International Sunday Night Heat Report 6/26/05 (A Big Six Man Tag)

Reported by Steve Knight of
On Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 1:45 PM EST

International Sunday Night Heat Report
Report By: Steve Knight of

The opening video airs before Marc Lloyd and Todd Grisham welcome us aboard. La RĂ©sistance's music hits as we head to the ring for our first match.

Robert Conway vs. Tajiri

The two lock up to start with Conway cinching in a headlock. Tajiri hits a couple of right hands to the side and bounces Conway off the ropes but Conway comes back with a hard shoulderblock. They lock up again with Conway working an immediate wristlock, twisting the arm around and then tripping Tajiri up. He works the arm on the mat before Tajiri nips up quickly and hits a stiff kick to the leg. As they go for a third lock-up, Conway delivers a boot to the gut followed by a hard right and a shot to the buckle, only for Tajiri to fight back with some chops and another stiff kick that sends Conway to the outside. Back inside, Conway hits another boot to the gut and charges Tajiri back-first into the corner where he unloads with a series of rights and then a boot choke. He whips Tajiri off the ropes and decks him with a double reverse elbow before coming off the ropes with a quick elbow drop for 2. Conway then whips Tajiri off the ropes again but lowers his head too early, allowing Tajiri to kick him in the shoulder. He then runs the ropes but Conway catches him with a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. He then delivers some mounted punches before cinching in a reverse chinlock with his knee in Tajiri's back. Tajiri eventually fights up and elbows his way free, only for Conway to cut him off with an elbow to the face. He whips Tajiri off the ropes, only for the Japanese Buzzsaw to rebound with the handspring back elbow. He then unloads with a series of kicks followed by a whip into the ropes and a spinning heel kick that sends Conway to the apron. Tajiri knocks him to the outside with a handspring kick and then sends him into the barrier with a baseball slide before rolling Conway back in. Tajiri delivers a shoulder to Conway's gut on the apron before attempting a sunset flip pin over the ropes. Conway holds on though and drops down on all fours for a pinfall attempt of his own. Tajiri arches out of the attempt though and hits another stiff reverse kick to the head. 1-2-kickout. Tajiri delivers another kick to the leg and a right hand before going for a suplex. Conway blocks it though, hits a knee to the gut, lifts Tajiri onto the ropes and hits a devastating Au Revoir for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Robert Conway

Tonight's main event: The Hurricane, Rosey and Val Venis take on The Heart Throbs and Maven in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

Next - John Cena defends the WWE Championship on RAW.

WWE Rewind - On RAW, general manager Eric Bischoff made a WWE Championship match between John Cena and Muhammad Hassan. If Hassan won, he would face Chris Jericho and Christian at Vengeance instead of Cena.

We then catch highlights from RAW, where John "Hulk Hogan 2005" Cena no-sold Muhammad Hassan, eventually ending the agony with the F-U. After the match, Chris Jericho and Christian attacked Cena on the ramp.

At Vengeance, it will be John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian for the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match.

The Chris Jericho video airs.


"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs. Patrick Lyser

The two lock up to start, with Masters forcing Lyser into a corner where he misses a cheap right hand before backing off. They lock up again and Masters forces him into the opposite corner, with Lyser hitting a right hand of his own. As Masters complains to the referee he decks Lyser with a hard right followed by a series of stomps and then his two backbreakers/slam combination. He then delivers a forearm to the back but Lyser fights back with some rights to the gut. Masters cuts him off with a hard forearm to the back and a kick to the ribs before delivering an Irish whip. Lyser gets his knee up on the corner charge and then hits a reverse elbow when Master moves in a second time. He then floors Masters with a running clothesline and unloads with a series of rights, only for Masters to cut him off with a boot to the gut and another hard forearm to the back of the head. Masters then hits Snake Eyes before slapping on the Masterlock for another victory via stoppage.

Winner: "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

Later - everybody was invited to a wedding on RAW.

Next - Shelton Benjamin faces RAW's third draft lottery pick.

A video hyping the Triple Threat Match at Vengeance airs.

We then catch highlights from RAW, where third draft lottery pick Carlito defeats Shelton Benjamin to win the Intercontinental Championship. Carlito reversed a German suplex into a victory roll pin for the victory, grabbing the middle rope for leverage. As much as I like Carlito, there is no way Benjamin should have been jobbed out in this way.

At Vengeance, Carlito will defend his newly-won Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin.


WWE Slam of the Week - two weeks ago on RAW, Lita told Kane about her and Edge's wedding plans.

We then catch highlights from RAW, where Edge and Lita got married and nobody cared. After a disgusting knock at Matt Hardy, Kane disrupted the ceremony and attacked Edge.

At Vengeance, Kane will take on Edge with Lita in Edge's corner.

The Edge video airs.

We then catch more highlights from RAW, where Triple H and Kurt Angle beat Batista and Shawn Michaels. Triple H pinned Batista after a Pedigree when Ric Flair distracted the World Heavyweight Champion.

Next - The Hurricane, Rosey and Val Venis take on The Heart Throbs and Maven.

The Don't Try This at Home video airs.


In case we had forgotten what it was like, John Cena's Bad, Bad Man music video airs.

The Heart Throbs and Maven vs. The Hurricane and Rosey (World Tag Team Champions, w/Stacy Keibler) and Val Venis

The Heart Throbs and Maven do their usual rock, paper, scissors game to decide who starts the match, but nobody wants to go in against Rosey. Romeo eventually gives in and ducks out the way of a lock-up before dancing in Rosey's face, so Rosey boots him down to the mat and does a dance of his own. He then delivers a bodyslam before tagging in Hurricane, who runs the ropes and allows Rosey to hit a gorilla press slam onto Romeo for 1. Hurricane twists Romeo's arm and tags in Venis, who comes off the top rope with a double axe-handle shot to the arm. Romeo cuts him off with a knee to the gut though and tags in Maven.

Maven runs in and is immediately taken over with a hiptoss. Venis chops Maven and delivers two of his patented knees at the ropes. Maven holds onto the bottom rope after the second, so Venis stomps away at him before completing the move with a side Russian legsweep for 1. Maven scrambles to the apron and Venis follows him over, only for Antonio to deliver a knee to the head from the apron. Maven then hits a right hand followed by some mounted punches and a short clothesline for 2. He hits a standing dropkick and pushes Venis into the corner, where he delivers some reverse elbows and an Irish whip. Venis gets a knee up on the corner charge though and decks Maven with a running clothesline before making the tag to Hurricane. Antonio tags in and Hurricane floors him with a jumping clothesline and then a running version. Romeo comes in and misses a clothesline, allowing Hurricane to deliver a slap to the chest before throwing him over the top rope. Antonio then charges at Hurricane but receives a back-bodydrop over the top as well. Hurricane then completes the assault with a flying bodypress to all three men from the top rope. He then pulls Antonio back in for a 1-count. Antonio turns the tide with a rake of the eyes followed by a few right hands, some mounted punches and a buckle shot. Romeo tags in and hits some reverse elbows to Hurricane's head before tagging back out to Romeo. The Heart Throbs pull Hurricane forward and slam him back-first into the corner before Romeo tags back in for a 2-count. He then slaps on a front facelock and tags in Maven, who comes in with some elbows to the back. Maven then whips Hurricane off the ropes but lowers his head too early, allowing Hurricane to work a backslide pin for 2. Antonio breaks up the pin so Rosey comes in and floors him with a big headbutt. As the referee admonishes, Maven blindsides Rosey with a double ax-handle shot and sends the big man to the outside. He then gives Hurricane a right hand and whips him off the ropes, only to miss a clothesline when Hurricane hangs on to the ropes. He then makes the hot tag to Venis.

Venis comes in, ducks a Maven clothesline and rocks Antonio on the apron with a forearm shot. He floors Maven with a hard right hand and then a reverse elbow but Maven reverses a whip attempt. Venis rebounds with a clothesline and then drills Romeo with a half-nelson slam when he tries to interfere. Venis then delivers a boot to Maven's gut and scores with the fisherman suplex for 2 as Antonio breaks it up. The Hurricane and Rosey then hit the ring as all hell breaks loose. The champions pair off with The Heart Throbs and eventually clothesline them both to the outside as Venis takes care of Maven. Venis reverses a whip attempt but Maven wets himself when he almost runs straight into Hurricane and Rosey. He instead turns round into a Venis spinebuster followed by the Money Shot for the big win.

Winners: The Hurricane, Rosey and Val Venis

That's all folks. Hope everyone who has ordered Vengeance enjoys it. See you next time.