Impact Results - 3/8/10

Reported by Josh Boutwell of
On Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 12:27 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
March 08, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with a brand new Impact intro which incorporates a rock song, pretty cool video.

We then cut to LIVE inside the Impact Zone with the pyro going off and it looks the Ultimate X structure is hanging above the ring! Dixie Carter is shown in the middle of the raucous crowd. Taz and Tenay hype up the big Main Event tonight but then Hogan's music hits and the match is starting NOW!

Hogan has donned the infamous red and yellow tonight and Abyss has some new gear. It's all black with a red and yellow 'A' on his back (for Abyss obviously). Huge reaction for the Hulkster as we see Brooke in the crowd. Hogan has the stick as he and Abyss get the crowd pumped up. Hogan tells Abyss it's time to cut the clowning and calls this the biggest night in the history of TNA and says Spike is backing them and they are live! Hogan says there is no reason to wait until later and says he and Abyss will be the judge, jury, and executioner for AJ and Flair tonight. Hogan says when he came to TNA he planned on taking TNA to infinity and beyond but now that AJ and Flair have changed the rules. He says they left Hogan in a pool of his own blood and Abyss in his own pool of blood this is TNA's reckoning. Hogan tells Flair and AJ to bring their a**es down to the ring right now!

Hulk Hogan & "The Monster" Abyss vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles & "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

I have to say Flair and AJ looked pretty cool rocking the robes together in front of that pyro. AJ has changed up his ring gear too. If you remember the old short tights he used to wear back in the day, they're similar to that (more closely resembling Flair's trunks). Abyss turns AJ around before the bell and starts things off quickly with big right hand! We are under way! AJ ducks the right and then connects with a series of leg kicks on the big man followed by a chop. AJ attempts to whip Abyss into the ropes but Abyss reverses it and then goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks it. Abyss then goes for a backhand but AJ ducks again and then Abyss Press Slam's AJ way up into the lights! AJ tags in Flair! Ric Flair steps foot inside the TNA ring as a competitor for the first time! Flair struts around as Hogan begs Abyss for a tag, but Abyss shoots in with a tie up on Flair. Flair lights Abyss up with a series of those vintage (sorry Cole) chops in the corner! Abyss comes back with a series of rights and then chops of his own! Abyss whips Flair into the corner and then hits a big Backdrop! The referee turns to Hogan as he was saying something and the "Dirtiest Player in the Game" strikes! Flair hits a low blow on Abyss! AJ then drapes his robe over Abyss' head and starts throwing right hands as the referee was trying to hold Hogan back. Hogan lays out Flair but then AJ lays Hogan out with an Enziguri! AJ and Flair putting the boots to Hogan and Abyss now! The lights go out and Sting's music hits! The lights come on and Sting appears in the ring with the bat!


Flair and AJ beg Sting off as the fans are absolutely going nuts! Sting stands between the two teams as Hogan looks on and smiles and then rips off his shirt, but Sting blasts Abyss and then Hogan with the bat! WHAT THE HELL?! Sting lays out Hogan and Abyss with the bat as AJ and Flair take off. I can now see that Sting is wearing red and black tights under his trench coat. AJ sees what's happening and smiles as he grabs a steel chair. Sting hits Abyss with the bat and then AJ absolutely destroys Abyss with the chair! Flair grabs the chair and then nails Hogan with it! Flair with a low blow on Hogan as he is busted open and then he and AJ continue to put the beatdown on Hogan and Abyss. Sting now leaves the ring as AJ & Flair continue to beat on Hogan and Abyss. Security finally comes out to pull AJ and Flair away. AJ screams "who would've thunk it?" as they walk up the ramp. Hogan grabs a microphone as he lays on the mat and screams that this isn't over and says they'll finish it before the nights over! He says Flair keeps changing the rules, he'll keep changing the game. He says there coming back out later and it'll be No DQ!


Back from commercials a stunned Tenay and Taz show replays of what just went down. We cut to the back where Sting is walking. Dixie Carter walks up to Sting and asks him what he's thinking and says he owes her an explanation. Sting actually grabs her and pushes her into the wall and says that he owes her absolutely nothing. Sting then walks off with Dixie looking shocked. Holy crap, Sting is going full blown heel on this one!

We cut back to JB now who is with Flair and AJ. AJ says that there isn't any do-overs in wrestling and that they owned Hogan and Abyss tonight, but if they want to do it again they'll just beat them up again. Flair says that Sting has finally come to his senses and on the right night. Flair holds his fists up and says "this is Hogan and Abyss' blood! I haven't even started tonight" and says if they want a restart that's fine with him. Flair says if he is going to come out of retirement he will make a statement heard around the world. He says tonight is Ric Flair & AJ Styles night! Flair says they'll finish the job and says Hogan and Abyss will be going out on ambulance tonight and if you want blood, guts, and glory just dial the name Ric Flair.

We cut to Abyss putting a towel on his cut and screaming "WHY STING?!" while slamming his fists against the wall.


In the back some chick is consoling Brooke Hogan and Brooke says Hogan isn't okay. He says Hogan will pretend like he's okay but he's not. She says she can't watch it.

In the ring Kazarian is standing with a microphone. Kaz says it was almost two years ago that he chose to walk away from TNA and when he did he had alot of doubt about himself. He says after alot of soul searching he can safely say that all that doubt is gone now. Kaz says the reason he came back to TNA is to reignite the flame of the X-Division (someone needs to). A big "X-Division" chant starts up now. Kaz says the way he sees it, is if TNA is going to war then he says the warriors of X-Division should lead them into battle. Christopher Daniels interrupts him and walks out to the ring. Daniels says if anyone is to lead the X-Division into battle it won't be Kaz or anyone else in the back, it'll be the man that was X-Division 10 years before there ever was an X-Division: himself. Daniels goes on to mention that he was the longest reigning X-Division Champion ever. Daniels was standing on the top rope while saying all of this. Daniels says tonight he tells Bischoff and the world that he will carry the X-Division to the highest of heights because he is 'X'! Doug Williams now walks out and says that's a pretty picture, two old geezers in the ring spouting off at the mouth that they're going to save the X-Division like some superheroes. A big "USA" chant is started directed at the Brit. Williams tells the fans to shut their mouths and then assures us that the X-Division is alive in well because he is the X-Division Champion. Kaz calls him Douglas and says he does have a point, but 7 years ago when he and Daniels were pioneering the X-Division where was he? Daniels cuts him off and asks Kaz what all that 'we' stuff is. He says Kaz hasn't done anything in the X-Division that he cares about. Kaz says maybe the reason Daniels doesn't care about anything that he's done is because deep down he's just a selfish prick! Eric Bischoff's music hits and the man that was responsible for WCW's remarkable Cruiserweight division back in the day comes out. Bischoff says that when Hogan talked to him for the first time about coming to TNA he couldn't wait and one of those reasons was because of the X-Division. He says as far as he is concerned TNA isn't just the heart of TNA, it's the adrenaline of TNA and if he has anything to do with it he will make it run bigger, faster, and stronger. Bischoff mentions that Kaz has an X-Division Title shot at Destination X but says no longer! It's going down tonight! Bischoff then says he hasn't forgotten about Daniels either because tonight it will be Williams vs. Daniels vs. Kaz for the X-Title and it's RIGHT NOW!

TNA X-Division Championship
Three Way Dance
Doug Williams (c) vs. Kazarian vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Daniels immediately rolls Williams up as the referee gets into the ring, 1...2...NO Kaz rolls Daniels up! 1...2...NO Williams grabs Kaz and rolls HIM up! 1...2...NO Kaz kicks out and shoves Williams right into a waiting Daniels kick. Daniels sets up for the Angels Wings but Kaz charges at him only to get back dropped by Daniels. Williams with a headbutt to the gut of Daniels and then he attempts a whip into the ropes, but Daniels reverses it and goes for a backhand. Williams ducks but then eats the Back Heel Kick from Daniels! Kaz walks into a series of jabs from Daniels and then Daniels whips him into the ropes. Daniels goes for a dropkick but Kaz holds onto the ropes as he hit them. Kaz with a series of rights on Daniels and then goes for a clothesline on Williams, but he ducks and hits a Corkscrew European Uppercut! Williams with a series of headbutts and European Uppercuts and then he goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Kaz counters it and grabs a waistlock. Williams quickly gets to the ropes and holds on, but Kaz is able to roll him up! Daniels charges at Kaz but Kaz nails him with a Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge! He holds onto the pin on Williams too! DOUBLE PIN! 1....2..NO both Daniels and Williams kick out! Kaz throws Daniels into Williams into the corner and then he attempts to whip Daniels into the opposite corner, but Daniels reverses it. Daniels charges at Kaz but he floats up and over the charging Daniels. Tenay reveals on commentary the Ultimate X Match at DX will be Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns! Williams grabs Kaz and lifts him up and onto the shoulders of Daniels, but Kaz is able to reverse into a Head Scissors Takeover on Daniels and Side Headlock takeover on Williams at the same time! Both Williams and Daniels spill out to the floor and Kaz flies over the top with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Williams & Daniels! Kaz rolls Williams back into the ring and then starts to climb back in but Daniels pulls him off and nails him with an uppercut. Daniels then attempts to whip Kaz into the ring post but Kaz reverses it. Kaz gets back up on the apron and Williams swings at him but Kaz ducks and then hits a legsweep. Kaz then goes for a Slingshot Leg Drop, but Williams moves out of the way! Williams then hits a Running Knee Strike right to the face of Kaz! Williams grabs Kaz and lays into Kaz with right hands and then whips Kaz into the corner and follows him in with another Running Knee Strike. Tenay says that Dixie Carter will have a big announcement concerning Sting right after this match. Williams gets a nearfall on Kaz in the ring and then grabs Kaz, but Kaz hits a Jawbreaker. Kaz attempts to run the ropes but Daniels trips him up from outside and then hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop on Kaz followed by a clothesline on Williams! Daniels with a Running Front Kick on Kaz and then he chokes him on the mat. Daniels picks Kaz up and hits an STO followed by an Asai Moonsault! 1...2...NO Kaz kicks out! Williams tries to get back in the ring but Daniels knocks him off the apron and then hits a Running Forearm Smash in the corner on Kaz followed by a DVD! 1...2...NO Kaz kicks out again! Williams again tries to get back in the ring and Daniels charges but this time Williams nails Daniels with a forearm. Williams climbs to the top but Daniels cuts him off and then climbs up with him. Williams shoves Daniels off and then climbs down as well and trades forearms with Daniels. They both connect with forearms and then clotheslines at the same time on each other. Kaz flies off the top with a Double Missile Dropkick on both Williams & Daniels! Why the hell is Daniels fingernails painted? All three men are down and the fans are going apesh*t! All three get up about the same time but it's Kaz that gets the advantage with a running clothesline on Williams and then a gorgeous spinning heel kick that would make Syxx-Pac blush on Daniels! Kaz with a dropkick on Williams that sends him out to the floor. Kaz attempts to whip Daniels into the ropes but Daniels reverses it. Daniels goes for a clothesline but Kaz ducks and then hits a Springboard Back Elbow! Kaz follows up with a Springboard Guillotine Legdrop! 1...2...NO Daniels still kicks out! Kaz lifts Daniels up onto the top rope but Daniels pokes him in the eyes and then goes for the Angels Wings, but Williams dives off the top with a Flying Corkscrew European Uppercut on Daniels! Williams grabs Kaz and goes for Chaos Theory but as he went to lift Kaz up for the German Suplex part of the move Daniels snuck up behind him and rolled both Williams & Kaz up! 1...2...NO both kick out! Daniels grabs Williams and tosses him over the top to the floor and then grabs Kaz but Kaz nails him with an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick! Kaz then hits a Swinging Neckbreaker! 1...2...NO Daniels kicks out! Daniels pushes Kaz back into Williams who was up on the apron. Daniels then hits a Rock Bottom and then goes for the BME, but Kaz moves out of the way! Williams back in now and he grabs Daniels and pushes him into Kaz in the corner and then hits the Chaos Theory on Daniels! 1...2...3 and Williams retains! The X-Division is back boys!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Williams via pinfall (Chaos Theory)

After the match Shannon Moore jumps into the ring and attacks Williams! Moore hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover on Williams and then an Atomic Drop followed by a spinning heel kick! Williams bails out of the ring and Bischoff is back on the stage. Bischoff says that's how he likes it and then introduces Moore's opponent for Destination X...DOUG WILLIAMS! It's Moore vs. Williams for the belt at DX!

In the back Dixie Carter is with JB. Dixie says she is thrilled Sting just signed his contract and if he wants to mix it up tonight he better get ready because he's in a match! He'll find out who it is when everyone else finds out! Something tells me I mark out at his opponent.


TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Three Way Dance
Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. The Beautiful People w/Lacey Von Erich vs. Tara & Angelina Love

Tenay says that Kong and Hamada failed to defend their belts in 30 days so TNA stripped them of the belts. This is the first time we've seen Taylor & Sarita in quite some time as well. The gorgeous BP are wearing matching pink and black tights tonight. Angelina power walks right into the ring and goes after BP, but they bail out. That allows Taylor & Sarita to roll Tara & Angelina up! 1....NO they both kick out! It breaks down now and it's just Taylor and Tara in the ring. Taylor with a series of forearms on Tara and then a leg kick. Taylor whips Tara into the ropes and hits a spinng heel kick for a nearfall. Taylor goes for a hurricanrana but Tara blocks it and then flings Taylor over her shoulders backwards to the mat. Taylor is able to reach up and tag in Sarita. Tara goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and kicks Tara in the gut. Sarita then hits a Springboard Stunner on Tara and then comes off the ropes and connects with a Cross Body Block, but Velvet was able to blind tag Taylor as she hit the ropes. Velvet covers Tara and gets a nearfall. Velvet tags in Madison and they put the boots to Tara in the BP corner. Madison hits a snapmare takeover and then puts a knee into the back of Tara for another nearfall. Madison holds Tara so Velvet can slap her. Angelina tries to get into the ring and the referee has to hold her back which allows BP to come in and hit a Double Russian Legsweep on Tara! Madison gets a nearfall until Taylor & Sarita pull her off. Taylor and Sarita attempt to whip BP into the ropes but they reverse it and Lacey trips both of them from the outside as the referee was trying to hold Angelina back again. BP hit Stereo Sliding Dropkicks on Taylor & Sarita sending them to the outside. Angelina in now with clotheslines on BP and then the Botox Injection on Velvet but the referee makes her get out because there was no tag. Tara goes for the Widows Peak on Madison but Daffney comes out of nowhere and hits Tara with the Knockouts Title! Madison covers, 1...2...3!

Winners & NEW Knockouts Tag Champs: Velvet & Madison via pinfall

In the back Christy Hemme is with The Pope. Hemme says Pope will be going one-on-one with Desmond Wolfe. Pope says he would love to be the pendant that hangs from her chain and then he says Pope goes one-on-one with the Wolfman again. He says every dog has his day but Ruffi....Wolfe jumps Pope from behind! Wolfe has a big a** chain in his hand and he stomps the ankle of Pope and then twists on it. He pulls his shoe off and then grabs the chain and slams it into Pope's ankle! Wolfe tells Pope he can keep the chain and then walks off leaving Pope laying.

We see Sting walking down some stairs as Tenay & Taz wonder who his opponent is. Taz gives possibly a clue as he asks Tenay what he was doing at "4:20" this afternoon. Think about it people.


In the back JB is with the celebrating Beautiful People. JB says those belts look fantastic on them and Madison says they are finally Knockouts Tag Champs. Lacey asks if she is a champion too and Velvet says they couldn't have done it without her. Velvet says now it's time to celebrate BP style. JB brings in some champagne. Velvet pops the cork and says with them as champs things about to explode. Velvet then pours it over JB's head.

Back at the announce table Tenay and Taz discuss what went down with Sting earlier and show more replays of it. Tenay mentions that he has been around Sting for two decades and not even he saw that coming. They are really selling how Sting put his hands on Dixie and how that is not the Sting we've all come to know. Sting's music hits and it's time!

Sting stands in the ring for awhile as they are making us wait to find out who the opponent is. Some music hits and we hear "ROB VAN DAM...THE WHOLE F***IN SHOW" and the letters "RVD" on the screen as the fans and myself mark the hell out! ROB VAN DAM HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED!

"The Icon" Sting vs. "Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam

Sting waits for RVD to come out of the tunnel but RVD sneaks through the crowd and quickly climbs up to the top rope! RVD flies off the top and connects with a Flying Back Kick on Sting! RVD follows up with the Rolling Thunder! 1...2...3 and RVD wins!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (Rolling Thunder)

The fans are going freaking nuts! Sting attacks RVD with the bat after the match. Sting hits RVD in one of those educated legs and then whips him into the ropes and hits him with the bat. Sting leaves RVD laying in the ring. The fans chant "RVD" as Sting starts to come back to the ring apparently not satisfied with what he just did. RVD swings at Sting but he blocks it and then hits Sting with the bat again two more times. Sting hits RVD in the back with the bat and finally leaves again as the fans chant "you suck" at Sting. Sting shoves referees away on the ramp and then he hits one of the referees with the bat! Sting hits another referee with the bat and then he comes back to the ring yet again! RVD tries to meet him on the ramp but Sting blasts him with the bat again! Hogan's music hits! Hogan comes out and starts saying something to Sting until Bubba the Love Sponge comes out to get between Hogan and the ring. Sting gets back in the ring daring Hogan to come in. Sting hits RVD with the bat yet again! Sting hits RVD another time as Hogan tries to get through security with Sting just taunting him. Hogan finally gets close to the ring and Sting hits RVD again and then Sting hits Hogan with the bat as security was holding back! The fans are damn near riot-level with Sting right now. Security tries to help Hogan to the back and Sting walks up the ramp and lays out security and then Hogan with the bat! Sting has gone nuts. Tenay and Taz put over Sting's action as despicable again and ask why in the hell Sting is doing this.

Kevin Nash's music hits and Taz asks "now what?". Nash and Young make their way out to the ring with Nash holding some papers in his hand. Nash says for the last month no matter what they've done Hall and Pac have made their way into the arena. He says he talked to Hogan today and right now he holds a contract in his hand. That contract says that for one night and one night only Hall and Pac will be allowed into the Impact Zone for a match against he and Eric Young at Destination X! He says that he knows they are out there somewhere so they need to come out and accept the challenge.


Back from commercials Nash and Young are still waiting for Hall and Pac but during the break they showed a cut back scene of them walking into the arena. Nash calls Hall "Bad Guy" and Pac "X-Pac" and asks where they are. Taz says they may have stopped at the concession stand because they have the munchies. Hall and Pac finally make their way through the crowd as security gets into the ring to hold Nash and Young back in case something happens. Hall and Pac get into the ring and Hall has a microphone. Hall gets in Nash's face and says "Hey Yo!" and he says that 2/3 of the legendary Wolfpac are in the building. Hall calls Nash "big sellout" and then calls him Hogan's stooge. Hall says in case Nash didn't see what Sting did to Hogan, Hogan isn't running nothing right now. Hall says he and Pac decided they want in on TNA because it's starting to get cool. He says that he isn't the smartest and he runs with a guy that definitely isn't the smartest (Pac) but they do have lawyers. Hall says that if he and Pac take the match and win it then they get official contracts to be in TNA. Nash says they can have the match but not contracts but Hall cuts him off and asks "Easy-E" if he wants in on this. Bischoff shows up on the screen and says if he and Pac beat Young & Nash they get contracts! Bischoff says if they don't win then Pac and Hall do not come back to TNA in anyway. Hall and Pac agree to it. Nash says 'I'll see you at the PPV' and then shakes Hall's hand. Young offers Pac a handshake but Pac slaps the ever loving taste right out of Young's mouth! Young jumps on Pac and the brawl is on! Security pulls them apart and Bischoff says he's sick and tired of paying security to keep them out of the building so they'll do it a little different tonight. He tells security to get Hall and Nash from ringside but tells Young he has a 'license to kill' and he can 'slap that punk upside his b*tch head!' Pac vs. Young right now!

"Showtime" Eric Young vs. Syxx-Pac

Young jumps on Pac as the bell rings and starts throwing right after right at him! Pac comes right back with a right of his own in the corner and then follows up with a Spinning Back Kick! Pac whips Young into the opposite corner but Young bounces right out with a clothesline on Pac! Young with a back elbow and then a clothesline to Pac! Young whips Pac into the ropes and hits a backdrop! Young slams Pac's head into the mat repeatedly and then he goes for a Scoop Slam, but Pac blocks it and nails him with a spinning heel kick! Pac throws Young into the corner and goes for the Bronco Buster, but Young moves and Pac is crotched in the corner! Young hits the Piledriver! 1...2...3 and Young gets the win!

Winner: Young via pinfall (Piledriver)

In the back a Hummer drives up with "US Army" on it and a bunch of service men get out.


The army men walk out to the ring and stand along the ramp as Kurt Angle's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Kurt Angle gets in the ring and the soldiers surround the ring. Angle says as you can see he brought some of his friends out with him. Angle tells Mr. Anderson that these are the men and women that fight for our country, the fans are eating it up. Angle says that these are the men and women that choose to leave their families behind to stand up for what we believe in. Angle says they are willing to stand up and fight for and die for people like he and Mr. Anderson. Angle says these are the men and women that 2 weeks ago Anderson spit on when he spit on the dog tags. Angle says he had an epiphany and he says winning an Olympic Gold Medal is nothing compared to what the soldiers do for our country. Angle says as a proud American it is his duty to protect and serve those soldiers when "b*tches" like Anderson degrade them. Angle says if there is one thing he's learned over the past year is that you don't mess with an American soldier. Angle says Anderson will find out why when 'this warrior kicks your a** up and down the Impact Zone'. Anderson interrupts him and begs Angle to stop his grand standing. He says this thing isn't about Angle or the 'high school dropouts' standing out there with him. Angle leaves the ring as he's talking. He says it's about him, Angle, and this little international object as he holds up the dog tags, but before he can continue Angle comes out of nowhere and blasts him! Angle hits a European Uppercut on Anderson and then beats him back towards the ring. He throws Anderson into the ring but Anderson nails him with the dog tag wrapped around his hand! Anderson starts to leave the ring but a bunch of the soldiers are standing in his way! Angle grabs him and tosses him back into the ring. Angle lays out Anderson and then tosses him out to the floor where the soldiers jump on him! They toss Anderson back into the ring and then Angle tosses him out to the other side and those soldiers beat on him. The soldiers toss him back into the ring and he tosses Anderson back out! The soldiers beat on him some more and then toss him back into the ring where Angle hits the Angle Slam! Angle grabs an American flag from the soldiers and then spits on Anderson as he holds the flag up over Anderson. The soldiers then climb in the ring and lift Angle up on his shoulders as he raises the flag!


Back from commercials Bubba the Love Sponge is talking with Hogan. He's trying to talk some sense into Hogan. Hogan says he didn't even want to go out there but he had to and he has to go back out. Earl Hebner charges in and asks Hogan for a second chance. Hogan says he has so much on his hands tonight and Bubba says everybody gets a second chance. He says Earl deserves a second chance. Hogan says Earl can help him. Hogan tells Bubba not to get in his business and then tells Earl that if Hogan can't continue and it gets out of control he has to stop the match. Earl promises he will and then leaves the room.

Taz and Tenay reveal the card for DX which will feature GM vs. the Guns in Ultimate X with a shot at the Tag Titles on the line, Syxx Pac & Hall vs. Nash & Young, Anderson vs. Angle, AJ Styles vs. Abyss for the World Title!

Jeff Jarrett is with Foley in the back and he approaches James Storm. He asks Storm if Bischoff forced 'them' into 'the' match tonight. Storm says nobody forces him to do anything and they volunteered for it. Jarrett asks if Storm forgot how he handpicked Storm to be in TNA and that Storm even trained in Jarrett's dad's backyard! Storm says he's right but it's about what can you do for me right now and Jeff hasn't done jack squat right now. Storm starts to say his 'sorry about yo damn luck' line but Jeff punches him in the mouth! Roode comes from behind and jumps Jarrett and Beer Money beat on him. Foley comes from behind and tells them to take it to the ring.


Handicap Match
Special Referee: Mick Foley
Beer Money Inc. vs. Jeff Jarrett

Back from commercials Beer Money are beating Jarrett down at ringside. Storm tosses Jarrett into the ring and Roode throws Jarrett into the top turnbuckle and then Beer Money continue the beatdown. Beer Money whips Jarrett into the corner and then Roode whips Storm at Jeff, but Jeff gets a boot up. Jarrett follows up with a clothesline on Roode and then hits a drop toe hold on Storm draping him over the top rope. Jeff charges at Storm but eats a Spinebuster from Roode. Roode then catapults Jeff right into a Spide DDT from Storm! That was nasty! Beer Money are really heeling it up right now as they punch Jarrett back and forth between each other. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Jarrett. Storm grabs his beer as Roode holds Jarrett and goes to spit the beer in Jarrett's face, but Jeff ducks! Jarrett lays out Storm and then he whips Roode into the ropes and hits a backdrop! Jarrett clotheslines Roode and then clotheslines him over the top! Storm charges at Jarrett but he gets backdropped over the top to the floor by Jarrett! Jarrett goes out to the floor and grabs Beer Money and slams their heads together! Jarrett tosses Roode into the ring and then throws Storm into the guardrail. Jarrett starts to climb back in the ring but Storm grabs his foot and Roode knocks him off the apron right into the guardrail! Foley reaches under the ring and pulls out the barbed wire bat and hands it to Jarrett! Jarrett slides back in the ring and goes to hit Roode with it but Slick Johnson comes in and pulls it away. Foley chases Slick out of the ring and Roode nails Jarrett with a low blow. Beer Money follows it up with the DWI! 1...2...3 and Beer Money get the pin.

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI)

Storm screams "we did our job, you better be watching" into the camera.

In the back Hogan and Abyss are talking back and forth. Brooke walks into the room crying (she is a horrible actress). Hogan tells her he has to go out there and says Abyss has his back. Brooke asks him to promise him one thing and that this is the last time. Hogan says this will be the last time.


Main Event
No DQ Tag Team Match
"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles & "Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan & "The Monster" Abyss

Well, I guess this is round 2! This time Flair and AJ come out to Flair's music (they came out to AJ's the first time). Tenay says that Spike TV gave them permission to go as long as this match takes. My TiVo says we have 8 minutes left after 10 (11 eastern) so we'll see if it goes over that or not. Tenay says this will be the final commercial break of the night.


Back from commercials Flair and Hogan are starting this match off with AJ and Abyss and getting the fans pumped up. Hogan and Flair lockup and Hogan forces Flair into the corner, but Flair turns it around and lights Hogan up with chops and rights and lefts. Flair attempts to whip Hogan into the corner but Hogan reverses it and then hits a backdrop! Hogan with right hands on Flair in the corner and Flair bails out to the floor. Hogan follows wipes his bandanna on Flair and then throws him into the guardrail. Hogan chokes Flair with the bandanna and Flair is already busted open as Hogan bites him! Hogan rakes at Flair's head and then throws punch after punch as Hebner tries to get them back in the ring. Flair comes back with some big chops, but no affect on Hogan! Hogan answers with chops of his own and then he actually pokes Flair in the eyes! Hogan tosses Flair into the guardrail and then follows up with more rights! Flair is up on the ramp and Abyss follows him and lays into him with big rights. Abyss tosses Flair back into the ring as Hogan takes of the weightlifting belt! Hogan whips Flair with the belt and then puts the boots to him. Hogan stands on Flair's throat and then he tries to lift Flair up but Flair hits a lowblow! AJ tags in and puts the boots to Hogan! AJ grabs Hogan's leg and elbow drops the knee. AJ throws right after right at Hogan and then kicks him out of the ring where he follows. AJ screams at Brooke to sit down and shutup and then throws an elbow at Hogan. AJ throws Hogan into the ringpost! AJ pulls the bandage off Hogan's forehead and punches away at it. AJ tosses Hogan back in the ring and now Flair returns to the match. Flair puts the boots to Hogan and then flings blood at Abyss. Seriously, if you are squeamish do not watch this match. Flair is disgustingly bloody right now. Flair drops a knee on the groin of Hogan again and continues the beatdown in the corner. AJ tags back in and spits on his hand and then punches Hogan. AJ with more right hands and Hogan's cut is opened back up. Flair tags back in again and lights Hogan up with chops. Flair hits a snapmare that didn't work out to well (Hogan cant do much of a flip at this point). Flair climbs up top and usually that spells trouble for Naitch. It does here! Hogan back up and he press slams Flair off the top! Hogan is able to tag Abyss back in as Flair tags AJ in! Abyss with huge rights to AJ and Flair. He grabs both AJ and Flair for a Double Chokeslam but they both kick Abyss in the gut. AJ and Flair whip Abyss into the ropes and then they go for a double clothesline, but Abyss shrugs it off and hits a Double Clothesline on them! Abyss with a Corner Splash on AJ and then one for Flair. Abyss grabs AJ and hits the Chokeslam and then hits one on Flair! Flair rolls out to the floor as Abyss holds up the Hall of Fame ring. AJ comes back on Abyss with right hands as Flair and Hogan brawl on the outside. Abyss backdrops AJ over the top to the apron but AJ lands on his feet and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1...2...NO Abyss kicks out! Flair and Hogan brawl into the ring now as Abyss is 'hulking up' in the ring. Hulk is 'hulking up' now as Flair chops and he and Abyss both point at Flair and AJ and do the 'YOU' taunt. They lay into AJ and AFlair. Big Boot from Abyss on AJ and then Hogan with one on Flair. Hogan with right hands on AJ now in the corner and then Hogan whips AJ into a Blackhole Slam on Abyss! 1...2...3 and Abyss and Hogan get the win.

Winners: Hogan and Abyss via pinfall (Blackhole Slam)

After the match Desmond Wolfe comes into the ring with a chair and lays Abyss out with it but Hogan blocks it only to get clipped by Flair from behind. AJ, Flair, and Ayss beat on Hogan and Abyss. Pope runs out and jumps Wolfe! Pope lays out AJ and then Flair! Pope is taking everybody out until AJ hits a chop block on Pope! Jeff Hardy's music hits! Hardy runs out and hits the ring! Hardy is taking everybody out! Front Suplex on Wolfe and then the Twist of Fate on AJ! Hardy climbs to the top and we actually cut off before the Swanton! Looks like TNA ran out of time. That match actually went 13 minutes over the usual 10:00 end time.

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a wild night! TNA really lived up to it?s name tonight as it was ?Total Nonstop Action? all night long. I can already hear certain people taking a complete dump on it (not surprisingly) but I loved damn near every minute of it. I have only a few concerns that I will get to right off the bat before we get into the good. First off, can TNA continue on like this without surprises every week? Secondly, I think they kind of overshadowed Rob Van Dam by not doing anything with him later on in the show. Whether it was saying something quick in the back or what, they needed to follow it up. Abyss came off cheesy yet again as did all the backstage stuff with Hogan. Now to the rest of the show?

I fully expected RVD to show up right off the bat so they caught me off guard by having the Main Event to start the show. Great way to start as they kind of teased us with the match and then the incredible turn by Sting. That was just so damn awesome. I did not expect that whatsoever and all last year all we heard when Sting was attempting to go heel? There is no way the fans will boo him no matter what, well TNA damn sure did it tonight. Have Sting jump arguably the most popular wrestler in the history of Pro Wrestling and then later on the thing with RVD? Just perfect and Sting sold it so well with the stuff afterward with Dixie too. Hogan bled right off the bat and they didn?t make us wait by saying they would continue the match later with the No DQ stipulation (I didn?t expect for it to be restarted).

Moving on, the X-Division got some great shine tonight. The in-ring promo was nicely done by all three guys and then the match was absolutely fantastic. They have GOT to continue this and not just do it every now and then. If they want to bring this X-Division back completely this is the way to do it. Putting Shannon Moore right into the thick of things is a great way to start too.

Solid TV match for the Knockouts and the Beautiful People finally got the straps. I hope this leads to a match with Sarita & Taylor. Those two are the most talented team in TNA right now (for the Knockouts) and it?s a shame they haven?t gotten any TV time lately. Same goes for Hamada too. It was cool to see them showing BP celebrate as well.

The setup with Sting and RVD was great. This really put RVD in a great place right off the bat and gave him a great quick win early, but doesn?t hurt Sting either as he ?wasn?t ready? and he put the beat down on RVD afterward as well. The beatdown doesn?t hurt RVD either and the fans were loving RVD the whole time. Sting?s heel turn has started out fantastically but they have to follow it up. Same with RVD, they have to have something for him quickly.

Hall/Pac-Nash/Young was okay and I?m glad they finally made the match official. Also, it was good to see Pac wrestling on TV. Now we just need him in a real match not a 2 minute quickie. Everyone knows that it will be him and Young carrying that match at the PPV. They don?t need Pac going into that match with very little ring time in the last several months.

The Kurt Angle-Mr. Anderson showdown was unbelievable. I absolutely loved the dynamic with the troops. It really added to it. Just great stuff there and Anderson was witty as well with his line and it was cool to see the troops getting in on the action as well.

The Handicap Match was obviously nothing special (I hate Handicap Matches) but it continues Jarrett?s punishment but the biggest thing was seeing Beer Money turn heel. There isn?t enough heel tag teams anyway in TNA and this could possibly set up them joining the potential AJ-Flair group with this turn. Should be cool to see where they go from here.

The Main Event was an awesomely fun old school style brawl. Flair bled scary amounts of blood in that match. I think the biggest thing was that neither AJ nor Abyss were ?buried? as I heard continuously over the past couple of weeks that was supposedly ?guaranteed? to happen. Hogan nor Flair got the pin and hell AJ even beat Hogan up and down the Impact Zone in that match. Abyss goes over leading into his match with AJ at the PPV which Abyss needs more than AJ at this point. Hogan looks good and now he can go on without wrestling anymore (hopefully). Flair was able to work pretty well in this one too and there was really only one bad spot in the match when Flair attempted to give Hogan the snapmare. Also, a hot finish to the show with Wolfe, Pope, and then Hardy capping things off. Just too bad that the Swanton got cut off, I?m guessing they ran out of time or possibly it was to leave us hanging. Did Hardy hit it or did the heels come back? Hopefully Hardy isn?t gone for another 2 months after this though.

Overall just an awesome show, really fun. Fast paced for the most part but they really slowed the pace down to emphasise the heel turn from Sting (which was great) as well as BP celebrating their title win.

-Promo/Segment of the Night: Anderson/Angle/U.S. troops
-Match of the Night: Kaz vs. Daniels vs. Williams (***)
-Overall Grade: A

Nothing announced next week except for Hardy, RVD, Sting, AJ, Angle, Flair, Pope, Hogan, etc. announced for the show.

Destination X Lineup
- TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Abyss
- TNA Tag Titles: Morgan & Hernandez (c) vs. Beer Money Inc.
- Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle
- TNA X-Division Title: Doug Williams (c) vs. Shannon Moore
- Eric Young & Kevin Nash vs. The Band
- Ultimate X: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me