SPOILERS: 5/29 ROH TV tapings

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 1:48 PM EST

Ring of Honor TV Tapings for HDNet - 5/29/09
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Pre show

- Bobby Shields vs Franky Arion ends in a no contest. The American Wolves run in and beat down both men.

- Bobby Dempsey and Alex Payne beat Adam Cope and Liquid Ninja. Dempsey DVD's Liquid Ninja for the victory. Sugarfoot played face in peril, of course.

- Rhett Titus beat Leslie Buttershotch (sp). Rhett wins with the Muff Driver (Razor's Edge)

- Flair comes out first, wearing a blue suit and a grey t-shirt. He cuts a promo, telling the audience that he's grateful for ROH, but he's going back to the WWE. He puts over the ROH locker room, Cary Silkin, and the fans respect for his retirement last year.

First hour

- Austin Aries begins the program by cutting a promo, the gist of it being he wants the ROH title now. Call the crowd leeches, and we cheer like hell for it. Lynn apparently fears Aries, he no-shows the title demand.

- Jay Briscoe beats D'Lo Brown by countout. D-Lo gets counted out intentionally, by walking away from the ring and demanding that Jay would "back up". Jay gets on the mike and tells D-Lo "If you skurred, just say you skurred, instead of actin' like a lil' BITCH!". "Man Up!" chants fill the arena, D-Lo teases coming back but doesn't.

- Kevin Steel and El Generico beat Silas Young and Bobby Fish. Not quite a squash, but not super competitive either. Generico played face-in-peril, Steen hits the comeback. Package piledriver+BRAINBUSTAAAAA wins it.

Post match, Kyle Durden tries to get an interview. He's adopted a crappy mohawk as well, which Steen quickly makes fun of. Steen announces that they're coming back for the tag titles, and that they're gonna skin the American Wolves.

- Jimmy Rave (w/The Embassy) defeated Grizzly Redwood. Pre match, Nana's on the mike berating the crowd and Jimmy got the TP shower. Ernie Osiris tried standing between Jimmy and the TP, and it failed. Of course Jimmy Rave won the match, but it was funny while it lasted. Post match, Jimmy locks in the Heel Hook and Necro runs in for the save.

- Jerry Lynn beath Chris Hero (w/Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn). Slow match to begin, with Lynn outwrestling Hero. Match picked up with Shane and Sara providing interfering and Hero taking the match to the outside. Hero hits 3 Roaring Elbows, 2 consecutively, but still gets pinned via inside cradle.

Post match, Aries attacks Lynn with the belt, lays him out, then poses. "Next world champ" erupts from the crowd (well, segments anyway)

Second hour

- Claudio Castagnoli defeated Necro Butcher. Necro controls the match until Jimmy Rave runs in. Chicanery occurs as Jimmy spits on Necro, Necro chases Jimmy, Jimmy grabs the ref, and Claudio low blows Necro and pins him. Brent Albright runs in and clears house to no pop. A random "USA" chant breaks out.

- MsChif (w/Jimmy Jacobs) beat Naveah. Jacobs gets in ref's face, Naveah does the stupid face thing and talks to Jimmy, MisChif mists Naveah and wins the match.

- Kenny Omega beat Kenny King (w/Rhett Titus, a club skank and a cheerleader skank). Best match of the night so far as Omega gets the win over King with his Electric Chair German Suplex. Rhett jumps the ring to administer the beatdown and Omega gets saved by Erick Stevens. Hard hitting, fast paced, and Omega and King both got to work their spots in.

- KENTA beat Roderick Strong. KENTA wins via GTS in a match that went about 15 minutes. Roddy was made to look strong by dominating more of the offense during the matchup, but KENTA wasn't put in much danger.

Third hour

- Delirious beat Jimmy Jacobs (w/Brodie Lee) in a Fight Without Honor. We got Red Delirious for this match, and Jimmy's busted open early. Poor Jimmy can't catch a break. First, his trusty spot where he plants you on a chair and dives thru the ropes on you netted him nothing but a whacked knee. Then, he fails to spike Delirious, ends up eating Shadows Over Hell thru a table, and loses. The fans proceed to chant "Disappointment", which makes him go all emo and spike himself, then try to spike his own arm.

- The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) beat Sal Rinauro and Brandon Day. Superkick, senton roll, 450 splash, moonsault, win for the Young Bucks.

- Brent Albright beat Ernie Osiris (w/Prince Nana). Osiris had to be pushed and dragged to the ring by Nana, so expect chicanery. Albright beats Osiris quickly. Kyle Durden informs Albright that Claudio wants a flag match, which he accepts happily.

- The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) beat Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Danielson and Black had the match won, with Danielson kicking Richard's f'n head in and Black set up for the Phoenix Splash. Danielson pushed Edwards off the apron, which knocked Black from the top rope. Black and Danielson argue and Edwards rolls up Danielson for the win.

Post match, Black and Danielson argue some more, and Sinclair comes to ringside to calm things down. Black offers a handshake and gets a bitchslap instead. Tyler gets on the mike, and asks the crowd to bring friends tomorrow night to watch him "become the company, when I kick Bryan Danielson's head in"