ECW on Sci Fi Results - 3/20/07 - Cleveland, OH (Lashley and Masters)

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On Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 11:13 PM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
March 20, 2007
Cleveland, OH
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Reported By: Hunter Golden of

A video aired recapping ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley’s breaking of the Master Lock last night on Raw.

Chris Masters cut a short promo telling us that he’d be breaking Lashley in half later tonight.

Rob Van Dam & Sabu v. Marcus Cor Von & Kevin Thorn (w/ Melina)

RVD hit a go behind only for Thorn to crack him with a boot to the gut and a punch in the face. RVD caught Thorn looking for a backdrop and planted a few feet in his face before whipping him to the buckles and tagging in Sabu, who hit his squash.

The two hit their double leg drop and Sabu went for a cover. Sabu hit a drop kick to the legs and then another leg drop for another quick cover. RVD tagged back in and whipped Thorne but it was reversed. Thorne almost caught him in a power slam, before RVD wiggled out and went for a wheel kick but ended up crotched on the top rope. Cor Von came out of nowhere and hit him with a clothesline, sending the former champion clattering to the outside.

Cor Von tagged into the match and tossed RVD into the ring and hit a double back breaker and got a quick cover. Kevin Thorn hit a follow up avalanche in the corner. RVD fell to the mat before Thorn gathered him and slapped on a rear chin lock. Cor Von tagged back into the match and after knocking Sabu off the apron, slapped on a rear chin lock of his own. RVD fought to hit feet and after a nasty kick to Cor Von’s head, was able to break free and tag his partner.

Sabu cleaned house before hitting a sling shot leg lariat for a two count. Sabu hit a grizzly looking implant Tornado DDT and almost got the cover but Thorn broke it up. RVD took Thorn to the outside with a hurricanranna, Thorn tried to desperately interfere, but Sabu knocked him off the apron. However, Cor Von came flying off the ropes with a Pounce and mauled Sabu sending him careening across the ring. Cor Von scrambled for the cover and got the three count.

Winners: The New Breed via pin fall

A promo video aired for Snitsky.


Snitsky v. Mike Fuller

Snitsky backed up Captain jobber before tossing him hard into the buckles and killing him with a boot to the face. Just like that, this one’s over.

Winner: Snitsky via pin fall

We’ve got a new inductee to the Hall of Fame: It’s The SHEIK!


CM Punk v. Hardcore Holly

The two circled it up before Holly grabbed a side headlock. Holly was tossed into the ropes and hit a shoulder block. The two went into a cut little move exchange thingy before CM Punk slapped on an arm bar. Elijah Burke popped up on the scene looking like he was recruiting Punk.

Punk kept up the pressure, hitting some punches to the face on Holly in the corner. Punk got distracted by Burke’s presence and got hung up on the top rope. Holly put the boots to Punker, before the Hardcore one decided to choke him out on the ropes. Holly bullied Punk to the corner and hit some chops before choking out Punk on the middle rope.

Punk fought back with some forearms before eating a boot on a back body drop attempt. Holly connected with a lariat and got himself a two count. Holly slapped on the good old rear chin lock and let the crowd cheer Punk to his feet. Punk broke the hold but quickly ate a back elbow to the face for a two count.

Holly continued to put the heavy lumber to Punk’s head, clubbing away in the corner before whipping him to the opposite buckles. Punk got a foot up on the charge and hit some lariats before hitting a knee to the face for a two count. Punk hit his stiff knee in the corner before looking for his usual bulldog. Holy fought out and went for the Alabama Slam, but Punk held on only for Holly to boot him in he junk.

Holly went for a super plex on the second rope. Punk shoved Holly off the ropes before hitting a top rope leg drop. Burke got up on the apron and said something to the ref while Thorne jumped in behind the ref’s back and did something to Holly. Punk hit Go 2 Sleep shortly thereafter and got the cover for the win. Punk looked a little skeptical about the assistance.

Winner: CM Punk via pin fall


CM Punk was with Elijah Burke and told him he didn’t need anyone’s help. Burke said the New Bred looked after their own. He told him to keep thinking about it.

The Extreme Expose aired an no one cared.


Tommy Dreamer (w/ The Sandman) v. Elijah Burke (w/ Matt Striker)

Burke came right at Dreamer with some clubbing blows before Dreamer got the better of him with a hip toss. Burke rolled to the outside but Dreamer followed him out and beat him around for a little while. There was a brief struggle on the apron before Burke ran Dreamer into the ring post before taking him back into the ring and slapping on a top wrist lock.

Dreamer fought out and hit a modified neck breaker. The two traded blows in the middle of the ring before Dreamer got the better and hit a fallaway slam on Burke. Burke was tied upside down and Dreamer hit his running dropkick to the face before posing for the fans. Dreamer went for the DDT, but Burke held onto the top rope. Dreamer stumbled into the corner and got nailed with the Elijah Express. Elijah made the cover for the win.

Winner: Elijah Burke via pin fall

A video aired of the Master Lock being broken last night on Raw.


Bobby Lashley v. Chris Masters

The two circled it up and locked horns. The two broke it off before going at it again. Masters grabbed a side headlock before Lashley hit a shoulder block. Lashley hit a clothesline before backing Masters into the corner. Masters fought back with some hands of his own until Lashley reversed it again. Lashley hit a back body drop before dumping Masters to the floor with a lariat.

Lashley went for the running clothesline on the outside but Masters avoided it and slammed him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Masters hit a nice delayed vertical suplex before signaling for the end. Masters went for the Master lock but Lashley countered into a half nelson slam. Lashley hit some clotheslines before hitting a running power slam.

Masters got himself suplexed and was whipped to the buckles before eating an avalanche. Lashley loaded Masters up and hit the running power slam for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pin fall

ECW Weekly Round-Up

Quick Results
Marcus Cor Von & Kevin Thorne def. RVD & Sabu
Snitsky def. Mike Fuller
CM Punk def. Hardcore Holly
Elijah Burke def. Tommy Dreamer
Lashley def. Chris Masters

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Bobby Lashley
2. CM Punk
3. Rob Van Dam & Sabu

Most Heat
1. Elijah Burke
2. Chris Masters
3. Hardcore Holly

Match of the Night: CM Punk-Hardcore Holly *3/4

Show Review— I feel like after watching WWE last night with Raw and then again tonight with ECW, like they’re running out of ideas with a lot of these feuds. They’re just sort of going along with the flow of thing and sliding to Wrestlemania. Even the Lashley-Umaga thing seems much more about getting Lashley over at this point than anything /*.

The only thing really interesting is the CM Punk-New Breed stuff. I’m most definitely smelling a heel turn at the very least at Wrestlemania. Seeing as Mick Foley is going to be involved in the match in some way, don’t be surprised to maybe see Punk or whomever the next big heel in ECW is going to be, to feud with Foley first to get them over. I’m betting it’ll be Punk.

Right now these shows just seem to be ‘there’ and they’re stalling until Mania hits and they can really pull the trigger on some actual story lines. At least the show has some direction at this point though.