WWF RAW Results (March 25, 2002)

Event: Monday Night Raw
Date: March 25, 2002
Announcers are: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Live From: State College, Pennsylvania

Raw starts with Linda McMahon talking about the Draft tonight and there will only 20 picks tonight. The wrestlers are shown and watching Linda at the WWF buildings in Stamford. She also said that HHH, Stephanie, and Jericho will not be drafted tonight and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be a free agent and can pick either Raw or Smackdown to be on. After Raw is over go to WWF.COM for the rest of the Draft picks from #21 to the last pick.

Jim Ross and The King talk about the Undisputed title match with Stephanie vs HHH (c) vs Chris Jericho.

Match 1 : Tazz vs. Mr. Perfect

Tazz came out first. Mr. Perfect came out last. Perfect has a mic and said that Perfect will be the perfect pick. Bell sounds. Perfect with a cheapshot but Tazz is kicking Perfect in the corner. Tazz whips Perfect to the ropes but Perfect with a somersault. Perfect with an inverted atomicplex. Perfect with chops in the corner but Tazz came out of the corner and is punching Perfect. Tazz counters and has the Tazzmission on Perfect and Perfect tapped out.

After the match, Tazz grabbed a mic and said to Perfect, that he was just another victim.

Winner is: Tazz

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are talking backstage about the draft tonight and then they showed Vince McMahon by himself and was thinking about his opening pick in the draft tonight on Raw. Vince finally got up of the his chair and walked away.

Vince McMahon music hits the arena and out came Vince to a heel ovation. Vince said that very much for the Penn State ovation. He said I won the coin flip vs Ric Flair and I will pick THE ROCK number one and The Rock isn't happy and is headed are way.

The Rock's music hits the arena and out came The Rock. Vince said to stop that music and told The Rock will never touch him on Smackdown. He said it does matter if you hit because you and Hollywood Hogan have something in common. He made you and Hogan and can break you.

Rock said are you done running your mouth. e said "Finally The Rock has come back to Penn State University." Rock also said he will put him on his show "Smackdown" and you are taking me off Monday Night Raw. He also talked about winning the tag titles with Mankind, the Rock n' Sock connection. He also say Rikishi give you a stinkface. He said you didn't make Hogan and you didn't make The Rock nor did my parents, but the people made The Rock. He said lets talk about the fans, the home of the Nitty Lions and he played Penn State's football team when he played for the Miami Hurricanes. He said one side of the arena will say "You Are" and the other side will say "Asshole". The crowd said it over and over again and then The Rock said this is the last time I will be on Raw and he said his catchpraise, "If you Smell What The Rock is Cooking".

Ric Flair shown walking in the hallway to come to the stage for the second pick.

Ric Flair's music hits the arena and said "How are you doing Ladies and Gentlemen. He said his first pick and second overall is The Undertaker and Undertaker is shown with all the other wrestlers and he is not happy.

Vince McMahon is shown and Kurt Angle came into McMahon's office and Angle is not happy that he didn't go #1. Undertaker also came into Vince's office and is not happy about Flair picking him and Vince said he will make everything right.

Match 2 : Edge and DDP vs. Christian and Booker T.

Edge came out first. DDP came out next. Then Christian and finally Booker T. came out last. Bell sounds. Booker and Edge face to face. Edge is punching Booker in the middle of the ring and kicked Booker many times in the corner,but Booker T. came back and tagged Christian. Christian was punching Edge in the middle of the ring but Edge counters and hits a nice sipnbuster. Booker and DDP both tag in and DDP with a Diamond Cutter and covered Booker but Christian stopped the count. Booker T. with a scissors kick to Edge and covered Edge for the three count victory.

Winners are : Booker T. and Christian.

Vince and Kurt Angle are shown and Angle was telling Vince about all the championships he has won in and out of the WWF. Vince told Angle that he has to think who Flair will pick next. Vince said he hopes that Flair doesn't pick The NWO.

Ric Flair to the stage and he says something about the free agent Stone Cold Steve Austin and then he said I will pick The NWO.

Vince and Angle again and Vince is not happy about Flair picking the NWO and Angle said I just talked to someone who hasn't been in the WWF for a long time and Vince knew what he was talking about and Vince said I pick for Smackdoen CHRIS BENOIT.

Ric Flair and The NWO are talking and Xpac told Flair you can't tell us what to do because Vince McMahon brought us into the WWF. Scott Hall said you ain't blowing us right now and Ric Flair said that his next pick has something to do with you guys and its KANE.

Match 3 : Trish vs. Ivory

Trish came out first. Ivory came out last. Bell sounds. Ivory attacked Trish to start the matchup. Trish reversed and grabbed Ivory by the hair and Ivory to the mat but Trish only got a two count, Trish with a back bodydrop and is punching Ivory in the corner. Ivory came back with a dropkick and is pulling Trishs hair and punched Trish. She had Trish by the hair again and picked her up by the hair and Trish to the mat. Ivory to the top rope but Trish counters and punched Ivory off the top rope. Trish hits her bulldog finisher and covered Ivory for the three count victory.

Winner is : Trish.

Vince at the stage again and said to be on my show Smackdown and the crowd is yelling "You Are Asshole and he walked away about four feet. He came back and he said I draft Hollywood Hogan and he is the former five time WWF champion and Vince has a smile on his face.

Ric Flair to the stage again and with the forth pick and he picks the IC champion Rob Van Dam for Raw brand.

Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle again and Vince isn't happy about Ric Flair picking RVD. Vince said I wanted the IC title on my show and Angle said, "If you want the IC on Smackdown then make a match with RVD vs myself tonight on Raw.

The Rock is shown and Hogan came into his locker room and Hogan and Rock shook hands. Hogan said lets challenge The NWO tonight vs Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Xpac and Hogan and The Rock does the Hulk sayings.

Vince McMahon to the stage and picks the tag team champions Billy and Chuck. Billy, Chuck and Ric are happy and hugged and Rico said lets get new robs.

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Xpac are shown walking in the halls and they are coming out next.

Boot of the Week is: The Rock getting powerbombed by Kevin Nash threw the announce table from this past Smackdown and the return of Xpac hitting Hogan with a steel chair.

Match 4 : Hollywood Hogan and The Rock vs. The NWO (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Xpac)

Hogan came out first to a great ovation. The Rock came out next also to a great ovation. The NWO came out last altogether. Bell sounds. Xpac and Hogan start. Tie up and Hogan shoved Xpac over the top rope. Hall tags in but Hogan shoved Hall across the ring. Kevin Nash tags in. Kevin Nash does the shoving this time and Hogan across the ring. Nash is punching Hogan but Hogan came back and punched all the NWO members. Hall tags in and is punching Hogan in the corner. Nash tags in and Rock also. Rock is punching Nash in the middle of the ring. Rock takes Nash down and gave Hall a ddt. Rock hits Nash with a Rock Bottom and tagged Hogan. Hogan hits a leg drop to Nash and Rock delivers a spinbuster to Hall and Hogan covered Nash but Xpac stopped the count. BOOM! Kane to the ring and attacked The NWO. Lillian told us fans that The NWO wins via DQ, because of Kane's interference and Hogan and The Rock aren't happy. Kane did his arm thing in the middle of the ring and BOOM!

Winners are: The NWO

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are shown and Vince McMahon came into the picture and is yelling at Flair for drafting The Undertaker and The NWO. Flair told him not to yell at him and Ric Flair just drafted Booker T. and The Big Show, so Vince drafted Rikishi and Edge.

Match 5 : Jeff Hardy w/ Jeff Hardy and Lita vs. Billy w/ Chuck and Rico

Hardyz and Lita came out first. Billy, Chuck, and Rico came out last. Bell sounds. Tie up and Billy punching and choking Jeff in the corner. Billy is punching Jeff and whipped Jeff into the corner but Billy missed a jumping forearm in the corner. ita attacke dRico outside the ring adn Jeff with a some type of fancy pin and got the three count victory.

Winner is : Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy and Lita

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are shown and Flair picked Bubba of The Dudleyz and Vince McMahon is shown in his office and he drafted Dvon of The Dudleyz.

Rikishi came out to face William Regal and Regal's music hits the arena but Brock Lesnar came from the crowd and attacked Rikishi very bad.

Jazz is shown at WWF New York.

Vince McMahon to the stage and he just picked Brock Lesnar but Flair came to the stage and said no its my pick and he picked Brock Lesnar and he also picked William Regal the European Champion and Lita, so Vince picked Mark Henry and The Hardcore Champion Maven. They did a little trash talking and they aslo said that Smackdown wil be the last show for all the members of the WWF.

Match 6 : Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam (for the Intercontinental Championship)

Angle came out first. RVD came out last to a great ovation. Bell sounds. Angle from behind and hits a Germansplex but only got a two count. Angle is kicking RVD in the corner and whipped RVD to the other corner but RVD reversed and kicked Angle but only got a two cout. Angle came back and delivers another Germansplex and again but on the thrid attempt RVD reversed. RVD with a Rollin Thunder and covered Angle but only got a two count. RVD with a swing sidekick and RVD to the top rope but Angle to the outside of the ring. Angle shoved the ref because of Angle shoving the ref RVD ran into the ref. Ref is up and called for the bell because of Angle toughing the ref.

After the match, Edge came from the back and attacked Angle. Edge delivers a spear to Angle. Edge is punching Angle many times in the middle of the ring so the refs came to the ring to break Angle and Edge apart.

Winner is : RVD (Via DQ)

Stephanie is shown and Michael Cole told her that this might be the last time we see you in the WWF and Stephanie said no because I will win the Undisputed World titles and be on both Smackdown and Raw.

Match 7 : Stephanie McMahon vs. Chris Jericho vs. HHH (c) (for the Undisputed World Tiltes)

Stephanie came out first to HHH's old music. Jericho came out next and Stephanie is clapping for Jericho. The Undisputed Champion HHH came out last wearing the WWF world title and had the WCW title over his shoulder and he also came out to the best ovation of the night. Bell sounds. HHH is punching Jericho and he has gave Jericho a back bodydrop. Jericho clotheslined HHH over the top rope. Stephanie laid on the mat and Jericho covered her but HHH broke the count. Jericho with a baseball slide to the outside of the ring and he hit Stephanie by accident. Jericho was about ot hit a dropkick but HHH caught him by the legs and moonflipped Jericho into Stephanie in the corner. Jericho landed on his feet from a HHH move and attacked HHH's surgery repaired knee. Jericho is still working on HHH's leg.

HHH grabbed Jericho by his hair and pushed him over the top rope to the floor. HHH was going to attack Stephanie but Jericho from behind and covered HHH but only got a two count. Jericho to the outside the ring and grabbed both titles. HHH had a title and Jericho did and they both hit eachother with the title belts. Stephanie covered Jericho but she only got a two count. HHH attacked Stephanie and Stephanie is down on the mat. Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho but Stephanie from behind and Jericho shoved Stephanie off his back. HHH hits Jericho with a Pedigree but HHHH only got a two count. HHH delivers a spinbuster to Stephanie and covered her and got the three count victory. Stephanie is gone from the WWF.

Winner is : HHH (Still Champion)

Sercurity came to the ring and chased Stephanie and she is holding onto the steel post. HHH has a mic and said NANANANANANANA, GOODBYE and the crowd said it over and over again. They took Stephanie to the back and she is yelling.