CZW 2/13 ECW Arena 11th anniversary

Reported by Bob Magee of
On Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 9:25 AM EST

CZW returned to the ECW Arena for a afternoon/evening doubleheader (with the afternoon show as a Fan Appreciation Show) yesterday. Good crowds for both afternoon and evening shows

Afternoon show

  • As introductions started, Necrobutcher and Sami Callihan brawled out from the back through the crowd. So much for introductions. This wound up a doublejuice brawl
    Callihan submitted Necrobutcher

  • Devon Moore defeated Eddie Kingston with a superkick and rollup

    DJ Hyde is out to announce that CZW will be back on TV in March on WMCN "Get It On TV Philly", which is distributed on Comcast Cable and Verizon FiOS systems as well as DIRECTV and DISH NETWORK throughout the Philadelphia television market to over 2.6 million homes. For information on the cable/satellite channel WMCN is available on in your area, go to

    Nick Gage comes out, demanding a title shot, with DJ Hyde telling him he has to earn one, leading to various new uses of the word "p$#@y", leading to Gage brawling with Hyde, then Joe Gacy joining in on the fun.

  • This begins the scheduled DJ Hyde-Joe Gacy match. Hyde gets the pinfall win over Joe Gacy after hitting Gacy with a Lariat. Post-match, Hyde challenges Nick Gage to a Staple Gun match for the evening show

  • Zero Gravity defeats Spanish Armada with a Tower of London/Diving Headbutt combo. Some fluffed spots at times, not one of the better matches for each team.

  • Drew Gulak/Ryan Slater with Rodney Rush defeated Tyler Veritas/Adam Cole after Gulak pulled Tyler in for a small package for the 3 count.

  • Drake Younger defeated Drew Blood by pinfall after a running Drake's Landing.

  • Danny Havoc comes out to the ring, challenging Lucky (now repackaged "tHURTeen" as "Billy Gram's personal pet". tHURTeen comes out, chest and back bright red. Danny Havoc takes tha pinfall after hitting tHURTeen with a Death Valley Driver on thumb tacks.

    Post-match, Brain Damage hits Havoc with a Stump Piledriver. Scotty Vortekz makes the save, calling out tHURTeen and Havoc to a tag match for the evening show.

    Evening show

  • Ryan McBride/Rich Swann (Irish Driveby) defeat Sami Callihan and Joe Gacy after Swann hit the Standing 450 on Gacy, followed by a top rope 450 by McBride on Callihan

  • In the "Opportunity Knocks" (aka tryout match) A.R. Fox, Unbreakable Andy Harner (from the Atlanta-based World Wrestling Alliance), and Aaron Arbo (Pennsylvania indies) got the win after a sitout burning hammer variation. All three got a great reaction from the crowd.

  • CZW World Tag Team Championships
    The Best Around (with Robby Mireno) retained the CZW Tag Team Titles over Team Macktion after Bruce held Kirby Mack in a sharpshooter, and TJ hit a Shooting Star Double Knees on him, followed by the pinfall.

  • JC Bailey (with Billy Gram) defeated Drake Younger after hitting Younger with a Brainbuster onto an opened chair. Bailey showed a lot more wrestling than he has in a while. At the same time, that there actually was a lot of wrestling wrestlers, both Bailey and Younger were bleeding buckets.

    "Hardcore" Nick Gage defeated DJ Hyde in an Unlucky 13 Staple Gun Match after stapling the 13th dollar onto Hyde's tongue.

  • In an open challenge match for CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title, nearly every name junior (Greg Excellent, Drew Blood, Sabian, Adam Cole, Devon Moore, and Egotistco Fantastico) in the company came out to challenge Greg Excellent. Sabian became the Junior Heavyweight Champion after hitting a double stomp on Excellent. The finish saw a double pin as Adam Cole pinned Fantastico, but the referee saw Sabian's pin, creiating a ready-made issue with Sabian vs. Cole.

  • Brain Damage/tHURTeen defeated Danny Havoc and ScottyVortekz after tHURTeen slammed Havoc into a barbed wire board and then double stomped him.

  • In the Battle Royal of "former CZW champions" to earn a title shot of your choice; the battle royal featured Nick Gage, JC Bailey, Brain Damage, Drew Gulak, Drake Younger Egotistico Fantastico, Robbie Mireno, Scotty Vortekz, Ryan McBride, Sami Callihan, Greg Excellent, DJ Hyde...and Nick Berk.

    Eliminations were (in order) Robbie Mireno, Ryan McBride, Greg Excellent, DJ Hyde, Egotistico Fantastico, Nick Berk, Drew Gulak, Scotty Vortekz, JC Bailey, and Drake Younger. The last two were Sami Callihan and Gage. Gage nailed Callihan with a chokebreaker, then won the battle royal after both he and Callihan were on the apron, then bootscraped Callihan off the apron.

    Gage issues a pre-match challenge to BBoy and Moxley.

  • Jon Moxley defeated B-Boy to become CZW World Heavyweight Champion

    Post-match, Gage came out to tease a hotshot challlenge for the Heavyweight title, but Moxley chickenheeled it out of the ring. Gage got on the mike, swore "to become the next CZW champ", to make "Moxley bleed", and to kill 'em all and be back on top" to end the show.

    CZW returns to the ECW Arena on March 13 with another afternoon/evening doubleheader with Germany's WXW coming in for the afternoon show. Alex Shelley, Bad Bones and Thumbtack Jack were advertised for the show on leaflets left on seats kast night.