The Bash PPV Results - 6/28/09

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 11:00 PM EST

WWE The Bash PPV Results - 6/28/09
Location: Sacramento, California
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jim Ross & Todd Grisham and Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Report by: Adam Martin of

- The WWE promo hits.

- A video package runs highlighting matches set for tonight including John Cena vs. The Miz, Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio in a title vs. mask match, CM Punk defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against Triple H in a "3 Stages of Hell" match.

- A graphic opening hits welcoming us to The Bash. We go live to the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA where a series of pyro goes off. Michael Cole is the first voice we hear to welcome us to the show.

- Christian is out first to kick off the show.

ECW Championship - Scramble Match
Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Mark Henry vs. Finlay

We start the match off with Christian and Jack Swagger. Lots of quick offense in on Christian by Swagger including a big takedown that resulted in a two count. Swagger locks on an abdominal stretcher, lifts Christian up and drops his knee across his chest. Swagger props Christian up on the corner, but Christian jumps off and takes the back of Swagger. Swagger sends Christian back first into the corner to break that up and then gets in a quick takedown on Christian. Swagger props Christian up on the turnbuckle again, but Christian pushes him off and takes out Swagger with a big dropkick. Cover by Christian and Swagger kicks out after two.

Time expires and out next is Finlay. Finlay hits the ring and takes out Christian and Swagger with clotheslines. Finlay then picks up Christian and drops him across Swagger. Finlay with a rolling senton on Swagger and gets a close roll up on Christian resulting in a two count. Finlay then drops legs across the body of Christian, cover and Christian still kicks out. Christian fires back with a spinning elbow off the corner on Finlay. Swagger pulls Christian out and sends him into the guard railing. Finlay then dropkicks Swagger through the ropes and tosses him back inside. Swagger then rakes the eyes of Finlay and rolls him up. Swagger covers and gets the pinfall.

Jack Swagger is now the reigning ECW Champion until time expires.

Christian jumps in and gets a close roll up on Swagger. We see a shot of an EMT checking on the eye of Finlay after the rake of the eyes from Finlay. In the ring, Christian hits an inverted DDT on Swagger, covers and only gets a two count. Swagger fires back with a huge belly-to-belly suplex on Christian.

Time expires and out next is Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer clotheslines Swagger and takes out Christian when he jumps off the corner. Dreamer with a bulldog on Swagger, kick to Christian and huge sitdown powerbomb that results in a close two count. Dreamer with a swinging neckbreaker on Swagger. Dreamer puts Christian in the tree of woe in the corner, backs up and connects with a dropkick to the face. Swagger grabs Dreamer and sends him into the corner near Christian. Dreamer is then tossed out by Swagger and then sent right into the Smackdown announce table. Swagger attempts the same on Finlay, but Finlay sends Swagger into the steel ring post instead. Finlay sends Swagger into the steel post shoulder first in the ring and hits the Celtic Cross. Finlay covers Swagger and gets the pinfall.

Finlay is now the reigning ECW Champion until time expires.

Dreamer goes after Finlay sending him into the corner. Christian with a kick and takedown on Dreamer. Christian goes up top in the corner, Dreamer goes up with, Christian knocks him off and Dreamer takes a clothesline from Swagger. Swagger jumps up with Christian and is trying to pull him off into the ring.

Time expires and out last is Mark Henry. Henry levels Dreamer and then goes under Swagger pulling Swagger and Christian off the top and crashing into the ring. Henry dumps Swagger out and then lifts Christian up over his head sending him over the top rope to the outside. Henry takes out Finlay and then catches Dreamer hitting a big powerslam. Henry covers Dreamer and gets the pinfall.

Mark Henry is now the reigning ECW Champion until time expires.

We are down to the last 4:00 minutes of the match as Swagger goes after Henry. Henry pushes him off. Christian attempts the same and Henry headbutts him. Finlay, Swagger and Christian then all start to gang up against Henry pushing him to the outside. In the ring, Christian with a roll up on Finlay that results in a two count. Finlay sends Christian shoulder first into the corner. Finlay with a suicide dive onto Swagger to the outside. Dreamer with a flip off the ring apron taking out Swagger. Christian is back inside and springboards himself over the top rope to the outside on Dreamer. Henry rolls back in the ring and goes up top when Swagger charges and connects with a running knee. Swagger jumps off the corner and lands on Henry. Swagger hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Jack Swagger is now the reigning ECW Champion until time expires.

Swagger takes out Christian when he tries getting back in the ring and also gets in a shot on Finlay. Henry drops the head of Swagger off the top rope. Finlay and Dreamer grab Henry and send him into the steel ring steps. In the ring, Christian hits the Killswitch on Swagger. Christian covers and Dreamer breaks it up. Dreamer with a DDT on Christian, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Tommy Dreamer is now the reigning ECW Champion until time expires.

Swagger with a roll up on Finlay after a two count. Less than a minute left. Finlay covers Dreamer and Swagger breaks it up. Swagger covers Dreamer and Finlay breaks that up. Finlay with a DDT on Swagger and Henry breaks up that cover. Henry covers Swagger and Dreamer pulls him off hitting a DDT. Dreamer covers Henry and Christian breaks that up. Christian with a sunset flip off the top rope on Dreamer, but the pinfall is broken up. Time expires and Dreamer survives.

Winner & STILL ECW Champion: Tommy Dreamer

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Tommy Dreamer is up on the turnbuckle celebrating with the ECW Championship on his shoulder. Dreamer then jumps down and holds up the title once more. We again take a look at the final 10 seconds of the match with Dreamer surviving. Dreamer leaves the ring and slaps a few hands at ringside to celebrate his win some more.

- Backstage, we see Smackdown GM Teddy Long when Edge walks in. Edge said he heard he was put on probation by Vince McMahon and wants him to think outside the box. He asks to change the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match to a triple threat saying he pinned the #1 contender Jeff Hardy on Smackdown. Edge said for over a decade when he was healthy he was on a PPV and he needs to be on the show. Long said maybe if he didn't divorce his wife then maybe she could help him, but he can't do that for him. Edge said it looks like Long will be having to look for a new job soon and walks off.

WWE Intercontinental Championship vs. Mask Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

If Rey Mysterio loses he will have to unmask.

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and Mysterio breaks it up with elbows sending Jericho to the corner. Jericho gets in a quick shot and drops a forearm over the back of Mysterio. Jericho gets a headlock on Mysterio and drops to a knee to add more pressure. Jericho with a shoulder block on Mysterio, hits the ropes, jumps over Mysterio, jumps under Mysterio and takes a kick to the face from Mysterio in the corner followed by a huracanrana off the top rope. Jericho bails to the outside, attempts a baseball slide, Jericho catches him and launches him into the ring barricade. Jericho returns to the ring and holds an arm up with a smile on his face. Mysterio gets back in the ring, Jericho grabs him by the legs and launches him chest first into the bottom rope. Jericho with a high vertical suplex on Mysterio, cover and Mysterio kicks out after two. Jericho then goes back to the headlock on Mysterio. Jericho puts Mysterio up on the top turnbuckle with his back facing Jericho. Jericho goes for a headlock up top, but Mysterio knocks him down, stands up and takes out Jericho with a sitting splash. Jericho responds with a quick backbreaker, covers and Mysterio kicks out after two. Jericho sends Mysterio face first into two different corners. Jericho then follows this up with a baseball slide that launches Mysterio out of the ring to the outside.

Jericho reaches out, pulls Mysterio up to the ring apron, attempts a suplex, Mysterio counters landing on his feet, hits a few elbows, but Jericho fires back taking down Mysterio and hitting a dropkick to the face. Jericho covers quickly, but Mysterio kicks out after two. Jericho then applies a modified full nelson on Mysterio. Mysterio breaks it up, Jericho charges and Mysterio hits a dropkick to the knees sending Jericho through the ropes to the outside. Mysterio then goes up to the top turnbuckle and jumps off taking out Jericho on the outside. Mysterio came down pretty hard on his right knee. Back in the ring, Mysterio hits a springboard cross body that results in a close two count. Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl huracanrana on Jericho into the corner. Mysterio hits not one, but two impressive springboards on the top ropes into a moonsault that results in a two count. Mysterio with another springboard off the ropes, but Jericho catches him and hits a big powerslam. Cover by Jericho and Mysterio kicks out. Jericho with big kicks to Mysterio. Mysterio dodges a charge by Jericho and hits a moonsault off the top turnbuckle that results in a two count. Jericho counters a huracanrana by Mysterio into a powerbomb and Walls of Jericho. Mysterio reaches for the ropes and pulls his body forward. Mysterio reaches out and eventually gets to the bottom rope to break it up.

Jericho charges, goes over the top, lands on the ring apron, Mysterio misses a 619 and Jericho catches Mysterio with a clothesline. Mysterio with a right hand and then huge kick to the head on Jericho who is sitting up on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio attempts a huracanrana, but Jericho counters and holds on powerbombing Mysterio from the top to the mat below crashing down with a loud thud. Jericho covers and Mysterio still kicks out after two. Jericho misses a Lionsault. Mysterio with a quick roll up that results in a two count. Jericho counters a 619 attempt that Mysterio counters into a huge tornado DDT. Cover by Mysterio and Jericho kicks out. Mysterio with kicks to the legs of Jericho. Mysterio with a springboard cross body that Jericho counters in mid air into a Codebreaker! Jericho crawls over, hooks the leg and Mysterio kicks out. Jericho can't believe it. Jericho with a kick to the back and then drops Mysterio face first off the corner. Jericho props Mysterio up on the corner, hits a few rights, goes up top, attempts a huracanrana, but ends up falling off when Mysterio pulls back. Mysterio with a dropkick to Jericho's back who falls into the ropes. Mysterio then connects with the 619. Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop, but Jericho counters it in mid air down into the Walls of Jericho. Mysterio rolls under Jericho to counter.

Jericho gets a roll up, Mysterio kicks out and the two exchange two more pinfall attempts that don't go through. Jericho then pulls Mysterio's mask off and Mysterio is still wearing a second mask on over his face. Mysterio then kicks Jericho into the ropes, hits the 619 and springboard splash. Mysterio covers Jericho and gets the cover.

Winner & NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio

We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see a shot of Rey Mysterio celebrating with the WWE Intercontinental Championship at the top of the ramp as Chris Jericho looks on with a frustrated look on his face.

- A promo for WWE SummerSlam on August 23 airs.

- A video package airs highlighting the events from WWE Monday Night Raw this past week where Vince McMahon "bought back" Raw from Donald Trump paying double what he sold it for.

- We see a shot backstage of Triple H taping up his leg for tonight.

- Backstage, Chris Jericho is complaining to Smackdown GM Teddy Long saying he wants his rematch right now against Rey Mysterio. Long said he has spent 5 years as champion and doesn't give in to just anyone. He then kicks Jericho out of his office.

- A video package airs looking at Dolph Ziggler's career in WWE so far and his recent involvements with The Great Khali on Smackdown leading into tonight's match.

No Countout, No DQ Match
The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and Dolph Ziggler gets in a few kicks on The Great Khali. Khali with a big takedown on Ziggler and then sends Ziggler into the corner. Ziggler bounces off and Khali takes him down with a big chop. Ziggler with a kick to the leg of Khali, jumps up on Khali in the corner and Khali dumps him over the top rope to the outside. Khali then walks out and takes out Ziggler with a clothesline. Ziggler dodges a shot from Khali allowing Khali to hit the steel ring post. ziggler jumps off the ring apron with a sledgehammer that sends Khali into the ring barricade. Khali with a big chop to Ziggler through the ropes. Ziggler then puts Khali's leg over the top rope and Ziggler pulls it down. Ziggler then grabs a steel chair and hits Khali in the leg with it. ziggler works on Khali's legs, tries to hit Khali with the chair, but Khali slaps it away. Ziggler then dropkicks Khali down to the mat and applies a guillotine choke. Khali then stands up still in the choke and tosses Ziggler away. Khali with a big boot on Ziggler. Kane's pyro then goes off and he starts heading down the ramp. Kane stops at the end of the ramp as Ziggler hits Khali repeatedly with the steel chair. Kane then enters the ring and Ziggler drops the chair sliding out. Kane then gets in, grabs the steel chair and starts hitting Khali repeatedly with it as well. Kane leaves, Ziggler slides in, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Dolph Ziggler jumps to his feet and celebrates. We then see highlights of Kane's involvement in the match earlier setting up Ziggler for the pinfall.

- Backstage, Vince McMahon talks to Smackdown GM Teddy Long. McMahon said he was going to apologize for the probation stuff from a few days ago, but then heard Long call himself the longest GM in WWE history. He said Long hasn't really accomplished anything in five years compared to other GM's like Eric Bischoff and even Mike Adamle. McMahon calls Long boring and said the only thing he has going for him is his stupid dance. He reiterates that Long is still under probation.

- We had some issues with our DirecTV feed earlier, but Smackdown GM Teddy Long added Edge and Chris Jericho to the originally scheduled WWE Unified Tag Team Championship match against champions The Colons and Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships Match
The Colons (c's) vs. Edge & Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

We are starting coverage for this match in progress due to some technical issues with our DirecTV feed. Edge and Chris Jericho have been added to this match. in the ring, Primo sends DiBiase over the top rope to the outside. Tag to Carlito who takes out Rhodes who just got a tag as well. Carlito with a knee lift on Rhodes. Carlito with a springboard elbow to Rhodes, cover and DiBiase breaks up the pinfall. Primo dropkicks DiBiase. Jericho then comes in and hits a Codebreaker on Primo. Carlito then takes out Edge on the ring apron as Rhodes goes crashing in the corner shoulder first. Edge with a tag to Rhodes as Carlito hits him with a Backcracker. Edge hits Carlito with a Spear and gets the pinfall.

Winners & NEW WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Edge & Chris Jericho

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Edge and Chris Jericho celebrate in the middle of the ring with the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships in hand. They then head up the ramp holding up all of the titles. Michael Cole noted that Smackdown GM Teddy Long was asked to make an impact and it looks like he did tonight.

- A promo for WWE Night of Champions on July 26 airs.

- Backstage, we see Randy Orton as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk up. Orton tells them not to worry about what happened tonight since the most important thing tonight is his WWE Championship. DiBiase argues that it was important to them. Orton said he doesn't care if they are tag champions. DiBiase gets upset saying they aren't just lackies for him and said he didn't sign up for his. Orton tells him not to talk to him like that. DiBiase says good luck with Triple H and walks off.

WWE Women's Championship Match
Melina (c) vs. Michelle McCool w/ Alicia Fox

Lots of quick offense by both women early on. McCool lifted Melina up and Melina counter down into a DDT. Melina with a big clothesline and dropkick to the face on McCool that resulted in a two count. Melina chokes McCool up on the top rope. McCool works on the knee of Melina after Melina landed on it hard. McCool with a cover and Melina kicks out after two. McCool sends Melina to the corner, but Melina's leg gives way and she stumbles to the mat. McCool continues to work on Melina's knee in the corner. McCool then grabs the bad knee/leg of Melina and throws it into the steel ring post. McCool then puts her foot inside the steel steps and hits the steps with force. McCool drags Melina to the middle of the ring, covers and only gets a two count. McCool drops Melina over her knee and then brings the back of her foot up touching the back of her head. Melina puts McCool in the corner and tries to work on her, but McCool is quick to recover and hits a chop block on her leg. Melina with a huracanrana on McCool and a big side kick. Cover and McCool kicks out. Melina with a facebuster flying off the top on McCool. Melina favors her knee as she covers McCool and Alicia FOx puts McCool's foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Melina sees this and takes out Fox through the ropes. Melina attempts her flipping pin, but McCool counters and kicks Melina hard. McCool with a Styles Clash on Melina and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW WWE Women's Champion: Michelle McCool

After the match, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham note that Michelle McCool is the first ever woman to win the WWE Divas Championship and WWE Women's Championship in company history. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

- A video package airs highlighting the events between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy leading into tonight's WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

They did ring introductions for the challenger Jeff Hardy and champion CM Punk.

The bell rings and here we go. Fans are really behind Jeff Hardy in Sacramento, while CM Punk continues to get mixed reactions. Lock up and Punk pushes Hardy to the corner. Hardy with a side headlock on Punk. Punk with a quick shoulder block takedown on Hardy and Hardy backs off regaining his composure. Punk takes the back of Hardy, Hardy takes the back of Punk and Punk counters taking the back of Hardy again. Hardy counters and gets in a side headlock takedown on Punk. Punk tries to break it up sending Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy slows himself down falling to his knees keeping the headlock applied. Punk then counters with a side headlock takedown of his own. Punk with a shoulder block on Hardy, lifts Hardy to his shoulders, but Punk slides off into a roll up resulting in a two count. Punk then charges and Hardy sends him over the top rope to the outside. Hardy with a springboard cross body over the top rope onto Punk. Hardy sends Punk back first into the guard railing, backs up, runs, jumps off the steel steps, but misses a side kick on Punk and crashes into the guard railing. Punk slides back in the ring as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 9 and Hardy jumps back in. Punk had yelled at the referee earlier that he didn't want to win via countout. Punk with a knee to the back of Hardy's head and then some stiff kicks to the back.

Punk then applies a figure four headlock on Hardy on the mat. Punk drops a few elbows over the head of Hardy keeping the figure four locked in. Punk then breaks it up and hits a backbreaker on Hardy. Punk hooks the leg and Hardy kicks out after two. Punk then goes back to the figure four headlock on Hardy. Hardy pushes his body around and puts his foot on the bottom rope to break up the submission by Punk. Punk with a big scoop slam on Hardy near the corner. Punk jumps up on the corner, attempts a leg drop and Hardy moves out of the way. Punk misses a corner charge on Hardy and Hardy connects with the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy hooks the leg and Punk kicks out after two. Hardy with two clotheslines to Punk followed by a neckbreaker takedown. Hardy with an atomic drop, leg drop to the groin and dropkick to the face on Punk that results in a two count after a pinfall attempt. Hardy with a facebuster suplex on Punk. Hardy slides out to the ring apron and starts climbing up the top turnbuckle. Punk rolls out, Hardy jumps down to the ring apron and jumps off taking out Punk. Hardy with a dropkick to the back of Punk sending Punk to the corner. Punk counters a dropkick to the chest and hits Hardy with a HUGE kick to the head. Punk hits his high knee and bulldog combo that results in a two count. Punk with kicks to the body of Hardy, but Hardy hits a Twist of Fate out of no where.

Hardy then goes up top, jumps and Punk sits up dodging the Swanton Bomb attempt. Punk signals for the Go To Sleep. Punk lifts Hardy up, but Hardy counters into an inside cradle for a two count. Punk with a stiff kick to the back of Hardy, lifts him to his shoulders, Hardy counters off and hits another Twist of Fate. Hardy is near the corner, goes back up top, jumps and connects with the Swanton Bomb. Hardy crawls over, hooks the leg and the refereee counts the full three. However, the referee sees that Punk's leg was under the bottom rope and reverses the decision making the match continue. Hardy argues with the referee and can't believe it. Hardy grabs Punk, attempts a Twist of Fate, Punk counters out and attempts a GTS. Hardy rakes the eyes of Punk and Punk falls down immediately favoring his eye. The referee keeps Hardy away from Punk as Punk tries to recover in the corner. Punk then kicks the referee in the back. The referee falls and then calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Jeff Hardy
Winner & STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk

After the match, Jeff Hardy looks at CM Punk in disbelief. Punk continues to favor his eye as he crawls over and his handed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Punk grabs his belt and starts to leave when Hardy catches up with him. Hardy argues with Punk and Punk tries to explain himself when Hardy goes crazy hitting him with punches. Hardy grabs Punk, tosses him back in the ring, mounts him and hits some big right hands. Hardy continues the assault on Punk until WWE referees hit the ring to break it up. Hardy is pulled back, but then explodes and tackles Punk one more time. Punk is able to get away and rolls out of the ring. A WWE referee helps Punk to the back who grabs his World Title on the ramp and heads to the back. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish including Hardy's post-match attack on Punk. Back live, we see a shot of a frustrated Jeff Hardy in the ring.

- Backstage, The Colons enter Teddy Long's office complaining. Long said Mr. McMahon told him to shake things up and that is exactly what he did. He said he was done talking and they could get to stepping.

- Backstage, we see Randy Orton warming up when he grabs a cell phone and dials a number. Orton looks to be checking up on Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

- We see footage from earlier today of Rev Theory and other bands performing.

- A video package airs highlighting the events between John Cena and The Miz leading to tonight's match.

John Cena vs. The Miz

The bell rings, lock up and Cena pushes Miz down walking over him. Another lock up and Cena trips up Miz sending him to the mat quickly. Cena takes Miz down again by his left arm and stomps on it. Miz misses a right hand and Cena gets in a quick hip toss into a side headlock. Another takedown by Cena into a side headlock. Miz then comes back getting a side headlock applied on Cena. Cena with a hip toss on Miz, but Miz comes back kicking Cena in the face. Cena sits up shaking his head, chases Miz down, but Miz ends up dropping Cena off the ropes and hitting some shots the back of the head. Miz props Cena up in the corner and gets in a few left hands. Miz goes up top, jumps and drops Cena with a sledgehammer. Cover by Miz and Cena kicks out after two. Miz with a big kick to the back of Cena's neck into a suplex. Quick hook of the leg by Miz and Cena kicks out after two. Miz with a huge clothesline on Cena, another cover and Cena still kicks out. Miz with a baseball slide to Cena that pushes Cena out of the ring to the outside. Miz tosses Cena back in the ring, hooks the leg and Cena again kicks out. Cena comes back with some right hands. Cena with two flying shoulder block takedowns on Miz into his spinning plant powerbomb. Cena with the five knuckle shuffle on Miz, gets Miz up and hits the Attitude Adjustment. Cena then locks in the STF on Miz and Miz immediately taps out.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, John Cena throws his arms up in the air and celebrates his win as he gets a big reaction in Sacramento. Cena walks in front of Miz and pretends to kick some dirt up over him. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see another shot of Cena celebrating his win as he sends a salute down to the ring.

- A video package airs highlighting the recent events between Randy Orton and Triple H leading into tonight's "3 Stages of Hell" match with the first fall being a normal wrestling match, the second fall being a Falls Count Anywhere match and the third fall being a Stretcher match if needed.

WWE Championship - "3 Stages of Hell" Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H

They did ring introductions for the challenger Triple H and champion Randy Orton.

First Fall: Normal wrestling match

The bell rings and here we go. Randy Orton and Triple H start exchanging right hands. Orton with a quick shoulder block takedown and Triple H responds with a takedown of his own. Triple H with big rights to Orton in the corner. Triple H with a clothesline on Orton after he bounced off the corner. Orton catches Triple H in the corner with a big boot. Orton tries to throw Triple H's tapped up leg against the steel steps, but Triple H pulls Orton face first into the steel ring post instead. Triple H then gives Orton a suplex back into the ring, covers and gets a two count. Orton with a lifting boot to the face of Triple H and dodges a Pedigree attempt. Orton with a chop block on Triple H and then bounches Triple H's leg off the ring apron. Orton then goes to work on Triple H's tapped up leg hitting a few right hands and then throws it against the steel ring post. Triple H rolls over and gets to his feet in the corner. Orton works on Triple H's leg some more in the corner along with some right hands. Orton with kicks to Triple H's leg and then drops body weight over it tying his leg up with his. Triple H dodges an RKO attempt and connects with a big spinebuster instead on Orton. Orton then drops Triple H over his back and Triple H rolls out of the ring favoring his back. Orton yells at the referee to start the count. The referee gets to 3 and tells Orton to back up. Orton then leans down to check on Triple H and Triple H cracks a steel chair over his head! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner of Fall #1 via DQ: Randy Orton
Randy Orton: 1
Triple H: 0

Second Fall: Falls Count Anywhere Match

Triple H then continues to attack Orton with the steel chair as it is now legal with the Falls Count Anywhere rules. Triple H tosses Orton to the outside and gives him a Pedigree on the floor near the ring. Triple H hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner of Fall #2: Triple H
Randy Orton: 1
Triple H: 1

Third Fall: Stretcher Match

We are now tied up 1-1 as we head to the deciding third fall in a stretcher match. WWE officials bring a stretcher down to the ringside area and place a line of tape near the entrance area that must be crossed to win. Triple H puts Orton on top of the stretcher and starts wheeling it up the ramp. Orton jumps off the stretcher in time and kicks the stretcher into Triple H's tapped up leg. Orton then takes another shot at Triple H's bad leg as the stretcher rolls back down the ramp to the ringside area. Orton then picks up Triple H and crotches him over the guard railing. Triple H falls into the crowd and Orton follows. Orton hits Triple H with some right hands as the brawl through the crowd. Orton sends Triple H into a production wall area in the crowd. Triple H fires back with some right hands of his own as they brawl through the crowd some more. Triple H then clotheslines Orton over the guard railing back into the ringside area. Triple H exposes part of the guard railing trying to climb over and catches Orton with a big right hand. Orton then clears the guard railing padding away some more and sends Triple H back first into it. Orton then drops Triple H with a back suplex over the top of the exposed guard railing as well. Orton then drops Triple H face first off the exposed guard railing. Orton grabs Triple H and places him over the stretcher. Triple H then fires back with a right hand.

Orton grabs Triple H and sends him flying into the steel ring steps. Orton then takes part of the steel ring steps and tosses them into the ring. Orton picks them up, but Triple H gives him a drop toe hold right into the steel steps. Triple H then picks up the steel steps and hits Orton in the head with them. Orton falls to the mat immediately. Triple H then rolls out, positions the stretcher near the ring and rolls Orton on top of it. Triple H starts pushing the strecher up the ramp and Orton kicks him in the face. Triple H then jumps on Orton hitting some rights as the stretcher went rolling down the ramp. Orton starts favoring his back in pain as Triple H gets to his feet. Triple H is getting up on the stretcher trying to grab Orton when Orton gets up, grabs Triple H by the head and gets him in a DDT position dropping Triple H from the strecher to the steel entrance ramp below! Orton backs up, attempts a punt to the head and Triple H moves out of the way. Triple H attempts a Pedigree, but Orton gives him a back body drop right on top of the stretcher. Orton then turns the stretcher around and pushes it up the ramp. Triple H jumps off the stretcher when Orton gets near the yellow line. Triple H dodges an RKO attempt sending Orton into the HD set. Triple H grabs Orton and hits a Pedigree on the steel entrance stage. Triple H grabs Orton and drags him towards the stretcher.

Orton is now on the stretcher. Triple H starts moving it forward when Cody Rhodes runs out and blocks it from happening. Rhodes gets in some right hands on Triple H, but Triple H comes back sending Rhodes right into the HD set. Triple H then pulls the stretcher forward more when Ted DiBiase walks out cutting him off. The stretcher gets pushed over and Orton falls off. Rhodes and DiBiase then put Triple H on the stretcher. Triple H fights back getting off the stretcher, but Rhodes and DiBiase double team him and are too much. They beat him down at the top of the entrance ramp and then check on Orton. Triple H then reveals a sledgehammer and levels Rhodes and DiBiase with it. Orton then low blows Triple H and grabs part of the stage hitting Triple H in the head with it. Triple H falls on the stretcher and Orton swings it around having it cross the yellow line to give Orton the win.

Winner of Fall #3 & STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton
Randy Orton: 2
Triple H: 1

After the match, Randy Orton gets to his feet and holds up the WWE Championship celebrating his win. Triple H is then seen getting to his feet behind Orton with the sledgehammer in hand. Orton drops his arms, turns around and Triple H hits Orton right in the head with the sledgehammer. Orton looks knocked out when he falls on the entrance ramp as Triple H stands behind him posing. Triple H then limps away to the back as we see a shot of what appears to be a knocked out Orton. Triple H then walks back out and gives Orton a crotch chop. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see WWE officials and referees trying to help Orton to his feet who looks dazed and out of it.