WWF RAW Results (January 14, 2002)

Full WWF Raw Results
January 14, 2002
Live from: Dallas, TX
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Highlights of last week's match between Austin and Angle from Smackdown was shown and how the WWF wrestlers got involved...

Opening Segment

The Nature Boy Ric Flair came out. He says Dallas Whoooaaa Texas, what a wrestling history you have here. He says he will make history again. At the Royal Rumble he will wrestle Vince McMahon but in the past week, he was knocked out by Vince McMahon. Flair asks the WWF crew to show the highlights from last week's RAW, when Vince was dressed up like him. Then they show Vince hitting him with a pipe. Then they showed Vince on Smackdown saying that he enjoys destroys lives, it turns him on. Ric Flair said he will take his power and abuse it a little. Ric Flair makes his match at the Royal Rumble a street fight and Flair guarantees a winner. Ric said that Vince said last week, "to be the man, you have to beat the man." Flair starts dropping elbows everywhere in the ring and says why wait for the Rumble. He challenges Vince right here right now. But Chris Jericho's music hits and he came out.

Jericho grabs the microphone from Flair. Jericho says did he disappoint us? Where they expecting someone /*? Jericho calls the fans jackoffs and says he's the champion. That means that the entire WWF revolves around him. It means, the entire world revolves around him. And Ric Flair's life revolves around Chris Jericho. Jericho says he knows why Flair is facing Vince at the Rumble. Jericho says Flair wants to see if he still got what it takes. Jericho tells Flair that he doesn't have what it takes. Jericho says he knows himself that he got what it takes, because he's got the style, the raw charisma. He tells the fans to call him the anti-Texan. He said there isn't a stupid cowboy hat on his head. He says he doesn't have ugly cowboy boots on his feet. He says he has nothing in common with Texas. Jericho tells Flair that Ric Flair has something in common with the President. They both got a lot of power... but Sunday at the Rumble, Flair will do the exact same thing the President did and he will choke.

Then Ric Flair sucker punches Jericho. Jericho fights back, then Flair low blows him twice and knocks him down. Flair applies the figure four on Chris Jericho. Vince McMahon comes out and hits Ric Flair with the pipe. Vince McMahon apologizes to the undisputed champion for Flair's remarks. McMahon was going to kick Flair and Flair grabbed his leg and tripped him. Then Jericho hits Flair and hold him while Vince hit Flair with the pipe.


Christian and Storm were talking backstage and were happy about Jericho's actions. Jericho walks in and they congratulate him on what he did. Bradshaw walks in and confronts Jericho about the comments he made on his home State. Bradshaw challenges all three men to a 6-man tag for later tonight. Bradshaw said he will get 2 other guys.

Match #1
Spike vs Bubba

Bubba starts beating on Spike and then whips him into the turnbuckle. Bubba was going for a gorilla plex slam, but Spike fell on him. Bubba fought back though. Bubba went on the top rope, jumped, but Spike moved out of the way. Spike delivered a few punches, then D-Von takes down Spike from the outside. Stacy distracts the referee while the Dudleyz tried to double team Spike, but Tazz tripped D-Von and Spike rolled up Bubba for the win.

Winner: Spike Dudley

A limo pulls up and Stephanie comes out and she complained that some clerk didn't open the door for her or something like that. Then, HHH comes out of the limo too and tells Stephanie to calm down and he says he will beat up someone tonight, but it's not some clerk.


Match #2
Hurricane Helms & Tajiri vs Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn says that last night after Heat, himself and Palumbo were ready to go out with two hot chicks, but after what happened, they couldn't go.

Helms says "These two with hot chicks? What's up with that?."

Palumbo and Gunn attack Tajiri and Helms. Then the match officially starts with Helms and Gunn. Gunn is in control and makes the tag to Palumbo. Palumbo chokes Helms in the corner with his boot. CHuck tries to cover, 1,2 but Helms kicked out. Palumbo makes the tag back to Billy Gunn. Helms fights back with a modified DDT or something. Tajiri gets the tag and so does Palumbo. Then all four men got into the fight. Tarantula by Tajiri on Palumbo. Super kick on Gunn and turns around and Palumbo kicked Tajiri and got the win.

Winners: Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn

Undertaker was shown arriving on his motorcycle.


Cole interviews Angle backstage and Cole tells Angle that he was saved last week on Smackdown. Kurt says he had Austin right where he wanted him, but Kane stuck his noise into his business. He says that Kane messed with the wrong guy and the crowd was saying "WHAT?" the whole time. Angle insults the Texans. He then says that he will make an example out of Kane and reminds Kane that he is the one who made him tap. He is tonight he will break Kane's ankle.

Debra meets with Stephanie backstage. Debra says that her husband Stone Cold will kick her husband's ass. Stephanie says it the other way around. And calls Debra a dumb blonde. Debra says her husband will throw Steph's husband over the top rope and they start fighting and WWF officials had to break it up and one of the officials was Harvey Whippleman, and Debra slapped him.


Match #3
#1 Contendership for the Women's Title
Jacqueline vs Jazz

Trish Stratus came to do a little color commentary for this match, since the winner will be facing her at the Royal Rumble.

Jazz pushes Jackie, then Jackie starts delivering some hits, followed by a spinning kick, and she covers but Jazz kicked out. Both women exchanged a few hits, then Jazz delivered some kind of modified fisherman suplex and got the win. After the match, Jazz confronts Trish Stratus and choked her, but the referee broke up the fight.

Winner: Jazz


Match #4
Kurt Angle vs Kane

They get face to face, then Angle punches Kane several times, then Kane elbows him and knocks him down. The fight went to the outside of the ring. Kane picked up Angle and dropped him on the security rails. Back in the ring. Powerslam by Kane. Kane knocks down Angle, then picks him up and slams him. Kane picked up Angle and choked him, then dropped him. Angle fought back and delivered a couple of chops to the chest of Kane, but it had no affect on him. Back body drop by Kane, followed by a side walk slam. Kane goes on the top rope, then Angle ran right up there with him and suplexed him off. Angle started to punched and kick Kane. Angle started going for Kane's leg, but Kane does the enziguri. Kane throws him in the corner and beats on him. Kane goes on the top rope and Angle went after him, but Kane knocked him down and jumped with a clothesline. Kane was going for the tombstone, but Angle got out. Then Kane was going for the chokeslam, but Angle flipped him over and applied the ankle lock. Kane reached the ropes, but Angle pulls Kane back. Again Kane grabs the ropes. Kane was getting up and Angle goes for the Angle Slam, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Kane gets up again and Kurt ran, but Kane grabbed him for the chokeslam, then Kurt Angle grabbed the referee and put him in front of him and Kane chokeslammed both of them Kane applies the ankle lock but the referee was down. Kane applies it again, but Angle rolls over and pins Kane while grabbing the ropes.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Stephanie was bugging HHH about Debra and was telling him what she did. Stephanie tells HHH that Debra said her husband can kick HHH's ass. HHH said that he beat Austin before and he will have no problem doing it again.


The APA were in their office and Big Show walks in and joins them on the table. Booker T comes in and Big Show makes fun of Booker T because he got the stinky face. Big Show and Booker T left after their argument. Bradshaw tells Faarooq that they still need a partner and he has an idea.

Match #5
Edge & Rob Van Dam vs William Regal & Test

Referee Nick Patrick searches Regal for brass knuckles and doesn't find anything. Test attacks RVD and Edge from behind.

The match starts with RVD and Test. Full Nelson slam by Test. Regal gets the tag and delivers a European uppercut on RVD and beats on him. Regal tags Test back in. Test puts RVD in the corner and beats on him and chokes him with his boot. Test whips RVD to the turnbuckle and clotheslines him. Sleeper hold by Test. RVD managed to get out of the hold. Spinning kick by RVD. Edge gets the tag and so does Regal. Back body drop by Edge. Edge takes down Test and Regal again. Test clotheslines RVD and Regal got his brass knuckles and knocks down RVD. Edge does the Executioner on Test, then Regal nails Edge with the brass knuckles and gets the win.

Winners: William Regal & Test


Christian, Storm and Jericho were backstage. Storm tells them to look at the TV and Rikishi was in the APA's office.

Match #6
Booker T vs Big Show

Booker T came out first and took off the padding from the second turnbuckle. Booker T attacks Show, then Show just picks him up and drops him. Show throws him in the corner and beats on him. Booker T fought back with a few hits, but that wasn't enough to take down the big man. then, Big Show attempted to clothesline Booker T over the top rope, but Booker ducked and Show fell to the outside. On the outside, Show delivers a few hits and throws him back him. In the ring, Booker T took down Show, and then did the scissors kick, 1,2 but Show kicked out. Show takes control of the match and clotheslines Booker. Then, Booker somehow managed to trip the Big Show and to make him fall face first into that exposed turnbuckle and Booker T went for the cover and got the 1,2,3. After the match, Booker T does the spinaroonie.

Winner: Booker T


Steve Austin Interview

Michael Cole interviews Austin and asks him about the comments made from HHH earlier. This interview was full of "WHAT?" He says he doesn't agree with HHH and says he wants to tell us a story about a man called Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that man was thirsty and was in Texas and started drinking beer, shooting darts.. it was pointless... full of WHAT's. Then he says the bat tender told him that he heard HHH is coming back to win the Royal Rumble and Austin said Anhhh! anhh! (no). Then he started naming many workout moves that HHH does. Then he said HHH can do all those moves, but he can't throw Austin over the top rope. And he kept with the WHATS.. I don't know if it's just me, but I am finding it annoying. We can't hear the promos anymore because of that. Then Austin said he is going to win the Rumble and go to WrestleMania and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.


Match #7
6-Man Tag
Christian, Lance Storm & Chris Jericho vs APA & Rikishi

The match starts with all six men fighting. Then Rikihsi was left with Jericho. Storm tags himself in and super kicks Rikishi. Jericho gets the tag back and starts hitting Rikishi. Rikishi does a belly to belly suplex. Bradshaw gets the tag and delivers the boot to the face of Lance Storm. Christian comes in and Bradshaw does the fall away slam. Bradshaw was about to powerbomb Jericho, but Christian interrupts. Christian starts choking him in the corner. Christian goes on the ropes, jumps, but Bradshaw caught him in a powerslam. Faarooq gets the tag and then all six men started fighting. Jericho does the mistle drop kick on Bradshaw. While the others were on the outside, Jericho does the stroke (I think) on Faarooq for the win.

Winners: Christian, Lance Storm & Chris Jericho

HHH and Stephanie were backstage and HHH told her he;s going to the ring and Stephanie was going to join him, but HHH said he's going alone.


Triple H Segment

HHH came out and said that last Monday night he walked out that ramp, and got in this ring and as Jim Ross said, 22,000 fans were on their feet to show their respect. He said he worked 10 hours a day during those 8 months. He said he went through all that for one reason and that was to come back and to be the best. He said that this Sunday, 30 men will compete for the honor to go to WrestleMania and to compete for the undisputed championship. He said that he will win the Royal Rumble and it won't matter who you are, what your name is, he doesn't care if your name is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin's music hits and he comes out and he goes face to face with HHH and they start fighting back and forth. HHH goes for the Pedigree on Austin but Austin counters and hits a back body drop. Undertaker comes out with a steel chair in hand. Austin sends HHH into the ropes but Undertaker hits HHH over the back with the steel chair as he goes off of them. Austin hits the stunner on HHH. Undertaker gets into the ring and when Austin gets up he nails him with the steel chair. RAW goes off the air with Undertaker staring down both Austin and HHH on the ground.

The end.