Impact Results - 9/3/09

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On Friday, September 4, 2009 at 2:37 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
September 3, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
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Football season (college at least) is officially back which means all is right with the world (Roll Tide!) and now it’s time to cross the line!

Impact opens with a video package highlighting the beginning of the No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament this week followed by the usual Impact intro. The pyro hits and then we go straight to the ring for the first Qualifying Match!

No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament Bracket 1
“War Machine” Rhino vs. “The Icon” Sting

Tenay says that all of the wrestlers in the Qualifying Tournament were drawn at random. Rhino kicks Sting at the bell as Tenay says that Rhino threatened TNA with legal action if his name was thrown into the pot for the random selections (due to him already being scheduled to face Lashley at No Surrender). Rhino attempts to whip Sting into the corner but Sting reverses it and then hits the Stinger Splash! Sting hits a 2nd Stinger Splash and then kicks Rhino in the legs taking him down. Sting puts Rhino in the Scorpion Death Lock early! Rhino is able to fight to the ropes to break the hold after several seconds. Sting legs go of the hold and starts stomping the hands and fingers of Rhino. Sting goes for another Irish Whip but Rhino reverses it and hits a big shoulder block in the corner. Rhino follows up with an uppercut to the midsection and then puts the boots to Sting. Rhino with a forearm to the back of Sting and then he throws Sting headfirst into the top turnbuckle, and follows up with more body shots in the corner. Rhino now chokes Stinger in the corner and then follows up with a snapmare takeover. Rhino locks Sting in a Body Scissors as Taz says that he’s seen Rhino squat 700 pounds (putting over his leg strength). Sting is able to break the hold with backhands to Rhino’s face but Rhino comes back with chops to Sting. Rhino attempts a whip but Sting reverses it and goes for another Stinger Slash, but Rhino avoids it and hits a big Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino sets up for the Gore but Sting avoids it and Rhino hits the middle turnbuckle facefirst. Sting follows up with the Scorpion Death Drop! 1…2…3 and Sting advances to the Finals of Bracket 1!

Winner: Sting via pinfall (Scorpion Death Drop)

After the match Rhino obliterates Sting with the Gore! Rhino continues to beat down Sting after the Gore and then Gores him a 2nd time! Referees finally get into the ring to stand between Sting and Rhino. A trainer comes out to check on Sting as well.


After the break they show a replay of what just happened and then we see trainers taping up Sting’s ribs along with AJ talking to Sting. Tenay says that the trainer thinks Sting may have cracked ribs.

In the Mafia lockerroom Booker is saying that he is going to take out Matt Morgan but Angle says he’s not going to kill him because Angle is going to do it. Sharmell yells at Kip James who is installing a phone line. Booker says that Kip used to be somebody but now he ‘aint nothing but a punk a** janitor.’ Kip gets in Booker’s face but Angle holds Booker back and Kip backs down. Booker tells Steiner he has to keep his freaks out of the lockerroom because his wife is there and then they start putting. Steiner yells “four” and hits the hell out of the golf ball.

No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament Bracket 2
Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Shelley joins the announce table to do some guest commentary for this match. This match takes us back to the Asylum days back in Nashville where AJ and Sabin had one of the X-Division’s greatest feuds. AJ and Sabin lockup at the bell with Sabin getting the advantage with a waistlock, but AJ reverses it only to have Sabin counter with a wristlock. AJ rolls through and reverses it into a wristlock of his own. Sabin breaks the hold and kicks AJ. Sabin whips AJ into the ropes and hits an armdrag followed by an armdrag from AJ. AJ then goes for a hip toss but Sabin counters into an arm drag. Sabin then goes for a hip toss of his own but AJ reverses it into a side headlock takeover. AJ hangs onto the side headlock but Sabin is able to reverse into a head scissors. AJ counters out of the hold with a nipup but runs right into a side headlock from Sabin. AJ shoves Sabin into the corner and charges but Sabin floats up and over AJ and then comes off the ropes, but AJ leapfrogs over him and follows up with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Sabin retreats to the floor and then AJ goes for a baseball slide dropkick but Sabin sidesteps him and climbs back in the ring. Sabin then rolls backwards through the ropes into a head scissors takeover on AJ onto the floor! Awesome move! Sabin Fireman’s Carry Slams AJ onto the guardrail and then rolls AJ back into the ring. Sabin picks AJ up and throws him headfirst into the top turnbuckle and chokes AJ with his boot. AJ comes back with body shots and then comes off the ropes but Sabin was right behind him with a running knee strike to the gut right as he came off the ropes. Sabin hits a Snapmare and then locks AJ in a rear chinlock. AJ fights to his feet and fights out of the hold only to receive a knee to the gut once more. Sabin kicks AJ in the face and then goes for a Spinning Heel Kick, but AJ catches his leg and slings the leg backwards slamming him to the mat. AJ hits a huge lariat followed by a back elbow! AJ charges Sabin but he backdrops AJ over the top rope. AJ lands on the apron and hits a forearm smash to the side of Sabin’s head and follows up with the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Sabin kicks out! AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Sabin quickly rolls AJ up! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out and then Sabin picks AJ up for the Cradle Shock! AJ blocks it and goes for a clothesline but Sabin counters and then goes for the Springboard Tornado DDT, but AJ catches him in midair and hits a gorgeous Northern Lights Suplex! 1…2…NO Sabin still kicks out! AJ slams Sabin into the corner and goes for the Flying Clothesline but Sabin moves and then charges AJ, but AJ hits a back elbow and then goes for the Asai Moonsault Reverse DDT! Sabin counters it into a snapmare takeover and then hits the Mafia Kick in the corner! Sabin goes for the Springboard Flying Clothesline but AJ ducks and nails the Pele as Sabin turned around! Damn, is the crowd hot for this match! AJ quickly picks Sabin up and hits the Styles Clash! 1…2…3 and it’s done!

Winner: Styles via pinfall (Styles Clash)

In the back Lauren is with Hernandez talking about the Qualifying Tournament and his opponent Homicide. Hernandez thinks it’s not a coincidence that out of all the people on the roster he drew his partner tonight. Hernandez says he won’t stop until he becomes for the first Latino World Champion in TNA. He says Homicide is his brother but this is business. Eric Young walks up and says him having to face Homicide tonight is a conspiracy and says he and Hernandez are cut from the same cloth. Young says that people like he and Hernandez don’t get a fair shake and says ‘American dreams’ are reserved for just Americans. He says tonight he will show Hernandez that they are ‘familia.’


Back from commercials Christopher Daniels, the X-Division #1 Contender, makes his way out to the ring in street clothes. Daniels says that on September 20th he steps into the ring one more time as the challenger for the X-Division Championship but before then he has something to say to Samoa Joe. Joe doesn’t make Daniels wait long and walks out to the ring with the belt on his shoulder. As Joe comes down to the ring Tenay runs down the history between Joe and Daniels. Daniels says he didn’t think that if he and Joe ever wrestled for the X-Division Title again it would be under these circumstances. He says he remembers a time when TNA revolved around the X-Division and when you talked about the X-Division you had to talk about Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles no doubt. Daniels says that the thing that made it more special was knowing that they all 3 came up together traveling all around the country and the world. He says that they become closer than just friends, they became family. He says all their work paid off 4 years ago at Unbreakable ’05 (the greatest match in TNA history) when he, Joe, and AJ headlined the PPV. He reminds us that it was the first and only time the X-Division Title headlined a TNA PPV. He says that was the night that everyone realized TNA was the future of pro wrestling. Joe says that he has given Daniels ample time to make a point that he cares about but he has things to do. Daniels stops him from leaving and then asks what Joe has to do. He asks Joe if he has to go drink some champagne with Booker and do some pushups with Steiner. Daniels says the Mafia is scared of him and when he was World Champion he beat everyone of them (fact) and they couldn’t handle it. He says that’s why they paid Taz off to convince Joe to join them. He says when he took that money he threw away his friendships and his integrity. Daniels says he doesn’t know who Joe is anymore and all his real friends don’t even recognize Joe anymore. Daniels asks Joe how his wife and son can respect Joe knowing that he is a sellout. Joe starts to fume as Daniels turns to say something to Taz and he hits a Half Nelson Overhead Suplex on Daniels dropping him on his head! Joe screams at the fallen Daniels and then leaves Daniels lying in the ring.


In the back Matt Morgan is with Lauren and she asks Lauren about the mindgames he’s playing. Morgan says he’s not playing mindgames and he says last week he thought Scotty & Booker were setting him up so he retaliated, but they can just chalk it up to another rookie mistake from him. Morgan assures her that everything is fine with the Mafia and Morgan especially between he and Kurt. Morgan says nothing could get in between he and Kurt, but he’s counting down the days until he steps foot in the ring with Angle one more time.

No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament Bracket 2
Suicide vs. Doug Williams

Williams locks Suicide in a wristlock as he went in for a collar-and-elbow tieup, but Suicide grabs the top rope and counters out of the move by doing a backflip. Williams counters again and this a snapmare into a side headlock, but Suicide counters right back into the wristlock. Williams with another snapmare but again Suicide counters back into the wristlock. Once again Williams chops Suicide’s arm and hits another snapmare but this time he follows up with a knee to the back of Suicide and then locks in the Sleeper. Suicide counters again into a wristlock and then transitions into a hammerlock, but Williams counters with back elbows. Williams comes off the ropes but Suicide leapfrogs over him and then goes for a Monkey Flip, but Williams catches himself on the bottom rope and kicks Suicide. Williams whips Suicide into the ropes and goes for a leapfrog of his own but Suicide catches him on his shoulders and hits the Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Suicide goes for a snapmare but Williams blocks it and then shoves Suicide into the turnbuckles and follows up with a Back Suplex! Williams follows up with a nasty Running Knee Strike to the side of Suicide’s head in the corner. Williams chokes Suicide on the top rope and then follows up with a Snapmare and a nasty side chinlock. Williams then hits a Knee Drop and gets a nearfall. Williams goes for another Back Suplex but Suicide lands on his feet and lights up Williams chest with chops and then comes off the ropes and slides underneath the legs of Williams. Suicide goes for a clothesline but Williams ducks and hits a nasty Corkscrew European Uppercut coming off the ropes! 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out! Williams with a right hand and then he chokes Suicide on the ropes again. Williams hits a Snap Suplex and gets another nearfall. Williams with a European Uppercut and then he whips Suicide in the corner and hits a Running Knee Strike! Williams climbs up top but Suicide nails a Leaping Enziguri knocking Williams off the top! Both men are down now but Suicide gets to his feet and throws big rights at Williams. The referee pulls Suicide off of Williams in the corner and then Suicide charges at him, but Williams avoids Suicide but Suicide catches himself on the middle rope! Suicide then hits a Springboard Dropkick followed by a clothesline. Suicide whips Williams into the ropes and then hits the Running Russian Legsweep! Suicide hits a Scoop Slam and climbs up top as D’Angelo Dinero runs down to the ring talking trash to Suicide. Suicide looks back at Williams and then at Dinero and he dives off the top with a Plancha onto Dinero on the floor! As Suicide starts to climb back into the ring Dinero grabs Suicide’s leg but he kicks him off. However, that distraction allowed Williams to come over and hit the Chaos Theory (rolling German Suplex)! 1…2…3 and Williams advances!

Winner: Williams via pinfall (Chaos Theory)

In the back Borash is with Sting and he asks him about the ribs. Sting says he won’t get very many more shots at the World Title so his injured ribs won’t stop him.


In the back Lauren is with the Beautiful People and she cracks a joke on them and then asks them if they have any idea who Madison’s partner will be. Velvet says she’s going to grate a cheese grater over Lauren’s face if she ever disses them again and then says they don’t care who Madison’s partner is because they’re going to ‘rip that b*tches hair out’ and kick her in the face so hard that busts her ‘orbit sockets’ wide open. Angelina tells Lauren to shut up when she corrects Velvet because they don’t speak ‘ugly’ and then suggests that Lauren should be Madison’s partner so they can give her the a** kicking she deserves. Angelina says once again they don’t care who Madison’s partner is because she should know that despite them being beautiful they can get ugly in the ring when they need to.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships Tournament 1st Round
Sojo Bolt & Hamada vs. Tara & Christy Hemme

Hamada and Tara start the match off and they lockup in the center of the ring. Hamada gets the early advantage with a waistlock and they each counter each other with standing switches repeatedly until Hamada runs into the ropes and Tara rolls backwards into a bridging rollup! 1…2..Hamada kicks out and then sweeps the legs of Tara. Tara grabs the ankle of Hamada and sweeps her and gets another nearfall. Hamada floats over into a rollup over her own. Both girls standup and stare each other down. Tara bows at Hamada but eats a roundhouse kick to the face from Tara! Hamada attempts to whip Tara into the ropes but Tara reverses it and Hamada hits the Springboard Asai Moonsault! 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Hamada tags out to Sojo and she quickly kicks Tara in the face. Tara comes back with a droptoe hold and then hits a Scoop Slam and tags Christy in. Christy with a Split Legdrop for a nearfall and then she whips Sojo into the corner. Christy charges at Sojo but she moves and then throws Christy into the top turnbuckle and tags Hamada in. Hamada hits a Flying Axe Handle Drop off the top as Sojo holds Christy and then hits a Running Front Kick! Hamada picks Christy up and hits a headbutt as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Sojo is beating down Christy in the center of the ring until Christy is able to crawl underneath Sojo’s legs and tag Tara in! Tara with big rights on Sojo and then she whips Sojo into the ropes and hits a nasty Lariat! Tara then hits a Superkick! 1…2…NO Hamada breaks it up! Christy runs in and hits a Reverse DDT on Hamada. Tara then hits the Widows Peak on Sojo! 1…2…3 and Tara & Christy advance!

Winners: Tara & Hemme via pinfall (Widow’s Peak)

After the match Hamada kicks Sojo and then kills her with the Hamada Driver!

In the back JB is with Angle walking backstage and JB says he thinks Morgan is working Angle, but Angle says no one works him because he’s a master manipulator. Angle says Morgan needs him as Morgan walks up. Morgan says they’ll team together just like at Hard Justice and then Kurt asks Morgan if he’s screwing with them. Morgan sarcastically says that he would never even think of it and when it comes down to just the two of them they’ll be no questions asked.


Back from commercials they show a video package hyping up L.A.X. and their past together.

No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament Bracket 1
“Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide vs. “Super Mex” Hernandez

They shake hands and hug before the match and then circle each other. They lockup but Hernandez uses his power to fling Homicide back and he says “I forgot” at the camera saying he forgot how strong Hernandez was. Hernandez gets a waistlock on Hernandez and then transitions into a side headlock. Hernandez goes for a Back Suplex but Homicide lands on his feet and kicks Hernandez in the gut. Homicide with an uppercut and then goes for a Sunset Flip but Hernandez blocks it and picks Homicide up by his neck! Homicide then kicks Hernandez again and goes for the Gringo Cutta but Hernandez shoves him into the corner and hits the Biel Throw flinging Homicide all the way across the ring. Hernandez quickly goes for the Border Toss but Homicide blocks it and then dropkicks him in the knees followed by a Bulldog for a nearfall. Homicide with several uppercuts but Hernandez comes back with chops of his own until Hernandez comes back with a kick to the gut. Homicide grabs Hernandez’s leg and strops dropping elbows onto the knee but Hernandez is able to shove Homicide off. Hernandez goes for a kick but Homicide catches his foot and hangs it up in the ropes and then kicks it! Homicide then stands on the knee and then Cannonballs down onto the knee. Homicide with a big right hand to the back of Hernandez’s head followed by shoulder blocks in the corner. Homicide then starts chopping the knee and putting the boots to it. Homicide climbs up top and goes for the Tornado DDT but Homicide blocks it and throws Homicide into the turnbuckles and then hits the Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Hernandez goes for the Corner Splash but Homicide moves and then goes for a rolling hurricanrana, but Hernandez blocks it and hits an Overhead Sideslam. 1…2…3 and Hernandez gets the clean pin.

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall

After the match Hernandez offers the handshake to Homicide and he accepts and then they hug but Homicide seems less than genuine.


In the back Lauren is with the British Invasion and Williams says that he is a fan of AJ Styles and he rates him very highly, but he rates himself even higher. Williams says he knows to be the best he has to be beat the best. He says neither Rob or Brutus will be at ringside and he’ll beat AJ fair and square. We then cut to the lockerroom where JB is with AJ. AJ says his confidence is back 100% and he can thank Sting for it. He says everyone has to hit rock bottom before they can rise up and a few weeks ago he did just that. He says he will defeat Williams tonight and become TNA World Champion.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the World Champion makes his way out to the ring to do guest commentary for the Main Event matches.


No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament Bracket 2 Finals
Doug Williams vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

AJ and Williams lockup but they stalemate and then AJ feints a lockup and gets a single-leg takedown instead. AJ locks in a heel hook but Williams counters by rolling over and then into a side headlock. AJ counters with a head scissors but Williams counters out with a headstand and then locks AJ in a heel hook of his own. AJ rolls through and then Williams gets him in a wheel barrow, but AJ rolls him up! 1…2..NO Williams kicks out! Williams shoots into a single leg takedown and then he goes for a Bow & Arrow, but AJ rolls over right into a lateral press but Williams quickly kicks out. Williams goes for a leg sweep but counters into a full mount and reigns down right hands on Williams but he shoves AJ off and they stare each other down. Williams kicks AJ in the gut and hits a European Uppercut and AJ comes back with a forearm smash of his own, but then Williams blocks another one and locks in a side headlock. AJ shoves Williams off and leapfrogs Williams but then he locks AJ right back in the side headlock. Williams whips him into the ropes and then goes for a Press Slam but AJ counters and hits a scoop slam followed by a Knee Drop for another nearfall. AJ locks Williams in an Indian Deathlock and drops back! AJ throws Williams into the top turnbuckle and then attempts to whip Williams into the corner but he reverses it and then charges, but AJ avoids it by slinking through the ropes in one fluid motion. AJ then springboards but Williams catches him in midair on his shoulders! Williams destroys AJ with a Fireman’s Carry European Uppercut! That was freaking nasty! It looked like a nastier GTS! 1…2…NO AJ kick sout! Williams hits a Snapmare and then locks AJ in a headscissors and then rolls over and slams AJ’s head into the mat repeatedly and gets another nearfall. AJ comes back with huge rights of his own and then he whips Williams into the corner and they run into each others heads. Both guys are down and they both get to their feet at the same time and trade nasty forearms with each other. Williams hits a European Uppercut and then comes off the ropes only to eat a Dropkick from AJ! Williams retreats to the floor but he’s not safe! AJ hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha over the top onto Williams on the floor! AJ rolls Williams back into the ring and covers, 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! AJ picks Williams up on his shoulders in a Torture Rack and then twists him into a Powerbomb! It’s the Rack Bomb! I haven’t seen AJ use that in a long time! 1…2…Williams kicks out! AJ puts Williams up on the top rope and climbs up with him but Williams shoves him off and hits the Flying Corkscrew European Uppercut! 1…2…NO AJ still kicks out! Williams with more Uppercuts and then he whips AJ into the corner and charges but AJ is able to connect with a sick Discuss Lariat in desperation! Both men are down again as the fans are getting behind AJ. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Williams blocks it and reverses into a waistlock. AJ runs to the ropes and shoves Williams off as he went for the Chaos Theory! AJ then hits the Phenomenon (Springboard Asai Reverse DDT)! 1…2…3 and AJ advances to No Surrender in an awesome match!

Winner: Styles via pinfall (Phenomenon)

At ringside Borash interviews AJ who is pumped up and he says he’s not done yet and he says he’s conquered the hill but he still has to climb the mountain, and no one’s going to stop him.


In the back Team 3D’s with Lauren & Jesse Neal. She asks them why they’re with Neal and Bubba says Lauren is pretty but she asks weird questions. Bubba says he and Devon are heroes to wrestling fans but Jesse Neal is a true American hero. He tells the story about Neal and his friend that died. Bubba says that Rhino took Jesse under his wing and he was supposed to help him but he turned his back on him because he wasn’t a superstar overnight. Bubba says he used to beat the crap out of Rhino in ECW 15 years ago. He says Neal falls under their protection and they’ll take him back to their Team 3D Wrestling Academy and train him right and after their done he’ll be a “War Machine.” She turns to the tag team scene and Devon says they haven’t forgotten about the Brits or the IWGP Tag Titles. Devon says they’re coming for the Brits tonight and when they’re done with them then they’re coming for Booker & Steiner. Apparently 3D has a shot at the Tag Titles at No Surrender.

No Surrender 4-Way Qualifying Tournament Bracket 1 Finals
“Super Mex” Hernandez vs. “The Icon” Sting

Sting’s ribs are taped up due to the attack from Rhino earlier. Hernandez slams Sting into the corner with shoulder blocks repeatedly and then the referee pulls Hernandez off and checks on Sting. Sting grabs Hernandez and locks him in a side headlock but Hernandez slams him into the corner again but Sting never lets go. Hernandez then shoves Sting off and goes for a clothesline, but Sting ducks and hits backhands and rights. Sting then hits an Atomic Drop followed by the dropkick! As Sting hit the mat he immediately grabbed at his ribs. Hernandez hesitates before he finally picks Sting up and then slams him into the corner again and hits more shoulder blocks. Hernandez then lights Sting up with chops and more shoulder blocks. Hernandez whips Sting into the ropes and hits a nasty Shoulder Block! Sting rolls out to the floor but then Homicide runs up out of nowhere and nails Sting with a police baton! Homicide lays Sting out with the baton and Hernandez can’t believe it as the referee calls for the bell! Homicide looks awfully pale.

Winner: Sting via DQ

Security grabs Homicide and Hernandez can’t believe what just happened and security takes his bandanna off of the fake Homicide and we see that it’s Eric Young!


After the break Homicide is still in the ring with the microphone and he says that he’s tired of EY’s games and he dares EY to come out so they can settle it now. EY walks down the ramp but the Brits come from the crowd to jump Hernandez but he lays them out first! Kiyoshi and Bashir down now but they get laid out too! Rob Terry slides into the ring and jumps Hernandez from behind and now they all lay into him. Terry hits a big Scoop Slam on Hernandez and they all put the boots to Super Mex. AJ Styles runs down and starts throwing clotheslines at everyone until the numbers game gets the better of him. World Elite is beating down Hernandez & AJ until Beer Money run out! Beer Money even up the odds now and they clean house! Hernandez throws Terry out to the floor as the babyfaces stand tall! 3D’s music hits and they come out leaving the World Elite between a rock and a hard place! The brawl is on again! everybody is going at it now except EY who took off to the back. They’re brawling all over the Impact Zone! Beer Money drags Kiyoshi into the ring and continue to beat him down in there. Bashir begs Bubba not to whoop his a** and even bows down to him but Bubba Elbow Drops him! Big Backbody Drop on Bashir from Bubba! 3D hits the Wassup Diving Headbutt on him! Bubba tells Devon to get the tables! They set the tale up in the ring but Steiner & Booker run out and jump 3D from behind! Steiner hits a T-Bone Suple on Bubba and then Booker hits the Book End on Devon! Beer Money jump in and jump the Mafia but the Brits come in and save MEM. The Brits hit the Spinebuster/Flying European Uppercut combo on Roode. MEM hit a Double Chokeslam on Storm putting him through the table! The World Elite and MEM stand tall over the beaten babyfaces.

-Match of the Night: TIE – AJ vs. Williams and AJ vs. Sabin (***)
-Promo/Segment of the Night: Joe & Daniels
-Overall Grade: A –

Scheduled for Next Week:
-AJ Styles & Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle
-Tag Title Gauntlet: Booker T. & Scott Steiner vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. British Invasion
-Knockouts Tag Tournament: Alissa Flash & Daffney vs. Sarita & Taylor Wilde
-Knockouts Tag Tournament: Madison Rayne & Mystery Partner vs. Beautiful People

No Surrender Lineup:
-TNA World Title Fatal 4-Way: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan
-TNA X-Division Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels
-TNA Legends Title: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Abyss
-Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino

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