Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 4/28/04 (Styles defends NWA World Title & more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 12:37 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 4/28/04
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Chris “The Authority” Schultz of NWATNA.com

8 Man World X Cup Preview Match: Team NWA vs. Team AAA
This week’s show got off to a great start with some high flying, out of this world action, that makes TNA’s X Division so unique. Jerry Lynn led his Team NWA into action against the first America’s X Cup Champions, Team AAA. Hector Garza led his troops, Heavy Metal, Mr. Aguila, and Abismo Negro to the ring to make it 2-0 against TNA’s finest. However, Team NWA had a new look going into this match up. The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, made his debut as part of team and was ready to represent not only his company, but his country in the ring.

On top of that, TNA fans were pleased to see Chris Sabin’s triumphant return to the squared circle after being out with a leg injury for the better part of two months. Team NWA was out to prove that they could defeat the defending America’s Cup Champions, and gain some more confidence after they felt like they were embarrassed the last time these two teams met. Team NWA got off to the early start with such great chemistry in the ring with one another. The match was fast paced and full of aerial assaults with bodies flying around everywhere.

Scott D’Amore, Team Canada’s Boss, looked on with keen interest, knowing that his team will meet the winner of the match next week on TNA. The momentum shifted back to AAA after while as Hector Garza and the rest of AAA worked on Daniels for a while. From there, it seemed as if each team traded off moonsaults which took out two or more competitors at a time. Both team showed great agility in the ring, but in the end, the newcomer Daniels, got the rollup for the win and tied the series 1-1. Afterwards Team NWA raised there flag in victory and celebrated their win. Jerry Lynn seemed to have taken offense to some words from Scott D’Amore on the outside and the two of them got into a shoving match. Scott told Jerry that he would get his next week.

Mike Tenay then entered the ring with a microphone and introduced the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion of the World, The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Styles said he wanted to thank TNA and the fans that stood behind him on his way to recapturing the gold. However, Styles said that due to injuries sustained last week in the cage, he will not be able to defend the title tonight. Instead, he said that he will give Raven a shot next week because he is a fighting champion.

Suddenly 3 Live Kru’s music hit and out came BG James, K-Dawg, and the Truth. B Gizzle took the microphone away from Styles and said that even though he is a fan of AJ’s, he could not represent TNA as their champion. Konnan had something to add by saying that politics again played a role in Styles being the champ and that Russo paved the way for AJ. Finally it was the Suntan Superman’s turn to get on the stick. He told Styles that he was scared and dared him to make a move.

Russo could hear no more and raced to the ring to stop the war of words. BG, K-Dawg, and The Truth all told about the sacrifices they made for Russo in the past. Russo told all three of them that he was loyal to them then and he is still loyal to them today. K-Dawg interrupted and asked Russo, “What have you done for 3LK lately?” A J was through with the bickering and he grabbed the microphone and asked Ron Killings how he would feel about a match in about an hour for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Nightstick on a Pole Match for the NWA World Tag Team Titles: Champions Kid Kash & Dallas vs. D’Lo Brown & Apollo
For the last 2 weeks, the NWA World Tag Team Titles were decided by a disqualification caused by the use of a steel pipe. This week, TNA officials made sure that the titles would not change hands by a disqualification and ordered a “Nightstick on a Pole” match. The rules were simple; the first team to grab the stick could use it on their opponents and do as much damage as it takes to get a pin. The series was tied at 1 and 1 with tonight’s encounter serving as the rubber match. The two teams got to work before the bell even sounded where the camera’s switched to a fight in the back between them.

The fight ensued all the way to the ring, both teams being very familiar with each other at this point. At one point in the match, Apollo helped sling shot his partner D’Lo over the ropes and onto Dallas standing on the outside. When it seemed that Brown was about to grab the nightstick off the pole, Dallas put his family member Kash on his back and went over to stop him. D’Lo pulled off an incredible move and kicked Kash right in the head which sent both of them crashing to the canvas floor. Apollo then grabbed the nightstick off of the pole and he and his partner took turns swinging at both Kash and Dallas. However, in the end, Dallas got a hold of the nightstick and crushed it on Apollo’s back sending the Latin powerhouse to the floor while Kash rolled him up for the 3 count to retain the titles.

Cameras then shifted to the back where Scott Hudson was trying to find Abyss. He ran into Goldylocks instead. He asked her if she was the woman who was accompanying Abyss everywhere he went. She asked Hudson if he thought she was crazy. She then stated that Abyss was ready to go for his match tonight.

Sabu vs. Abyss
After holding his own last week for the majority of the match against Abyss and Monty Brown, Sabu was back to prove that he could take out the 6’8” 339lbs. monster, Abyss. As always, the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal Sabu brought his trusty steel chair to the ring. Each of these devastating superstars traded blows early on in the match. Sabu took to the air early on in the match and leaped over the ropes onto Abyss sending both of them to the floor. Then, the hardcore icon, pulled out a table.

Both of them got back into the ring, where Sabu repeatedly hit Abyss in the head with a steel chair. It was hard to believe that Abyss even got up. The fight then shifted back to the outside. Then, in the blink of an eye, Sabu was in the ring and running off the ropes. He leaped off the chair and onto the ropes where he catapulted himself to the outside where he planted a leg drop on Abyss’ head which sent both of them crashing through the table. Goldylocks ran down to the ring and distracted the referee from making any kind of three count on Abyss. Sabu saw the diva and pulled her by the hair and into the ring. Abyss saw what was happening and grabbed Sabu for a Black Hole Slam, but before he went for the pin, he shoved the referee to the ground and was disqualified. Abyss then continued to punish Sabu and wrap a chain around his neck. Erik Watts ran with bat in hand for the save. Watts got a few shots in before Goldylocks and Abyss retreated to the back.

Back in the back, Scott Hudson was standing by with Simon Diamond, Sonny Siaki, and the returning Desire. Diamond said that 6 years of friendship went down the drain when Swinger turned his back on him. He then stated that Simon Diamond died when his robe was ripped to shreds. He said he is no longer Simon Diamond. His real name is Pat Kenney and he is a proud Irish man, not an Italian.

Glen Gilberti, Johnny Swinger, and Trinity made their way to the ring, but before their opponents came out, Gilberti grabbed the mic. He told the fans that they are from New York City and that they are better than all of you. Swinger got his chance to talk and started to make fun of Pat Kenney. Trinity then finished up by saying that she is no longer going to take a back seat to anyone. She said that she is the new leader and creator of the N Y C.

Gilberti, Swinger, and Trinity vs. Kenney, Siaki, and Desire
There was a lot of bad blood going into this intergender match up, with each team ready to do more damage to each other. Pat Kenney got into a little trouble early on in the match. Trinity managed to get a cheap slap on Desire who was held back by the referee. Kenney managed to muster up enough strength to get back to his corner and tag Siaki. Once Siaki got in the ring, he cleared house. Trinity decided to go for the low blow on Siaki , but he blocked it as if he knew it was coming.

Trinity grabbed Desire by the legs from the outside and pulled her to the floor and began stomping on her. After she was done with Desire, she got back into the ring to go after Siaki, but Desire got back to her feet and went after her, only to be pulled off by the referee again. In the end, Trinity went to hit Desire with a chair but it was blocked by Sonny Siaki. Desire then got the opportunity she needed and rolled up Trinity for the 123 and the victory!

Mike Tenay then got word that Raven had grabbed a TNA cameraman into his locker room. Raven said that he has been called many things. He has been called dysfunctional, a freak, a drug addict, an alcoholic, and many other things, but he never has been called a liar. He said that Vince Russo and everybody in TNA will pay for his misfortune. He told James Storm that he was first. James will take the beating that Vince deserves. He told Vince Russo that now you have a Raven you can’t control. 2 words. Blood Bath!

Cameras then shifted to Scott Hudson who was standing by with Cowboy James Storm. Storm told Raven that he can quote himself as many times as he wants. He said that he is a good wrestler, but even a better fighter. Kid Kash then interrupted him and says that he was sorry about Chris Harris getting hurt. Kash then told Storm that he and Dallas will go down as the best tag team of all time. He was sorry Harris got hurt because he wanted to do it himself. Storm couldn’t take anymore of his yapping and attacked Kash leaving him lying motionless on the concrete floor.

Raven vs. James Storm
With revenge on his mind James Storm charged to the ring to get his hands on Raven. Storm was obviously in a bad mood after what Raven had done to his tag team partner, Chris Harris, last week on TNA. The action spilled onto the outside of the ring where Storm drove Raven’s skull into the guard railing several times. Then the action proceeded into the crowd where Storm tried using a chair to cripple Raven’s arm like he did his partners. Raven expected that and reversed the move.

The two athletes soon may there way back into the ring where neither man was able to take control. Dallas was then seen at ringside watching on. Toward the end of the match, Storm hit his superkick on Raven, knocking him senseless. Dallas then jumped up onto the apron and got the attention of both Storm and the referee. Then, from behind, Kid Kash hit Storm in the back with the nightstick. Raven then took advantage of the situation and hit the Evenflow DDT on Storm to get the win. Dallas and Kash continued to work on Storm until D’Lo ran the tag team champions off.

Backstage, Scott Hudson was standing by with Erik Watts who was looking for Goldylocks. He was telling Hudson how she ruined his life. She took everything from him. Goldylocks then comes in and calls Watts a liar. Watts was then ready to shout back but was viscously attacked from behind by Abyss. Abyss dragged Watts out into the parking lot where he put the former Director of Authority through a wooden table.

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings

It was now time for the big main event. Champion vs. Former Champion. It was going to be AJ’s first title defense since regaining the belt last week. You could tell that AJ Styles was favoring those ribs which he injured in his cage match against Jeff Jarrett last week. Killings quickly realized this and went to work on Style’s midsection. Both wrestler’s displayed tremendous ability in the ring throughout the match. Killings and Styles used their technical expertise and high flying antics to outperform the other.

Towards the end of the match, the referee was accidentally knocked to the canvas floor. While he was out, Killings had Styles pinned for at least a 5 count, but the ref didn’t see what was transpiring in the ring. Killings then tried another pinning combination which saw both his shoulders and that of AJ’s on the mat. Another referee ran down to the ring and counted the 123 for the Truth while the referee of the match counted the 123 for AJ. The bell sounded, but nobody was sure who won. Russo then ran down to the ring, as well as the rest of 3LK. Russo then conferred with the referees and decided that the match will continue. AJ Styles then managed to get a quick rollup for a 3 count to hold onto the title another week. The Truth was in shock, knowing that easily could have become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. As Styles was heading back to the dressing room, Raven cut him off and delivered a beating to the champ. Is this any indication of what we will see next week! Stay tuned!