Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 8/11/04 - (New X Division Champion & much more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 10:04 AM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 8/11/04
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Chris “The Authority” Schultz of TNAwrestling.com

Tonight’s show started with Scott D’Amore firing up his troops back in the locker room area. After hanging up with the Prime Minister of Canada, D’Amore informed the boys that it was a big night for Team Canada.

3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada (Winner gets a future shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles.)
Opportunity was the key word in this match up between “Hot Shot” Johnny Devine and “Showtime” Eric Young vs. BG James and Konnan. The winner gets a shot at tag team gold. Devine and Young were out to prove that they are not the B Team on the Canadian contingent and that they had what it takes to bring the gold back up North. On the other side of things, James and Konnan were out to recapture the gold, having held the NWA Tag Team Titles once before.

3LK got started quick and went to work on both members of Team Canada in the early going until Devine and Young countered and had there way with BG James for a majority of the match. James was desperate for a tag and saw his opportunity when Johnny Devine missed his “Divine Intervention” move off the top ropes. With Devine out on the mat, James got the tag into his partner. Konnan cleaned house and was about to finish things off until that devious Scott D’Amore became involved in the match and hit Konnan over the back with the infamous hockey stick, thus allowing Young to roll him up for the pin an victory.

In a shocking turn of events, “The American Dream”, Dusty Rhodes, made his way to ringside and explained to the referee that Team Canada had cheated. The referee then decided to restart the match. Just as the match was restarted, Konnan went for a cross body on Eric Young which was enough to give the 3 Live Kru the win and the chance to wrestle for the tag team titles in the future. A furious Scott D’Amore got in the ring and begged Dusty to come and fight him. Rhodes did not back down and was about to shake things up with the leader of Team Canada, but Russo came down and talked the Dream out of doing anything stupid.

Cameras then shifted to the back where “The Franchise” Shane Douglas was standing by with the lovely, Goldylocks. Douglas asked her if she knew who Desire had picked to wrestle Alex Shelley later in the night, but she did not care. She was more concerned about Sonny Siaki massaging her feet. D-Ray 3000 was even back there with him and had just come out of the bathroom, stinking the joint up. Finally, Abyss came in to see Goldylocks, but she wasn’t so happy to see him. She told him to never be late again for one of her meetings and that he was hideous and ugly. She didn’t want to even look at him.

Alex Shelley w/ Goldylocks vs. Desire’s Mystery Opponent (Contract vs. Money Match)
Going into this match up, neither the fans, nor Goldylocks know who the mystery opponent was. Would it be another wrestler who Goldylocks will add to her list of wrestler’s whose contract’s she owns? When Desire hit the ramp, it was time to reveal her mystery opponent and it was none other than the big and powerful Ekmo who made his return to TNA. Needless to say, Ekmo dominated early and often in the match. During the match, the camera got a glimpse of the suitcase full of money which was sitting on the announcer’s table at ringside.

Goldylocks couldn’t help but stick her nose in the match early on and Desire ran her off to the back somewhere only to return later in the ring. Both of the ladies then locked up and the action spilled to the outside, causing the referee to focus his attention on the beauties locked up outside the ring. At this time, Abyss came to the ring and smashed a steel chair over Ekmo’s skull and then gave him a Blackhole Slam. The monster, Abyss then lifted up Shelley and placed him over a motionless Ekmo and the referee counted the 1 2 3. Abyss had saved the day again and added another victim to Goldylock’s stable, however she didn’t seem to think Abyss did anything but get in the way.

Just then, cameras caught both Sabu and Raven fighting in the crowd at the Asylum. Sabu had Raven’s neck in a dog collar, pulling it by a chain towards the ring. Then, The Homicidal, Suicidal, and Genocidal Sabu threw just about every chair he could get his hands on, into the center of the ring where Raven lie. The hardcore icon then jumped off the top rope and on a chair which was lying on Raven’s face. Raven somehow found the energy to get up and he went for a table on the outside. Out came, Sonjay Dutt who attacked Raven in a fury. Dutt and Sabu began to demolish Raven and caused him to bleed. Just as they were about to use the table against Raven, Security ran down and broke up the fight. Security could hardly hold back the 3 of them as they were not ready to stop delivering punishment to each other.

Mike Tenay got in the ring to make a very special announcement. He told the fans that the NWA Championship Committee (Terry Funk, Harley Race, and Larry Zbysko) had finally set a date for the Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. He said the Charismatic Enigma would face off with The King of the Mountain of September 8th, 2004 at the Asylum in Nashville, TN. A very upset Monty Brown came down to the ring and demanded that the Director of Authority get a chance at the winner, but before The Alpha Male could utter another word, out came Ron “The Truth” Killings. He told Brown that running your mouth doesn’t get you anywhere around here and that if he got a title shot, it would be through him. Then, the two of them started swinging at each other and security had to come down again and break up the 2 athletes. Dusty Rhodes came out and told the fans that it would be The Alpha Male, Monty Brown vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings one on one next week.

Attention again shifted to the back where Shane Douglas was standing by with Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger, who was still dressed in a grass skirt although his time was up. Gilberti told Douglas that tonight; he was going to prove that David Young was a loser and prove that David Young was the single worst wrestler in professional wrestling. Vito then interrupted and told Gilberti and Swinger that they have been nothing but an embarrassment to the NYC as of late and that they better shape up. Trinity was also there agreeing with Vito. Vito then told Swinger to change clothes and they will get a suit for him.

David Young vs. Glenn Gilberti (Final Gutcheck Challenge)
Although David Young was 0-93 going into this match, his main focus was keeping his job in TNA, because the loser would be unemployed and off the payroll. It was all Gilberti early on, as he took most of the offensive at the beginning of the bout. The action spilled outside the ring and onto the Asylum floor as each man knew that the end could be near. David Young may have made the biggest mistake of his life when he missed Gilberti with a kick and hit the referee instead.

When the referee was knocked out, Young hit his famous Spinebuster on Gilberti and covered him for almost a 10 count. However, there was no referee. Swinger saw the opportunity to seize the moment and he ran to the ring and hit David Young with taped knuckles. Gilberti then went for the cover while the referee counted. 1…2…and Young kicked out. Swinger tried to get the knuckles to Gilberti again, but this time David caught them and used them to knock out Gilbeti and get his first pin in 94 attempts. That right, the streak is over!!! David Young won a match and more importantly, he put Glenn Gilberti out of TNA! A furious Vito and Trinity came to the ring and gave Gilberti an earful, but it was too late.

Cameras again shifted to the back where the Franchise was standing with Director of Authority, Vince Russo. Douglas asked him who was in charge here in TNA, Russo or Dusty Rhodes. Russo answered by saying that as long as he is the DOA, there will be a place for Dusty. Jarrett then came in telling Vince that Dusty is after his job and he knows it. AJ Styles then taps Jarrett on the shoulder and tells the champ that Russo is making the best decisions for the company and that he supports him 100%.

The 2 then started fighting which continued all the way through the Asylum and to the ring. Jarrett got a low cheap shot on AJ and was about to do more damage until The Alpha Male, Monty Brown hits the ring and got Jarrett’s attention. Before these two could do battle, they were dropkicked from the top ropes by Styles. Monty Brown got up and gave a viscous “Pounce” to AJ and sent him crashing to the mat. Then, Ron “The Truth” Killings came in to help out Styles, but the numbers game soon worked against him. As Jarrett and Brown laid into the Truth, Jeff Hardy ran down to the ring and took out both of them. The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy then showed the crowd his appreciation.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Triple X (Match 1 in a Best out of 3 falls to determine who will go on to face the Tag Team Champions)
Although, the winner of the best out of 3 matches gets a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title, this match meant a little more to AMW and Triple X. These 3 matches were to determine who the best tag team in TNA history is. Each lay claim to this title and have been bickering over this for the last couple of weeks, but now it was time to put up or shut up in the first match of 3. Chris Harris, Cowboy James Storm, Christopher Daniels, and Primetime all have held tag team gold before, but all 4 of them were eager to do it again and the road back to those belts started tonight.

Both teams must have done their homework on each other and continually countered each other’s moves in the ring. It was a back and forth affair throughout the match, but in the end, Wildcat, Chris Harris hit Christopher Daniels with a viscous spear which gave him the opportunity to rollup the Fallen Angel for the 3 count. Daniels must have been hit in his recently injured shoulder and laid screaming in pain on the canvas floor until TNA officials and doctors rushed to the ring. Match 1 goes to AMW, but will Triple X have Daniels at full strength next week?

Shane Douglas was standing by somewhere in the back of the arena with Raven. It was announced that next week, Raven would take on Sabu in Hangman Horror 2. This was a match that Raven used to defeat Vampiro in one of the most violent encounters in TNA’s history. Raven told the Franchise that he was embarrassed to be trained by Sabu’s uncle and Sabu is and was nothing more than a PR stunt created by Paul Heyman. He finished by saying that next week, he will end Sabu’s career permanently.

Next, Douglas stood by with the Co-X Division Champions, Kazarian and Michael Shane w/ Traci. Kazarian was wondering what TNA is so afraid of. He also said the title is staying with the 2 of them. Michael Shane added that they have each other’s backs and the belt will remain on their shoulders.

20 Superstar International X Division Gauntlet for the X Championship
Even thought there was supposed to be only 20 wrestlers competing in this match, there ended up being 22 and here is how they entered the ring: 1.) Kazarian 2.) Sonjay Dutt 3.) Chad Collyer 4.) La Park 5.) Miyamoto 6.) Jerry Lynn 7.) Joey Mathews 8.) Nosowa 9.) AJ Styles 10.) Chris Vaughn 11.) Petey Williams 12.) D-Ray 3000 13.) Mike Batts 14.) Jason Cross 15.) “Mr 630” Jerrell Clark 16.) Kid Kash 17.) Nigel McGuinness 18.) Psychosis 19.) Sharkboy 20.) Chris Sabin 21.) Amazing Red 22.) Michael Shane

The highlights of this match had to be when Kid Kash eliminated AJ Styles from the Gauntlet, costing him his chance at X Division gold again. Styles, however, got his revenge and eliminated Kash. The two then began to fight each other on the outside with Kash’s relative Dallas getting involved. Security (who were busy all night tonight) came down and broke up the 3 of them and pushed them to the back.

The final 4 consisted of Amazing Red, Petey Williams, and the Co-Champs Michael Shane and Kazarian. Red eliminated Shane which shocked both him and Kazarian. What then came as even more of a shock and a letdown to the co-champs, Petey Williams threw the self proclaimed “Coolest Guy in the World” over the top ropes leaving only him and Red. We were about to have a 1 new champion, but who would it be. Red got the edge and hit one of his signature moves on Williams and then covered him, but as soon as the referee was about to count to 3, he was interrupted by Bobby Roode. This gave Scott D’Amore his chance, and the angry Canadian took his hockey stick and hit Red over the back with it as hard as he could. Petey Williams then hit the Canadian Destroyer piledriver for the victory, thus claiming the title of X Division Champion! It was Canada’s night after all! Dusty Rhodes was seen coming to the ring at the end, with Russo at the top of the ramp, but the show then went off the air.