ROH on HDNet Results - 5/30/09

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On Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 3:43 PM EST

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (ECW Arena)
May 30, 2009
Commentators: Dave Prazak & Mike Hogewood
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The show starts off with Prazak and Hogewood putting over the ROH Tag Title match tonight in a Tables Match in the first title match on ROH on HDNet!

Rhett "Addicted To Love" Titus vs. "Messiah of the Backbreaker" Roderick Strong

Titus is just weird and Roderick cuts a bad promo before the match. They lockup at the bell and Titus puts on a wristlock but Strong catwheels through and counters into a side headlock takevoer. Strong holds onto the headlock on the mat but Titus counters with a head scissors. Strong escapes the hold by standing on his head and flipping out of it. Strong runs the ropes and hits an arm drag transitioned into an arm bar. Titus fights to his feet and then throws Strong through the ropes, but Strong holds onto the apron. Titus does the thrust as he turns his back on Strong and eats a slingshot shoulder block as he turns around. Strong lights up Rhett's chest with chops and then a dropkick for a nearfall. Strong hits a backbreaker on Titus and gets another nearfall. Strong with more chops on Titus and then attempts to whip Titus into the corner but Titus blocks it so Strong hits another chop. Strong attempts to whip Titus again but he blocks it and throws Strong into the corner. Strong goes for a kick but Titus grabs his foot and Strong goes for an Enziguri with the other foot but Titus ducks it. The momentum of his leg carried it over his other leg in a sort of modified hanging figure four and Titus then swung him around hanging him up in the ropes and then hits a reverse X-Factor and then mounts Strong and reigns down right hands. Titus with right hands and then chokes Strong with his boot. Titus hits a scoop slam followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Titus puts his leg over Strong's throat and chokes him but Strong comes back with a jawbreaker. Titus comes back by tripping Strong into the turnbuckles and then a splash followed by a running Knee Strike for another nearfall. Titus puts Strong in a chinlock but Strong fights to his feet and lights up Titus' chest with more chops. Strong hits a back kick and then a springboard cross body, 1...2...NO Titus kicks out. Strong goes for a backslide but Titus counters with a swinging neckbreaker, 1..2...NO Strong kicks out! Titus puts the boots to Strong and then whips him into the corner. Titus goes for a running dropkick but Strong moves and Titus eats the turnbuckles. Strong then hits a running clothesline followed by a dicsuss clothesline and then a back body drop. Strong hits more chops to Titus but Titus comes back with a poke to the eyes. Strong attempts to whip Titus into the ropes but he counters it and goes for a clothesline, but Strong ducks and hits a Ura-nage Backbreaker! 1...2...NO Titus still kicks out! Strong picks Titus up and goes for a Gutbuster but Titus counters with the O'Connor Roll, 1...2...NO Strong kicks out! Titus hits an X-Factor and still only gets a two count. Titus goes for a Powerbomb but Strong blocks it and hits an Enziguri followed by the Death By Roderick (Gutbuster)! Strong then hits a running dropkick, 1...2...3 and it's over!

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall (running dropkick)

They show a video package hyping up Austin Aries leading into the big title match next week.

Triple Threat Match
Sara Del Ray vs. MsChif vs. Daizee Haze vs. MsChif w/Jimmy Jacobs

These are three of the top women in Wrestling and MsChif is the current reigning SHIMMER Champion but this will be a non-title match. Sara is so thick, damn I love it! They all follow the Code of Honor and then MsChif screams as the bell rings. Sara lays her out with a Front Kick and then a clothesline to Haze. Sara throws Daize over the top rope to the floor and then MsChif hits a drop toe hold on Sara followed by a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall. MsChif with forearms and then attempts to whip Sara into the ropes but Sara reverses it and MsChif counters into the hanging Octapus! Sara tries to counter it but MsChif just puts it on from the other side! Haze flies off the top with a Missile Dropkick and as they hit the mat MsChif rolls Sara up in a Crucifix pin, 1...2...NO Daizee breaks it up! Daizee whips MsChif into the corner and hits a Facebuster out of the corner and then charges at Sara. Sara grabs her by the throat and picks her up and then slams her ontop of MsChif! 1...2...NO Daizee almost got an accidental pin on MsChif! Sara picks Daizee up and hits a headbutt as MsChif rolls out of the ring. Sara goes for a powerslam but Daizee blocks it and shoves Sara into the ropes where MsChif trips her from the outside. Sara reaches out to grab MsChif but Daizee hits a running dropkick to the back of Sara sending her to the floor! Daizee climbs to the top and hits a Plancha off the top but they kind of botched it as Sara was supposed to catcher her I think but couldn't hold on. Daizee puts the boots to Sara but MsChif spits the green mist into her face as Jacobs distracted the referee! MsChif rolls Daizee back into the ring and hits the Desecrator (Scissored DDT) for the pin!

Winner: MsChif via pinfall (Desecrator)

After the match Kyle Durden gets in the ring to interview MsChif and Jimmy Jacobs and he asks MsChif what her future in ROH has to offer, but Jacobs snatches the microphone and says that the Age of the Fall doesn't have goals, they have accomplishments. Jacobs says all females want the SHIMMER Title but MsChif holds it. He says MsChif is going to take out Daizee Haze and then MsChif screams into the microphone.

They show a video package highlighting Tyler Black now. He pretty much says the other three guys are old and he's younger so he can get the pin.

Prince Nana and Ernie Osiris talk about bringing back The Embassy. Nana puts over the members including Jimmy Rave, Bison Smith, and Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio comes over and says that The Embassy is very international.

Erick Stevens vs. "The New Horror" Sami Callihan

Wow, Erick Stevens is kind of cock-eyed isn't he. Sami is doing an insane gimmick now, okaaaay. Sami hits a front kick as the bell rings and then a side headlock but Stevens shoves him into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Stevens comes off the ropes and Sami goes for a hiptoss but Stevens blocks it and counters it into one of his own. Stevens hits a Scoop Slam and then an Elbow Drop. Stevens with a big forearm and then chops to the chest. Stevens goes for a Vertical Suplex but Sami lands on his feet and then hits a stiff back elbow from Stevens. Stevens tries to grab Sami but he avoids Stevens and makes him chase him around the ring and then trips Stevens right into the middle turnbuckle face first. Sami with a headbutt and then chops but Stevens comes back with one of his own. Sami then pokes Stevens in the eyes and hits a snapmare takeover. Sami licks Stevens and then Stevens grabs him by the throat and then goes for a German Suplex, but Sami blocks it with back elbows and hits the Sliding Lariat! 1...2...NO Sami transitions right into the Koji Clutch! Stevens is able to get to the ropes but eats a running forearm from Sami. Stevens comes back with a Spear on Callihan and then the Choo Choo Splash a nasty running Lariat! Stevens then picks Sami up and hits the Doctor Bomb, it's over!

Winner: Erick Stevens via pinfall (Doctor Bomb)

Nigel cuts a interview 'via satelite' and says his rehab is going as well as it needs to be. Nigel says he doesn't want anybody to be ready for him so he won't reveal how healthy he is. He puts over the Fatal Four Way for next week. Nigel puts over Lynn being able to defeat him but says that he won't forget Lynn beating him and he's coming back. Nigel says the fans doubting him before and not to make that mistake again. He says he's going to come back and take his place in history. They put over the Four Way for next week once again.

ROH World Tag Team Championships
Tables Match
"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen & El Generico (c) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

The Wolves kind of remind me of the British Bulldogs to an extent. The rules are pretty simple for this one, tables are legal but you still have to get a pin or submission. The Wolves jump Steenerico in the entrance ramp and the fight is on! Generico throws Edwards into the guardrail and then puts the boots to him as Steen chokes Richards on the other side. Steen bites Richards but Edwards hits a Front Kick on Generico. Steen jumps Edwards from behind helping out Generico. Steen throws Richard into the guardrail repeatedly and then throws him into the ring post as Generico throws Edwards into a table. Steen and Generico take turns punching Richards and then they roll him into the ring. Generico and Steen continue to double team Richards with right hands and chops. Generico whips Richards into the ropes and hits a drop toe hold and then Steen hits the somersault leg drop and Generico holds Richards down while Steen hits a 2nd somersault leg drop. Steen with right hands on Richards and then Eddie slides in and goes at Steen but Generico drags him off and Steen hits a Backsplash Senton followed by another one on Edwards. Generico jumps on Steen's back and then Steen hits another Backsplash Senton on Edwards this time with Generico on his back! Steen rolls out and pulls a table out from under the ring! Generico throws Richards into the table on the floor but it doesn't break and then he throws Edwards into the table as Steen continues to hold it. They throw Edwards back into the ring and then slide the table in. Generico sets up the table in a corner and then they put the boots to Edwards. They try to whip Edwards into the table but he's able to put on the brakes and then charges at Steenerico. Steen goes for a clothesline but Edwards ducks and runs right into a T-Bone Suplex into the corner from Generico! Richards pulls Generico out and throws him into the guardrail. Richards slides into the ring and goes for a clothesline on Steen but he ducks and goes for a Powerbomb but Richards blocks it and dropkicks Steen's previously injured knee! Generico runs and goes for a Brainbuster but Richards blocks it as Edwards comes back into the ring. Generico comes off the ropes but Edwards press slams right into a kick to the gut from Richards, the Alarm Clock! Richards holds Generico as Edwards hits a Superkick on him and then Richards German Suplexes him into the table set up in the corner! The Wolves put the boots to Steen and Edwards picks Steen up by the knee and slams him into the table! The Wolves put the boots to Steen again and they mock him and just kind of toy with him with kicks to the head and knee. Richards starts to put Steen in a Figure Four but the fans started doing "Whoooo!" chants so he stopped and told the fans to stick it as Edwards slides another table in the ring. Richards continues to work on Steen's knee as Edwards sets the table up in the corner again. Steen continues to fight back but the numbers games are too much and Richards levels him with a huge kick to the chest. The Wolves double team Steen in the corner and then Edwards whips Richards into Steen but Steen hits a back elbow on him and then one to Edwards and Generico quickly climbs to the top! Generico hits a double Flying Cross Body on the Wolves and then clotheslines to both. Generico hits a Michinoku Driver and gets a two count. Richards gets Generico in the back and goes for the DR Driver but Generico blocks it and puts a wristlock on Richards and then springboards to the top rope right into a Tornado DDT! Generico climbs back up top and hits a grogeous somersault plancha off the top onto Edwards on the floor! In the ring Richards hits a spinning back kick on Steen and then goes for a hurricanrana but Steen counters it into a Powerbomb onto the table! Steen and Generico climb to opposite corners. Senton Bomb from Steen, Diving Splash from Generico, 1...2...NO Edwards breaks it up! Steen throws Edwards to the floor as we see a replay of the move. Steen with a headbutt on Edwards and then Generico throws him into the guardrail as Steen pulls out yet another table! Steen and Generico set up the table on the floor this time and then they pull out another one and set it up ontop of the other table! Edwards tries to run away but Generico holds onto him and hits a Front Kick to the face. Steen climbs up on the apron and goes for a Poweromb but Edwards blocks it and Richards hits a sliding dropkick to his knee! Richards then hits a big roundhouse kick on Generico knocking him off the apron! Richards hits a running forearm on Steen and then another one and then a third as Edwards hits an Enziguri from the apron at the same time! Edwards pulls out yet another table and slides it into the ring and then pulls out a fourth as well! Richards goes for the Shooting Star Press on Steen but he moves and the Generico flies through the bottom and middle turn buckle right into a Tornado DDT on Edwards on the floor! Jesus, that move is so damn fluid! Everytime I see it, it amazes me more. Generico puts Edwards up on the table that he had just set up and Generico climbs up to the top rope as Steen hits a running Cannonball into the Richards in the corner and Generico hits a Diving Splash off the top onto Edwards through the table to the floor! In the ring Steen has Richards locked in the Sharpshooter! Shane Hagadorn limps out and tries to break the hold but Steen nails him with the Packe Piledriver but he had to release the hold to do it! Steen hits a Superkick on Richards on and then sets up another table in the ring! Steen climbs to the top rope but Richards jumps up and shoves Steen off the top through those stacked tables on the floor! Generico runs in and hits the Yakuza Kick on Richards and then sets Richards up on the top rope! Generico goes for the Brainbustah but Edwards comes in and hits a low blow and then puts Generico up on his shoulders and Richards dives off the top with the Elevated Cutter through the table! 1...2...3 and we have new champs!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: American Wolves via pinfall (Elevated Cutter through a table)

Final Thoughts

Very entertaining show tonight with no bad matches on the card and once again very nice buildup towards the Title Match next week. I really like that they are starting to build towards certain shows now.

The opener between Titus and Strong was very solid but Strong?s pre-match promo was horrible, he really has to work on that.

The Triple Threat was very good and all three women worked hard, nice match and they should showcase the female wrestlers more often.

Stevens vs. Callihan was decent considering I can?t stand Stevens. Callihan?s new gimmick is pretty dumb as well.

Main Event was great, Steenerico vs. Wolves could turn out to be about as good as Steenerico vs. Briscoes from a few years ago. Just an awesome match and both teams worked well together. It?s a must see match so you definitely need to find a way to see it if you haven?t already.