WWF RAW Results (February 18, 2002)

WWF RAW Results – 2/18/01
LIVE From: Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

[Quick Note: I am taking over for Paul Nemer for the last week due to TSN pre-empting RAW]

The opening WWF promo hits.

Interview Segment – Steve Austin, nWo
No pyro tonight. The show starts off with the Glass Shattering and Stone Cold Steve Austin making his way down to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Austin means business! He slides the steel chair into the ring and poses and all four turnbuckles. Austin leaves the ring, grabs a mic, and then brings his cooler of beer in. He slides into the ring and begins to speak. He says he is a little pissed off. He says he takes that back, he is very pissed off. Last night he had Chris Jericho right where he wanted him. He said he was going to put his sorry ass right here in the middle of the ring, WHAM! Stone Cold Stunner. 1, 2, 3. Stone Cold would be the new WWF Champion. He told the damn world what he was going to do but it didn’t happen because of three pieces of trash that interfered. So if the nWo didn’t care about coming out last night, he invites them out now. The nWo music hits and Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash all appear at the top of the entranceway. Austin gets on the mic and says incase you didn’t hear me, he says bring your asses to this ring. He says he will whoop anyone of there asses. He will Stunner them all and put some stink on it. All three men talk and discuss what they are going to do. Then all three men proceed down the ramp but turn around and leave. Austin tells them to bring their asses back out here you little chicken sh*ts. Austin says he is not going to leave this ring until they come back out. Austin says he has all night and two cases of beer and a steel chair to swing. RAW goes to commercial with Austin continuing to stare down the entranceway waiting for the nWo.


Interview Segment Continued – Steve Austin, Kurt Angle
RAW comes back from commercial and Austin says he is going on strike until the nWo comes out. Austin continues to talk when Kurt Angle’s music hits. Kurt Angle appears at the top of entranceway with a mic in hand while numerous security guards stand behind him. Angle gets on the mic and asks Austin what his problem is. Call me crazy but if someone is going to take up valuable air time it should be someone that is actually going to WrestleMania. Austin throws some beers at Kurt Angle. Angle says last night you blew it. It’s his time now. He says he cannot stand crybabies. That’s why he brought this security down with him. Austin throws another beer. Angle says one more time and you will be arrested. Austin throws one more beer and Angle gets mad and brings the security down with him. Angle tells Austin to get out of the ring because it’s his time now. Angle asks Austin to get out of the ring again but Austin gives him the finger. Angle tells Austin for the last time to get out of the ring. Austin continues to stare down Angle. Angle gets into the ring and approaches Austin. Angle says fine, stay in the ring. He is going to make his announcement anyways. Angle tells the security guys to be calm, all Austin wants is attention. Angle then says his announcement is that after he beat Triple H last night at No Way Out he is going to WrestleMania because if anyone /* deserves it, it’s him. Austin gets up and takes down Angle. The security guards storm the ring and take down Austin. They pick him up and cuff him. Angle gets in Austin’s face and tells him while he is at WrestleMania, Austin will be in jail! The security guards push Austin out of the ring while Angle directs them. Austin tries to kick Angle while the security guards take him to the top of the ramp. RAW goes to commercial as the security guards escort Austin out of the arena.


RAW come back from commercial plugging the WWF superstars on Fear Factor.

They show what happened earlier with Steve Austin and Kurt Angle.

DURING THE BREAK: The security guards put Austin into a cop car as the nWo looks on.

Tag Team Match
Hardy Boyz vs. Christian & Lance Storm
Lance Storm and Matt Hardy lock up to start the match. Lance works on Matt’s arm and Matt reverses and does the same. Lance throws Matt into the ropes but gets a kick to the gut followed by a neckbreaker. Matt tags in Jeff. Jeff and Matt hit the Poetry in Motion on Storm. Jeff works on Storm hitting a few kicks to the gut in the corner. Lance throws Jeff into the corner but Jeff jumps up onto the top but Christian knocks him off. Christian gets into the ring and double team on Jeff. Christian gets the tag and he works on Jeff doing a few kicks followed by a gut buster. Christian goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Christian works on Jeff’s arm and locks on a submission move. Jeff fights back but misses a drop kick. Christian goes for a suplex but Jeff counters and hits a small package but only gets a 2 count. Storm gets the tag and he works on Jeff. Jeff fights back with numerous punches but Storm contains Jeff until Jeff hits a big dropkick. Jeff tags in Matt and he clears house on both Christian and Storm. Storm throws Matt into the corner and charges. Matt counters with a kick to the face followed by a neck take down. Both Hardyz double team on Storm and Matt goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Jeff and Storm battle on the outside, Matt turns around in the inside and Christian hits the back suplex. Christian goes for the in but only gets the 2 count. Christian throws a fit in the ring. On the outside, Lita hits a big Huricanranna on Storm off the ring apron. Christian walks behind Matt and tries to do the Un-Prettier but Matt counters and does the Twist of Fate. Jeff climbs the top rope and hits the Swantom Bomb! Matt goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win!

Winners – Hardy Boyz

Backstage, Stephanie is shown. Kurt Angle walks in. Stephanie wants to not only congratulate Kurt for taking Austin out tonight but also for defeating Triple H last night at No Way Out. Stephanie says Triple H will never ever get a title shot. Kurt comments Stephanie on her referee duties last night. She says she couldn’t have done it without him. Ric Flair walks up and says they are the hottest topic backstage. He says making that match last night was pure genius. Flair says he thought to himself that since the match was such a success, he will make it happen again tonight and the winner will go to WrestleMania. Except, Stephanie will not be the Special Guest Referee tonight and if she gets involved Triple H will automatically get the shot at WrestleMania. End of story. WOOOOOOOOOOOO. RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back from commercial. Undertaker is shown arriving to the arena. He walks up to someone and asks them where Ric Flair’s office is. The man says what? Undertaker gets mad and gets in his face. The man says sorry and directs him to where Flair’s office is.

Ric Flair is shown backstage when The Undertaker walks in. Undertaker says he came here tonight to beat his ass down. He says he thought about it but then thought of something better. He says he wants Flair in the ring at WrestleMania. The Undertaker says he will see what kind of a man Flair is if he comes to WrestleMania and fight him. Flair says 10 years ago maybe but not today. He is the owner of a company and he doesn’t want to fight the Undertaker. The Undertaker says well them maybe he will have to convince him even more. The Undertaker leaves as RAW goes to commercial.


WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT: Pete Rose attacking Kane in 1998.

The nWo is shown leaving the arena heading to a limo. They are about to leave when Hogan tells Nash and Hall to go ahead. He tells them to pick him back up in 30 minutes.

Mr. Perfect heads down to the ring. He gets on the mic and says it’s great to be back in the WWF and in Chicago tonight. He says as he looks around in the crowd he sees Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears. Perfect says what a good season the Bears had this year. He says it was almost perfect until they lost in the Playoffs. He says he is Perfect and not the Bears. Kane’s pyro hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Mr. Perfect vs. Kane
The bell rings and both men lock up. Kane misses a clothesline and Perfect jumps on Kane but Kane pushes him back down. Kane grabs Perfect, sends him into the ropes and then takes Perfect down with a boot to the face. Perfect goes to the outside and Kane follows. Kane tries to attack Perfect on the outside but Perfect nails Kane’s head off the turnbuckle and then hits a few slaps to the chest. Perfect throws Kane into the ring. Perfect hits a few punches and kicks on Kane before taking him down. Perfect gets up and taunts at the crowd. Kane gets up and takes Perfect down with a big suplex. Perfect gets back up and tries to go for the Perfect Plex but Kane counters out of it and clotheslines Perfect down. Kane climbs the top rope, Perfect gets up and Kane hits a big clothesline from the top. Kane backs up and waits for Perfect to get up. Perfect gets up, turns around, Kane slaps his hand around the neck of Perfect and then Kane hits a big Chokeslam. Kane goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner – Kane

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is shown walking through a hallway as RAW goes to commercial.


Upcoming WWF Live Events are shown.

Interview Segment – Hulk Hogan, The Rock
The plug the match between Triple H and Kurt Angle tonight, the Winner goes to WrestleMania. While the graphic is up the nWo video/music cuts in and out comes Hulk Hogan. Hogan makes his way down the ramp and gets into the ring. He grabs a mic and begins to speak. Before Hogan can speak the fans give him an overwhelming ovation. Hogan says it feels great to be back in this ring in the WWF. The WWF made Hulk Hogan a legend. He says it feels even greater to be in front of all you fans right here tonight. Hogan says if he thinks back he fought the Russian’s, the monsters, and we (the fans) took Andre The Giant and bodyslammed him at WrestleMania 3. He says however something happened. You people turned on him. He says he wanted to end his career in the WWF but you wouldn’t let him. He says the WWF fans drove him out of the WWF. It’s just like what you the people in Chicago did to Michael Jordan. He says that is the same thing they did to him. Hogan says ever since the fans drove him out of the WWF he said he has something he has wanted to say. And now that he is back thanks to Vince McMahon, there is only one thing he has to say. You can kiss my ass! He says he is the reason all these people were here. He is the reason why wrestling is as big as it is today. It’s all about him. There is nobody in this business that is as big as him. Past and present. No one will ever be as big as Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The Rock’s music hits as The Rock appears making his way down the ramp and then getting into the ring posing on the turnbuckle. The Rock grabs a mic and stares down Hogan. Hogan takes off his sunglasses, so does The Rock. Finally The Rock has come back to Chicago. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, in the same ring. Who would have thought. Rock says he heard what he said in the back, he was listening. The Rock agrees with what Hogan said. He asks Hogan if he really thinks if it was the fans that drove him out of the WWF. Is that what you think Hogan? Hogan gets on the mic and says exact…Rock cuts him off and says it doesn’t matter what you think. Rock says it wasn’t the people that drove him out of the WWF. The fans loved him. The believed in him. The Rock even believed in him. It was years after years that Hogan ripped his t-shirts and ate his vitamins. After a while, the people got sick of him and took a big hulk-a-crap on the toilet. However, The Rock says he is a legend and he respects. But since you are back in the WWF because of Vince McMahon. The Rock says he knows how Hogan has main evented one WrestleMania after another and after another. So why doesn’t Hogan main event WrestleMania again with, The Rock. Both men stare each other down as the fans chant Hogan and Rocky. Hogan gets on the mic and says you know something Rock, they got a name or a phrase for guys like you. It’s called flavor of the month. He says The Rock is a dime a dozen. He asks Rock if he even thinks he is in his league. The Rock cuts Hogan off and then gets on the mic. Rock says yes or no. Let The Rock paint a picture for you. The fantasy match up that will determine who is the absolute best ever. The Rock says you know what, maybe it isn’t up to Hogan decide or even The Rock himself. Maybe it’s up to the people. The fans cheer loudly. The Rock says at WrestleMania do you want to see the immortal Hulk Hogan go one on one with the Great One? The fans cheer loudly yet again. The Rock uses Hogan’s ear taunt to listen to the crowd in Chicago. The Rock asks yes or no yet again. Hogan gets on the mic and says YES. It’s been made. Hogan says the fans are right, it will be a pleasure to kick his ass at WrestleMania. Both men shake hands and Hogan says good luck because you are going to need it. As Hogan tries to leave The Rock keeps hold of Hogan’s hand and tells Hogan he won’t need as much luck as Hogan will need. Rock drops his mic and hits the Rock Bottom on Hogan as the fan go nuts!

The Rock poses and leaves. As he walks up the ramp the Kevin Nash and Scott Hall attack him from behind. They throw Rock back into the ring. Hogan takes off his weight belt and begins to slap it over The Rock. Scott Hall picks up The Rock and hits the Razor’s Edge! Kevin Nash then walks up and he picks up The Rock and hits Powerbomb. Hogan directs Nash and Hall as Hogan leaves the outside and gets a hammer from a tool box. He gets into the ring as Nash and Hall hold The Rock. Hogan nails the hammer over The Rock’s head as Rock is out cold. Hogan isn’t done yet! He walks over to the corner, jumps, and hits the leg drop! Hogan pins Rock and gets the 1, 2, and 3 which is counted by Scott Hall. Hogan goes to the outside again and gets a can of spray-paint. He sprays the nWo logo and the words “2 sweet” on The Rock’s back. RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back from commercial and medical technicians are shown putting The Rock in an ambulance. The ambulance sirens blare as it pulls away. But as it does, a big black semi-truck pulls in front of it. The nWo gets out and they destroy the ambulance. Scott Hall ties a few chains to the ambulance locking it shut. Hogan gets in the drivers seat of the semi-truck and reverses it. He backs up to a long distance and then charges at the ambulance and smashes the side of it. He backs up two more times and does it repeatedly. Hogan gets out of the truck saying how he just layed the smackdown on The Rock. Hogan, Hall, and Nash all celebrate as they look in the ambulance and see The Rock. They get serious and decide to leave as they escape in there limo as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back from commercial and they show medical technicians attempting to get into the ambulance that was crushed by the nWo. They cut to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside and they show concern after seeing what just happened.

The Godfather vs. Booker T
The bell rings and both men lock up. Godfather charges Booker into the corner. Booker fights back with a few punches backing Godfather into the other corner. Booker takes Godfather down even more with some kicks. Godfather throws Booker into the ropes and hits a elbow to the chest. Godfather misses a elbow on the ground and Booker take the advantage by taking Godfather down. Godfather throws Booker into the ropes and hits a quick side slam on Booker. Booker gets back on his feet and Godfather hits a few punches. Godfather tries to send Booker into the ropes but Booker counters and hits a kick to the gut and tries to go for the scissors kick but he misses and Godfather hits a big powerslam. Godfather hits two big leg drops and Booker gets up in the corner. Godfather looks to hit the Ho Train but his escorts won’t pay attention and he yells at them to do so. Godfather turns around and when he does Booker charges at him and hits a big superkick to the face. Booker goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3.

Winner – Booker T

After the match, they cut back to the outside where the demolished ambulance is with The Rock inside. Police pull up and ask how the situation is going while another medical technician requests more back up as RAW goes to commercial.


BOOT OF THE WEEK: The APA winning the Tag Team Turmoil last night at No Way Out advancing to WrestleMania to compete for the WWF Tag Team Championship’s.

They cut to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler again at ringside. They have no more updates concerning The Rock but they hope to later tonight.

Tag Team Match
Goldust & William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam & Edge
Both Edge and RVD charge the ring as Goldust and William Regal attack them. Regal is on Edge and Goldust is RVD. Edge and RVD throw Goldust and Regal into each other as the bell rings. RVD and Goldust start the match off. RVD jumps on the top rope and hits a side kick to the face of Goldust. Goldust hits the ground and RVD hits a quick moonsault but only gets a 2 count. Goldust gets back up and he takes down RVD. Goldust tags in Regal. Regal misses a elbow on RVD and RVD counters and hits a body splash on Regal in mid-air. Regal rolls over and tags back in Goldust. Goldust works on RVD on the ground. Goldust picks up RVD and hits his head off the turnbuckle. Goldust climbs the top rope and hits a few right hands on RVD. Goldust throws RVD into the other corner and then hits a snapmare followed by a elbow drop. Goldust goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. RVD comes off the ropes and Goldust attempts a bodyslam but RVD counters and takes down Goldust from behind. RVD tags in Edge and Goldust tags in Regal. Edge takes down Regal and then Goldust. Edge gets up on the top rope and hits a missile drop kick. Edge goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Edge throws Regal in into the corner, Regal jumps up to counter. Regal turns around but Edge charges and hits a Spear. Edge locks Regal into a submission move and makes Regal tap to win the match!

Winner – Rob Van Dam & Edge

After the match, Goldust tries to attack Edge but Edge gives him a quick Spear. Regal gets up and RVD jumps up onto the turnbuckle, jumps off, and hits a side kick to the face of Regal. Regal rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp with Goldust as Edge and RVD stare down both men.

They then show an ambulance taking The Rock away as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back from commercial and they recap all the earlier events between The Rock and the nWo. They first show the attack on The Rock in the ring and then the ambulance attack with the nWo's semi-truck.

Michael Cole is shown standing by with Kurt Angle. He says after seeing what just happened how will Kurt focus on his match tonight. Kurt said he is not sure if he can focus on his match tonight. I mean, how could Ric Flair make this match tonight? Michael Cole said he was referring to what happened to The Rock. Kurt says he feels bad for The Rock but The Rock doesn’t have a title shot, he does. He said tonight is going to end on a good note.

The Y2J Countdown Clock appears followed by the pyro hitting. Break The Walls Down. Chris Jericho appears posing with the Undisputed Title’s with his back to the crowd before turning around and facing them. He makes his way down the ramp and he will join JR and The King at ringside during the next match. The graphic hits the screen showing the upcoming match between Triple H and Kurt Angle where the winner determines who goes to WrestleMania. RAW goes to commercial.


Winner Advances to WrestleMania
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle
The match starts with Triple H on the ring apron and Kurt Angle attacks him. Both Triple H and Kurt Angle brawl on the outside. Triple H tries to send Angle into the steel steps but Angle reverses and Triple H hits the steel steps with impact. Angle puts Triple H back into the ring and works on him in the corner. Kurt picks up Triple H and hits a big suplex. Angle goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Angle hits a few hard kicks to the gut of Triple H. Triple H crawls over to the corner and Angle hits a few more kicks on him. Triple H gets up and he retaliates with some big right punches to Angle. Angle counters Triple H yet again and takes him down. Angle picks up Triple H and hits a quick body slam. Angle goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Angle throws Triple H over into the corner and he hits a few more hard punches. Angle throws Triple H into the ropes and when Triple H comes off of them Angle nails Triple H in the gut. Angle goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count yet again. Angle picks up Triple H and locks on a powerful submission attempting to work on the torso of Triple H. Angle continues the submission before the referee breaks it up. Triple H counters of it and he applies the submission on Triple H. Angle counters then and flips Triple H over his body allowing Triple H to hit the ring hard. Triple H gets up again quick but Angle hits a big belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Triple H gets up again and he charges at Angle but Angle hits a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for two pins but only gets a 2 count on both. Angle works on Triple H again in the corner charging at his ribs. Angle backs up, charges, but Triple H moves out of the way. Angle hits the ring post with force and he rolls to the outside in pain as Triple H recovers in the ring. Angle rolls back in favoring his shoulder. Triple H hits a 4 quick punches on Angle. Angle goes for a clothesline but Triple H reverse and he hits a big neckbreaker. Angle hits a kick to the gut of Triple H, Angle goes off the ropes but Triple H charges and hits a knee to the face. Triple H hits a DDT and goes for the pin on Angle but only gets a 2 count. Triple H almost hits the referee and Angle takes the advantage by punching Triple H but Triple H counters and hits a big spinebuster. Triple H goes for the pin, 1, 2, kick out. Triple H hits another knee to the face on Angle before kicking Angle in the gut and attempting to do the Pedigree but Angle counters of out of and catapults Triple H into the turnbuckle. Both men get up and Triple H charges but Angle hits a big suplex. Angle climbs the top rope, Triple H climbs up as well and puts Angle on his shoulders and falls back. Triple H goes for the pin, 1, 2, Angle kicks out! Both Triple H and Kurt Angle battle to the outside. Angle taunts at Jericho. Angle gets the WCW belt and nails Triple H with it. Angle throws Triple H back into the ring and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Angle picks up Triple H and hits numerous german suplexs. Angle puts the Ankle Lock on Triple H. Triple H reaches the ropes and Angle lets go of the hold. Angle charges Triple H and Triple H pulls him to the turnbuckle. Triple H tries for the Pedigree but Angle counters and he puts the Ankle Lock on. Triple H reverses that, Angle gets up, Triple H kicks Angle in the gut, hooks the arms and Triple H connects with the Pedigree. Triple H goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win. Triple H is going to WrestleMania to face Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Title!

Winner and Advancing to WrestleMania – Triple H

After the match, Jericho got up on the announcer’s table and he taunts at Triple H with the Undisputed Title belts as RAW goes off the air…