WWF RAW Results (April 1st, 2002)

Event: WWF Raw
Date: April 01st 2002
Announcers are: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Live From: Albany, New York

Raw starts with Ric Flair in his office and said he will leave Raw tonight with Stone Cold Steve Austin on his show Raw. He said he will also give HHH the new Undisputed World Title belt on Raw.

It will be Kane vs Xpac tonight on Raw and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be in the house tonight on Raw.

Match 1 : RVD vs. Booker T. (Intercontiental Championship)

RVD came out first. Booker came out last. Bell sounds. Tie up and side headlock by Booker. RVD counters with a hurancuana. Booker with rights but RVD came back with a spin heelkick. RVD ran towards Booker and RVD throat first into the top rope. Sidewalk slam by Booker but he only got a two count. RVD ran towards the ropes but Booker with a side elbow to RVD's head. Chinlock by Booker but RVD came back with two elbow shots to Booker's midsection. Booker came back and covered RVD but only got a two count. Another chinlock by Booker and after 20 seconds RVD came back with elbows. Booker whips RVD to the ropes and RVD counters.RVD with rights. Moneyflip by RVD and hits a big sidefoot shot but RVD only got a two count. Booker with an axekick and Booker did the spinarooni but only got a two count. Booker came out of the corner with a two count. Booker with another signature kick but didn't cover RVD. Booker puts RVD on the top rope but RVD came back with punches to Booker's side and Booker to the mat. RVD is still on the top rope and came off with his 5 Star Frog Splash and covered Booker for the three count victory.

Winner is : RVD (retains his IC Title)

After the match, EDDIE GUERRERO came to the ring and attacked RVD. Eddie with a powerbomb and went to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash of his own.

Vince McMahon is at ringside and said he wants to sign Stone Cold Steve Austin to a WWF Smackdown contract. He also said lets get on your feet for the biggest free agaent in wrestling- Stone Cold Steve Austin, but Austin didn't come out and they go to a commercial break.

Back from the commercial break and Vince McMahon said he is asking for Stone Cold Steve Austin and I have Ric Flair's security. Then he said if you want me come get me out of the ring.

Ric Flair's music hits the arena and Flair came out to the beginning of the stage. Vince said I am doing the talking and Flair you will be doing the walking because I will sign Stone Cold to a contract.

Flair said, "You don't have a ticket to be here and Flair said he spent his money on this great set behind me.

Vince talks about his victory over you Flair on my show Smackdown in the middle of the ring and said damnit Stone Cold come out here right now.

Flair asked the fans if you want to see Stone Cold on Raw give me a "Hell Yeah" and most of the fans said "Hell Yeah". Flair said who wants to see Stone Cold on Smackdown and the fans booed.

Big Show's music hits the arena and Show came out and walked past Flair. Show is on WWF Raw show and Vince was on the apron and Show was in front of him. Vince said I am Vince McMahon and Show grabbed Vince and put him over his head and walked up the stage to the back.

During the commercial break, Big Show had Vince McMahon over his head and puts him by the door to the outside of the arena and Vince said I will trade for you and Vince tried to walk away but Show threw Vince out the door to the outside.

Match 2 : William Regal vs. Spike Dudley

Regal came out first. The Ref checked Regal's trunks for the brass knuckes and Regal walked away and took the brass knuckes from his armpits and puts the weapon in the pad in the corner but the ref saw and puts the weapon in his pocket. Spike came out last. Bell sounds. Spike with a dropkick to Regal's knee. Regal came back and pinned Spike five times but Spike kicked out each time. Drop toehold by Regal and punched Spike on the back of the head. Regal picks Spike up for a sideslam but Spike countered but Regal came back very fast with a half european wristlock slam. Regal with european uppercuts in the corner. Regal whips Spike to the corner but Spike with a headbutt low blow. Regal is looking for the brass knuckes in the corner but of course the ref took them in the beginning of the match. Spike hits his finisher second rope Diamond Cutter type move and covered Regal for the three count victory.

Winner is : Spike Dudley

The NWO is shown backstage and went into the closed APA office and sat down.

Bradshaw and Jackie are shown and they are sad about Ron being gone and Crash came into the picture and said The NWO is in charge and Bradshaw wasn't happy with Crash's being in his business.

Trish is shown and Terri came into the picture and said ever since you have been on the WWF Divas magazine you have ignored me. Ric Flair also came into the picture and said you guys want to fightn then you can tonight on Raw. He makes a bikini match on Raw and its going to be a paddle match, and the first to get the paddle wins.

The NWO is shown and They where spray painting the door to the former APA office and Bradshaw came in and attacked all The NWO members and out of nowhere Kevin Nash with a big boot and Bradshaw is down on the mat.

Match 3 : Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Raven (c) (Hardcore Championship)

Bubba came out first. Raven came out last with a chopping cart full of weapons for the Hardcore Title match. Raven tossed all the weapons into the ring. Bell sounds. Raven with punches but Bubba countered in the corner with punches off his own. Raven with trash can lids and smashed them to Bubba head many many times. Raven hits his octagon move but only got a two count. Raven with a sleeper submission in the middle of the ring. Bubba came back with right punches. Bubba with a samon drop but only got a two count. Raven whipped Bubba into the corner but Bubba counters with a side elbow shot. Bubba came off the top rope and landed back first onto Raven and covered Raven but only got a two count. Raven came back with a drop toehold and Bubba hits the steel chair but Raven only got a two count. Raven was about to hit his evenflow ddt but Bubba countered with a Bubba Bomb and Bubba covered Raven for the three count victory.

Winner is : Bubba Ray Dudley and is the New Hardcore Champion

Vince is shown in his limo and was on the phone and who ever he was talking to said he will leave Raw tonight with Stone Cold Steve Austin signed to a WWF Smackdown contract.

Next on Raw - HHH will be given his new Undisputed Title.

Ric Flair's music hits the arena and Flair came out to the ring. Flair has a mic and is holding the New Undiputed World Title Belt. He said its my honor to give HHH this Undisputed Title belt and Undertaker's music hits the arena and Undertaker came out to the ring.

Undertaker has a mic and said, "So this is how its going to be and you drafted me and try to disrespect me. He said he will not sit in the back and watch you give the Undisputed Belt to HHH. He said lets go back to Wrestlemania 18 and I made you bleed so bad and it had to be the biggest beating of your life. Undertaker lets go back a year and I beat HHH at Wrestlemania 17 and I beat him ever time I was in the ring with him. Undertaker is face to face to Flair and he said do you remember a few weeks ago I said if you draft me I will make your life a living hell. HHH's music hits the arena.

HHH came out with both of the Undisputed World Title belts and HHH walked into the ring. He has a mic and said yeah you beat me at Wrestlemania 17 and that was then but now I am the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. He also said I have 15 pounds of gold over there, so can you beat me again.

Undertaker said put your money where your mouth is and Undertaker said how about you put your Undisputed World Title match at WWF Backlash.

HHH said lets not wait until Backlash lets do it right now. HHH is ready but Undertaker has a mic.

Undertaker said no lets wait until Backlash and grabbed The Undisputed World Title and said you even have your name on it. He ended it saying hold on to that title while you have it.

Match 4 : The Hardyz vs. Mr Perfect and The Big Bossman

Hardyz came out first. Bossman and Perfect came out last. Bell sounds. Bossman whipped Matt from the corner to the middle of the ring. Boss man pushed Matt into the corner and Perfect with cheapshots. Perfect tags in and has the control, and a quick tag by Bossman. Bossman whipped Matt into the conrer and Bossman ran into the corner to deliver a splash but Matt moved out of the way and tagged Jeff. Bossman has the control and hits a spinbuster. Bossman puts Jeff on the top rope but Matt into the ring. Matt hits a twist of fait and Jeff came off the top rope hitting a Swanton Bomb and covered Bossman for the three count victory.

Winners are : The Hardyz

After the match, Brock Lesnar came into the ring w/ Paul Heyman and kicked both Hardyz butts. Jeff came off the top rope but Brock caught him and cave Jeff a powerbomb and another powerbomb holding on to Jeff.

Terri is shown in the back coming out for the bikini match, coming up next.

WWF Rewind is : Lita and Trrish defeating Jazz and Ivory just two weeks ago on Smackdown.

Match 5 : Terri vs. Trish (Paddle on a Pole)

Terri came out first. Trish came out last and Trish is on the cover of the Divas magazine. They showed the paddle on the pole. Bell sounds. Terri grabbed Trish by her hair and tossed her across the ring by her hair. Terri was standing on Trish in the corner and went for the paddle but Trish grabbed her and had her setup for a powerbomb but Terri countered. Trish goes for the paddle and grabbed it and she is the winner.

Winner is : Trish

Molly Holly came to the ring and grabbed the paddle and smashed it over Trish and the paddle broke in many pieces. Molly walked away.

Vince McMahon is shown and is still on the phone in the limo and said he will leave Raw with Stone Cold Steve Austin signing his contract for WWF Smackdown ran and owned by Vince McMahon.

Ric Flair is shown and is on the phone. Flair gets off the phone and Stone Cold Steve Austin appears wearing his WHAT? T'Shirt and Austin said he wants Vince McMahon back into the arena, so he can hear what Vince has for me.

Kane, The Rock, and Hollywood Hogan segment from Smackdown was shown and they shown the funny Kane segment. They also showed Kane, Hollywood Hogan, and The Rock defeating The NWO (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Xpac on Smackdown this past week.

Kane is shown backstage and is coming out next to face NWO member XPac.

Match 6 : Kane vs. XPac w/ Hall and Nash

Kane came out first. Xpac came out last. Bell sounds. Xpac with a kick to Kane's head in the corner. Kane came back with a power style slam. Kane grabbed Xpac's leg but Xpac counters with a ensurguri. Kane to the top rope and Hall is on the apron and Xpac made Kane go to the outside of the ring and Hall with cheapshots. Kevin Nash with a big boot to Kane and Xpac has control inside of the ring. Xpac with a spinning healkick but only got a two count. Hall with another cheapshot. Xpac with a missle dropkick. Kane counters and whips Xpac to the ropes and Kane ran towards Xpac but Xpac out of the way. Xpac with different version of kicks in the corner. Kane counters with a powerslam in the middle of the ring. Kane to the outside and attacked Hall and Kane went to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline off the top rope. The NWO into the ring and all three attack Kane. Bradshaw came out from the back and Kane and Bradshaw took The NWO out my themselves.

Winner is : Kane via DQ or No Contest.

Vince McMahon is let back into the arena and has the paper work to see if Austin signs with him- Smackdown Brand.

Ric Flair is in the ring and has a mic and said that the Raw Brand will make an offer to Stone Cold to the Raw Brand forever. Vince McMahon music hits the arena and Vince came out to the ring.

Vince has a mic and talked about the business of wrestling, ect. He also said he made the WWF its best in the globe. He said he made the WWF and Austin's music hits the arena and Austin came out to a great ovation.

Austin did his four corner salute to the fans and has a mic. Vince said I wanted to tell you I like that T-Shirt. Austin said to Vince should I leave Raw, Ric Flair, and join Smackdown with you. Austin said are you going to say anything and Vince said, "Shutup". Austin said you have all the fans calling you an asshole. He looked towards Flair and asked do you want me to sign your contract and Flair said Yeah, (Crowd yelled What over and over again). He looked towards Vince and told him he was the WWF Champion with you, and you made me kick people's butt. Austin said do you Vince, want me to sign with you and Vince opened up Austin's contract. He again looked towards Flair and said Business is Business. Austin looked at Vince and asked him if he has a pen and Vince grabbed the pen off the mat. Austin has the contract and Vince told him he can sign it on the last page. Austin said you going to pay me and Vince said you want cash or checks. Austin said APRIL FOOLS and stunned Vince.

Flair is happy and said where's the beer and Flair got some beers. Flair is yelling Stone Cold is on Raw... WHOOOOOO... over and over again. Flair was going around the ring doing his signature walk and Austin stunned Flair also.

Austin signed the Flair contract and celebrated with the fans drinking beers on the turnbuckle and Vince is up and got stunned again.