity he’ll get one. Tonight he faces Samoa Joe!

We see footage from last week with Lethal Consequences accusing Daniels of being Suicide.

Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Sabin and Shelley have vowed to prove once and for all that Daniels is really Suicide tonight. Don West rants about Daniels really being Suicide and then the bell rings and they lockup. Sabin gets the early advantage with a side headlock but Daniels pushes him off and Sabin comes back with a big shoulder block. Sabin comes off the ropes and Daniels drops down. Sabin leaps over Daniels and then Daniels leapfrogs over Sabin. Sabin goes for a hip toss but Daniels blocks it and goes for one of his own, but Sabin counters into a monkey flip. Daniels lands on his feet and then hits a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Daniels throws Sabin into the top turnbuckle and then whips Sabin into the opposite corner. Daniels charges in with a big running forearm and then attempts to whip Sabin into the opposite corner, but Sabin reverses it and then charges at Daniels. Daniels backdrops Sabin over the top rope but Sabin lands on the ring apron. Daniels quickly slips through the top and middle rope and starts trading punches with Sabin on the apron. Daniels slams Sabin’s head into the ring post and then climbs up top dragging Sabin along with him. Sabin and Daniels fight up top but Sabin crotches Daniels on the top rope and then hits a clothesline causing Daniels to fall back and hang himself up in the tree of woe! Sabin then jumps down and hits the Hesitation Dropkick! Sabin rolls Daniels up and gets a nearfall. Sabin hangs Daniels over the middle rope and chokes him while raking his eyes at the same time. The referee pulls Sabin off and while he is distracted with Sabin, Shelley rakes the eyes of Daniels from ringside. We see Lethal Consequences walk out on the ramp as Sabin hits repeated jabs to Daniels in the corner. Sabin puts his boot on the throat of Daniels and chokes him and then whips Daniels into the corner and goes for the running back elbow, but Daniels gets his knees up and then hits a modified backbreaker. Daniels hits a running forearm on Sabin followed by a clothesline and then a running Front Kick! Daniels attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but Sabin counters and then charges at Daniels. Daniels counters with a big a back elbow and then climbs up to the top rope. Daniels grabs Sabin by both arms and puts his boot on the chest of Sabin and then comes off the top driving his boot into Sabin’s chest while pulling on Sabin’s arms at the same in a kind of reverse Curb Stomp! Daniels then hits a front kick followed by the STO, 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out as West talks about Suicide using the STO last week. Daniels grabs Sabin and goes for the Angels Wings but Shelley slides in and grabs Daniels boot. Daniels was obstructing the view of the referee so he didn’t see it. The distraction allows Sabin to recover and hit a spinning back kick to the gut of Daniels. Sabin then whips Daniels into the ropes and hits a running knee strike to the sternum. Sabin goes to the apron and hits the springboard clothesline, 1….2…NO Daniels kicks out! Sabin picks Daniels up for the Cradle Shock but Daniels counters it with elbows to the side of the head. Sabin comes back with a basement dropkick to the knees of Daniels. Sabin then springboards into a Tornado DDT attempt but Daniels catches him in midair and drops him over his knee with an atomic drop! Shelley gets up on the apron and Daniels knocks him off and then hits a running Enziguri followed by a Rock Bottom on Sabin. Daniels then hits the beautiful BME and it’s over! 1…2…3, Daniels gets the win!

Winner: Daniels via pinfall (BME)

Daniels taunts Lethal Consequences and the Guns after the match.

In the back Mick Foley is talking to the TNA officials. Mick and Slick Johnson show each other scars and then talks about Slick and Jeff being friends. Mick excuses Slick and then excuses Rudy Charles because he is a stooge and then tells Earl that he thinks Earl is a little shady and he has that ‘Montreal thing’ too so he is the right man for the job. Mick then tells Earl to in no circumstance disqualify Samoa Joe tonight! Earl agrees and Mick says that’s what happens when you cross the Executive Shareholder.


In the back Steiner approaches Jenna and says that she has to stop the crap with Sharmell. She says that Sharmell starts it but she’s Booker’s wife. Steiner says that Sharmell told him that she was sorry and he says that he’ll set up a meeting between Sharmell and Jenna to work out their differences.

Tenay and West do the hard sell for the rest of the show which features the final Semifinals match of the 3D Invitational Tournament, Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe, Nash vs. No Limit in a handicap match, Booker vs. Jethro Holliday in an I Quit Match, and the incident that happened in Cashville!

In the back Lauren is with Knockouts Champion, Lauren. She asks Angelina who she begged to come help her but Angelina says she doesn’t beg for anything. Angelina says the person she was talking to is the only man on the planet she can trust and Kip James walks up. Kip says the issue is Kong and she has been stretchering out his girls and he doesn’t like that. Kip says that she has another Stretcher Match tonight and it’s against him! Oh great, did he really just say “Kipping it real?”


We see footage of Jeff Jarrett and his daughters jet skiing and driving around in a golf cart up in Nashville. Jarrett cracks a joke about Foley visiting a ‘stinking dinner up north’ when they followed him around for one of these segments. Okay that was pretty pointless.

“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Well, Earl Hebner isn’t supposed to DQ Joe for anything tonight so I’m guessing EY is in for a good old fashioned country a** whooping. Joe jumps EY before the bell with a flying knee attack and then hits several jabs. Joe then whips EY into the corner and hits a running back elbow followed by a nasty jumping Enziguri! EY comes back with a big right hand out of nowhere and then throws Joe into the top turnbuckle. EY attempts to whip Joe into the opposite corner but Joe reveres it and the momentum sends EY flipping up and over the top rope onto the apron ala Ric Flair. Joe then charges at EY but EY hits a shoulder block and then slides underneath Joe’s legs and goes for a clothesline, but Joe hits a huge knee strike and then a running front kick that sends EY flipping over the top rope to the floor! Don West says he’s finding a new respect for Joe. Joe follows EY out but EY hits him with a slap and then Joe slams EY into the ring apron. Joe grabs a steel chair and sets it up by the guard rail but EY runs over and slams Joe head first into it! EY climbs up on the apron and prepares to dive but Joe throws the chair and hits EY in the face! Joe throws EY back into the ring and EY rolls up Joe out of nowhere but only gets a one count before Joe turns the rollup into the Coquina Clutch! EY scratches and claws to try and get out of the hold but Joe refuses to relinquish the hold! Hebner picks up EY’s arm and it falls lifeless, match over.

Winner: Samoa Joe via TKO (Coquina Clutch)

Joe isn’t satisfied with the premeditated murder he just committed so he puts EY up on his shoulder and carries his lifeless body to the back!


During the commercial break Joe carried EY out to the parking lot and threw him in the trunk of a car and the car speeds off without Joe. West says that it’s obviously the person that Joe has been getting advice from that’s in the car.

We cut to a pre-taped sitdown interview between the Professor and Sting. Tenay puts over how shocked he was to hear Sting willing to put his career on the line at Sacrifice and Sting says that he surprised himself but it seemed like the right thing to do. Sting says he doesn’t want to go down in the history of TNA as just another person that was on the roster, he wants to see and cause change in the business. Sting says his whole fight has been about bringing honor and respect back to Wrestling and his fight suffered a major blow at Lockdown at the hands of Mick Foley. Sting says that he should’ve known that Foley was going to break out the Barbed wire bat and that he should’ve known that as Shareholder he was going to make up some rules to benefit him and there was a point in the match that he asked himself if it was all worth it. Sting says it was at that point that he second guessed himself that caused him to lose the match. Sting says he went back to the hotel that night dazed and confused and beat up but reality sat back in and he answered the question, yes it was worth it. He said it’s even worth the sacrifice he is willing to make at Sacrifice and says it’s all or nothing. He says it’s either going to be the dawning of a new day in his career or it’ll be the last day of his career.

We cut to footage of Taylor Wilde’s blind date earlier this week as she has Lauren along with her. Wilde wonders what if the guy is fat as the waiter approaches them. They talk a lot of stupid stuff as Daffney comes up and starts yelling at Taylor. She says that she had Daffney do that practical joke on the Beautiful People but asks her where she was when they were beating the hell out of her and cutting her hair. Daffney reveals that she was Taylor’s ‘secret admirer’ and consider this their first date because at Monsters Ball at Sacrifice Taylor is going to be a victim! Daffney then absolutely blasts Taylor with a clothesline and drags her up the stairs and threatens to throw her off the balcony! Lauren threatened her with a piece of broken glass and Daffney lets Taylor go and starts laughing hysterically as he walks away. Wow, that was actually pretty good!


We get the 2nd part to the Day with Jeff Jarrett as he picks up his kids from school. His daughter is reading a children’s book in the car and Jeff tells her that she should read it to Mick Foley because he thinks he needs one read to him because he’s lost his mind. They crack jokes about the kids calling Booker T. “Booger T.”. Jeff drops off his middle child at a friend’s house and then talks to his oldest daughter and says she is acted like Mick Foley and avoiding the question.

Intergender Stretcher Match
Kip James w/Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed

Same rules this week as the last few, you have to put your opponent on the stretcher for a 10 count. West says that Kong should be put in jail as a result of the homicide she committed last week on Velvet Sky. Kong isn’t exactly intimidated by Kip but is Spike TV going to actually let this match happen? Apparently so as they lockup and Kip forces Kong into the corner. The referee pulls Kip off and Raisha gets up on the apron. This distracts Kip and Kong levels Kip with a clothesline! Kong puts the boots to Kip and then hits a running hip attack to Kip in the corner! Kong then throws several rights and lefts at Kip in the corner and then points at Angelina. Kong goes to pick Kip up but he grabs her by the throat as Angelina gets up on the apron. Raisha then slides in and low blows Kip! Raisha slides Kong a chair and she blasts Kip with it! The fans chant ‘one more time’ and Kong obliges them with a full on head shot, Kip didn’t even get his hands up that time. Kong then puts Kip’s head in the damn chair and hits a Big Splash on it! DAMN! Kong picks Kip up and then puts his head back in the chair and hits another splash onto it! Kong rolls Kip onto the stretcher and the referee makes the count and Kip James just got his tail handed to him.

Winner: Awesome Kong via KO

In the back Steiner is talking to Sharmell and he tells her that Jenna has agreed to apologize to Sharmell and she agrees to go to the meeting with Jenna. She walks off and Steiner brags about stepping one step ahead but then JB asks Steiner what he’s going to do when neither apologize to each other. Steiner is confused, shock.

In the back Lauren talks to 3D about the tournament. Bubba says that tag team wrestling is alive and well in TNA and they are proud to be the Tag Champions and the reason they left the ‘other company’ is because they were tired of wrestling the same teams over and over. British Invasion then jump 3D and beat them down with L.A.X.’s briefcases! They beat the hell out of 3D until security drags them away and Bashir and Kiyoshi then stroll in wearing suits and smile at the carnage.


Another segment of a life in Jeff Jarrett and they follow him around in downtown Nashville having fun (which I have to admit is a pretty fun place to go). Jarrett poses with a bobcat and says he finally found a bigger pussycat than Mick Foley. Jarrett is walking the streets when he spots JB outside of a nude karaoke bar. JB has a $100 bill and what the hell was that?

Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament Semifinals
British Invasion w/Rob Terry vs. Amazing Red & Suicide

British Invasion are still carrying around L.A.X.’s Feast or Fried cases. Red’s got a little better ring gear this week that’s at least red. The lights go out and when they come back on Suicide appears up on the announce table. Suicide looks down at Don West as West says that he has no doubt in his mind that it’s Daniels under the mask. Suicide and Doug Williams start the match off. Suicide with a big leg kick to Williams and Williams goes for a front kick but Suicide catches his foot. Suicide spins Williams around and then puts him in a waistlock. Williams grabs the ropes but then Suicide rolls him up and gets a nearfall. Williams shoves him off but then Suicide comes right back with rolling pin, 1…2…NO Williams bridges up and then turns into a backslide and gets a nearfall of his own. Williams then hits an arm drag and tags in Brutus. Brutus reaches down to grab Suicide but he kicks Mangus in the head. Suicide attempts to whip Brutus into the ropes but Brutus reverses it. Brutus goes for a hiptoss but Suicide blocks it and then kicks him in the gut and hits one of his own. Suicide tags in Red and then put the boots to Brutus in the corner and then whip him into Williams. Williams spins Brutus into a clothesline attempt on Suicide and Red but they duck and then both kick Williams in the gut. Red & Suicide whip Williams into Brutus in the corner. Suicide then tosses Williams to the floor and follows him out. Brutus then destroys Red with a nasty Big Boot. Brutus puts the boots to Red as we see a replay of that big boot. Williams tags back in and they hit that double team straight jacket slam on Red. Williams puts the boots to Red and then this a big right hand. Williams then hits a knee strike and then a scoop slam followed by a springboard knee drop, 1…2…NO Red kicks out! Williams tags Brutus back in and they whip Red into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Brutus stomps Red and then hits a Leg Drop for another nearfall. Brutus whips Red into his own corner for some reason and then charges but Red gets his boot up. Red then climbs to the top and dives off but Brutus catches him with a sidewalk slam in midair! Brutus and Red are both down and both tag out at the same time. Williams goes for a clothesline but Suicide ducks and dropkicks Brutus’ knees! Williams then goes for a running knee on Suicide but he moves and Williams hits Brutus! Suicide then rolls Williams up with a small package, 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Williams goes for a clothesline but Suicide ducks and hits a springboard back elbow! Suicidie picks Williams up on his shoulders and hits the rolling fireman’s carry slam! 1….2…NO Brutus breaks it up! Red climbs up top and hits a beautiful missile dropkick on Brutus! Suicide pts Williams up on the top rope as Red goes flying off the top with a somersault plancha onto Brutus on the floor! Suicide climbs up top but Williams pushes him and the Machine Guns slide in the ring and hit a double Superkick on Suicide as the referee was watching Red on the outside. Williams then hits the Bombs Away (Flying Knee Drop) off the top, 1…2…3 and the Brits win! The Brits move onto the finals to face Beer Money!

Winners: British Invasion via pinfall (Bombs Away)

Ater the match the Guns jump Red and hit the ACSC Rush on him. Sabin says they’re about to damask Suicide and Lethal Consequences runs out as well!


Lethal calls the Guns the Rockers and tells them to chill out and then tells Suicide they’re going to take his mask off. They surround Suicide but he’s able to dodge them for awhile before the Guns grab ahold of him. They hold Suicide by both arms and Lethal starts taking the mask off until Daniels music hits and he runs out and makes the save! Daniels and Suicide clean house together. West says that he’s still sure that Daniels is Suicide but wants to know who’s impersonating Daniels now! Tenay calls him an idiot but that actually made me laugh a little. Suicide hits the snapmare slam into the corner on Shelley and then Daniels hits the Angels Wings on Creed! Suicide and Daniels bump into each other and then shake hands. West says that people jumped to conclusions in the OJ trial and we saw what happened there but even if it takes his own money, they will find out who Suicide is.


In the back JB is with Steiner, Jenna, and Sharmell. Steiner calls himself a white lion and Sharmell tells Jenna to apologize and they start scrapping again until Steiner gets in between them.

Handicap Match
No Limit vs. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

Well, No Limit are about to get buried. No Limit jump Nash at the bell and Yujiro hits a clothesline on Nash and then a running forearm. Naito then jumps off of the back of a crouching Yujiro into a dropkick on Nash. Naito climbs to the top and hits a gorgeous Missile Dropkick on Nash and then taunts him. Naito springs to the top and goes for a springboard cross body but Nash catches him in midair with a Chokeslam! Yujiro then attacks Nash with leg kicks and right hands but Nash comes back with a knee to the gut. Nash hits the knee strikes in the corner and then follows up with an elbow. Nash pushes Yujiro out of the ring and then hits a Sidewalk Slam on Naito. Nash whips Naito into the ropes and hits the Big Boot and pulls the straps down. Nash pulls his elbow pad of now and then hits the Jackknife Powerbomb on Naito. Burial complete, 1…2…3 and of course it’s over.

Winner: Kevin Nash via pinfall (Jackknife Powerbomb)

After the match Nash grabs the stick and says that this world runs on one thing and that’s violence because we need it and we thrive for it. Nash says that people are talking about a ‘Nation of Violence’ running around TNA but at Sacrifice the Nation of Violence that runs into town won’t be called Samoa Joe, it’ll be named Kevin Nash.

In the back Mick Foley is reviewing the video footage and is talking to somebody about it and reveals it to be socko.


In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and she asks AJ how he is preparing for his I Quit Match against Booker at Sacrifice. AJ says that he has preparing for this match his whole life because he has had every opportunity to say ‘I Quit’ but never did. AJ says he’s in the best shape of his life and he knows Booker is as well but it’s not about that. He says it’s about heart in an I Quit Match and since Booker’s ego is about as big as AJ’s heart they’re pretty evenly matched. AJ says he is going to prove that the Legends belt belongs to him and says that the words ‘I Quit’ will never cross his lips, ever.

Main Event
I Quit Match
“The Outlaw” Jethro Holliday vs. Booker T. w/Sharmell

Booker and Holliday lockup and they brawl around the ring until Holliday goes for a right hand, but Booker blocks it and hits several nasty chops. Booker with a forearm and then an uppercut but Holliday comes back with repeated right hands. Holliday whips Booker into the ropes and hits a nice back elbow and then drops an elbow on the top of Booker’s head. Holliday then clotheslines Booker over the top rope to the floor. Booker mule kicks Holliday and then press slams Holliday onto the guardrail. Booker then throws Holliday into the ring post and then the referee puts the microphone in Holliday’s face as Booker screams for him to ask him. Holliday refuses to quit and says ‘you’re mama’ instead. Booker throws Holliday back into the ring and hits a big Superkick. Booker then hits a nice Vertical Suplex and then a Back Suplex. Booker tells the referee to ask him again but he still refuses to quit. Booker then hits repeated slaps to the face but he still refuses to quit. Holliday then hits two nasty shots to the gut followed by some nasty chops. Holliday then comes off the ropes but Booker catches him with a spinning heel kick. Holliday still refuses to quit and Booker starts reigning down right hands and this time Holliday says “Sharmell looks good naked” which pisses Booker off more and the fans all laugh. Booker then measures Booker and goes for the Axe Kick but Holliday avoids it and hits a big Front Kick. Holliday then reigns down stiff rights on Booker and tells the referee to ask him. Booker refuses and then pokes Holliday in the eye. Booker attempts to whip Holliday into the corner but Holliday reverses it and then Booker nips up and over a charging Holliday. Holliday comes right back with a running clothesline that turns Booker inside-out. Sharmell tosses Booker a chair and then distracts the referee (seriously? Is that even necessary? It’s an I Quit Match). Holliday goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks and then blasts Holliday with the chair. Booker then follows up with the Axe Kick and tells the referee to ask him again. Holliday says he’s ‘done’ and Booker gets the win in a hard fought match.

Winner: Booker T. via verbal submission

Mick Foley walks into the production truck and tells them that when he’s in the ring and says ‘now’ to play the DVD.


Mick Foley makes his way out to the ring again. Foley says it’s now come to the time to see the footage of what happened in “Assville” (he said it). Foley tells the truck to play the video. Jarrett is outside the Asylum in Nashville, the infamous Asylum where many of the great early moments in TNA occurred. Jarrett talks about having his first matches there and then also starting TNA there as well. He stands where he stood as a kid watching his father wrestle and then takes us into the dressing room. He talks about how it was a little cramp but very fun. He takes us to where his office was back in the Asylum days and then Foley wraps a cable around his neck from behind and talks trash to Jarrett and throws him into a wall and talks about always hating Jarrett’s father. Foley throws Jeff into a bunch of pipes as he screams at Jarrett that he’s going to take him down memory lane. Foley throws Jarrett around somemore and then slams a gate door on him as Jarrett begs Mick to stop. Mick grabs the camera and actually films him stomping on Jarrett. We see Mick in the Impact Zone watching and smiling. Mick continues the beating on Jarrett and tells the cameraman to film it as he picks up a chair. Foley blasts Jarrett with the chair over and over and Jarrett tries to crawl up some stairs but Foley stops him and tells Jeff “Welcome back to the Asylum, Jeffrey” but he’s headed back to the Impact Zone. We see Mick leaving the Asylum and saying “what a dump this place is.” Back in the Impact Zone the fans are booing and chanting that Foley sucks and Mick acts shocked and says apparently he was responsible for what happened to Jeff. Mick says that Jeff learned the harsh reality that sometimes you can’t go home.

Final Thoughts

Tonight was decent, some good, some bad, nothing special but nothing unbelievably horrible. It was all over the place like usual tonight but not dominated by one person like sometimes happens with Angle, or Jarrett, or Sting. Foley was on the most but never for too long.

The opening segment with Foley was very good and his little demented, psycho character is really fun.

Daniels and Sabin put on a very good TV match, not very long but it was very entertaining. Of course they’ve had tons of better matches on PPV but it was still very solid.

The stuff with Jenna, Sharmell, and Steiner was pretty pointless but I have to admit I think the possibility of Sharmell being kicked out of the Mafia is very interesting to see what would happen there with Booker.

Joe just absolutely destroyed EY and that’s what I want to see. Dude is absolutely out of his mind and it looks like EY may be on the verge of a character change now as well. Maybe have him come back with a new attitude courtesy of Taz and Joe?

The sitdown interview was very good with Sting and he really put it out there that he thinks it’s all or nothing right now with him.

The Taylor Wilde thing with the blind date had horrible written all over it and I just knew that Abyss was going to be it and something between he and Lauren was about to start but nice twist with Daffney. Her psycho character is very good as well and that was a great segment with her.

Awesome Kong not only murders women but now she has male victims on her list! I hate Kip James but I don’t mind seeing him get his a** whooped by a beast. The match with Angelina should be pretty fun as long as it’s kept competitive.

This thing with the British Invasion and Bashir’s group of foreigners is pretty interesting and I want to see where they go with it. It was cool seeing Bashir and Kiyoshi walk up in the suits looking at the damage that they caused and casually walking away.

Tag Match was very good, both teams worked well together and Red once again looked good. Beer Money vs. British Invasion should be very good. I want to see Red move onto the X-Division now though.

All the stuff with the Guns and Daniels and Suicide was once again very good and it was really cool to see them stand side by side. I still hope this all ends with Suicide losing the mask and Frankie coming back. I’m fairly positive that wasn’t the blow off either. Daniels or Red and Suicide vs. The Guns vs. Lethal Consequences at Sacrifice could be interesting.

I absolutely hate handicap matches, especially when burying young talent and they did that ten fold tonight with Nash burying No Limit. I’m guessing they’re soon to be leaving TNA if that’s how they’re going to do them. I understand they wanted to get over that Nash is on top of his game going into the match with Joe but there is other ways they could’ve done it.

Booker and Holliday was surprisingly good, and it was very stiff between the two. Very entertaining match and Jethro got over with the crowd pretty quick but they really should’ve held off on the I Quit Match for the PPV because I think that was the first I Quit Match (in TNA) in a really long time.

The final segment with Foley and the beatdown was good, it was good but it just did not live up to the hype that they built it up with. Hell I thought I was about to see some gruesome, bloody stuff but it was nothing special. I mean the symbolism of Foley beating the hell out of Jarrett in his backyard, at the Asylum is great, that part I’m with. But don’t build something up as something that’s going to be so violent that it’s disturbing if it isn’t even close. All the other Jarrett segments were pretty pointless as well. They need a really good go home show next week to sell the PPV in my opinion but tonight was decent.

- Match of the Night: Sabin vs. Daniels (**1/2)
- Segment/Promo of the Night: Mick Foley/Jarrett in the Asylum
- Overall Grade: C +

Scheduled for next week:
- Lethal Consequences vs. Suicide & Daniels vs. Motor City Machine Guns
- Eric Young vs. Sting
- Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett
- Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan
- Mick Foley vs. ‘a former World Champion’

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA Knockouts Championship: Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love (c)
- Knockouts Monsters Ball: Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde vs. TBA vs. TBA
- TNA Legends Title I Quit Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T.
- Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash
- 3D Invitational Finals: British Invasion vs. Beer Money
- Ultimate Sacrifice TNA World Title: Mick Foley (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. TBA