ECW on Sci Fi Results - 8/21/07 - Columbia, SC (Big Tag main event...)

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On Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 11:44 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi
August 21, 2007
Columbia, SC
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
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ECW General Manager Armando Estrada was in the ring amidst a pile of weapons. Estrada said he wasn’t one to toot his own horn, but he had done it again and put together one heck of a first match that’ll be extreme rules.

Extreme Rules
Big Daddy V v. Tommy Dreamer

The two started going at it right in the middle of the ring. Dreamer got stupid and tried to body slam the big man and of course, V went nowhere and just clubbed him to the canvas.

Dreamer grabbed a Singapore cane and swatted at V, but V caught it and broke it in half after bonking Dreamer on the head with it. V body slammed Dreamer before tossing him like a lawn dart into a shopping cart waiting in the corner. He went for an avalanche, but Dreamer got out of dodge just in the nick of time.

Dreamer tried to gather a table in the bought time, but V quickly recovered and began hammering away at Dreamer before tossing him back into the ring. V hit a diving head butt before taking the table Dreamer put in the ring and set it up.

Dreamer fought back by nailing V in the head with a garbage can. V completely no sold it, gave a fierce roar to Dreamer and blew the table to bits, hitting his fall away slam on Dreamer for the win.

Winner: Big Daddy V via pin fall

Vince and Coach are walking around the back seemingly headed to the ring.


A video putting over CM Punk aired.

Vince was with Coach and asked him if his bastard son was an ECW star. Coach said there was a time in a bathroom in NYC. Coach called in a guy and it turned out to be Balls Mahoney. Balls kept on trying to get Vince to accept “his Balls”. Vince yelled “I have no BALLS!” and Balls laughed a bit before wandering off. Vince doesn’t seem too pleased.


Elijah Burke v. Balls Mahoney

The two circled it up before locking horns and trading off headlocks. Elijah ate a shoulder block much to the crowd’s pleasure. Balls seems to be really over with the crowd.

Balls grabbed a go-behind but it was quickly broken as Burke backed him up into the ropes. Burke reversed the hold into an arm bar, but his advantage was short lived and Mahoney countered with a hammer lock and a nice takedown into a full-out arm bar.

Burke yanked Balls to the mat and landed some kicks to the mid section before cranking up the arm again and whipping Balls into the ropes. Balls caught him coming back with the Balls punches, but Burke was able to block and hit an upper cut before tossing Mahoney into the ring post.

After being admonished by the ref for attempting to use his towel to choke Balls, he slid out to the outside of the ring and nailed Mahoney’s legs off the ring post. Burke followed up with his catapult elbow drop before going right back to the arm bar.

Balls used the crowd to rally him back into the match and enabled him to break the hold, but Burke quickly yanked him back to the mat via his hair. Burke went for a cover attempt only for Balls to kick out at two. Burke was biting away at Balls’ arm before hitting a charging European uppercut to Mahoney’s back for another near fall.

Burke continued to yank away at the arm as the crowd again rallied behind Balls. Burke scoop slammed Balls and seemingly hurt his back a little bit on the move. He took too much time to drop and elbow but Balls couldn’t capitalize either, as he missed HIS elbow drop attempt.

Balls grabbed a small package for a two count only for Burke to regain the initiative. Burke charged him only to eat a few clotheslines and the Balls punches. Balls hit his sit out power bomb for a great near fall but Burke kicked out.

Burke caught Balls in the mid section before missing splash attempt in the corner. Mahoney rolled him up for the three count in a great match.

Winner: Balls Mahoney via pin fall

A really awesome promo video for ECW World Champion John Morrison aired.

While Punk and Morrison will clash on Sunday, they’ll be in a tag main event tonight as CM Punk teams up with Boogeyman to take on Morrison and the Miz.


Balls ran across the Miz and the extreme expose Girls. Miz made fun of Balls for thinking he was even close to being a McMahon. He did admit though, it’d probably be the only way Balls would get a date with Kelly Kelly. Miz walked off while Balls had a nice little exchange with Kelly Kelly.

A video aired of Stevie Richard’s win over Kevin Thorn last night. Thorn was in the back ready to cut a promo before Richards returned the favor of a couple weeks ago and attacked Thorn. The two brawled around the backstage area before the officials broke them up.

Tazz and Joey Styles ran down the Summerslam card.


Coach was with Vince and introduced him to CM Punk. He said there wasn’t any way that Punk could be his kid being all straight edge and all. Punk laughed along with him before getting a nasty quip in about having dirty, unprotected sex with some money grubbing skank who files a paternity suit against him and makes him a living, breathing national public disgrace. Punk then walked off as Vince was fuming.


CM Punk & The Boogeyman v. John Morrison & The Miz

Miz and Punk started things off before Punk just started killing him with kicks to the side before tagging in Boogey. Boogey just took worms out and started chasing him before coming across the Expose girls and just chucking them in their faces. Boogey danced around the ring before we went to commercial.


We came back to Punker and Morrison going at it in the ring. Punk hit a big wheel kick before tagging Boogeyman back in. He cornered Morrison, who spat all over the shaman of sexy. Morrison ducked under a clothesline attempt and cold cocked Boogs with a kick to the head.

Morrison did his Rick Rude impression before Boogey grabbed him by the throat and slammed him to the mat for a one count. Morrison hung onto the top rope as Boogey tried to drag him out of the corner. It was to no avail though as Morrison was completely flipped head over heels onto his face.

Morrison fell into Miz who reluctantly came in to the ring. Boogey manhandled him before tagging in Punk who completely killed Miz with an enzeguiri. Punk toyed with Miz and worked him into the corner where he had a whip reversed but was able to fend off the charge. Punk waited for Miz to get to his feet, but Morrison charged across the apron and tossed Punk to the outside out of nowhere.

The Miz was able to maintain the advantage thanks to the help of his partner and worked a two count out before tagging in the champion. Morrison locked on a cravat. Before looking for a suplex. Punk rolled up Morrison for a two count only to get plowed over with a Morrison forearm for a two count.

Morrison tagged in Miz and Miz promptly hit a big forearm to Punk’s head for a two count. Miz slapped on an arm bar, trying to wear out the more experienced Punk. Punk fought out of the hold only to eat a drop kick for another near fall. Miz clubbed away on Punk before catapulting him into Morrison who hit a stiff forearm and a sling shot elbow for a two count.

Morrison mounted Punk and hammered away at his head before hitting a clothesline for yet another two count. Punk fought out of a headlock but BARELY missed the hot tag. Miz tagged in and dropped an elbow or six on Punk’s back before looking for the pin. Punk kicked out and Miz again tagged in Morrison who hit a face buster before slapping on that dreaded rear chin lock yet again.

Punk used the crowd to rally him enough to break the hold but Morrison bullied him to the corner and looked for a big move off the top rope. Punk fought back and hit a flipping power bomb, sending Morrison hard into the mat.

Punk was almost able to hit Boogey with a hot tag but Miz knocked him off the apron. Punk held the two heels at bay before everything went cablooey. Punk hit a tope after Morrison sent Boogey crashing into the steps. Punk sprung to his feet and hit the springboard lariat on Miz for a two count. Punk loaded up the Go 2 Sleep and nailed it, but Morrison sneaked into the ring and tagged Miz while on Punk’s shoulders. Punk turned right around into an enzeguiri and the swinging neck breaker. That’s all she wrote.

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz via pin fall

After the match, Morrison celebrated with his title belt as we went off the air.

ECW Round Up

Show Thoughts-- I was really pleased with ECW as a whole this week as it really seems to be finally forging an identity of it’s own as a brand by really developing some fun characters. The ring action tonight was pretty f-in solid and sure, nothing was really MOTY stuff, but every match was fun.

Big Daddy V-Dreamer was basically a more elaborate squash match but had a few fun spots and they continue to make V look really, really, really strong. For some reason it looks like Punk’s winning the title this Sunday so I’ll venture a guess that this guy is probably going to be his first feud.

I’ve felt for a while that Balls Mahoney is easily the most under-utilized and under-appreciated guy on the ECW brand’s roster. When the brand popped up last year, I felt Balls was going to be one of those guys who would actually do well in the WWE as he’s very good on the mic, a good actor and entirely passable in the ring. It’s nice to see them using him better now. I think he can be a really strong anchor in the mid card on this show. The match with Burke was surprisingly good, even through the crowd went weird-o for most of it.

Morrison-Punk has been built up well enough, but I can’t help but think Punk’s a shoe-in to win the title this Sunday. While it’s probably the right move and Punk’s probably the right guy to carry the brand right now, I can’t help but feel like Morrison could’ve had a better reign had creative really committed to him for longer than two months. It does leave the door open for something better down the road though.

The tag main event was a TON of fun. While Boogey doesn’t bring much to the ring, he’s been a gas to watch in ECW. Excellent use of the Miz as well. I think he’s REALLY rough around the edges but working in there with the main event guys on the brand can do him a lot of good. He looked really great as the stooge to Morrison. Taking guys and establishing them as up and coming makes the main event guys look like a big deal and for the first time ever, four guys didn’t just seem completely thrown together. I <3 structure.

Overall, another solid edition of ECW, which is becoming the best wrestling show on TV if you’re just into straight action. They’re beginning to really develop some characters on the brand as well, giving it it’s own unique flavor.

Overall Grade: B-

Quick Results
Big Daddy V def. Tommy Dreamer
Balls Mahoney def. Elijah Burke
John Morrison & The Miz def. CM Punk & The Boogeyman

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Balls Mahoney
2. CM Punk

Most Heat
1. John Morrison
2. Big Daddy V

Match of the night: Morrison/Miz-Punk/Boogeyman **1/2

ECW Power Rankings

5 Points= Title Win
4 Points= World Title defense/win
3 Points= Singles PPV Win
2 Points= Tag PPV Win
2 Points= TV Singles Win
1 Point= TV Tag Win
0 Points= Loss

ECW World Champion: John Morrison 8-4, 19pts. (Last Week: ECW World Champion)-- Fairly solid stuff tonight from Morrison, who really kept the tag match going. I have a feeling he’ll be a little lower come next week unfortunately.

1. Big Daddy V 5-1, 12pts. (Last Week: 1)-- I think V is the defacto #1 contender right now. The winner of Punk-Morrison gets him. Another strong squash performance, but I’m beginning to want to see him in something longer than five minutes.

2. CM Punk 9-4, 15 pts. (Last Week: 2) -- Punk was all over the tag match tonight and really was the glue that kept everything together. He was the high spots and pretty much everything. He’s looking primed to win the belt on Sunday.

3. Stevie Richards 3-1. 6pts (Last Week: 3) -- Richards didn’t have any action this week, so there’s no reason to drop him or raise him.

4. The Boogeyman 5-1, 9pts. (Last Week: 4) -- Honestly, a win and a loss in two high profile matches is a net gain of zero, but it’s also a net loss of zero. Thanks to some strong performances on the stick I see no reason to raise him or drop him. Boog stays put for the week.

5. The Miz 5-1 9pts. (Last Week: 5)-- Miz looked strong tonight. He’s got a long ways to go, but the gimmick is beginning to stick more with me and the record’s too good to keep out of the top five.

Balls Mahoney 1-2, 2 pts (Last Week: NR)
Elijah Burke 2-7, 4 pts (Last Week: NR)
Tommy Dreamer 2-7, 3 pts.(Last Week: NR)
Matt Striker 0-1, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Mike Knox 0-0, 0 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Rob Van Dam 0-0, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Nunzio 0-3, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Marcus Cor Von 0-2, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Kevin Thorne 2-2, 4 pts. (Last Week: NR)