6/27 ROH Results: Chicago Ridge, IL

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 3:15 PM EST

Ring of Honor Results - 6/27/09
Location: Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

- "Dirty" Ernie Osiris and Tony Kozina v Grizzly Redwood and Even Scott: Ernie and Kozina won after an "international object" shot by Dirty to Grizzly for the pin.

- Andy "Right Leg" Ridge and Big Muscular Balck Guy (Sampson) v Sawada (My Bad) and Bobby Dempsey. Dempsey pinned Ridge afer a DVD.

-Josh Raymond v Mikey Nichols: Armdrag! Raymond won with a Trouble in Paradise

10 Bell Misawa Tribute

Main Show:
-6 man mayhem: No Daizee with Deli. Titus rubbed his crotch pre shake, Sami licked it. Indy Standoff, Deli and Payne. Deli chasing Titus under the ring, comes out with thong showing, hid behind Sinclare, Ego kicks Titis bare ass, thrust into Sinclare. Awesome. Sami stole Fire Helmet Hat Guy and wore it in the corner. Top rope release German from Silas to Ego. Duel dive by Payne and Deli. Ego sentons on all, but missed completly. Tower of doom!!! Titus w a top rope xfactor. All men hit Finishers. PAYNEs WAS AWESOME!!! Deli wins with Shadows Over Hell on Silas. Awesome Match!

-"HD Ready" Rasche Brown v Erick Stevens: Slow. Hard Hitting. Intense. Tyipical big man power match. Awesome Spear by Brown. Real nice Chockslam by Brown. Stevens wins with a Dr Bomb. Better than I expected, but I expected nothing, take that for what it is.

-Flair Time: Puts over Chicago as the greatest city he ever wrestled in. Puts over fans. Puts over himself.

-Kenny "Pretty Boy Pitbull" King v Petey Williams: Kenny dances like MJ. Awesome! Nice spine buster by King. Springboard Dropkick by King countered by Petey with his own dropkick, King landed on his face. King with a Pele. Step up enzugiri by Petey. Catatonic by King. Titus distracts Ref, King hits Elijiah Express, and an inverted FU for the win. Petey hits Canadian Destroyer post match. Please come back chants. Promo by Petey. Calls the locker room a bucnh of bad ass mofos. Says stars are born and stars are reborn again. F TNA and Fire Russo. Very soild match.

- Tyler Black v KENTA: No play by play for this. I want to see this one. It took 2 GTSs but KENTA pinned Black. Amazing match. Needs to be seen

- AotF Attacks! 10 on 1! Jimmy ties Tylers feet together. Calls for the device that held belts at Man Up! They almsot hang Black, Steen and Generico make the save. God's Last Gift to Jacobs! Tying Jacobs legs together, Hang Jacobs by his ankles. Deli come out also. Black grabs mic and declares AotF DEAD! immy pissed at his followers. They leave him in the ring. Na na na chant for AotF. Jimmy leaves thru the front.

- Intermission: Bret Hart annouced for next show. Eastman puts over Rosas post show, says Pearce likes it when people buy him beer. Gonna slow down on play by play. Look for more pics to be coming soon. Attendance was 1000 easy.

- Street Fight: awesome brawl. Colt Cabana pins Joey Ryan after a Flying Asshole thru a table set up in the corner.

- Dlo Brown v Roderick Strong: Chicago is Down With the Brown, big time! DLo go a better pop than Roddy. DLo wins with a roll up as he holds the ropes. DLo is like Sugarfoot. He is mad over.

-Kevin Steen and El Generico v The American Wolves: Both teams in matching gear, nice. Steenerico win the best tag match I've seen since Return Engagment. Generico hits the top rope Brainbustahhhhh on Davey for the 3. Awesome, awesome match.

-Austin Aries v Nigel McGuiness: Kick ass dueling promo pre match, very funny, very graphic. Nigel hit a coue of signature lariats. Aries wins a very good match with a kick to the head and a brainbuster. No where near as good as the last 2 title matches, but very fun.

This show was awesome. I can't belive I'm typing this, but Nigel/Aries, IMO, was the worst match of the night. And that's just insane to think about right now and it was still very fun. My MOTN was the Wolves/Steenerico. Just brutal and my first Brainbustahhhh live. Terrific match. Very good show. I'll post a review tomorrow. I'm going to twitpic some others and I'll update the fan gathering there as well. Hope you all enjoyed the results. This was a great night!

Joey Eastman is the Ring Announcer. Return Date is 9.19.09