SPOILERS: 6/25 TNA Impact tapings

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Friday, June 26, 2009 at 5:56 PM EST

Roy Sutherland sent this in:

Credit: Ashley Colton & PWInsider

Eric Young def Johnny Gardano

ODB w/Cody Deener defeated Madison Rayne

"The Outlaw" Jethro Holiday vs. Jay Lethal
Lethal's music plays but doesn't come out. Abyss comes out to no music and attacks Holiday. He then takes the mic and tells Dr Stevie to come out, he wants the whole world what he has to say. He says he doesn't need Dr. Stevie anymore. No more therapy sessions, so more checking in and no more shock treatments, except for you..he says he's gonna snap him in two. On the screen, Stevie appears on nightvision camera who had Lauren in tears. He says he owns Abyss, mind body & soul. He says Abyss will come to his office for therapy, it'll be Lauren's turn.

Mick Foley comes out to kick off iMPACT! He says to be honest, he feels a bit naked without the TNA World Title on his shoulder, so this Sunday at Victory Road he's gonna do his beat to get that title back on his shoulder. He asks Kurt Angle to come out to face him man to man, Angle comes out to the ring. Foley appreciates what he asked & coming out..he says he wants what Angle has, and not his hair. He wears his heart on his sleeve & loves being the TNA World Champion. He brings up how last week, they tied him up in barbed wire and they were playing with his mind. He says he doesn't have much, but don't take it away from him, how in 1991 he submitted to Terry Funk to a stopover toehold and he swore he would never do that again. He's a lot like the Little Engine Who Could, he thinks he can...and if Kurt is thinking he is tapping, that aint happening. He admits Kurt is a man and came out alone without the MEM and that if he can extend that courtesy 3 nights from now and do it one on one at Victory Road. Kurt says he's trying to help not only themselves but him and Jarrett. Sting's music hits and he begins to pace at the top of the stage. He asks if he just heard Kurt right, that he's doing this for TNA? What a bunch of bull..that's the same line he was fed when he joined the MEM. Sting says he has his own agenda for the PPV, he's taking Joe & his handler up one side of the iMPACT Zone and down the other, but Sunday is Sunday and tonight is now and he asks Mick for one last match against Kurt Angle. Kurt says that Foley says yes, but he's gonna tweak it a bit..and make it a Six Sides of Steel tonight!

Backstage, Samoa Joe is destroying Amazing Red all over the place and brings him out to the iMPACT Zone. The match begins, Joe is stomping Red into the corner, shoves off Rudy Charles and hits a Muscle Buster and continues to pummel him, Foley's security team comes out to break things up.

Non Title Match
Suicide defeated Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley
Postmatch, Shelley attacks Suicide from behind and the Guns double team him until Homicide comes down and hits both Guns with his briefcase, he picks up the X Title in his hands and the fans chant "cash it in". He hands the referee the briefcase and immediately covers Suicide but only gets 2. He hits a Gringo Killer and gets the win, NEW X Division Champion, Homicide.

The Beautiful People come out, Angelina Love is dressed in a Bee Keepers outfit, Velvet has spider killer spray. Love says she has filed a complant with PETER whoever he is, against a certain new Knockouts champion who tried to endanger her with a big spider. She says the Beautiful People do not recognize Tara winning last week, the match was never official, she says she is still the Knockouts champion. But she says she will make it official at Victory Road. Tara comes out to the ramp, she said this title makes it official, but she'll confirm it on Sunday. She says not to worry about Poison, he likes dark warm places, she said she snuck into her locker room earlier and found a nice place for him to sleep, her bee keepers outfit. Love starts freaking out, ripping part of the outfit off, Tara comes down and delivers a Widow's peak to her and stands over he with the Knockouts title.

Sarita (Sarah Stock) defeated "The Future Legend" Melissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa)
Post Match, Flash executed a powerbomb like maneuver to Sarita and left her laying.

6 man Elimination Tag Match
Kevin Nash w/Jenna Morasca, Scott Steiner & Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Beer Money & AJ Styles
Order of elimination:
Styles by Nash
Storm by Steiner
Nash by Roode
Nash tripped up Roode after being eliminated, Storm came back out with a chair, but Matt Morgan come down and jumped Storm from behind.
Roode by Booker T
Winner: Booker T, Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash
Postmatch, Jenna & Sharmell argued which led to a catfight between the two.

Lethal Consequences defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi when Lethal pinned Kiyoshi

Awesome Kong defeated SoJo Bolt

Non Title Grudge Match, Six Sides of Steel
Jeff Jarrett comes out to join Mike & Don on commentary for this match, he has several words with Don West before sitting down.

Kurt Angle vs. Sting
As Sting put Angle in the Scorpion, Samoa Joe came out, attacked Jarrett at the commentators table, took out Rudy Charles & stole the cage key, he went inside and Sting jumped him...the lights went out and a 13 FTW video appeared on the screen as Joe put Sting in the Tazmission. Jarrett and Mick Foley both tried to enter the cage, but Angle swatted them away with a nightstick, Nash, Steiner & Booker all came out and beat more on Jarrett & Foley and Joe still had on the submission hold on Sting. Joe and Angle leave Sting laying in the middle of the ring barely conscious.