ECW on Sci Fi Results - 11/6/07 - Bakersfield, CA (Morrison and Punk)

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On Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 11:25 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi
November 6, 2007
Bakersfield, CA
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
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A video putting over the CM Punk-John Morrison feud aired to kick things off.

The opening credits rolled and here we go….

Kane’s music hit and he came out to the ring.

Kane v. Mark Henry

Kane came out throwing punches but couldn’t manage a whip. Henry countered with one of his own before clubbing Kane across the back. Kane fought back with some big punches of his own before Henry caught him coming off the ropes and power slamed him hard to the mat.

Henry kept up the pressure, delivering a body slam to Kane before gathering him and choking him out in the corner. Kane fought back with a kick to the gut and followed up with some back elbows. The momentum didn’t carry to much though, as Henry cut him off with a right hand, an Irish whip to the corner and a big avalanche.

Henry looked for the bear hug but Kane came powering back with some uppercuts. Henry whipped Kane again and again, looked for the avalanche but Kane got the boot up. Kane hit his top rope clothesline and hit a pair of running clotheslines in the corner.

Kane wiggled out of a power slam attempt and went for the choke slam, but Henry cut him off and floored him with a body tackle. Henry grabbed a chair and thanks to Henry ignoring him, DQ’d him.

Winner: Kane via DQ

Henry didn’t seem to care all that much that he lost and proved it with a world’s strongest slam onto a steel chair.


Jamie Noble v. Nunzio

The two locked it up and Noble was able to grab a go-behind. The two exchanged counters on the mat before Nunzio grabbed a go behind of his own only to end up in a hammer lock. Nunzio counters and Noble cheats.

Noble dropped a knee on Nunzio’s head before whipping him to the buckles. Nunzio looked for a charge out of the corner but got power slammed for a two count. Noble kept up the pressure and eventually slapped on a rear chin lock in an attempt to wear down the Italian spit-fire.

Noble stomped away on Nunzio before going right back to the chin lock. Nunzio attempted to free himself of the hold but got cut off. Noble whipped him but ate a boot to the gut and a Sicilian slice for a two count.

Noble fought right back and chopped Nunzio off the buckles before laying him out with a back breaker before hitting a Roderick Strong-like gut buster for the win.

Winner: Jamie Noble via pin fall

A John Morrison promo video aired.


Kelly v. Layla

Before the match started up, The Miz interjected himself. He said he told Kelly he’d make her life miserable and tonight, he thought he was doing a pretty good job of it.

The bell rang and Layla booted her square in the gut before powering her down to the mat. Kelly fought back with a forearm but ate some more kicks to the gut and got tossed by the hair clean across the ring.

Layla leapt on top of her and began raining down punches on her face which caused a ref stoppage.

Winner: Layla via clubberin’

Balls ran in and made the save and he and Miz exchanged words.

A CM Punk promo video aired.


Elijah Burke v. Shannon Moore

The two locked it up and Burke easily backed him into the ropes and flattened him with a right hand. Moore fought back with some stinger kicks before hitting a top rope hurricanranna for a two count.

Burke tried to buy himself some time leaning out of the ropes before whipping Moore and hitting four knuckles upside the head on the run. Burke hit a splash on the second rope before nailing some uppercuts in the corner.

Moore fought out again but got bullied right back into the corner and cold cocked with a big right hand. Burke hit the outer limits elbow for a two count. Burke stopped screwing around and nailed the Elijah Express in the corner for the win.

Winner: Elijah Burke via pin fall

Miz and John Morrison had it out backstage. These two love each other.


ECW World Championship
CM Punk v. John Morrison

The match opened up with a lock up before the two traded haymakers. Punk’s was the one that lasted though and he hita back kick before both countered some signature stuff.

Morrison eventually gained the advantage and pounded away on the champion on the mat. Morrison twisted Punk up like a pretzel while driving a nasty looking knee into the back of the champion. Morrison used that knee to maintain control and even used it in a pseudo-camel clutch of sorts. The commentary is great here as Styles and Tazz did a great job of establishing these guys as polar opposites.

Punk avoided a shot in the corner and hit a BRUTAL side kick and a springboard clothesline for a near fall. The two exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring before Punk began unloading with some super stiff knees to the face and then connected with a wheel kick.

Punk hit a running power slam for a two count before connecting with some Kawada kicks to Morrison’s grill. Punk went into victory sequence as the Miz strolled down to ringside.

Morrison snagged a thumb to the eye but missed the springboard enzeguiri and was rolled up. Punk went for GTS but Punk got distracted by Miz and rolled up for a two count. Morrison pressed his advantage and looked for a slam but Miz again interjected himself distracting Morrison for just long enough to get rolled up after chucking his hat at him.

Winner and STILL ECW World Champion: CM Punk via pin fall

Morrison was beside himself as the Miz smiled from the ringside area.

Show Thoughts-- Another pretty solid edition of ECW with a little twist at the end. Nothing wrong with that.

I am digging the talent exchange. Sure, it takes away a bit of the brand split emphasis and all, but Kane-Henry is a good way to start the show. They slapped together a really good pseudo-squash with Jamie Noble to keep you watching before going into the ECW storyline stuff.

The Miz is quickly becoming one of the most interesting characters in the company. Say what you want about him in the ring. He’s got a ways to go. However, his character work, kind of like Santino Marella, has been ridiculously strong and he’s got a ton going for him right now. On one hand he’s fighting off Balls Mahoney, while on the other, he’s antagonizing John Morrison of all people. And he mistreats women. Yay.

Kelly is another whose showing improvement. She takes a remarkably great ass-kicking and does a good job of really garnering sympathy which is really the key to playing any baby face role. Sure, she obviously blows at a lot, but she’s showing signs of improvement, which is all you can really ask.

The main event was a marginal match for the most part, but had some nice learned psychology tossed in there to make it fun enough. Miz screwing Morrison out of a title win is interesting and I’m intrigued. WWE RARELY goes for a heel v. heel program and to be honest, might be flirting with the idea of turning Morrison face, which isn’t an altogether bad move.

Punk on the other hand needs some character work. He’s putting on good enough stuff in the ring, but for fans to really buy him as the top baby face, they really need to give us a reason to root for him.

That and no Big Daddy V makes Hunter a sad panda.

Overall a decent enough show that did well because of strong booking.

Overall Grade: C

Quick Results
Kane def. Mark Henry
Jamie Noble def. Nunzio
Layla def. Kelly
Elijah Burke def. Shannon Moore
CM Punk def. John Morrison to RETAIN the ECW World title

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. CM Punk
2. Balls Mahoney

Most Heat
1. Big Daddy V
2. John Morrison

Match of the night: The Miz & John Morrison v. CM Punk & Balls Mahoney *

ECW Power Rankings

5 Points= Title Win
4 Points= World Title defense/win
3 Points= Singles PPV Win
2 Points= Tag PPV Win
2 Points= TV Singles Win
1 Point= TV Tag Win
0 Points= Loss

ECW World Champion: CM Punk 19-6, 41 pts. (Last Week: ECW World Champion) -- A solid enough performance in the ring, but again, the character work is really lacking. In order for this guy’s reign to come off as a marginal success, which it hasn’t been so far, he needs some skit stuff.

1. Elijah Burke 9-11, 17 pts (Last Week: 4)-- Seems headed for a feud with Punk for the belt, although I haven’t seen anything from him that wow’s me yet. Morrison and Miz are easily the two most interesting guys and in wrestling, drama beats out ring work almost every time.

2. The Miz 9-4 17pts. (Last Week: 3)-- He mistreated a lady, made fun of an ugly guy and then punked out Morrison. I’d say that’s a pretty good night.

3. John Morrison 11-8, 28pts. (Last Week: 2)-- Morrison gets white hot and then gets cut off at the legs by a meddling’ Miz. He stays up there, but the Miz program is going to be a big deal for him.

4. Big Daddy V 8-7, 18pts. (Last Week: 1)-- NO action from him this week, which is disappointing. They need to find something for him to do. I prefer eating Kane or a random fan.

5.Balls Mahoney 3-5, 7 pts (Last Week: 5)-- I’m really hoping they don’t ditch the Miz stuff. In fact, a Morrison-Balls alliance would be Rock N Sock ECW-style. Make it happen.

Kevin Thorn 5-5, 9 pts. (Last Week: 5)
Tommy Dreamer 4-13, 7 pts.(Last Week: NR)
Matt Striker 1-3, 2pts. (Last Week: NR)
The Boogeyman 6-3, 11pts. (Last Week: NR)
Mike Knox 2-2, 4 pts. (Last Week: NR)
Nunzio 0-8, 0pts. (Last Week: NR)
Stevie Richards 4-4 8pts (Last Week: NR)