WWF RAW Results (February 4, 2002)

Full WWF RAW Results
February 4, 2002
Live from: Las Vegas
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

RAW starts with highlights of last week's Smackdown (The Flair/Vince segment).

Backstage, Michael Cole interviews Ric Flair. Cole asked him if he had any second thoughts about ripping the contract. Flair said he stands by his decision. Cole said that the nWo will be in the WWF. Flair said that would be a huge problem..and the RAW promo just started.

Match #1
Triple H vs Booker T

HHH came out and said that Kurt Angle tried to break his ankle on Smackdown. HHH said that Angle made two big mistakes. Number one, he didn't get the job one, and number two, he screwed with the wrong guy. HHH calls him out.

Booker T's music hits and he came out. Booker T says HHH is so full of rage and so is Booker T. He says HHH is a loser and Booker T is a winner. Booker T said that he kicked his ass on national TV last week and he will do it again. Both men started fighting on the entrance ramp. Then, HHH sent Booker T into the steel steps, then the ring post and tosses him in the ring. The match officially starts.

HHH hammers away on Booker T. The referee tried to stop him, then HHH got in his face. This allowed Booker T to get up and kick HHH. Booker T nails HHH with the elbow, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Spinebuster by HHH, then HHH takes Booker T down by the throat. HHH attempts to go for the pedigree, but Booker T got out, then Booker T was going for the axe kick, but HHH moved out of the way and HHH managed to hit the pedigree, 1,2 but Kurt Angle came out and beat on HHH and delivered the Olympic Slam.

Winner: by disqualification, Triple H


HHH was looking for Kurt Angle.

Torrie Wilson confronts Stacy and asks her lipstick. (The women of the WWF were in the locker room)... and Chuck and Billy came in. They had a poster with them posing on it. Stacy said that her and Torrie can do better poses than them..any day. Chuck issues a challenge to both ladies, this Thursday on Smackdown.

HHH is still looking for Angle. HHH arrived to Angle's locker room and there were two security guards. Angle opens the door and said he got some good news, he said that Vince McMahon made a match between him and HHH at No Way Out. Kurt Angle said that HHH's title shot for WrestleMania is on the line too.


Match #2
Rob Van Dam vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Devon pulls RVD by the hair. This allowed Buh Buh to attack him and take the early advantage. RVD fights back with a rolling thunder. Stacy gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Devon tries to help Buh Buh, but the referee saw him on the top rope and told him to go backstage and to take Stacy with him too. Buh Buh does the Buh Buh bomb. Neck breaker by Buh Buh on RVD, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Suplex by Buh Buh, followed by an elbow drop. Buh Buh goes on the top rope, but RVD kicked him and wen ton the top, but Buh Buh shoved him down and jumped, but RVD moved out of the way. RVD went on the top rope and did the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

After the match, Goldust's music hits and he was shown on the Titon Tron and said that RVD was the man that he was after. While RVD was looking at the Titon Tron, Goldust came from behind and attacked RVD in the ring. Goldust does the shattered dreams on RVD, followed by a neck breaker.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


HHH was talking to Stephanie backstage. HHH said that he kicked Angle's ass before and he'll do it again. Stephanie was smiling and HHH asked her why she was smiling. Stephanie said that she has a big surprise and he will have to wait and see because she will reveal the surprise tonight.

Cole talks to the Undertaker and asked him about his reaction to the Rock bottom he took on Smackdown. Undertaker started yelling and told him who the hell does he think he is asking about reaction. Undertaker says he feels like he's been disrespected. Undertaker said he will take the Rock tonight and teach him the word respect. Then he will teach Austin respect.

Jericho comes in the interview and says he respects everything Undertaker has done. Jericho said that Undertaker won't be wrestling a handicap match tonight, because Undertaker will be teaming up with Jericho.


Match #3
WWF Tag Team Titles
3-way Tag Team Elimination Match
Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn vs APA vs Tazz & Spike

Chuck starts off against Tazz. Chuck delivers a couple of punches., then Tazz clotheslines him. Tazz makes the tag to Spike. Spike was going for a Dudley Dog, but Chuck threw him. Billy Gunn gets the tag. Gunn stomps away on Spike. Blackjack by Gunn, 1,2 but Spike kicked out. Chuck gets the tag and they double team Spike. Round house punch by Chuck, 1,2 but Spike kicked out again. Spike kicks Chuck and does a tornado DDT and both men are down. Chuck tags Gunn amd Spike tags Faarooq. Faarooq does a powerslam on Billy. Bradshaw came in and they beat on CHuck and Billy. Powerbomb by Bradshaw on Chuck, then Gunn does the famasser on Bradshaw and got the 1,2,3, the APA are eliminated. A few seconds after, Bradshaw while on the outside, tripped Billy Gunn who was in the ring and this allowed Spike to do the Dudley Dog on Gunn and to get the 1,2,3.

Winners: Still WWF Tag Team Champions, Tazz & Spike


Vince McMahon Segment

No Chance in Hell music hits and Vince McMahon came out. Vince said that last Thursday, Ric Flair was suppose to do the right thing and sell him his stock, but the lying SOB changed his mind, in McMahon's exact words. (They show a small clips of last week's Smackdown). Vince McMahon calls out Flair and demands an explanation.

Ric Flair's music hits and he came out. Vince said that last week Flair was crying because he was going to hang it up and do the right thing, but then he changed his mind. Vince said that Flair is a liar and he lied to himself. Vince says the real reason Flair didn't sell his stock is because Ric Flair is selfish. Vince tells him to admit the real reason. Flair says no. Vince demands Flair to tell him why he changed his mind. Ric Flair said that the fans were the reason. Vince then reveals the nWo members, which are Hogan, Hall and Nash (their picture was shown on the Titon Tron).


Pat Patterson and Brisco were talking about the nWo and then they ask Arn ANderson about the nWo and Arn said he knows the nWo and they are poison and he said Flair made the wrong decision.

Match #4
Intercontinental Title
Rikishi vs William Regal

The referee searches William Regal for brass knuckles, but he didn't find any. The match starts with Rikishi throwing punches, then he knocks him down. Rikishi puts Regal in the corner and beats on him. Regal fought back and kicked Rikishi and pressured him in the corner and delivered several punches. Regal puts some kind of crossface hold on him, then he releases the hold. Regal does a European uppercut. Regal applies another submission hold, but Rikishi managed to get out of it. Super kick by Rikishi. Rikishi jumps and sits on Regal. Then, Rikishi drags Regal in the corner and Rikishi goes for the bonzai drop, but Regal moved out of the way. Regal was taking out the brass knuckles and Edge came out and beat on him. The referee signals for a disqualification. WWF officials came out to break the fight. Then Rikishi did the stinky face on Regal.

Winner: by DQ, Still IC champion, William Regal


DDP was shown at WWF New York.

Jonathan Coachman interviews The Rock. The Coach asked him about his big announcement. The Rock said his announcement does not concern Hogan, Hall or Nash. It concerns the Undertaker. In the interview, The Rock basically challenges The Undertaker for a match at No Way Out. Then, Rock sings "Viva Rock Vegas".


Stephanie's Surprise Announcement

Stephanie came out and called HHH in the ring because it's time for her surprise. HHH came out and Stephanie had a smile on her face and was so happy. Steph said she had an epiphany on her interview with Jim Ross on Smackdown. She says it seems that they are fighting, but there is one thing they can do to prove us wrong. She wants to renew their vows. HHH said it's the stupidest idea he has ever heard. He said why does everything have to be on live TV? Why does their dirty laundry have to be aired on live TV? Why is that? HHH asked. Steph said it's because of the fans. She said that the fans thinks she's a failure. She said the fans think their marriage is fading. HHH wants to get that straight.. he said on RAW, in front of the world, she wants him to renew their wedding vows? She said yes. HHH said NO! Steph said that he can't say no, he has to do it for her. HHH started yelling at her, why? He said everything is about her! is that why? Stephanie started crying and said she was pregnant. Steph said that's why she's been so annoying as of late and she continued crying. She said they will have a family and that's why they need to renew their vows. HHH was standing in disbelief. HHH looks at her and picks her up and smiles and he was so happy.


Match #5
WWF Women's Title
Trish Stratus vs Jazz

Jazz takes the early advantage. Trish tried to fight back by going on the top rope, she jumped but Jazz moved out of the way. Back body drop by Jazz, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Body slam by Jazz, followed by a leg drop, 1,2 but Trish kicked out again. Jazz applies the half crab submission hold, then turns it into the STF submission hold, but Trish reached the rope. Trish kicked Jazz and fights back. She was going for a bulldog, but Jazz does a back suplex. Then, Jazz does a brain buster and gets the win.

Winner: New WWF Women's Champion, Jazz


Match #6
Tag Team Match
The Rock & Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho & Undertaker

The fight starts on the outside. Rock and Undertaker, Austin and Jericho. Austin sends Jericho in the ring. Austin delivers a few hits, followed by several chops to the chest of Jericho. Spinebuster by Austin. Clothesline by Austin, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Rock gets the tag and throws Jericho to the outside. Rock was calling in the Undertaker, but Jericho went in and clotheslined the Rock from behind. Undertaker got the tag and beat on the Rock, but the Rock fought back. Austin got the tag and he hammers away on Undertaker. Austin took down Undertaker and dropped the elbow. Undertaker fought back with a boot to the face of Steve Austin. Jericho got the tag and puts Austin in the corner and beat on him, then Austin reverses it and puts Jericho in the corner. Then, Jericho applies the sleeper hold, but Austin got out. Austin was going to tag The Rock, but Undertaker hit Austin to make sure he didn't get the tag. Undertaker threw Austin to the outside and sent him into the steel steps. Rock went out and helped Austin. Austin is in the ring, then Jericho does an inside cradle, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Then, Austin was charging at Jericho, and Jericho moved out of the way, which resulted in Austin going into the steel post. Austin applies the Walls of Jericho on Chris Jericho, then Undertaker interrupted the hold. Undertaker took down Austin and applied pressure to his head. Both men are up, and then they do a double clothesline. Austin tags Rock and Undertaker tags Jericho. Rock takes down Jericho. DDT by Rock. Then Rock goes after Undertaker and sends him to the outside. Sharpshooter by Rock on Jericho, but Undertaker interrupted the hold. All four men end up fighting on the outside once again. Back in the ring, it's Rock and Jericho. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Rock, then Austin comes in and does the stunner on Jericho. Rock covers, 1,2 but Undertaker pulls out the referee. Austin and Undertaker are fighting on the outside. In the ring, Rock does the Rock bottom and covers, but there is no referee. Undertaker grabs a pipe and nails the Rock with it. Undertaker throws the referee in the ring and Jericho covers for the 1,2,3 while Undertaker resumed his brawl with Austin.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Undertaker