News and notes on WWE's FCW

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On Monday, November 2, 2009 at 12:45 AM EST

Randy Johnson sent this in:

New FCW talent:

Scott Grimez, known as Giant Grimez on the Indy scene is a 7’0er he made his debut for FCW under the ring name the Giant Pharaoh (under a mask).

Rashard Goff made his FCW debut under his real name (a few weeks ago), his name has since been changed to Damien Richards.

Chris McNeil made his debut a few weeks ago, his name is now Percy Watkins.

Jackson Andrews (Steven Andrew Slocum) 6’11 wrestler made his FCW in ring debut too.

FCW name changes:

DJ Gabriel is now Mr. FCW (under a mask).

Dos Caras Jr. is now El Dorado (which means “the Golden One” in Spanish, and he’s under a mask again).

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