Impact Results - 8/20/09

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On Friday, August 21, 2009 at 2:23 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
August 20, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
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The show starts off with recaps from Sunday’s very solid (in my opinion) Hard Justice PPV and tonight’s tag line is “Blueprint for Disaster.” The Impact intro hits and we are ready to Cross the Line tonight!

Mike Tenay welcomes us at ringside and then makes an announcement and talks about the empty chair beside him. He talks about Don West sitting beside him in that chair for the last 7 years and now West has received and accepted an offer as the Head of TNA Merchandising. He wishes West his best and then welcomes his new broadcast partner: TAZ! Taz makes his way out to the broadcast table wearing his new Taz T-Shirt and track pants instead of the suit he wore at the announce table in WWE. Taz and Tenay shake hands and says ‘let’s do it!’

The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and the now very GOLDEN Main Event Mafia make their way out to the ring. Taz makes it very clear on the mic that he is a heel announcer as he pretty much tells Tenay to keep his opinions about the Mafia to himself. Angle starts to talk about Hard Justice but Matt Morgan’s music immediately cuts him off and Matt Morgan power walks to the ring with an axe handle in hand. Morgan tells Angle to shut his mouth and dares Booker T. to try him as Booker bowed up at him. Morgan talks about Angle asking Morgan to help him at the PPV in his lockerroom and Morgan asks Kurt why he took the biggest moment of his life away when he went back on their deal. Nash has several very visible stitches on his forehead stemming from that bloody match with Foley this Sunday. Morgan tells Angle that he has 10 seconds to explain himself before he starts ‘swinging for the fences’ with that axe handle. Angle says he and Morgan worked as a well oiled machine until Morgan went into business for himself when he kicked Angle’s head off his shoulders at ringside. Angle says that he couldn’t feel his legs after that kick for awhile and when he heard the referee counting ‘1…2…’ he pulled the referee out because he thought it was Morgan that was getting pinned. The fans boo him and he tells them to shut their mouth. Angle says he grabbed the steel chair to end Sting but Morgan making a rookie mistake he accidentally hit Morgan instead of Sting because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Angle says all he did was fall on the fallen opponent and it wasn’t personal. He says they still did what they set out to do and that’s keep the title in the Main Event Mafia. Angle says he’s going to give Morgan another chance to make it up to the Mafia which irates Morgan. Angle suggests he and Morgan team up to face Team 3D in a Tables Match tonight! Angle says ‘the Godfather has spoken.’ Morgan starts screaming about Kurt’s inexperienced (rookie mistake) remark and asks Kurt if he’s lost his mind (insert joke here). Morgan says he has a good mind to split his skull and raises the axe handle, but stops and stares at Angle for a minute. Morgan says he’s with Angle on this and says it was obviously his inexperience that cost him the match and Kurt has always had his back from the start. Morgan says Kurt is absolutely right and agrees to the match and smiles. I don’t know what that was, Morgan kind of sounded sarcastic but he shook Angle’s hand at the end.

In the back AJ walks in the door and is immediately approached by Lauren about his big announcement tonight but he just walks by her.


Non-Title Street Fight
British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc.

Before the match Earl Hebner throws Rob Terry, Bashir, & Kiyoshi out from ringside and Tenay reveals that TNA Management has given referees more power to take control in matches. This a non-title rematch with from Hard Justice and it’s held under Street Fight (no rules) rules! Beer Money’s music hits and the Brits are waiting for them to come down the ramp but they come from the crowd dressed in street clothes and carrying weapons! They turn around and eat trashcan lid shots from Roode and then Storm nails them with the trashcan. Storm puts the trashcan over Magnus’ head and then nails him with a crutch! Roode picks up a strap and lays out Magnus with it. Beer Money whips Williams into the ropes and hit him with a Double Back Elbow. Roode and Storm then take turns nailing Williams with the strap and Storm actually hangs Williams over the ropes with the strap! Roode chokes Magnus out on the floor with a strap as well! Roode slams Magnus into the announce table and then scrapes his back. Roode and Storm then hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Magnus onto the entrance ramp! Storm throws Williams into the ring steps and then lights him with chops. Back in the ring Roode puts the boots to Magnus while Williams is able to reverse a whip sending Storm into the ring post! Williams slams Storm into the ring post again and then takes a rope and raps it around Storm’s neck and around the ring post pretty much tying him to the ring post! Williams then lays Roode out with a flap jack or something in a sock and then the Brits pick up garbage cans! They take turns blasting Roode with the trashcan and trashcan lid and now we see Roode’s forehead is busted open. Williams hits a European Uppercut on Roode and then chokes Roode with a kendo stick and Magnus blasts Roode with the garbage can lid again. Williams goes to hit Roode with the garbage can lid again but Roode kicks him and then nails Magnus with a chop. Roode turns around and eats the trashcan from Williams again. Brutus Magnus decides to take a page out of the Terry Funk playbook and put a plastic bag over the head of Robert Roode! Now that is old school! At ringside another official cuts Storm loose as the Brits are suffocating Roode in the ring. Storm reaches under the ring and pulls out a piece of plywood! Storm absolutely destroys not only the board but Williams as well when he blasts Williams with it. He then nails Brutus with what’s left of the board repeatedly and then kills him with the trashcan. Storm whips Magnus into the ropes and hits a backdrop as Storm is fired up now! Storm mounts Magnus in the corner and reigns down the right hands on him until Williams comes over and knocks Storm over the top rope nailing the apron on his way down to the floor. He sells the knee but I’m not sure if it’s a legit injury or if he’s just selling. Williams is busted open now as well. Roode comes back with a clothesline on Williams and then a gorgeous Spinebuster on Magnus! Williams’ face is the proverbial crimson mask at this point, much worse than Roode’s. Williams swings a garbage can at Roode but he ducks and when he turns around Storm, back in the ring, breaks the beer bottle over his head! Beer Money then hit the D.W.I. onto the trashcan for the pin!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (D.W.I.)

In the back Lauren is with the Beautiful People, minus Madison Rayne. Lauren cracks a joke about Angelina losing a ‘B.F.F.’ and her title at Hard Justice but at least she has a bear (she was holding a stuffed bear) but Angelina says she didn’t understand what Lauren said because she doesn’t speak ugly. Angelina they’re not laughing because for one, laughing causes wrinkles, and two because there is no humor in her situation. Angelina says she didn’t lose the title, Madison Rayne did and tonight she will pay. Velvet says Madison is no longer V.I.P. and she says BP made her and the BP will break her.


Back from commercials they show highlights from the Knockouts Title Match from Hard Justice which featured ODB winning the Knockouts Title after Deaner made the pin on Velvet and then Deaner actually stealing the belt from ODB and running off with it.

In the back Mick Foley is with JB discussing his bloody match with Nash Sunday when Deaner & ODB yelling at each other walk by. Neither one of them are carrying the title belt. Foley tells them to knock it off and asks them what the problem is. Deaner says he should be the Knockout Champion because he was the one that got the pin. Foley says a guy can’t be the Knockouts Champion or ‘King of the Knockouts’ as Deaner claimed. JB joked that a guy calling himself King of the Knockouts is like NASCAR calling itself King of Sports which actually pissed of Deaner (which just proves he’s not really from Alabama because he would know that Football is the king of the sports, sorry, had to). ODB calls Deaner a dumb redneck and says that the rules were if ODB’s team won the match then she won the belt. Deaner says ODB just assumes she should be the champion and then uses a whiteboard and draws “ASS U ME” on the board and says when you assume you make an ‘a** out of you and me.’ Foley says he’s going to go back to his office and he’s going to make a ruling next week on the belt. Abyss then walks up and Foley thanks Abyss for helping him at Hard Justice and gives Abyss a present for helping. Abyss thinks it’s groceries and get’s excited but it’s actually a blue flannel jacket. Abyss puts it on and says it’s glorious and hugs Foley. Abyss says he won’t let Foley down and then Foley says that Abyss has been busted open quite a few times so he might know he felt at Hard Justice. Foley says when you feel the ‘warmth’ running down your face of the blood it’s not the worst feeling in the world and Abyss says it feels good to him.

At ringside Tenay & Taz (wow, I’m so used to saying Tenay & West there) hype up the rest of the show. Homicide and Joe will be going at it in a rematch for the X-Title, Angelina Love goes one-on-one with Madison Rayne, Kong faces Sarita, Hemme, & Traci in a Fatal 4-Way, D’Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke) makes his debut, AJ Styles makes his announcement, and in the Main Event Kurt Angle teams with Matt Morgan to face 3D!

Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

Madison is still coming out to the Beautiful People entrance music. Angelina comes out of nowhere and nails Madison from behind as she made her way down the ramp! Angelina puts the boots to her and then slams her into the ring steps! Angelina slams Madison into the apron repeatedly and finally rolls Madison into the ring and covers her, 1…2…3 and Madison got done quick.

Winner: Love via pinfall

Velvet Sky walks down with the paper bag in hand. Velvet & Angelina put the boots to Madison and then Velvet bags Madison. Tara music hits and she along with Christy Hemme hit the ring to run off BP! Tara is looking extra good tonight! BP decide to bail instead of fight tonight and Hemme checks on Madison as Tara talks trash to BP.


The Motor City Machine Guns are at their house and Shelley says the reason they haven’t been on TV much lately is because they don’t play political games or ‘kiss the right a**es’ in TNA. Shelley says they are about 3 things: entertaining the fans, getting laid, and getting paid. Sabin says that since their TV time has been diminished their pay has too so they have a special offer for the fans and they are offering themselves! Their price is $2,000 an hour and says they’ll play games, throw a Frisbee, or even go see District 9 (though they’ve already seen it once), or hell they’ll even just sit around and do nothing except bleed your bank account dry! Call 1-696-696-6969 (if you didn’t get that, then well there is no helping you) to order the Motor City Machine Guns! Shelley even says they’ll throw in a free SHAM-WOW!

In the back Velvet & Angelina are still trying to beat down Madison as security is holding them off.

TNA X-Division Championship
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (c) vs. “Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide

This is another rematch from Hard Justice and Joe’s first title defense since regaining the X-Division Title for the first time in several years.


Back from commercials Homicide has jumped Joe and is throwing rights and lefts at him until Joe backs him into a corner and throws a big headbutt at him. Taz says he helped Joe get back to the promise land and now Joe is on his own to continue on his path of destruction. Homicide is able to grab Joe by the pants and fling him to the floor. Homicide then prepares for a dive but Joe quickly moves to the side, but Homicide doesn’t dive instead he stops. Homicide then dives off the apron with a Somersault Plancha onto Joe on the floor! Homicide then rolls Joe back into the ring and throws a big uppercut at Joe. Homicide goes for a Monkey Flip but Joe drops Homicide onto the top turnbuckle with a Snake Eyes and then a huge Lariat to the back. Joe with several knee strikes and jabs followed by an uppercut. Homicide comes back with uppercuts of his own but then eats a Snap Powerslam as he comes off the ropes for a nearfall. Joe then puts Homicide in a chinlock but Homicide gets to his feet and bites Joe’s hand! Homicide goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks and hits a big German Suplex! Joe picks Homicide up and kills him with a Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Homicide kicks out but Joe flips Homicide over and goes for another one! Homicide counters out of the Powerbomb with right hands and then Joe falls back and Homicide lands on top of him Rey Mysterio-style. Homicide comes off the ropes and dropkicks Joe’s knees and then comes off the ropes and Joe goes for a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, but Homicide counters into a body press! 1…2..NO Joe kicks out! Homicide goes for a Gringo Cutta but Joe shoves him off and then goes for a TKO, but Homicide blocks it and gets Joe in a waistlock. Joe quickly gets to the ropes and pretty much clotheslines Homicide with the top rope as he brought Homicide into it with his body. Joe goes for a clothesline but Homicide grabs his arm and reverses it into the Gringo Cutta! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Homicide argues with the referee and then hits an uppercut and charges at Joe in the corner, but Joe catches him in midair and hits the Side Slam! Joe pulls his elbow pad off and goes for a Lariat, but Homicide ducks and then jumps on Joe’s back and puts him in a Sleeper! Homicide backs himself into a corner sandwiching Homicide and then hits a nasty Leaping Enziguri! Joe puts Homicide up on the top rope and hits the Muscle Buster! 1….2…3, game over.

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Joe via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

In the back Taylor, Christy, & Tara are talking while Tara holds her damn spider. Tenay says Lauren has big news regarding the Knockout division coming up next!


In the parking lot we someone in a SUV step out with some red and white loafers and a pimp cane while Tenay says ‘the Pope has arrived.’

In the back Lauren says that next week will be the start of the 1st Round to crown the very first TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions! Tara says they are making history and says WWE would never thought of that. Tara and Christy will be a team and Taylor and Sarita will be a team. Christy says they will show they are the best in the tournament. Taylor says she’s excited to be teaming with Sarita again and they’ll be tearing it up again. Sarita says the bigger they hard and the harder they fall (talking about the 4-Way tonight involving Kong). Sarita says the fans will see the elite in TNA and then says something in Spanish.

Knockouts Fatal-4 Way Match
Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed vs. Traci Brooks w/Sharmell vs. Christy Hemme w/Tara vs. Sarita w/Taylor Wilde

Tenay puts over the different looks and different styles in the Knockout division and then Taz puts them over as well saying it’s the best women’s division in any company he’s ever seen. Tenay says that this is a preview of the Tag Tournament as the women accompanying each Knockout will be that person’s partner in the Tournament so it looks like Kong & Saeed, Traci & Sharmell, Christy & Tara, and Sarita & Taylor. Kong levels Traci and Christy with back to back Splashes in the corner! Kong then goes for one on Sarita but she ducks and swings around Kong but Kong shoves her into a corner. Kong goes for a Spinning Backfist but again Sarita ducks and then hits a Rolling Hurricanrana, but Kong blocks it and goes for the Awesome Bomb! Sarita blocks it and leaps off of Kong’s shoulders and then drops down as Kong charges and Kong goes flying over the top rope to the floor! Sarita then hits a Flying Headscissors on Traci and then Sarita & Christy hit a Double Dropkick on Kong as she got up on the apron knocking her back to the floor! Traci with a clothesline on Sarita from behind and then she lights up Christy’s ample chest with chops. Traci tries to whip Christy into the ropes but Christy reverses it and Traci stops before hitting the ropes to try and bail out to the floor, Christy grabs her by the hair. Traci then pulls Christy out by her feet and then slams Christy into the guardrail! Kong comes running over and nails Christy! Sarita dives off the apron with a Somersault Plancha onto Kong!


Back from commercials Hemme hits a Hook Kick on Kong and then goes up for the FFG on Sarita but Kong grabs her by the leg and goes for the Awesome Bomb, but Traci & Sarita leg sweep her and Hemme lands on top of Kong. 1…2…NO Kong kicks out! Sarita and Traci then take turns putting the boots to Kong until Sarita kicks Traci. Sarita with a tilt-a-whirl into a arm drag attempt but Traci drops her (botching the move) so Sarita just kicks her in the butt instead sending Traci crashing into Kong. Hemme hits a Facebuster on Sarita and then a Reverse DDT on Traci! Hemme climbs back up top and hits the FFG! Kong then grabs Christy and deadlifts her to her damn shoulders! Christy blocks the move and slides down Kong’s back to the mat. Christy goes for a clothesline but Kong grabs her arm and commits man slaughter (or woman slaughter) for the 100th time via the Implant Buster! Sarita then dropkicks Kong and springboards off the ropes into a Flying Cross Body, but Kong catches her in midair and hits a Slam followed by the Big Splash Splash! Kong beats her chest and looks at the destruction she has created! Kong starts to climb up top for the Awesome Splash but Traci quickly runs over and covers Sarita as Kong was climbing! 1…2…3!

Winner: Traci via pinfall (stealing the pin)

Kong looked on in a shock at what just happened and Traci points at her and laughs until Kong gets down from the corner and then Traci & Sharmell decides it’s time to ounce. Kong goes to ringside and starts throwing chairs around ringside and even shoves Raisha! Tenay says that TNA Kong and Raisha will face Traci & Sharmell in the 1st Round of the Knockouts Tag Tournament!

In the back we see D’Angelo Dinero (or at least his feet) walking towards the ring for his debut!


Consequences Creed w/Jay Lethal vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Dinero is, in fact, Elijah Burke of WWE-ECW fame if you didn’t already know and he made his very impressive debut at Hard Justice this past Sunday. Dinero’s look is very different from when he was in WWE as he wears a long black coat to the ring with a cross on the back, gloves, shades that have crosses on the lens, and even a black towel that has a cross on it (kind of like Catholic priests have) and he calls himself a “Street Preacher.” He also wears a black surgical mask to the ring with a cross on it as well. Referee, Andrew Thomas, bans Lethal from ringside for this match as well. Dinero & Creed lock up and Dinero gets the advantage with a wristlock, but Creed counters into one of his own. Dinero kicks him in the gut and then nails him with a big right hand. Dinero whips Creed into the corner but Creed floats up and over the top rope. Dinero goes for a right hand on Creed but he grabs her arm and hits a huge right of his own. Creed then hits a Springboard Clothesline. Creed with jabs and then goes for the Montifisto but Dinero ducks and shows why he won over a 100 fights (with only 1 loss) as an amateur boxer with a huge Uppercut! Creed audibly tells us if that one was stiff or not as he screams “sh*t!” Dinero chokes Creed over the middle rope and then hits the Flying Body Guillotine and lands on his feet on the floor. Dinero climbs up to the middle rope and drops a Forearm on Creed for a nearfall. Dinero with several elbows to Creed’s head and then a rear chinlock, and then transitions into a side headlock. Creed fights to his feet and hits a back elbow to break the hold and shoves Dinero off. Creed comes off the ropes and Dinero goes for a front kick but Creed catches his foot and spins him around. Dinero goes for a clothesline but Creed avoids with a split and then the big right hand! Dinero begs off Creed and then quickly grabs Creed’s trunks and slams him into the middle turnbuckle. Dinero then puts the boots to Creed again and then hits the Outer Limitz Elbow (turnbuckle headstand into an elbow drop)! Dinero bows to the fans and then pulls his knee pads down as Creed tries to get to his feet! Creed pulls himself up in the corner (back to Dinero) and Dinero comes flying across the ring with the Elijah Express (Running Double Knee Strikes sending the opponent into the turnbuckle)! I’m not sure what they’ll call that move in TNA but it’s just as devastating as ever! 1…2…3 and Dinero gets the pin!

Winner: Dinero via pinfall (Elijah Express)

As Dinero celebrates his victory the lights go out and then Suicide’s music hits and the former X-Division Champion makes his entrance! Burke cost Suicide the Steel Asylum match and even decided to beat down Suicide further instead of win the match himself. Suicide storms the ring and hits big forearms on Dinero and then whips him into the ropes, but Dinero drops down and rolls out of the ring! Dinero looks shocked at Suicide and scrams at him saying he’s his pope!

In the back we see AJ walking towards the entrance way, his major announcement is next.


Random thought for the night: Kimbo Slice + 24/7 cameras + Ultimate Fighter = must see TV.

In the back Lauren is with Matt Morgan and asks him if he really buys what Angle said. Morgan asks if Lauren is actually suggesting that Kurt is working him and says that everyone knows damn near everything that comes out of Kurt’s mouth is ‘gospel.’ He’s still saying all of this about Kurt in a sarcastic manner. Morgan says Kurt has never lied to anyone or stabbed anyone in the back and then says that next thing Lauren will try to do is convince him that Michael Phelps is a liar too. Morgan says he can trust Kurt Angle and tonight they’ll show everyone that they’re one functioning unit. He says at the end of the day he’ll have Kurt’s back and Kurt will have his boot and then he stops and says ‘oops, see Kurt was right there’s that inexperience beaming out of me like Kurt said. I meant I got your back, see you out there little buddy.’

AJ Styles music hits and he walks out to the ring with a long look on his face. The fans chant for him and he says what he’s about to do is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and the fans chant ‘don’t quit’ at him. AJ says the last few weeks have been very rough for him and it was nothing new to him because he’s always had it rough and never quit. AJ says when his family was moving from trailer park to trailer park and living with a father that didn’t love his kids he never quit. He says he’s not saying this to get sympathy but because he’s proud of the man he’s become. AJ says he’s not proud of losing the Legends Title, losing one of the most important matches of his life with Matt Morgan, and he’s not proud of losing best friends like Eric Young & Samoa Joe. AJ says when you’re as passionate about TNA and this business like he is it affects you personally. AJ says that he’s missing half of his kids life because he’s on the road constantly and when he finally gets home to spend some time with his family what’s going on at work still messes with his head and he starts yelling at his wife and at his kids for petty things. AJ starts to tear up and says that he thinks there is a point in every man’s life where he has to look in the mirror and ask ‘is it worth it’ and that answer is NO, it’s not worth it. AJ breaks down in the ring and says it’s not worth another set back or another disappointment or worth letting the fans down. The fans chant “please don’t go at AJ” and he says he loves the fans. AJ says that he thinks it’s time for him to say goodbye to professional wrestler and starts to leave the ring when Sting walks down with no face paint and no music. Sting grabs a microphone and gets in the ring. Sting asks AJ that after 7 years is the legacy that he wants to leave is him quitting. Sting says AJ is quitting on himself and his family. Sting tells AJ to look at the fans and says there is a bunch of kids out there that want to be AJ Styles and he’s quitting on them too. Sting tells AJ to look him in the face and says AJ is quitting on him too. Sting says AJ is a loser right now because losers quit. Sting asks AJ if he thinks that after 20 years in the business that it was a bed of roses for him and he says that he went through MANY hardships and difficulties in and out of the ring but he never quit. Sting once again asks AJ if this is how he wants to be remembered and he says for the past year he has walked out to the ring talking about bringing respect back to the business and wanting someone to step up to the plate so he can pass the torch. Sting says that AJ is the person that he’s been talking about this whole time and says that AJ was the chosen one and now AJ is flushing that down the toilet. Sting tells AJ to look at him in the eyes and say “Sting, I quit! Sting, I give up! Sting, I’m a loser!” Sting gets very hyped up now and starts screaming for AJ to either do that or go to the back, lace up his boots, and claim what is supposed to be his! Sting gets in AJ’s face and screams at him and AJ turns around and looks down as the fans chant for him. AJ drops the microphone and hugs Sting. Sting says that he is “AJ STYLES and he’s supposed to be the man” and then tells AJ “let’s go” and they walk off together.

We see Bobby Lashley making his way to the entrance way.


In the back Lauren is with Hernandez and she asks him when he will cash in his title shot. Hernandez says he’ll cash it in when it’s his most opportune time and he promises that the same night he cashes in the shot, he becomes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Eric Young walks up and says he can help Hernandez. Young says that every night when Hernandez goes to the ring he wears the red, white, and green because he knows where he comes from (Texas?) and he’s proud of it, and that’s how the World Elite is. Young says the difference between he and Hernandez is he doesn’t play ‘their’ stupid games anymore and says that he knows Hernandez agrees with him because if he didn’t then he would’ve already cracked his head. Young tells Hernandez that whenever he’s ready they’ll talk and says he’s the leader of the World Elite and he’s easy to find.

Bobby Lashley makes his way out to the ring and apparently he’s dropped the “God of Thunder” nickname and is going by “The Boss.” I guess that’s a little better. Lashley comes over to the announcet able and shakes Tenay & Taz’s hands with Taz saying ‘no hard feelings man.’ Lashley says he’s letting everyone know that Dixie Carter will be making her TNA on-screen debut and she will be letting everyone know what Lashley’s role in TNA will be. Tenay invites Lashley to stay at the announce table to do guest commentary for the Main Event.

Main Event
Tables Match
Team 3D vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Taz at commentary says that he thinks Lashley should’ve joined the Mafia but there is no hard feelings between them. Angle stops at the end of the ramp and stares down Lashley and then comes over and gets in his face. Angle pie faces Lashley but eats a right hand! Lashley then goes after Angle but security quickly runs out and gets between them.


Kurt and Bubba will start the match off and they lockup with Bubba finally getting the advantage with a side headlock. Apparently I’m not the only one that calls Brother Ray ‘Bubba’ as Taz does it on commentary accidentally. Bubba hits a shoulder block on Angle and then comes off the ropes but Angle gets a drop toe hold on Bubba. Angle with big rights in the corner and then pulls him to the center of the ring and goes for a clothesline, but Bubba counters with a great hip toss! Bubba then hits a clothesline followed by a Scoop Slam. Bubba then goes to the floor to pull out a table but Morgan hits him from behind and rolls him back in the ring where Angle throws axe handle drops at Bubba. Angle whips Bubba into the ropes where Devon gets the blind tag. Bubba and Devon hit the Reverse 3D on Angle and then Devon throws Angle into the corner and starts laying in rights and lefts on Angle in the corner. Angle comes back with a rake of the eyes and tags in Morgan. Morgan hits a headbutt on Devon and Kurt holds Devon down with his throat against the top rope and Morgan hits the Flying Body Guillotine on Devon and screams “table time!” Morgan goes to pull out a table but Bubba comes from behind and lays out Morgan. Back in the ring Morgan hits a Scoop Slam on Devon and goes for a Leg Drop but Devon moves and then clotheslines Morgan over the top to the floor. Kurt and Bubba both come in and 3D hits a big backdrop on Angle!


Back from commercials Devon comes off the top with the Wassup Diving Headbutt to Angle. Bubba tells Devon to get the tables and he obliges with 2 tables. They set a table up in front of a cornera and then another standing in a corner. Morgan comes in and lays 3D out with a Double Clothesline. Morgan drags one of the tables to the center of the ring and attempts to Chokeslam Devon through it but Bubba pulled the table out of the way and eats a big right from Morgan for his troubles. Angle tags back in and puts the boots to Devon and then attempt to put Devon through the table with the Angle Slam, but Devon counters and attempts to hit a Reverse DDT through the table but Morgan moves the table out of the way. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint on Devon but he moves and Morgan kicks the hell out of the table! Morgan sells the knee and Bubba tags in and hits clotheslines to Angle and then drags the other table back to the center of the ring. Bubba goes for a Powerbomb but Angle counters into the Angle Slam but Devon was able to pull the table out from under him! Devon with big rights to Morgan and then they go to Double Suplex Morgan but Angle moves the table but he didn’t move it far enough (or Morgan’s legs are just too long) and Morgan’s legs actually hit the table but only the legs break on the table. The referee rules that it didn’t break so the match continues and Morgan looks like he may have been injured there. Angle goes for another table but can’t find one under the ring and eats a Big Boot from Bubba. Some TNA staff bring Bubba another table! Bubba slides the table in and set up the new one near the corner. Angle comes back with rights and lefts to 3D and European Uppercuts. Morgan comes back in limping and they lay Devon out on the table. Angle insists that Morgan climb to the top but Bubba comes in and lays Angle out and then 3D Press Slam Morgan off the top through the table!

Winners: Team 3D via putting Morgan through a table

Angle yells at Morgan from the ramp saying ‘it wasn’t me’ while Morgan yells at him from the ring.

Final Thoughts

Before I get to Impact I will address (kind of) the Kurt Angle situation this once, and once only. I will not speak on Angle’s legal issues or whether I think he’s the devil and TNA are his demons for not taking the belt off of him (like some internet fans seem to think). That has nothing to do with the show I am watching. I’ll leave that for Adam, Hunter, & Trey to talk about on the WNL. I’m just addressing this because I’ve gotten a few e-mails and messages about it. Moving on…

Tonight’s show was great from top to bottom in my opinion. Really fun show that had a very steady pace to it.

The opening segment with MEM and Morgan was okay and made things going forward interesting. As it seemed the whole time, and it was obvious, that Morgan was being sarcastic but then still worked with Angle and agreed to go up top even with an injured knee. I’m interested to see where they go from here with it. I love how the referees are taking charge and maybe we’ll get less screwy finishes now.

The Beer Money & Brits match was great. Very intense and violent and this feud is really picking up.

The Foley and Abyss promo was kind of weird but I liked at the end of it with Foley and Abyss talking about bloody streaming down their faces feeling good. Please, TNA, give us Foley vs. Abyss in Barbed Wire Massacre 3!

The Machine Guns promo was freaking hilarious. These guys have so much potential it’s not even funny.

Joe and Homicide and another very good match but still it was way, way too short. Give them more time and watch them tear the roof off.

I love the idea of a Knockouts Tag Title but man, does TNA need another show.

The Fatal 4-Way was great once again from the girls and really only had the one blown spot by Traci. They all worked well together and though I hate Traci getting a pin on Sarita she is Main Event Mafia I guess. I just hope she and Sharmell don’t win the Tag Straps.

D’Angelo Dinero’s debut on Impact was awesome. Man, he is great and I have missed seeing him on TV. He and Creed had a very fun little match and Dinero got over quick with the fans. The feud with Suicide is obvious. You got a guy calling himself the “POPE” and then another guy running around with the name “SUICIDE” and holding his hand to his head in a gun gesture. Should be a fun feud but the thought of either a Pope & Fallen Angel feud or tag team is what would be the ultimate thing for him.

As far as the new announce team I thought that Tenay and Taz had decent chemistry together but I just didn’t get why they would take West off the team when he was finally getting good with his heel turn. Taz was more of a tweener than a heel.

I know some (maybe a lot) are going to say that AJ’s promo was ‘corny’ or made him seem ‘whiney’ but I loved it. Sting was freaking awesome in that promo and that was the best I’ve seen him cut a promo in awhile. AJ continues to improve on the mic and he even shed a few tears legit. This could be big for AJ and I would think that Sting putting AJ over in a big match at BFG (Sting’s final match maybe?) would be the ultimate passing of the torch.

The Main Event was very good. Great match and I love how they’re slow building the eventual showdown between Lashley and Angle.

- Match of the Night: 3D vs. Angle/Morgan (**1/2)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ & Sting’s promo
- Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Booker T., Scott Steiner, & Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez, AJ Styles, & Sting
- Suicide & Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & D’Angelo Dinero
- Knockouts Tag Title Tourney 1st Round: Traci & Sharmell vs. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed
- Jesse Neal vs. Rhino
- Dixie Carter makes her Impact debut!

No Surrender Lineup so far:
-TNA X-Division Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels

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