WWF RAW is WAR Results (January 8, 2001)

WWF Raw is War Results
January 8, 2001
Live from: San Jose, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

The show starts with some footage from last week's Raw and Smackdown. They show the whole thing between Austin and Stephanie and how McMahon got involved...

Opening Segment
No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring. Vince starts off by saying that for the people that haven't made a new years resolution he said he has one for them and he said it's good advice and he said that's respecting authority. He said there is one individual that does not respect authority at all and they show footage from Smackdown when the Rock did the Rock Bottom on two referees. Vince said that Rock will learn how to respect authority here tonight and that it was Stephanie's idea too that Rock will compete here tonight against Rikishi vs Kane tonight and Vince said that it's not fair and Stephanie insists that it should be Rock and two partners against Rikishi and Kane. Then he said the Rock and two referees against Kane and Rikishi tonight and he said that he will make the Rock learn how to respect authority. Then he brings the subject of Austin and he said that why Vince counted to three and Vince said that it's not because he was intimidated by Austin, he said it's because it's simply a new year and he is a new man and he made a new years resolution and he said that is simply to be fair. He sent that he sent a message by what he did. He said if he can make peace with Austin, then why don't the Republicans and the Democrats get along, why isn't there peace in the Middle East? Then Austin's music hits and he comes out. Austin takes the microphone and said what kind of leadership is Vince talking about and he said that he does not believe or trust Vince one bit and he said that he will stick by his words, DTA, don't trust anybody and he said that he ain't buying it. Austin said that Vince is sending out messages, then he said well he has a message of his own and that is that he will beat Kurt Angle's ass tonight for the WWF Title and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so. Then Kurt Angle's music hits and Angle comes out and says that he is impressed, he said Austin calling Mr. McMahon a jackass and beating Angle's ass, he said that Austin is a great talker. He said in 1996, Austin was having strap matches against Savio Vega while Kurt Angle was winning Olympic Gold. He said let's take Armageddon for example, it was Kurt Angle's hand that was raised not yours Austin. Angle says when you talk about a true champion, your talking about me. He said putting beer over a defenseless lady is not a good message your sending out. The Austin said you want a message and Austin gives him the middle finger. Then Austin says "if you want to see the man who brought Glory to the U.S. to get his ass kicked and lose the WWF Title tonight, give me a hell yea". Austin's music hits and Austin is about to drink beer and Angle hits him with the WWF Title and leaves and McMahon seemed upset with Angle.


Match #1
Chris Jericho/Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs Radicals w/Terri

The match starts with all 6 men fighting on the outside, then they go in the ring and it officially starts and Matt Hardy squares off against Malenko. Then both of them make the tags and Jeff is in against Benoit. There were several tags but then it was Saturn against Jeff hardy and Hardy does the Senton Bomb on Saturn , then Malenko does the tag to Benoit and Jeff makes the tag to Jericho, then Terri goes up on the apron and Jericho threw her off. Then Benoit tried to do the Crippler's crossface on Jericho, but Jericho counters that move and rolls him up for the 1,2,3. After the match Malenko throw a case of hot dogs on Lita and Lita was full of mustard.

Winners: Chris Jericho/Hardy Boyz

Stephanie was backstage with all the referees and she picks 2 of them and she tells them that they are teaming up with the Rock against Rikishi and Kane tonight.


Kevin Kelly interviews the Rock backstage and the Rock does his usual.."Finally the Rock has come back to San Jose!" He said 2 weeks from this moment it's the Royal Rumble and the Rock said that he can careless who he will beat at the Rumble or who he will face a Wrestlemania. Rock said that if Austin wins the WWF title tonight, Congratulations, but he will have a date with the Rock. He said that Stephanie thinks she is impressing the Rock, then the Rock goes crazy and calls her a 2$, then he says 50 cents...slut. Then The Rock said that he is still going to the Royal Rumble no matter what is thrown in his way.

Backstage, Lita was taking a shower and Dean Malenko sneaks in and watches Lita take a shower, then Lita sees him and she going in a corner and she tells him to get out...then the Hardy Boyz attack him backstage and they go after his knee.

Michael Cole interviews Chyna and Cole asks her for an update and Chyna said that she is going under therapy. Cole asks her if she is going to come back and Chyna said if it's up to her she would say yes, but if you ask her doctors they will see never to wrestle again. Chyna said that she will sit down tonight and relax and watch Billy Gunn destroy Val Venis.


Match #2
Lumberjack Match
Val Venis vs Billy Gunn

A bunch of wrestlers make their way to ring side. The match starts and Val Venis throws Gunn to the outside and Gunn beats on some wrestlers and goes back in and then Gunn throws Venis to the outside and Venis gets beat and they send him back. Then Gunn throws him again and the Acolytes beat on Val Venis and they send him in the ring and Gunn does a jackhammer on Val. Then Val does a spine buster. Then Val Venis throws him around a little and then Val does a suplex 1,2 but Gunn kicks out. Gunn sends Venis to the ropes and elbows him. Then Billy Gunn was going to piledrive him but Val ran to the outside and the Acolytes and everyone /* beat on Venis. Then the Acolytes send Ivory in the ring, then Gunn does some kind of Full Nelson slam and gets the win and then all the wrestlers went in the ring and the team of Billy Gunn clean house.

Winner: Billy Gunn

Backstage, Edge & Christian tell Angle good luck and then Edge and Christian tell Kurt to watch and see what they will do to the Dudleyz tonight.

They Show the two referees getting prepared and Kane passes by and pushes referee Teddy Long.

Match #3
Handicap Match
Kane & Rikishi vs The Rock/Jack Dome/Teddy Long

The match starts with referee Teddy Long and Rikishi. Rikishi grabs Teddy and pressures him in the corner then squashes him. Then he gives him the stink face. Then Teddy crawls fast and makes the tag to the Rock and Rock beats on Rikishi and then hammers away on Kane. Then Kane close lines Rock, which allowed Rikishi to take control, but it wasn't for long that Rock does a DDT on Rikishi and the 2 referees start kicking Rikishi and then gets a spine Buster by the Rock and the Rock is going for the People's Elbow but Kane gets him and choke slams him. Then Rikishi covers the Rock, 1,2 but Rock Kicks out. Rikishi then puts the Rock in the corner and is about to do the stink face on him but Rock low blows him and then closelines him. Rikishi makes the tag and Kane gets a Samoan drop from the Rock and then Rock is about to do the Rock bottom but Rikishi hits the Rock and does a super kick. Then Kane went and got a steel chair and Jack Dome tried to stop him and so was the referee in charge, then the referee calls for the bell. Kane then choke slams referee Jack Dome and Rikishi squashes Teddy Long in the corner, then they beat on the Rock and Undertaker comes out and choke slams Kane and then the Rock does the Rock Bottom on Rikishi.

Winners: by DQ. The Rock, Jack Dome & Teddy Long

Stephanie is shown talking to Vince backstage and she is upset because the Undertaker didn't mind his own business. The Vince is like on Smackdown we will see Kane vs Rikishi vs Rock vs Undertaker and the winner will be #30 in the Royal Rumble match itself.

Match #4
Hardcore Title Match
Raven vs Steve Blackman

Blackman runs in the ring and Raven hits him with a garbage can right away, then Blackman sends Raven head first into that can. Then Blackman gets the kendo sticks and beats Raven with them. Hardcore Holly comes out with another referee and Holly pushes Blackman off the ropes and he beats on Raven with the garbage can, then Blackman gets a fire extinguisher and sprays Holly with it and Raven gets the pinfall. After the match all three men continue fighting, then Raven runs out of the arena and a car is waiting for him and he leaves.

Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Raven

Edge & Christian were shown backstage talking to someone (they did not show who) and they told the guy to not come out until they tell him. They said that the Dudleyz will not be expecting this.


**They show a Royal Rumble Replay**

Then they show Kaentai at WWF New York.

Edge/Christian and Dudleyz segment
The Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian make their way to the ring with a table. Christian takes the microphone and says that they are scheduled to face the Dudleyz at the Rumble. They said that the only thing they know about the Dudleyz is that they love tables and they stink. Edge says that himself and Christian did a little searching and they found the Dudleyz' parents Mother Faye and Levon. Then they show pictures of Buh Buh Ray and Devon when they were kids. They had the Dudleyz head cut off and put on baby's bodies. Then the Dudleyz come out and Edge and Christian run away and the Dudleyz beat on their so called parents. Then they put mother Faye threw a table.


Vince McMahon is shown backstage talking to someone and Stephanie walks in with Vince's coffee and Trish Stratus gets out of the wash room. Then Stephanie makes another handicap match, but this time between Trish and Albert vs Test.

They Show highlights from WWF New York.

Then they show Vince McMahon backstage walking fast and he was looking for someone.


Match #5
Test vs Albert and Trish

Test starts off by beating on Albert then Albert close lines Test. Then Trish slaps Test and Test goes after her but Albert hits Test. Then Test does a DDT on Albert. Test delivers a few right hands on Albert. Then Test throws Trish in the ring and beats on her, then William Regal comes out and saves Trish and then Regal from the outside hits Test and Test turns around and Albert does his sit down powerbomb.

Winners: Albert and Trish

Backstage, Stephanie was pissed off and she yelled at Vince and she said that Vince knew that Regal was going to get involved and save Trish.


Back from the commercial and they again show highlights from Smackdown, when Austin confronted Stephanie.


Match #6
WWF Title Match
Kurt Angle vs Steve Austin

Austin starts off by beating on Kurt Angle, then he tosses him around and thrn Austin drives the elbow, followed by a suplex. Austin puts Angle on the ropes and Austin goes up and is about to suplex him, but Angle reverses it. Then Angle starts kicking on Austin. Then He sends Austin to the ropes and Austin bounces back and jumps on Angle and beats on him. Then Austin does a gut rench suplex and covers 1,2 but Angle kicks out. Austin tries to suplex Angle but Angle lands on his feet and does a Russian leg sweep and then Kurt Angle kicks Austin and chokes him with his foot. Then Angle does a cross body 1,2 but kickout by Austin, then Austin does an inside cradle, 1,2 but Angle kicks out. Then they go to the outside and Austin strikes him with a chair. Then they fight in between the crowd a little. Then William Regal came to hit Austin with a pipe but Austin hits Regal with a steel chair and then he beats on him. Then Austin throws Angle back in the crowd. Then Austin sends Angle into the ring post and then he throws him back in the ring and Austin covers Angle, 1,2 but he kicks out, then Austin covers again, 1,2 but Angle still kicks out. Then Austin punches Angle 10 times and covers again, 1,2 but Angle kicks out. Then Angle gets up and does a belly to belly overhead suplex and both men are down. Austin gets up and Angle does the belly to belly suplex again. Then Angle starst dropping the elbow in Austin and then he chokes Austin with his foot again. Then Angle suplexes Austin, and then he suplexes him again, then Angle does another suplex and covers Austin, 1,2 but Austin Kicks out. Then Angle does another suplex, then Angle picks him up and does another one and covers 1,2 but Austin kicks out. Then Angle picks him up again and does a gut rench suplex. Then Angle does a gut rench suplex again. Angle was going for the olympic slam but Austin kicks him and both en are down. They both get up and they both exchange some hits, then Austin comes back and beats on Angle in the corner. Then Austin does a spine buster and then he goes on the ropes and drives the elbow. Austin gets the Stunner 1,2, but Triple H shows up and pulls out the referee and hits him. Austin gets Angle and throws him to the outside and tells Triple H to come in. Triple H goes in the ring and the fight starts. They go to the putside and Austin close lines Triple H into the announcing table. Then HHH hits Austin with a steel pipe. Austin busted right open and HHH hits him again.

Winner: No Contest

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