SPOILERS: 12/8 Impact TV tapings

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 12:38 AM EST

Report courtesy of PWInsider.com:

Alex Shelley vs. Jesse from CBS's Big Brother
Shelley ends up winning after he hits Jesse with the Air Raid Crash. This is the first time that anyone has seen Jesse in the ring so no one had any clue who he was, we are assuming this was a tryout match, he was seen in the Impact Zone at the last couple tapings sitting in the VIP section. He didn't look horrible but definitely needs some work.

Impact Results:

Lumberjack Match
Brother Ray vs. Matt Morgan

Lumberjacks were Hernandez, Suicide, Pope, Rhyno, Jesse Neal, and Brother Devon
Every time the match spilled to the outside it seemed like there was a 6 man staredown with the downed man in between the groups so there wasn't a lot of "helping" the other guy into the ring. Eventually things got out of control and everyone started brawling, just as it looked like Morgan was going to put Brother Ray away, Neal hit Morgan with a low blow which allowed Bubba to his a DDT for the 3 count.

3 Way Knockout Tag Match
Sarita and Taylor vs. Kong and Hamada vs. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne
This one had some decent Knockout action (and if they don't give Hamada a title shot they are crazy). Action spills to the outside including Hamada hitting a top rope moonsault to the floor on to the KO Tag Champs. Kong ended up pinning Rayne after she jumped and sat on her chest. After the match, Lauren came out to interview the Beautiful People and they completely blew her off, couldn't really see it but they may have shoved her too.

Black Machismo was interviewed in the back by Christy Hemme about the Black Machismo Invitational.

Black Machismo Invitational Match
Jay Lethal vs. Tatanka
This match was definitely better than Lethal's match against the Anvil mostly due to Tatanka being in WAY better shape. After going back and forth Tatanka wins with a Samoan Drop. Lethal is 0-2 in the

Desmond Wolfe vs. Daniels
This match was a really, really good back and forth match between the two. All of the sudden in the middle of the match the bell rings because the time limit ran out. The crowd was hot because of this decision chanting "5 more minutes" and "Overtime". So this match ended in a draw.

10 Man Tag Main Event
Aj Styles, Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Tomko, and Abyss vs. Scott Steiner, Raven, Dr. Stevie, and the British Invasion
When Abyss came out his pants were ripped and he was heavily limping with his thigh taped up where his pants were ripped, he jumped Raven and Dr. Stevie which included Raven actually biting Abyss where he was bandaged. Their fight spilled to the back and then Steiner and Lashley went at it which also was still before the start of the match, their brawl ended up going to the back, so we are left with....

AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Tomko (The Angle Alliance) vs. the British
Invasion in a 3 on 2 Handicap Match
We are hoping to get some explanation on why this happened but there was a little dissension on the Face side because they fought over who was going to start the match and then Kurt at first refused to tag in AJ, only tagging in Tomko. Eventually Rob Terry snuck over and pulled Tomko off the ring apron leaving AJ as his only option. AJ ends up getting the 3 count after a small package on Brutus. After the match it looks like AJ and Kurt are going to go at it and they take it as far as Kurt pie facing AJ but then their PPV opponents come out and lay them out. Daniels poses with the belt over AJ.


Daffney w/ Dr. Stevie vs. Traci Brooks
Daffney gets the win after a roll up and a hand full of tights after interference from Dr. Stevie.

X Division Championship
Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin
These too had a really good match which makes me constantly wonder why they are facing each other on the internet rather than Impact, it seems like the internet is the only place the X Division has a showing. Red wins and successfully defends his title after a Projectile Hurancanrana.

They handed out free DVD's again to anyone who stayed til the end of the tapings

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