Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/12/04 (AJ Styles retains, Fox Sports Net, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, May 13, 2004 at 9:06 AM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/12/04
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Chris “The Authority” Schultz of NWATNA.com

Cowboy James Storm vs. Kid Kash
Tonight’s show got off to a quick start as James Storm of America’s Most Wanted was out to settle the score with Kid Kash. For the last couple of weeks, Kash has run his mouth how he and Dallas were the best tag team champions of all time. Once again, Kash’s mouth got him into trouble when Storm could hear no more. After suffering a brutal attack by Dallas and Kid Kash last week, James Storm was out to get revenge and prove a point. AMW is the best tag team champions of all time!

In the beginning, the match looked more like a track meet than a wrestling bout, with Kid Kash running from James Storm all over the Asylum. Kash’s strategy of wearing out Storm had seemed to work in the beginning as Kash took the most the offensive early on. Storm soon regained his composure and evened the score until Dallas came to ringside and got his attention. Dallas got up on the ring apron to hit Storm with a lead pipe with the intention of using it on the AMW member. James Storm avoided being hit and managed to get a superkick right to the face of Kash for the victory.

An angry Dallas and Kash began to attack a helpless James Storm at the conclusion of the match until former tag team champion D-Lo Brown, hit the ring. Unfortunately, D-Lo Brown couldn’t fight off 2 men and they began to put a beating on him as well. Then, Chris Harris ran in to save his tag team partner as well as The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. Dallas and Kash soon realized they were outnumbered and retreated to the back.

Footage from an interview by Mike Tenay with Vince Russo aired. Russo told Tenay that he is excited about the deal that TNA landed with Fox Sports and said it was well deserved by all the hard work everyone had put into making a successful product. Russo then went on to talk about how AJ Styles may be nuts, putting his title on the line week after week, but that he supported the NWA Champ in his decision. He then closed saying that he found out that Konnan had destroyed his office last week and that he will be dealt with.

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. BG James
This match turned out to be as brutal as fans expected it to be. The crafty veteran, BG James was out to prove that Monty Brown has no reason to think he is in line for a title shot in TNA. The fight started on the ramp with both competitors wasting no time at all. The match soon spilled into the crowd with the Traila Park Gangsta, B Gizzle, using a trash can to soften up the former NFL superstar, Monty Brown.

The fight then went up to the balcony where The Alpha Male almost threw James over the railing. Fortunately for James, that didn’t happen and the fight continued back to the concrete floor where a table was previously set up by Brown. BG then picked up the mammoth Brown and powerbombed him through the table. Monty recovered quickly and got 2 viscous chair shots to the knee of James.
The fight finally made its way back to the ring, where Monty Brown continued to work on the knee of James. In the end, Brown got the Pounce for the 3 count and the victory, thus remaining unbeaten in TNA. Monty wasn’t done yet and began to take some more shots with a steel chair to James’ knee until his buddies 3LK hit the ring and ran him off.

In another segment that was taped earlier, Don West caught up to Desire in a park with her kids and Sonny Siaki close by. She told West how adrenaline got her through the match where she broke her back. She said that she broke her L1 vertebrae and cracked her tailbone. Desire told West that she was back because she still is a mom and has to pay the bills and this is what she does for a living.

All of a sudden, Trinity snuck up on the unsuspecting Desire and started to work on that injured back. She rammed Desire’s back into a wooden fence several time. Don West tried to stop Trinity from doing any more damage to Desire’s back, but it was Sonny Siaki who saw what was going on and eventually ran off Trinity.

Sonjay Dutt vs. The Amazing Red - Match Two
It was time for match 2 in the best of 3 series between Sonjay Dutt and The Amazing Red. The Original Play from the Himalaya took the series lead by defeating Red last week in a match that saw both competitors play conservative. That wouldn’t be the case this week as both wrestlers went back to their high risk moves to pull of a victory. For the second week in a row, the X Division Champion, Frankie Kazarian, pulled up a chair at the top of the ramp to get a closer view of the match. The match was truly a back and forth affair with Amazing Red getting the Red Star Press on Dutt to take the victory and even up the series at 1 to 1.

Cameras shifted to the back where Scott Hudson was standing by with a livid 3 Live Kru. While doctors were tending to the knee of BG James, Killings was screaming that he should be in the title match tonight instead of being handcuffed to the ring watching it. Konnan said that he held Vince Russo responsible for the injury to James’ knee. Konnan then caught up with Russo later in the night and told the Director of Authority that he had lost all respect for him.

The scene then turned to a location where Pat Kenney was shown pounding on Glen Gilberti and Johnny Swinger. Kenney seemed to have the New York Connection right where he wanted them until Trinity showed up and the numbers game caught up with Kenney. In the end, the NYC began to humiliate Kenney by pouring syrup all over his body along with Lucky Charms.

Again, the cameras shifted to the back of the Asylum where Goldylocks was waiting to give Russo a piece of her mind. She was outraged that Russo had given Erik Watts his job back. She said that she may not have Watt’s money, but she has got her own and will use it to buy the best lawyer in the country. She also said that she has a man that will step up for the NWA Heavyweight Title. Just at this time, the monster, Abyss appeared behind her.

Team Mexico (Hector Garza and Abismo Negro) vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams and Bobby Rude)
With the much anticipated World X Cup just 2 weeks away, it was time for another preview match, which pitted Team Mexico’s Hector Garza and Abismo Negro vs. Team Canada’s Petey Williams and Bobby Rude led by their manager Scott D’Amore. Just like we have come to expect with the X Division’s elite, this match was off the hook! Both team showed great technical and high flying abilities in this match that make TNA’s X Division so unique.

After giving a couple cheap shots to Hector Garza, Scott D’Amore gave Team Canada the victory after using the hockey stick as a weapon for the second week in a row. Jerry Lynn was not happy with what he saw and ran down to run off D’Amore and Team Canada. Lynn then got the microphone and begged Scott D’Amore to get in the ring with him for 5 minutes. D’Amore agreed to do so if Lynn could get past Bobby Rude next week. However, if Lynn loses, he is removed as Captain of Team NWA.

Focus turned to the back where Konnan was shown on the ground due to an attack by an unknown person. K-Dawg told his buddy The Truth that he didn’t know who did it, but that he was attacked from behind.

Dusty Rhodes then came back down to the ring to tell the fans that he would be returning next week to team up with James Storm in a match against Kid Kash and Dallas. He told Kid Kash that he better get ready for a fight.

Hudson caught up with Raven in the back and asked what he was feeling about Harris getting a chance at the NWA World Heavyweight Title tonight. Raven couldn’t believe that Russo gave Harris the title shot and he said that it wasn’t a question of if Raven will win the tile, but when.

NWA Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs. Chris Harris
It was time for the main event of the evening between Wildcat Chris Harris and NWA Champion, AJ Styles. This was Styles’ 4th title match in the last 4 weeks. Questions surrounded his ability to successfully defend the title after 3 weeks of grueling matches. To make things even more interesting, Raven and The Truth were handcuffed to the ring to make sure they didn’t interfere with the match. AJ Styles and Chris Harris tore down the house with an incredible match with many near pin falls.

Styles didn’t looked tired at all and traded moves with Harris throughout the match. About midway through the match, Konnan ran down to the ring and cut his partner Killings free. Once he broke loose, Killings went right to work on the Champ and gave him a scissors kick that drove his head right to the mat. Security saw this and came down to the ring to haul 3LK to the back.

Harris then crawled back into the ring and covered Styles, but before the referee could count to 3, he was pulled out by Raven. Raven took the keys from the referee and released himself. Once free, he entered the ring and took out Chris Harris with a drop toe hold into a steel chair. Sabu then ran to the ring to get revenge on Raven for not watching his back the last couple of weeks. The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Sabu ran after Raven all the way through the crowd to the old SEX locker room where Security locked him in.

Now that everyone was prevented from interfering anymore, Styles and Chris Harris went back to work on each other. Neither competitor could put the other away until Kid Kash and Dallas showed up at ringside. Kash used the pipe from earlier in the night to crack Chris Harris over the skull. Seeing this, Styles took the opportunity to put away Harris and got the pin for the victory, successfully defending the title for the 3rd week in a row. Chris Harris eventually got up and stared down Styles, knowing that he was screwed out of his title. Raven and Killings then managed to come back down to the ring and an all out brawl broke out. The ring was then full of TNA superstars after the locker rooms had emptied to break up the 4 individuals. Russo came down and said that he had enough and told Raven, Killings, and Harris that they would all have a shot at the title next week!

The biggest news of the night came when Mike Tenay announced that NWA TNA has signed a deal with Fox Sports Net and Universal Studios to bring us TNA Impact on Fridays at 3:00PM ET. Tune in to Fox Sports Net on June 4th to catch 1 hour of Total Nonstop Action!