Impact Results - 5/28/09

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On Friday, May 29, 2009 at 2:58 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
May 28, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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Cross the line! The show starts off with highlights from the Sacrifice PPV this past Sunday including the confusing ending to the Main Event. Over the PPV was very good but I think that ending with everyone thinking Sting was Champion and actually wasn’t, overshadows the quality of the matches on the card.

TNA X-Division Championship
Suicide (c) vs. The Amazing Red

No playing around this week, we’re going right into a big title match! This is, I believe, Red’s first X-Division Title shot since 2003 or 2004. Suicide appears in the crowd this week fresh off of his successful, yet controversial, title defense this Sunday against Daniels. They lockup at the bell and Suicide levels Red with a big European Uppercut. Suicide follows up with a scoop slam attempt but Red reverses into a rollup, 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out! Red almost got the champ with that one. Red right into a wheel barrow rollup, 1…2…NO Suicide still kicks out! Suicide goes for a clothesline but Red ducks and rolls him up again for yet another nearfall! Suicide catches Red with a sickening Lariat this time! Suicide goes to pick Red up by the head but Red hits an arm drag and then ducks a clothesline. Red charges off the ropes and goes for a head scissors takeover but Suicide counters it into the rolling fireman’s carry slam. Red rolls out to the floor as we see the Main Event Mafia arriving in a split screen. Suicide goes for a baseball slide dropkick but Red leaps over Suicide and he falls to the floor. Red goes for a backkick from the apron but Suicide catches his foot and swings it around and then hits a beautiful leg kick to Red knocking him facedown onto the apron! Suicide picks Red up in a wheel barrow slam dropping him over the guardrail! Suicide rolls Red back into the ring and whips him into the ropes and hits a hip toss slam. Suicide with right hands and then whips Red into the corner followed by a running Russian Leg Sweep. Suicide picks Red up and whips him into the opposite corner and charges, but Red gets his boot up! Red climbs to the top and Suicide charges at him but Red somersaults over the back of Suicide but when he lands Suicide levels him with a nasty running front dropkick! Suicide says it’s over and picks Red up and hits a scoop slam and then an elevated Leg Drop. Suicide whips Red into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Red ducks and then hits a spinning head scissors into a Tornado DDT! Both men are down now with the fans really getting into it! Both get to their feet and Suicide goes for a right hand but it’s blocked by Red and he throws several rights of his own. Red goes for a roundhouse kick but Suicide ducks and Red’s momentum spins him all the around right into a Spinning Enziguri to the side of Suicide’s head! Red hits a dropkick to Suicide in the corner followed by a spinning heel kick, 1…2…NO Suicide still kicks out! Red goes for the Code Red but Suicide blocks it and then reaches back and grabs Red by the head and flips him over right into a sick facebuster! 1…2…NO Red won’t stay down! Suicide whips Red into the ropes and goes for a hiptoss but Red counters it into another rollup, 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out! The fans are really behind Red at this point and Red reaches down to grab Suicide, but Suicide hits him with an uppercut and then hits the Suicide Solution! 1…2…3 and Suicide retains! Great match!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Suicide via pinfall (Suicide Solution)

We see Sting leading the Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle trailing in the back) towards the ring.


The Main Event Mafia make their way out to the ring led by their new leader, Sting! Kurt Angle looks very unhappy as he makes his way out to the ring at the back of the pack (the place that Sting used to walk out in before). Tenay says that Mick Foley will immediately announce the first two King of the Mountain Qualifying Matches for tonight after Sting addresses the Main Event Mafia. Sting says that people have been wondering about the changes that he would bring to the Mafia and he says there will be some majors changes within the Mafia. Sting says that since they started the Mafia a few of them had lost focus and had forgotten the reason they made a pact in the first place. That pact said they would put the group first and their egos second and that they would bring honor, dignity, and respect back into the business no matter what the cost and that they would stop at nothing until they reached their goal. The entire time Sting was looking right at Angle. Sting says that he knows he look himself in the mirror and say he lived up to his end but asks the rest if they had lived up to their end. Sting asks if they think they have strayed from their goals or allowed things to get in their way (looking at the girls). Sting looks to Kevin Nash and Booker T. and tells them that they have allowed jealousy between Sharmell & Jenna to get in the way of what they are trying to do. He then says started tonight the women are banned from the Mafia! Sharmell and Jenna are most definitely not happy but Booker and Nash tell them to leave as Sting says he’s just getting started! Sting turns to Kurt Angle and says that along the line he felt the need to hire a private security team saying they followed Kurt around like a couple of ‘plump puppy dogs.’ He says that Rocco and Sali Boy are fired and Kurt is pissed! Sting makes MEM Security leave the ring as the fans chant “you got fired” at them. West says Obama isn’t the only one making changes. Sting says that if anyone has a problem with anything he’s doing then they need to speak up now and immediately Samoa Joe’s music hits! Joe walks out on the stage and says that he can appreciate Sting attempting to bring a shred of honor to the Mafia, he is confused. Joe says that one man cannon tame 4 others and he says that sounds like the work for a Nation! Joe says he’s putting them on notice that he’s been ‘ordered’ to take them out one-by-one over the next several weeks until it leaves just he and Kurt! He says that on that night, and that night will come, he’s been ordered to kill Angle! Joe’s gonna kill you!

In the back JB is with Mick Foley and Mick is playing with Army Men. Genius. Mick hands JB a sign from the door that says “Jeff Jarrett” and tells him to sale it for charity. Foley says that he has been talking with the TNA Shareholders Committee all week and he says that tonight Jeff Jarrett will face Eric Young and AJ Styles will face Daniels in King of the Mountain Qualifying Matches! Mick walks up and leaves when JB asks him what happened at TNA headquarters.


In the back JB is with the British Invasion fresh off their near win in the Finals of the 3D Invitational. JB makes mention of the Brits stealing L.A.X.’s briefcases but Brutus takes offence to that and says they only took what they wanted, the American way. Doug Williams says that tonight is anybody who wants to take the briefcase from him they can in an Open Challenge Ladder Match! He says he doesn’t care who wants the shot and JB asks Brutus about them hanging around with Bashir and Kiyoshi lately but they act like they don’t know what they’re talking about. So all you have to do is beat the hell out of the Feast or Fired winners and you can have their briefcases, whatever.

In the back Lauren asks Jenna about what has been going down between her and Sharmell. Jenna asks why Sharmell is mad at her for throwing in the towel causing Booker to lose his match last night. She says that Booker was about to get his arm broken by AJ and she saved him. Sharmell storms into the room and grabs Jenna by the throat! Booker comes in and drags Sharmell out. Let them chicken heads fight Book!


In the back Lauren is supposed to be having an interview with Sojo Bolt but Stevie Richards approaches her from behind. Lauren tells Richards to leave and calls him a joke but he says the joke will be on Abyss tonight. He says that in the ring tonight he will give Abyss a live therapy session. He says that he owns Abyss and he will always own him. Stevie suggests that Lauren should make an appointment with his office but she says that Stevie is the one that needs a therapist.

Feast or Fired Ladder Match
Doug Williams w/Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry vs. Cody Deaner w/ODB

Deaner answers the challenge, what the hell?! West just said the best one liner in his career, “children this is why you don’t do Chrystal Meth!” and I’m dying right now! Williams laughs at Deaner and mocks him and that angers the redneck. Deaner tosses his jacket at Williams and starts climbing the ladder! Williams quickly grabs Deaner and drops him off the ladder with a back suplex. Williams climbs up the ladder but Deaner grabs his boot but Williams nails him with a right hand and then a European Uppercut. Tenay reveals that Homicide has had a death in his family and that’s why he hasn’t been on TV recently and says that it’s pretty convenient that the Brits issue an open challenge knowing that Homicide wasn’t in the building. Williams throws Deaner into the ladder and then hits a Knee Drop. Williams hits another European Uppercut and then puts him in a kind of modified or reverse Gory Special and slams Deaner into the corner and then sets him up on the top rope. Williams sets the ladder back up and starts climbing but Deaner is able to hit a double axe handle off the top knocking Williams off the ladder. Williams is pissed now and puts the boots to Deaner. Williams with a big forearm smash and then a headbutt. Williams picks up the ladder and lays it on the mat slamming it on one of Deaner’s legs in the process. Williams scoop slams Deaner onto the ladder and then goes for a slingshot Knee Drop but Deaner moves and Williams slams into the ladder! Deaner picks up the ladder and sets it back up in the center of the ring but Williams hits a nice Cross Body Block into the ladder landing right on top of the redneck. Williams picks Deaner up and goes for a Powerbomb but Deaner backdrops Williams onto the ladder! Deaner reaches for the ladder but Terry and Brutus pull it out of the ring! Williams charges at Deaner but he backdrops Williams over the top onto the ladder and the other Brits! ODB grabs the ladder and throws it back in the ring! Deaner sets it up in the center of the ring and starts to climb, but Williams rolls back in and pushes the ladder over and Deaner takes a nasty spill bouncing off the top rope right over it hitting hard on the floor and the guardrail. He’s done and Williams climbs up and pulls down the briefcase.

Winner: Doug Williams

After the match Bashir and Kiyoshi walk out and congratulate the Brits.

In the back JB is with Jeff Jarrett and he’s pissed that Foley is still World Champion. JB asks Jarrett about his match with EY tonight and suggests that maybe EY is right to feel overlooked. Jarrett says maybe but he has a lot on his plate and he better believe that he’s paying attention to him tonight. He says tonight it’s time for EY to grow up and win, lose, or draw they should start over tonight. JB asks Jarrett about the meeting at TNA headquarters and he refuses to answer either.


Stevie Richards is in the ring and he calls out his ‘patient and friend’ Abyss who comes out to the ring after putting Stevie into thumbtacks this past Sunday. Stevie says he thought their meeting needed to be made in a public forum and talks about their addiction to pain, violence, and blood. Stevie says he has the same addiction that Abyss. Stevie talks about Abyss Chokeslamming into a pile of thumbtacks at Sacrifice and condemns Abyss for doing so. He says that the difference between he and Abyss is that Stevie is civilized and Abyss is unfit for human society. Stevie says they now have to start their therapy all over again and Abyss is shocked. Stevie grabs a straight jacket and tells Abyss to put it on and says that he’s doing it for Abyss. Stevie screams at Abyss to put the jacket on and Abyss does so. Stevie says that what he’s going to do is going to hurt him more than it will Abyss and then he goes and picks up a kendo stick. Abyss starts freaking out and trying to get out of the straight jacket as Lauren runs down and stands in front of Stevie. Abyss begs Stevie not to hit Lauren and we see Raven coming over the guardrail! What the hell?! The fans chant “Raven” as he gets into the ring and gets in Stevie’s face! We all know Raven and Stevie’s past as the fans chant ‘welcome back.’ Raven takes the kendo stick from Stevie and blasts Abyss with it over and over hitting him in the face and legs. Raven nails Abyss in the back of the head as he was down on his knees and then poses over his prone body as Lauren tends to Abyss. Stevie says that’s all the time they have for this week and Raven’s music hits. Stevie and Raven hug and then leave the ring as Lauren kneels over Abyss. The Flock is together again!

In the back we see The Beautiful People walking towards the ring.


In the back JB approaches Raven and asks Raven what in the hell that was about. Raven says that maybe he did it for the attention, or maybe he did it for the glory, maybe he did it because he missed TNA, or maybe TNA missed him, or maybe it’s because Dr. Stevie wrote a prescription for Abyss and someone needed to fill it, or maybe it’s just because he can. Quote the Raven…nevermore!

TNA Knockouts Championship
Angelina Love (c) w/Velvet Sky, Kip James, & Madison Rayne vs. Sojo Bolt

Tenay suggests that Angelina start buying lottery tickets because of how lucky she was to walk out of Sacrifice alive let alone with the belt. Sojo trips Angelina with a double leg takedown and then flips over into a bridge, 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out! Angelina goes for a clothesline but Sojo rolls her up for another nearfall. Sojo with forearms and then she charges at Angelina but she drop toe holds Sojo right into the middle turnbuckle facefirst. Angelina throws Sojo back into the corner and chokes her with her boot. Angelina with rights and lefts on Sojo in the corner and then she hits a running knee strike followed by the Botox Injection (Bicycle Kick)! 1…2…NO Sojo kicks out! Angelina covers Sojo again and again Sojo kicks out at two. Angelina attempts to whip Sojo into the ropes but she counters into a Samoan Drop! Sojo blocks right hands from Angelina and hits big forearms and then a flap jack! Velvet distracts Sojo and the referee and when Sojo turns around Angelina sprays hair spray in her face! Angelina then hits the Lights Out! 1….2….3 it’s over!

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Love via pinfall (Lights Out)

After the match Angelina grabs the microphone and says that was yet another outstanding performance by her and then she looks at Kip and asks him why he’s still hanging around them. Angelina says that she fired Kip a month ago and Kip says that she’s funny. Angelina says that when she called Kip to take care of Kong for her and wound up being the one stretchered out. Kip says he got hit with a chair four times! Angelina says that Kip won’t be riding their coattails anymore and she says that Kip is an embarrassment to TNA and to himself. She then tells security to take that creep away. Security gets in the ring and Kip rips off the Beautiful People shirt and throws it at them. Kip leaves the ring and the BP wave bye to him. Angelina talks about being tired of having to beat the same Knockouts over and over and says that she needs some new hoes to throw around. She asks if there is anybody that can take her on and then some new music hits and Victoria walks out! Victoria climbs in the ring and hits Velvet with huge right hands and then stiff slaps and a TKO slam on Madison! Victoria then points at Angelina and she tries to hit Victoria with the title belt, but she ducks and nails a right hand. Angelina fights back and they trade stiff rights until Victoria gets the advantage and hits the Widows Peak! Victoria grabs the microphone and says that she should consider her challenge accepted! Damn Victoria looking good as hell!

In the back JB is with Eric Young looking very frustrated. EY says that when TNA needs someone to make something out of nothing they always come to him and then conveniently turn their backs on him when he’s done. EY says that tonight Jarrett and everyone else will be forced to take notice of him and guarantees that no one will forget it!

We see Mick Foley walking towards the ring and Tenay says that he will be openly talking about the meetings held by TNA Executives this week.


In the back JB is with the Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences and asks them what they’ve come together for. Lethal says that he and Creed have come together with the Rockers (the Guns) for one reason and that is that they want to know who Suicide is. He agrees that Suicide is not Daniels but they want to know who the hell he is. Creed says that they are teaming with the Guns because they want to know who Suicide is. Sabin asks Lethal why he has to yell and then they walk off.

Mick Foley’s music hits and the TNA Champion makes his way out to the ring. Foley says that it’s been a tough week for him and says that perhaps the honeymoon between he and TNA management may be over. He says that next week’s King of the Mountain Qualifying Match will be between Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash inside the Six Sides of Steel fought under Lethal Lockdown rules which means weapons will be hanging from the ceiling! Foley says that for the past seven years TNA has put on World Heavyweight Title matches on a monthly basis that are second to none and on Sunday night he overcame overwhelming odds (you lost the match Mick) and showed he had the fortitude to hold onto the belt. He says that the King of the Mountain is a great match but it’s just so happened to be named after a certain individual (actually Jarrett got that name for winning the first one, Mick) and the odds may be stacked in a certain persons favor there (he still has to beat EY tonight…Mick). Mick says that it’s asking too much for him to have to defend his belt under unbelievable odds two months in a row and for the good of the company he needs to remain TNA Champion for as long as possible. Foley says the only way to ensure that is he not defend the belt very often. He says that to show that he’s willing to compromise he will defend the belt in King of the Mountain but after that if he wins he will only defend it once a year! Foley then leaves the ring.

In the JB is with Daniels and AJ in the back to talk about their match tonight. AJ says that they have faced each other before and they came to TNA to fight the best and that’s what will happen tonight. Daniels says this is what it’s all about and AJ knows that since Daniels has gotten a second chance he is out to prove to the world he belongs. Samoa Joe walks up and AJ tells Joe that they have work to do and to go talk to his ‘mystery friend.’ Joe apologizes to AJ and says that after what the Mafia did to him he snapped, but now he’s right and he wants he, AJ, and Daniels to get back to the way they were when they started it. AJ says after the match they’ll talk and he and Daniels walk off.


King of the Mountain Qualifying Match
“Showtime” Eric Young vs. “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett

The winner of this match will be the first person to be named as a challenger in this year’s King of the Mountain Match which will feature 7 competitors this year (you know the 7 year Anniversary thing). Jarrett offers a handshake to EY but he refuses it. They lockup and Jarrett gets the advantage with a side headlock but EY counters into one of his own. Jarrett shoves EY off into the ropes and EY hits a shoulder block. EY comes off the ropes and Jarrett leapfrogs him and then hits a dropkick. Jarrett puts EY back in a side headlock but EY pushes him off and then hits a dropkick of his own. EY whips Jarrett into the corner and then hits a discuss clothesline, 1…2…NO Jarrett kicks out! EY tries to whip Jarrett into the ropes but he reveres it and goes for a clothesline, but EY ducks and hits an Atomic Drop. EY follows up with a flying forearm for another nearfall. EY throws Jarrett into the top turnbuckle and then tries to whip Jarrett into the opposite corner but Jarrett reverses it. EY leaps to the middle rope and fakes a cross body causing Jarrett to duck down and when Jarrett looks back up EY springs off the middle rope into a sunset flip! Jarrett blocks it and then sits down on EY and hooks the legs! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! EY goes for a clothesline but Jarrett counters with a crucifix rollup, 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Jarrett with a big right hand and then whips EY into the corner. The momentum causes EY to flip up and over the top rope onto the apron. Jarrett charges at EY but he shoulder blocks Jarrett through the ropes and then slides under his legs. EY kicks Jarrett but Jarrett catches his leg and trips the other. Jarrett goes for the Figure Four but EY rolls him up with a small package, 1…2…NO Jarrett kicks out! EY with big right hands but Jarrett comes back with rights of his own and then whips EY into the ropes. Jarrett goes for a clothesline, EY ducks, Jarrett goes for a backhand, EY ducks again, and finally Jarrett goes for a hurricanrana but EY counters into a Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Jarrett still kicks out! EY argues with the referee and then hits a scoop slam and climbs to the top rope. EY goes for the Moonsault but Jarrett moves and then hits the Stroke! 1…2...NO EY gets his foot on the bottom rope! Jarrett can’t believe it and goes for a Suplex but EY blocks it and goes for the Showstopper (Wheel Barrow Suplex), but Jarrett counters with a rollup! 1…2…3 and it’s over!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Jarrett claps at EY and then EY offers him a handshake and Jeff shakes it. EY starts to leave the ring but Jarrett calls him back in the ring and hugs him. Jarrett then starts to leave but EY chop blocks that injured leg of Jarrett! EY then puts the boots to that leg and the heel turn is complete! EY picks Jarrett’s leg up high and slams it to the mat repeatedly as EY has a crazy look on his face. EY climbs to the top and hits an Elbow Drop to that leg! EY screams at Jarrett that he’ll never forget that and then leaves the ring as referees run out to check on Jarrett. EY smiles as he walks off.


They show a replay of what just went down between EY and Jarrett. In the parking lot JB approaches EY and he says that he warned Jarrett and if he wants answers he needs to go ask Jarrett if he’ll forget about him again.

3D are in the ring with the 3D Invitational Trophies and a big check. 3D welcomes Beer Money out to the ring. 3D lead the fans in a “Beer Money” chant and then Bubba congratulate them for their win at Sacrifice and says that all the fans are proud of TNA as well as 3D themselves. 3D says that the thing they should be most proud about is the fact that they work for a company that actually utilizes tag team wrestling. Bubba then presents Beer Money with their trophies (very beautiful trophies actually) and then the check for $100,000. The fans chant “that’s a lot of beer” and I think Storm agrees. Bubba then says that their biggest prize is winning another shot at the Tag Titles. Roode thanks 3D for giving them the chance to prove to everyone that they are the greatest tag team on the planet today. Roode then says that if you don’t believe that fact now after Slammiversary you will believe it. They then shake Beer Money’s hands and Bubba grabs a 6 pack and pass out the beers! Storm pours a beer into his trophy and chugs out of it!

Next week that Navy guy will be debuting.

Main Event
King of the Mountain Qualifying Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Hip hop group, GRITS, are actually in the ring performing AJ’s new remixed theme as he makes his way out. GRITS is a Christian Hip Hop group based out of Nashville, Tennessee that have been making music for well over 10 years. Awesome freaking entrance for AJ tonight. Not only the live performance but as his pyro hit he actually leaped out through it (the song is called “Get Ready to Fly”). AJ comes in the ring and poses as GRITS continue to perform his music.


AJ and Daniels shake hands at the bell and then circle each other. They lockup and AJ gets a side headlock on Daniels as the fans chant “TNA” and Daniels attempts to shove AJ off but AJ locks on the hold tighter. Daniels finally drops down rolling out of the hold and then hits a hip toss on AJ. Daniels then hits an arm drag and locks in an arm bar. Daniels transitions into a hammerlock but AJ reveres it into one of his own. Daniels reverses right back into a side headlock of his own but AJ shoves him off into the ropes. AJ leapfrogs Daniels and then drops down as Daniels cartwheels over him. Daniels then hits a dropkick and then a big forearm smash. Daniels whips AJ into the ropes as Tenay mentions that it’s been almost 4 years since AJ held the World Title. AJ backflips over Daniels as he went for a backdrop and then hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! Daniels rolls out to the apron and AJ attempts to suplex Daniels back into the ring but Daniels blocks it and AJ decides to shoulder block him instead sending Daniels down to the floor. AJ goes for the slingshot cross body but Daniels moves and AJ is able to catch himself in time and land on his feet on the ring apron. When Daniels turns around AJ hits the Moonsault off the apron!


Daniels comes off the ropes but AJ kicks him in the gut and then lifts Daniels up in a Vertical Suplex and drops him into a neckbreaker! AJ covers Daniels, 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! AJ puts Daniels in a rear chinlock and Daniels fights to his feet and hits several back elbows to break the hold. Daniels whips Styles into the ropes and Styles leaps over the top rope to the apron. Daniels charges but eats a big right hand from Styles and then he goes for a shoulder block, but Daniels avoids it and kicks AJ in the face. Daniels then hits a Swinging Neckbreaker as AJ was hung up in the ropes sending AJ crashing to the floor. Daniels then hits the Split Legged Moonsault off the top onto AJ on the floor! Daniels rolls AJ back into the ring and then climbs to the top. Daniels goes for the Flying Cross Body but AJ moves and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ then hits a big lariat followed by another one and then a spinning heel kick. AJ attempts to whip Daniels into the corner but Daniels counters and charges, but AJ hits him with a back elbow. AJ then springs off the ropes and goes for the Phenomenon (springboard Asai Moonsault Reverse DDT), but Daniels blocks it and counters into a snapmare takeover! Daniels goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and goes for a head scissors takeover but Daniels counters into a Blue Thunder Bomb! 1..2…NO AJ kicks out! Daniels can’t believe it and shows his frustration as the fans chant ‘this is awesome’ and yes it is! Daniels with a standing Rock Bottom and then goes for the BME but Styles moves and Daniels lands on his feet. Daniels goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits the Pele! AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Daniels blocks it. AJ finally lifts Daniels up for the move but Daniels counters and lands on his feet right into an Angel’s Wings attempt! AJ reveres the move into a hurricanrana! AJ hooks the legs, 1…….2….3 it’s over! What a counter!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (hurricanrana)

After the match AJ and Daniels shake hands and hug and then Daniels raises AJ’s hands and bows to him. All of a sudden we see freaking Shane Douglas come through the crowd! Douglas spins Daniels around and nails him with a chain! Douglas screams at Daniels as AJ runs back into the ring and we see Daniels bleeding from the mouth. What the hell was that?!

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a damn crazy show! If you love lots of surprises and things of that nature (and you don’t read spoilers) then this was definitely the show for you. Also, every single match tonight was either decent or good or even very good along with some really good promos to go along with that. All week I try not to read any type of spoilers but I did hear that several former TNA stars and a former WWE diva would be debuting this week so I knew something was going to happen, but this is a major reason why I wish Impact was live every week or at least the week after a PPV.

The opening match with Red and Suicide was really good and if it was given more time (a PPV match) could’ve been really incredible. I really hope Red eventually gets another run with the X-Division belt. That division is really starting to pick up again and the angle with Suicide and Lethal, Creed, & The Guns will continue.

The segment with Sting laying down the law to the rest of the Mafia was really great and you just know things are really going to get rocky in the Mafia. I like Sting in this leader role and it should really make for some interesting TV.

Samoa Joe’s involvement was also good and him apologizing to AJ was very surprising, but does he mean it or will he attack AJ again?

I hate the fact that the Brits can just whoop L.A.X. and all of a sudden they have control of the briefcase but it does leave something for Hernandez to come back and destroy someone for and also gives Homicide something to do as his partner heals up. Also, the match itself was really shockingly decent. I thought that match was just going to be bad but they had a few nice spots and Williams looked very good.

The Stevie Richards, Abyss, Raven thing was really bizarre and very surprising to me as the last time I saw Raven he was HUGE, but he looked to be back down to his weight in WCW. The history between Stevie and Raven is definitely there and he also has history with Abyss as well. Oh man, we have to see a House of Fun Match between Raven and Abyss soon! Raven like always cut a great promo afterwards as well and the fans seemed to be receptive to Raven before he made the turn so they haven’t forgotten him.

Love and Sojo was a decent little match for what it was but the aftermath was what made that! Victoria is in TNA! There are so many fresh matchups for Victoria here in TNA with Angelina, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Kong, Raisha Saeed, ODB, Sojo, and Dark Angel when she finally debuts on TV.

Mick is really going to get heat for the ‘I only want to defend the belt once a year’ and his promo was really great. Everyone is going to be rooting against him for the Title match and that’s how it should be. I just hope they put the belt on someone other than Jarrett or Angle in the end.

EY and Jarrett had a pretty solid back and forth little match and then the heel turn afterward was done just perfectly in my opinion. EY snapping was great and now EY can finally freshen things up for him as he has been stale for a LONG time. TNA got that one right there.

The Beer Money and 3D segment was also done very well and this should be another great match between the two but I’m not sure if this is going to work as face vs. face, maybe 3D will shock everyone and turn heel themselves.

The Main Event was just freaking awesome. Everything about it was just great. The rap group in the ring doing AJ’s theme gave that match such a big time feel and made it seem like it was more than just some match thrown together on TV. It really meant something and the match itself was great. AJ and Daniels never have a bad match together and had it been given more time (like the Red and Suicide match) it would’ve been just as classic as their other battles. I absolutely loved the finish, after all this time that they can come up with a new finish that they haven’t used in the past with all those matches they’ve had together is great. I loved that they had each others finishers scouted out that AJ had to hit Daniels with a hurricanrana out of nowhere to catch him.

Shane Douglas coming out and attacking Daniels was out of the blue. They definitely left us hanging, wondering why in the hell that just happened and that’s a good thing. Great show tonight.

- Match of the Night: Styles vs. Daniels (***1/2)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: Sting’s address to the Main Event Mafia
- Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Jesse Neal debuts
- Beer Money vs. Consequences Creed & Chris Sabin
- Suicide & Daniels vs. Kiyoshi & Sheik Bashir
- King of the Mountain Qualifying Six Sides of Steel Match: Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

Slammiversary 7 Lineup so far:
- TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Joe/Nash vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA
- TNA World Tag Titles: Team 3D (c) vs. Beer Money