Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 2/15/04 (No Way Out Preview + more)

Reported by Michael Roush of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, February 15, 2004 at 8:42 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - No Way Out Preview
Date: Febuary 15, 2004
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Michael Roush of WrestleView.com

With a Pay Per View every month, that Sunday turns into a virtual 'week off' for me on reporting. However, here's what happened on Sunday Night (Veloci-)Heat:

Josh Matthews is waiting at the entrance (there's only one??) for Goldberg's arrival. Michael Cole and Taz are in their broadcast position, backed by thousands of fans cleverly disguised as empty seats. However, Cole emphasizes the fact that the Cow Palace is sold out for tonight.

First rundown of tonight's PPV card, including replays of events building up to the Noble/Nidia match and an interview with Noble by Funaki. Yes, he called himself Jamie 'By God' Noble! At least that part of my prediction is vindicated!

Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno has been added to tonight's card at the last minute. Hmmm, did WWE read my preview?

Replays of the situations involving Kurt Angle, Big Show and John Cena on last week's SmackDown! Interview with Big Show who denies having anything to do with the ambush on Angle last week. Show says he will win and go to WMXX to face Lesnar. Rue reminds Show that Eddie could win, but Show laughs off that idea. Gee, should I re-think my predictions?

Josh still doesn't see Goldberg. Maybe he can't find a parking spot.

Replay of the fluff interview from SmackDown! with Sable and Torrie Wilson.

Card rundown #2, including last week's yakking between Lesnar and Guerrero. Eddie arrives at the Cow Palace.

Josh still doesn't see Goldberg. Maybe he missed the exit on the freeway.

Replays of events leading up to the Cruiserweight Title match between Mysterio and Chavo.

Card rundown #3. still no Goldberg, where could he be? Maybe he caught a ride with Shaniqua.

Six man tag match: Ultimo Dragon, Paul London, and Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda
Kyo Dai takes the opener as Ultimo Dragon gets caught by Sakoda, takes a kick from Tajiri and a powerslam.

Winners: Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda

Enjoy "No Way Out"!