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On Friday, September 18, 2009 at 2:46 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
September 18, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
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Sorry, guys, for the late report this week. I had a family emergency I had to take care of Thursday night and then when I got home my Tivo didn’t record Impact so I had to wait until it became available online which wasn’t until this afternoon. Anyway, this is the first time my report has been this late and hopefully it won’t happen again. Now, let’s cross the line!

The show opens up with a video package highlighting the Homicide turn on Hernandez. Great video package to kick off the show.

We then cut to a shot of Mick Foley arriving to the Impact Zone along with his sons and then Kevin Nash arriving to the arena followed by the usual Impact intro.

Instead of Taz & Mike Tenay welcoming us to Impact like usual the Motor City Machine Guns do so instead! Tenay didn’t seem too happy about the Guns taking his shine but Taz thought it was funny. Tenay says it isn’t “FTW” it’s more like “WTF” this week.

TNA Knockouts Title Tournament Semifinals Match
Tara & Christy Hemme vs. The Beautiful People

They show highlights from Tara & Hemme’s win over Hamada & Sojo Bolt from 3 weeks ago. This may be the last time we see Angelina Love on Impact for quite some time if you’ve been paying attention to the things on the net the last few weeks regarding her VISA situation. Tenay & West show us highlights from their win against Madison & Roxxi last week. Tara and Angelina kick the match off. Velvet distracts Angelina as the bell rings which allows Love to jump her from behind. Angelina puts the boots to Tara and then lights her up with chops. Angelina attempts an Irish Whip but Tara blocks it and kicks Angelina in the gut and then pays her back with chops of her own. Tara picks Angelina up by her hair and hangs her on her back and then tags in Christy. Tara & Hemme whip Angelina into the ropes and Tara kicks her in the gut and then picks Christy up and Christy kicks Angelina. Christy follows up with a Hook Kick and gets a nearfall. Christy charges Angelina in the corner but Angelina is able to hit a drop toehold to send Christy headfirst into the middle turnbuckle and then she puts the boots to Hemme. Angelina tags in Velvet and she throws Christy across the ring by her hair. Velvet throws her again and gets a nearfall. Velvet tags in Angelina and then hits a snapmare on Christy followed by a kick to the back and then Angelina flies in with a sliding dropkick to the face of Christy! 1…2…NO Christy kicks out! Angelina whips Christy into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Christy ducks and then they both slam each other to the mat by their hairs. Both girls are able to reach over and tag out to their partners. Tara with a couple of big slaps to Velvet and then she hits a gorgeous Snap Suplex! Tara then hits the Standing Moonsault! 1…2…NO Velvet kicks out! Tara tags Christy back in and follows up with a Scoop Slam. Christy climbs up top and hits the FFG! 1…2…NO Angelina breaks it up but then Tara comes in and throws Angelina out to the floor! Madison Rayne walks down and goes to spray hairspray into Velvet’s eyes, but she ducks and Madison sprays Christy! Velvet rolls Christy up, 1…2…3 and BP win!

Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Madison actually starts smiling and clapping for BP! We’ve been swerved! Madison gets into the ring with a paper bag with “I’m Sorry” on it. They hug her and it looks like things are right with BP.

In the back Lauren is with D’Angelo Dinero and she asks him about his beef with Suicide. Pope says he has extended an opportunity to enlighten Suicide. He says Suicide is filled with a void of darkness and he says everyone deals with darkness. Dinero says Suicide has created his own personal hell and he says Suicide is in the ‘belly of a whale.’ He says he’s going to reach down and resurrect him only to pimp slap him straight back to hell! Dinero says tonight Suicide pays the ultimate price and tonight The Pope will do no forgiving. Pope says later on tonight he’s going to ‘lay his hands’ on Lauren. That was just awesome.


“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide

Suicide slides right into the ring and double leg takedowns Dinero and then opens up on him with rights and lefts! Pope rolls over and starts throwing rights and lefts of his own and then Suicide rolls and they both roll out to the floor! Dinero kicks Suicide and tries to slam him into the apron but Suicide blocks it and slams Dinero into it! Suicide rolls Dinero back into the ring and hits the Slingshot Leg Drop! 1…2..NO Dinero kicks out! Suicide goes for the Suicide Solution but Dinero reverses it into the STO! Dinero picks Suicide up and hits a Snapmare and then stomps on the head of Suicide and puts the boots to Suicide in the corner. Dinero hits a Scoop Slam as Tenay & West send us over to the Guns who question Suicide’s sexuality. Dinero hits another Scoop Slam and then literally pimp slaps Suicide! Suicide comes back with a knee to the balls on Dinero! Suicide with back elbows and then goes for the Suicide Solution again but again Dinero blocks it and this time connects with a huge Uppercut! 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out and Dinero decides to start choking Suicide! Pope puts Suicide in a Camel Clutch! Suicide fights to his feet and hits a back elbow but Dinero whips Suicide into the corner. Suicide floats up and over Dinero has he charged in and dropkicks Pope into the corner! Suicide then hits a huge Back Heel Kick and then hits the Rolling Fireman’s Carry! Suicide climbs up top and dives off but Dinero gets his knees up! Dinero pulls the knee pads down and hits the DDE! 1…2…3 and Dinero gets the clean pin!

Winner: Dinero via pinfall (DDE)

At ringside Tenay & Taz run down the rest of the card for tonight.


Back from commercials Lauren is with the World Elite and for the first time Kiyoshi grabs the microphone! Kiyoshi pushes Lauren aside and says something in Japanese and then Young says what they did to Hernandez was out of love not hate. He says they didn’t turn Homicide against Hernandez it was Hernandez that turned Homicide against him. He says Hernandez wouldn’t even be in TNA if it wasn’t for Homicide and he bit the hand that feeds him. He says Hernandez wanted to prove he could do it on his own and Homicide stood up for himself. Young says that tonight Hernandez has a Handicap Match with Kiyoshi & Bashir and he says when he told Hernandez that he would do anything to open his eyes he wasn’t lying and if that includes cracking his skull then so be it. Young says that when he faces Hernandez this Sunday but Hernandez is his brother and he will never lay a hand to his brother, but then says ‘I’ll see you there, brother.’ Homicide grabs the stick and asks if Hernandez remembers ‘to live and die in L.A.X.’ but he says Hernandez will die and he will live. He says Hernandez has changed and he isn’t his la familia anymore, World Elite is his la familia. Homicide says that when Hernandez decided to go solo he left a gang and when you leave a gang you get destroyed. He says he made Hernandez and he will destroy him, to live & die in World Elite!

They show a video package hyping up the Rhino and Bobby Lashley match for this Sunday. Rhino is in the ring now and he tells the fans in the Impact Zone to shut the hell up. Rhino says he doesn’t look for the spotlight or play politics and by not doing that people move ahead of him. He says year after year he watched people in this business move ahead of him and never said about it. He says that TNA finally said they’ll give Rhino a little push and they exploited him, his family, and his personal demons (drinking). He says he liked to have a couple of drinks and blackout every once in awhile. He says everyone moves ahead in this company and then they give him Jesse Neal. He says he liked Jesse’s heart and his story and agreed to train him, but he ended up humiliated him so he had to kick his a**. Rhino sarcastically calls Lashley the ‘great one’ and the ‘savior’. He says he knows Lashley is undefeated in MMA but this isn’t MMA and he’ll wrap a steel chair around Lashley’s head and watch him bleed in the ring. Rhino talks about Dixie Carter coming on Impact a few weeks ago to hype up Lashley and he gets pissed and asks when the last time she even talked to Rhino. The fans chant for Rhino to shut the hell up now. Rhino mentions how Dixie said at the end of the interview that Lashley would be facing Rhino and he says, “Hey, Dixie, my name’s THE WAR MACHINE RHINO so get that straight, toots!” Team 3D’s music hits and Brother Devon walks out to the ring with a microphone in hand. Teany puts over the history between Rhino and 3D as Devon walks down to the ring. Devon says that to him it doesn’t sound like Rhino is mad or angry but sounds like he’s crying like a little b*tch. The fans start chanting “Whino” at Rhino. Devon says he had to calm Bubba down so he wouldn’t come out and take Rhino’s head off for what he did to Jesse Neal. Devon says he’s out there to try and talk some sense into Rhino. Devon says Jesse Neal has nothing to do with politics and says that Rhino was the one that came to Jesse not the other way around. Devon says Rhino took advantage of Jesse and he says he remembers a young kid coming into a company called ECW back in the day being taken under the wing of the Dudley Boyz. He says when Rhino messed up they didn’t kick his a** in the middle of the ring like he did Neal. He says the lockerroom and the people believed in Rhino. Devon suggests that he and Rhino go in the back and tell road stories with each other and put everything that’s been said and done behind them. He says that he Rhino have a history and have something that can help TNA become the greatest company in the business. Devon offers his hand to Rhino and he accepts and the he says that they will put TNA on top and it starts by him whipping Devon’s a**! Rhino sucker punches Devon right in the mouth! Rhino puts the beatdown on Devon and then sets up for the Gore until Bubba runs in and jumps Rhino! Bubba with some stiff shots to Rhino until security run out to break them up.


Back from commercials they show the turn on Hernandez from last week once again.

Handicap Match
“Super Mex” Hernandez vs. Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir

Kiyoshi has had a busy week, he just teamed with Great Muta in Japan this past weekend and they won a big tag match. As Hernandez enters the ring Kiyoshi & Bashir jump him but he shoves both off easily! Hernandez then wraps his shirt around Kiyoshi’s head and throws him all the way across! Hernandez then whips Bashir into the ropes and hits a back bodydrop! Hernandez whips Kiyoshi into the corner and then whips Bashir into Kiyoshi and hits the Corner Splash! Hernandez then hits an insane Double Hiptoss to both Bashir & Kiyoshi but only uses one arm to do it! Bashir then tosses Bashir to the floor and hits a crazy Gutwrench Rack Suplex! Bashir climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick and then takes it to Hernandez with right hands. Bashir then throws Hernandez headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Bashir hits a Neckbreaker and then Kiyoshi comes in and climbs up top. Kiyoshi goes for the Moonsault but Hernandez moves and then Hernandez throws Bashir off the top rope! Clothesline on Kiyoshi and then he whips Bashir into the ropes and destroys him with a Shoulder Block! Hernandez then picks Kiyoshi up and hits a nasty Border Toss! 1…2…3 and he’s done. Dude got folded up like an accordion.

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall (Border Toss)

Homicide comes out to the ring and Hernandez grabs him by the throat but Eric Young blasts him with a steel chair from behind! Homicide grabs Hernandez’ Feast or Fired case and holds it on the neck of Hernandez and Young slams the steel chair into it! Damn! Young has a sick look on his face as he smiles at what he’s done. Hernandez is spitting up what looks like foam or something.


In the back Lauren is with ODB and talks about a man possibly winning the Knockouts Championship. ODB says that won’t happen and she says that all the Knockouts have busted their a**es to make a name for themselves. ODB says she will never let Deaner make a mockery of that belt and this Sunday it comes home.

Lumberjill Match
“Future Legend” Alissa Flash vs. “The Embarrassment of Muscle Shoals” Cody Deaner

Deaner is even rocking a “King of the Knockouts” wife beater to the ring. The Guns call Alissa Flash the ‘bride of Frankenstein.’ Flash dumps Deaner over the top to the floor right at the bell and he gets demolished by Kong and then all the girls (heel and babyface) put the boots to him. Roxxi & Sojo hit a Double Suplex on Deaner on the ramp. Traci whips Deaner into the ring post and then they finally roll his lifeless body back into the ring. Flash covers Deaner with her knee to his throat and lifting one leg up and definitely gets the pin as Deaner looks out of it.

Winner: Flash via pinfall (getting his a** kicked)

After the match Kong and Tara start going at it at ringside! Madison and Christy also start brawling as well! Tara with some nasty chops to Kong but Kong then throws her into the wall! Deaner talks trash to the knockouts from the ramp but when he turns around ODB blasts him with her flask and then spits whiskey into his face!


Back from the break Lauren is in the MEM lockerroom with Kevin Nash and she talks about all the girls that have sent in video about the Big Sexy World Tour to find him a new valet and then talks about his match with Mick Foley. A girl walks into the room and he starts looking at pictures of her and she walks off. Another girl walks in as he is just ignoring Lauren now. Lauren calls Nash a pig and then he hands her a glass of wine and says she misjudges him. He puts his hand on her leg and says he’s looking for Cinderella and he knows Lauren could jump to the head of the line. Lauren looks interested and then a big woman walks in and sits on his lap. Wow, they have to blur out her chest as she is apparently very exposed. Nash says any man could be with a 10 but a true swordsman could fence with a girl like this. Was that Vickie Guerrero?! Okay, that’s just wrong.

We cut to Mick Foley’s office and JB asks Foley about Nash seeming to be more occupied with his valet search than their match later. Foley says he’s fine with that and talks about the stitches he received the last time he fought with Nash. He says Nash can worry about his plus sized models while he worries about taking TNA back one step at a time and tonight is the first step. Foley says tonight we may see the resurgence of an ‘old thread’ that used to have a catchphrase: “Have a nice day!”

TNA Legends Championship
“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash (c) vs. “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley

Nash does his best Sean Waltman (X-Pac) impersonation at the bell with a roundhouse kick (sort of) in front of Foley’s face taunting him (Pac used to love to do that to his opponents as a heel). They lockup and Nash shoves Foley into the corner and throws a bunch of knees and forearms at Foley. Nash begins to beat Foley from one corner to the next and screams ‘I’m a ninja!’ (yes, I’m serious). Foley blocks a right and hits a series of rights of his own and then hits a Knee Lift off the ropes! Foley beats Nash down in the corner and then hits the Running Knee to Nash in the corner! Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and goes for the Mandible Claw but Nash grabs him by the tights and flings Foley out to the floor. Foley then trips Nash and tries to pull him out but Nash kicks Foley into the guardrail! Nash slams Foley into the ring steps and chokes Foley at ringside with the sock! Nash once again slams Foley into the guardrail and then slams him into the ring apron. Nash slams Foley into the ring steps again and then finally gets the action back into the ring. Nash throws a bunch of back elbows at Foley and then chokes him on the middle rope. Nash with a right hand and then an elbow to the top of Foley’s head and he looks to be busted open. Nash starts to choke Foley on the middle rope and Abyss’ music hits and both Foley & Nash look surprised. Abyss runs down to the ring with the barbedwire baseball bat in hand and the referee calls for the bell (no contact was made).

Winner & STILL Legends Champ: Kevin Nash via DQ

Nash mocks Abyss’ calling him retarded and then we see Abyss trying to explain himself to Foley but Foley turns his back to Abyss and screams at him and then walks off with the baseball bat.

In the back Lauren is with 3D & Beer Money. Bubba says the tag match tonight is a very important match and he says that for the last year 3D & Beer Money have been setting the standard for modern day tag team wrestling. Bubba says they respect each other and that respect will win them the match tonight. Bubba says tonight he’s got Roode’s back and Roode has his back. Roode says “TESTIFY!”


In the back Abyss approaches Lauren and is freaking about screwing up with Foley tonight. Lauren tells Abyss not to go find Foley and he starts pulling his hair out and screaming.

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner & Brutus Magnus w/Doug Williams, Rob Terry, & Booker T. vs. Robert Roode & Brother Ray w/Brother Devon & James Storm

Steiner and Roode start the match off and Steiner gets a singe leg takedown and then he throws Rood into the corner and lights him up with chops. Roode shoves Steiner into the ropes but Steiner comes back with a shoulder block, but Roode comes right back with a back elbow and then an Elbow Drop. Roode comes off the ropes and hits a Knee Drop and gets an early nearfall. Steiner comes back with a body shot and then tags in Magnus who eats a clothesline as he comes into the ring. Bubba tags in and they whip Brutus into the ropes and hit a Double Hiptoss. Bubba with a series of stiff chops to Brutus and then he attempts to whip Brutus into the ropes, but Brutus counters and goes for a backdrop. Bubba kicks Brutus and then a Rock Bottom! 1…2…NO Brutus kicks out! Bubba attempts to whip Brutus into the corner but Brutus reverses it and Steiner hits Bubba from behind allowing Brutus to kick Bubba and then hits a Vertical Suplex. Brutus tags in Steiner and he puts the boots to Bubba and then chokes him on the middle rope. Steiner gets the attention of the referee allowing the other Brits to choke Bubba from the outside. Steiner whips Bubba into the ropes and hits a Steinerline followed by an Elbow Drop and then he taunts Bubba with the pushups. Brutus tags back in and throws Bubba into the corner before tagging Steiner right back in. Steiner lights up Bubba with chops and kicks and then hit hits a T-Bone Suplex! 1…2…NO Bubba kicks out! Steiner goes for a Steinerline but Bubba counters into a Bubba Bomb! Both men are down now and the fans are getting behind Bubba. They both tag out at the same time and Roode destroys Brutus with a flying forearm and then a clothesline followed by a big Back Bodydrop! Big clothesline to Brutus again and then one to Steiner. Roode charges at Brutus it the corner but Brutus gets his foot up and then he charges at Roode, but Roode comes back with a gorgeous Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Steiner breaks it up! Bubba comes in and dumps Steiner out to the floor where he starts to brawl with all the heels! In the ring Roode hits the Payoff but Terry distracted the referee while Williams comes in with the IWGP Title and nails Roode with it! Brutus covers Roode, 1…2…3 and the heels get the man advantage for Lethal Lockdown.

Winners: Steiner & Magnus via pinfall (belt shot)

In the back Sarita and Taylor Wilde get ready for their match up next and slap each others butts (that was nice).


They show highlights of last years big show in Tennessee with the Tennessee Titans Defensive End, Kyle Vanden Bosh, and TNA. He puts over them helping him raise money for the Boys & Girls Club Media Center in middle Tennessee. They will be doing the same event this year in Nsahville in November.

We see footage of Bobby Lashley at his gym and is asked what will happen this Sunday by a reporter and he says “I’m gonna knock his a** out.”

TNA Knockouts Tag Title Tournament Semifinals
Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Sarita & Taylor Wilde

They show highlights of how both teams moved into the Semifinals. Taylor and Kong kick the match off and Taylor ducks a clothesline from Kong and hits some leg kicks and then comes off the ropes. Kong levels Taylor with a Chestbump and then goes to grab Taylor by her hair but Taylor with a kick to the top of Kong’s head. Taylor then goes right back to the leg kicks. Taylor with a forearm and then she comes off the apron and eats a Side Slam from Kong. Saeed tags in and Kong Wheelbarrow Splashes Saeed on top of Taylor! 1…2…NO Taylor kicks out! Saeed goes for a clothesline but Taylor rolls under it and tags in Sarita. Rashea goes for a right at Sarita as she started to come into the ring but Sarita grabs her arm and hits a Somersault Armdrag over the top rope followed by Spinning Headscissors, but Saeed blocks it and hits a Sidewalk Slam! Great counter! 1…2…NO Sarita kicks out! Saeed with chops to Sarita and then she throws her into the top turnbuckle and tags in Kong. Kong and Saeed both choke Sarita with their boots in the corner and then Kong chops Sarita. Kong whips Sarita into the corner and hits the Corner Splash! Kong follows up with a Snapmare and locks Sarita in a Sleeper! Sarita fights to her feet but Kong uses her power to hit a Swinging Sideslam. Saeed tags in and hits a Snapmare and puts Sarita in a Bow & Arrow. Saeed slams Sarita to the mat and gets a nearfall. Saeed then follows up with a Snap Suplex for yet another nearfall. Saeed hits a Scoop Slam and then grabs her feet but Sarita kicks her off and reaches out for the tag. Saeed grabs her feet and Sarita uses her feet to fling Saeed into the corner and then she rolls underneath a Front Kick attempt from Saeed and tags in Taylor! Taylor with a clothesline on Saeed and then a dropkick followed by a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Taylor then hits a hurricanrana, 1…2…NO Kong makes the save! Sarita runs in and hits a Sliding Dropkick on Kong! Sarita then charges at Kong but she uses her feet to elevate Sarita over the top rope. Sarita lands on the apron and then Kong knocks her off to the floor. In the ring Talor and Saeed trade forearms and leg kicks, but Saeed eventually catches one of those kicks and hits an back inside heel trip, but then Taylor kicks Saeed off. Saeed goes for a clothesline but Taylor ducks and hits a nasty German Suplex into a bridge! 1…2…3!

Winners: Taylor & Sarita via pinfall (German Suplex)

After the match Kong goes nuts and starts screaming and then looks at Saeed like a psycho. At ringside Lauren is with Sarita & Taylor and ask them for comments. Taylor says this Sunday they will make history and then Sarita says something in Spanish, the jest of it was they’ll win the titles.


In the MEM lockerroom JB is with Angle and asks for comments on the Fatal 4-Way. Angle says he gives his opponents all the credit in the world and he says to be the best in the business you have to beat the best. He says Sting, AJ, & Morgan will have to give everything to take the belt from him and he says he is the very best at his craft. He says you can love him or hate him but no one can ever say he gave his all everytime he went into the ring. He says he has more pride than all 3 of his opponents and he cannont be defeated this Sunday. At ringside Taz & Tenay hype up the No Surrender card.

In the TNA lockerroom Lauren is with AJ Styles and Sting. She asks them what will happen when they are in the ring together this Sunday competing for the same title. Sting says they all want to be the best and he wants the belt. AJ says he has more respect for Sting than he’ll ever know but this Sunday they’re both competitors and they both want the belt. AJ says the will to be the best is in their blood and on Sunday he feels it’s his time.


Main Event
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Angle is providing guest commentary again this week for the Main Event. Angle on commentary says he thinks it’ll be 3-on-1 against him this Sunday. Joe jumps Morgan as he gets in the ring and starts throwing wicked jabs at him followed by body shots. Joe hits a running back elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri! Joe follows up with more jabs and then chokes Morgan on the middle rope and tells Angle to watch. Joe puts the boots to Morgan and then kills Morgan with chops. Joe charges at Morgan but eats a Big Boot from Morgan! Morgan puts Joe in the corner and starts throwing those nasty back elbows in the corner followed by a Corner Splash and then a Sidewalk Slam. Morgan hangs Joe over the top rope and hits the Body Guillotine for a nearfall. Morgan goes for the Hellevator but Joe counters with a series of nasty leg kicks and chops. Joe then hits a Backdrop Driver! Morgan gets to his feet and grabs Joe by the throat and hits a Chokeslam! Joe gets to his feet and Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Joe quickly jumps through the ropes to the floor and then grabs Morgan by the legs and pulls him to the floor. Joe with chops on the floor and then he throws Morgan into the guardrail. Joe tries to slam Morgan into the apron but Morgan blocks it and throws Joe into it. Morgan with a headbutt and then Joe grabs Morgan by the tights and flings him into the announce table where he hits Angle as he went into the desk. Angle snaps and starts throwing rights and lefts at Morgan to cause the DQ!

Winner: Morgan via DQ

Morgan continues to throw nasty rights and lefts at Morgan and then Daniels comes flying at Samoa Joe! Daniels and Joe fight up the ramp as security tries to pull Angle off of Morgan!


Back from the break Angle and Morgan continue to fight through the security and referees. Eventually Angle is able to Angle Slam Morgan through the announce desk! As the show closes Angle stands over a destroyed Matt Morgan!

- Match of the Night: Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed (**1/2)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: Dinero’s first Impact promo
- Overall Grade: B –

No Surrender Lineup:
- TNA World Title Fatal 4-Way: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan
- Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino
- TNA X-Division Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels
- Lethal Lockdown Six Sides of Steel: Beer Money & Team 3D vs. British Invasion, Booker T., & Scott Steiner
- TNA Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Cody Deaner
- TNA Knockouts Tag Title Tournament Finals: Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde & Sarita *
- TNA Legends Title: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Abyss
- Hernandez vs. Eric Young
*=I have no idea how they’re going to go with the Knockouts Tag Tourney with Angelina not allowed into the country with her VISA issues.

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