April Hunter explains her ring return

Reported by Steve Gerweck of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 2:21 AM EST

April Hunter just returned from an European tour, and commented on why she returned to the ring in her newsletter ...

I got a lot of questions as to WHY I would wrestle againÖitís a fair question with a simple answer: I am trying to help my mom out financially. She has health insurance, but itís not covering nearly enough of her cancer treatments, so Iím doing what I can if the money is right. Iíve been through a lot of therapy for my back and am also trying to work SMARTER rather than harder now. No, I'm not healed, but I am better than I was and can get by if it means getting another ridiculously high co pay of hers sorted out. Incidentally, Momís scans came back showing tumors starting to shrink from the chemotherapy, so hereís to hoping for remission. :)

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