WWF RAW Results (March 4, 2002)

Full WWF RAW Results
March 4, 2002
Live From: Austin, Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Vince McMahon was shown and he said Flair won't be here tonight, therefore, tonight's edition of RAW, is called "Fan appreciation night". You'll see a 15' high steel cage match, HHH vs Kurt Angle.

Match #1
Steve Austin vs Booker T

The match starts with both men locking up and they exchange hits in the corner. Spine buster by Austin. Austin picks up Booker T and beats on him in the corner. Booker T fights back and puts Austin in the corner and beats on him. Elbow hit by Booker. Booker stomps on Austin in the corner. Booker T puts a sleeper on Austin. The nWo came out and started to beat on Austin. Austin tries to fight back, but he was out numbered. Scott Hall gets a wrench and nails Austin with it. Austin is busted open. The nWo kept beating on Austin. Scot Hall delivered the stunner on Austin.

Winner: by DQ, Steve Austin


Match #2
Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert vs Test & Mr. Perfect

Test comes out with a microphone and says that since it's fan appreciation night, and he appreciates us all so much, he wants to treat us to a tag team match tonight. Test said he has the PERFECT partner, Mr. Perfect.

Albert and Perfect lock up. Albert knocks him down. Perfect delivers an elbow. Test gets the tag, and beats on Albert. Clothesline by Test. Mr. Perfect gets the tag, Perfect tries to go for the perfectplex, but Albert manages to get out. Scotty gets the tag. Clothesline by Scotty on Perfect. All four men are fighting at the same time. Mr. Perfect and Albert are fighting on the outside, and Mr. Perfect sends him into the steel post. Scotty does the WORM on Test, then Mr. Perfect comes in and does the Perfectplex for the win. After the match, Rikishi came and helped out Scotty and Albert, and gave the stinky face to Mr. Perfect.

Winners: Mr. Perfect & Test

Coach interviews Angle. Kurt says thank god for fan appreciation night, because people saw Austin's ass handed to him. Kurt said that he had HHH beat last time, but tonight, HHH is in trouble. Kurt say she's more dangerous than HHH can imagine.

Match #3
WWF Hardcore Title
Tazz vs Goldust

Lilian interviews Goldust in the ring. Asks Goldust if he deserves the belt. He said deserve has nothing to do with it. Goldust said 24/7 rules always existed, but people were stupid to remember that. Then Tazz's music hits and he comes out. Jacky came with him with a referee shirt.

The match is on. Tazz knock him to the outside. Goldust grabs a fire extinguisher and hits him with it. Back in the ring. Tazz low blows Goldust and puts him in the corner and delivers a couple of shots. Goldust fights back and puts Tazz in the shattered dreams position. Goldust gets a trash can, put it in the ring, then does the shattered dreams. Tazz applies the Tazzmission, then Goldust hits Tazz with the trash can lid and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still WWF Hardcore champion, Goldust

nWo were shown drinking beer backstage. Scott Hall says he doesn't think Austin will be able to come back after the beating they gave him.


Coach interviews RVD. He asks him about his title match at WM against Regal. But before that, they show how RVD beat the Big Show and Storm last week on RAW. RVD says he will hit Regal with the 5 Star Frog Splash and win the IC title at the PPV. Then Lance Storm gets in the interview and says that he has a rematch with RVD tonight. Then, he slaps RVD.

They show highlights of last week's RAW when DDP tried to help Christian find the good side of him.

Backstage, DDP is shown talking to Christian. Christian starts smiling like DDP and he said that he feels like an idiot.
I like me. I am a good person. Christian's phone rings and it's something about his grandma Edna, she's dying or something, but Christian didn't care. DDP tells him that they have to start all over again, because Christian doesn't get it.

Backstage, Scott Hall beat up some guy who was wearing a WHAT? t-shirt.


The Godfather was shown dancing with his hoes at WWF New York.

Match #4
WWF Women's Title
Trish Stratus vs Jazz

Jazz takes the early advantage. She picks up Trish by the hair and drops her. Leg drop by Jazz, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Jazz applies the STF submission hold, but Trish manages to reach the ropes. Trish fights back, clothesline. Slap jack by Trish. Trish delivers a few chops to the chest of Jazz. Trish was going for the bulldog, but Jazz pushes her into the turnbuckle. Jazz rips Trish's shirt off. Trish tackles her and does the STF hold on her, but Jazz reaches the ropes, but Trish wouldn't let go of the submission hold and she got disqualified.

Winner: by DQ, Jazz

Steph is talking to Jericho on the phone. Stephanie gives Jericho the name of the lotion she wants, and she tells him that there isn't a lotion like that in Texas, the people there barely wash their hands. HHH shows up behind her carrying a box. She asks him what he wants. He says he wants her out of his life. HHH empties the stuff in the box and it's all make-up and stuff for Stephanie. Then Stephanie finds the same lotion Jericho is trying to buy her. She puts some on her hands and rubs it on her arms and face.


Undertaker segment

The Undertaker comes to the ring. Undertaker said he issued a challenge to Ric Flair and he said no. He asked him again and again, he even beat up his best friend and he said no. They show the footage of how Undertaker attacked Arn Anderson. Undertaker wants to set something straight, he did not want to victimize Arnlike that, it's Flair's fault. All Flair had to do was say yes. Undertaker says Ric Flair calls himself the dirtiest player in the game, and Undertaker can prove him wrong. Undertaker said that this morning, he had to pay Flair's son a visit. They show the WWF training facility, and David Flair was wrestling. Then they show Undertaker attacking Ric Flair's son in the training earlier this morning. Undertaker beats up David Flair in the men's locker room. Undertaker sits down in the shower with David Flair and Flair is busted open. Undertaker starts talking and saying it's all Ric's fault and all he had to do is say yes. Undertaker threatens to attack Flair's younger son, or even daughter if he doesn't say yes.


Match #5
Lance Storm vs Rob Van Dam

They get face to face, then RVD slaps Storm. The fight is on. RVD knocks him to the outside and RVD jumps over the top and lands on him. The fight is now on the outside. RVD throws him back in. Storm fights back, with a few chops to the chest of RVD. Storm kicked RVD in the leg and worked on it. Storm kept applying pressure on RVD's leg. RVD fought back with a modified drop kick. Storm fights back too and puts RVD on the top rope and does a superplex. Storm hits RVD's leg against the steel post. Maple Leaf by Storm, but RVD reaches the bottom rope. RVD fights back once again, and does a spinning kick, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Leg drop by RVD. RVD goes on the top rope and Storm catches up and was about to suerplex him again, but RVD does a sunset flip from the top, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Storm goes on the top rope and does a clothesline, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Storm argues with the referee, turns around and RVD kicked him. RVD goes on the top rope and does the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

The nWo were shown backstage again. The nWo wanted to decide who will wrestle tonight and they agreed to do rock/paper/scissors. But before that happens, a WWF official wanted to check the coffee and the nWo were standing in the way. Scott Hall puts the guys head in the coffee. Then they do rock/paper/scissors and Scott Hall wins and he will wrestle tonight.


A Rock "Desire" video was shown.

The nWO were shown again backstage. Hogan is asking what kind of shape Rock is going to be in, because he will be at Smackdown. Hall said "bad". Then Hall selected a name at random and that was the person who he's going to face tonight. Hall said it will be a good warm up for WrestleMania, but he didn't reveal who it was.


Match #6
Scott Hall vs Spike Dudley

nWo came out. Scott Hall took the microphone and said "Hey yo!" He said it's fan appreciation night, and he is sure the fans appreciate him kicking Austin's ass. Spike Dudley comes out.

The match is on. Hall starts hitting Spike, then Spike does a small package, 1,2 but Hall kicked out. Then Hall basically beats the crap out of Spike. He sends Spike to the outside, and Nash picks him up and drops him, and Hogan runs Spike into the steel post and Spike was sent back in. He does his old school moves that lead up to the Razor's Edge and he gets the win.

Winner: Razor Ramon.. uhh, I mean Scott Hall -:)


Lilian Garcia introduces Mark Henry as the new World's Strongest man.

Backstage, Stephanie is scratching all over and has rashes all over her face and hands. Kurt comes in and she was crying and tells him that the cream HHH dropped wasn't cream, that he must have replaced it with something. She tells Kurt to take care of HHH tonight.


Match #7
Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs Triple H

They lock up, then they both let go. They lock up again and HHH pushes Angle. HHH knocks down Angle. gets back up and they exchange a few hits. HHH knocks down Angle again. Back body drop by HHH. Kurt Angle manages to get the ankle lock, but HHH escapes. Low blow by HHH. HHH puts Angle in the corner and beats on him. Kurt explodes with a clothesline and climbs the cage, but HHH catches up and drags him back down. Kurt low blows HHH and puts him in the corner and stomps on him. Angle delivers several German suplexes on HHH. HHH fights back and delivers a high knee. Spine buster by HHH. HHH delivers a face buster. HHH climbs the cage, but Angle catches up and grabs his ankles, but HHH shoves him down. HHH continues climbing, but Angle gets back up and brings him down. Olympic Slam by Angle, and both men are down. Angle misses a punch, HHH kicks him and delivers the pedigree. HHH is crawling towards the cage door, and Stephanie comes out and pushes referee Teddy Long into the cage. Stephanie slams the cage door in HHH's face and locks the cage. Kurt Angle tries to get out and Stephanie wouldn't let him, she told him to beat him up more because of what HHH did to her. Angle snaps on HHH and busts HHH open. Angle sends HHH into the cage. Angle was about to get out, and he had second thoughts and went back in. HHH tripped him and did a sling shot. Stephanie slips a chair in the ring. HHH was about to hit Angle with the chair, but Angle kicks him, and they end up double clotheslining each other. HHH DDT's Kurt Angle on the chair. HHH is climbing the cage, and Stephanie runs in and hits HHH with the chair and HHH falls and accidently gets his foot caught in the ropes. Stephanie rushed to help Angle escape the cage by the door while HHH was still caught in the ropes.

Winner: Kurt Angle