WWF RAW Results (April 15, 2002)

WWF Show: Raw
Date: April 15th 2002
Announcers are: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Live From: College Station, Texas

Raw starts with the new Raw video that debuted for the New Raw Brand opening. HHH will be in the house tonight. Ric Flair's music hits the arena.

Flair came out to a great ovation and he gets a mic. He starts by saying he has great superstars in the back and he doesn't want to take anything away from them but I have something to say to someone back stage. He said the person is Stone Cold Steve Austin and said that Vince McMahon has gonna war with Vince McMahon in the past but I will not be in that position because there are wrestlers in the back that can go against you. He said he respects Austin and hopes he wins vs The Undertaker and Flair said Austin is the man but I didn't respect what you did it me last week. He asked for the footage of Austin stunning Flair last week on Raw at the end of the show. Flair is shown again in the ring and said that he didn't respect what happened last week. He said when you stunned me a few weeks back on Raw I let it go but Flair said last weeks stunner will not be tolerated putting your hands on me.

Stone Cold's Steve Austin hits the arena and Austin came out. Flair still has a mic and said that Austin will not put my hands on me again like last week and Flair said he will not suspend you like I did to Nash, but I will fine you $5,000.

Steve Austin has a mic and said are we clear and everything Austin said the fans said What! Austin then said who was his opponent last week, and he said Goldust, Spike Dudley, Booker T. and he also named a lot of other wrestlers names and then he said was it Ric Flair, The Nature Boy. Austin said no it was Scott Hall and he said stunning Flair was not a big deal. He said that no one will run to the ring and save me and he will not need your help Sunday at Backlash vs The Undertaker. The fans in the crowd have not stopped yelling What and that he will not need anyone's help and "Thats the Bottom Line because Stone Cold said so". Undertakers music hits the arena and Undertaker came out to the ring.

Undertaker has a mic and said that this Sunday it will be a war at Backlash. Undertaker said he doesn't like Austin but this Sunday whoever wins will get a title shot. He told Austin he needs to focus and the past he doesn't matter. He also said he has to fight you and cheat at Backlash he will do it and said that Austin needs Ric Flair to beat him at Backlash.

Austin back on the mic and said that if Ric Flair came to the ring at Backlash he will stunner Flair but Undertaker said if Flair came to ring side at Backlash I will kick his but first. Flair said I am the boss so I make myself guest ref.

The NWO music hits the arena and Scott Hall and Xpac came out. Hall has a mic and said that Flair and Bradshaw last week cost him the match last week on Raw vs Steve Austin last week. Hall also said to the boss "Ric Flair" to make a match tonight with me vs Steve Austin.

Flair has a mic and said take out The N in the NWO and the answer is "NO". Bradshaw's music hits the arena and he came out and all hell broke lose. Bradshaw and Austin took out Undertaker and The NWO (Xpac and Hall). Bradshaw and Austin left in the ring and Flair is outside the ring and is not happy about the fight that happened in the ring.

Ric Flair is backstage with Arn Anderson and is going crazy and said that is will be tonight on Raw Austin and Bradshaw vs The NWO and The Undertaker.

Match 1 : Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Raven (Hardcore Championship)

Bubba came out first. Raven came out last with a shoping cart full of weapons. Bell sounds. Back and forth to start the Hardcore Tilte match. Raven with a trash can but Bubba out of the way and hits a neck breaker. Bubba whips Raven to the ropes and hits a flapjack. Bubba tells himself to get a table and does so. When Bubba got the table on the apron Raven with a dropkick and Bubba face hits the table. Raven has the advantage and gets the three count vicory.

Winner is: Raven

Tommy Dreamer came out and attacked Raven and got the three count victory but Bubba is back and has a guitar and hits Dreamer with it and gets the three count victory. (Sorry my computer froze because AOL kicked me off, so I hope this is right, sorry).

Winner is: Bubba Ray Dudley (Entered the ring as the champion and leaves as the champion.)

Match 2: The Big Show vs. Shawn Stasiak

Show came out first. Stasiak came out last. Bell sounds. Show had the advantage in the whole match and hits The Show Stopper chokeslam and covered Stasiak for the three count victory.

Winner is: The Big Show

Eddie Guererro will be interviewed by Terri coming up next.

Terri told Eddie that RVD has said yes about the match at Backlash. Eddie said the IC title belongs to me and RVD sold it from me and he also sold my FrogSplash finisher. He said he will defeat RVD with his frogsplash. He said tonight me and Regal will defeat RVD and Spike Dudley.

Booker T. is shown backstage and Goldust came into the picture and Booker is not happy because Goldust costing me the Hardcore Title match vs Bubba Ray last week on Raw. Booker said that Flair is making us team up tonight and told Goldust to talk or get beat up. Goldust did and said some weird stuff and Goldust walked away and Booker said I am getting to old with this stuff.

Debra is shown getting coffee and Undertaker is shown walked behind her and her coffee laids on The Undertaker and she left being scared.

Recap is shown of The Rock from Saturday Night Live this past show.

Match 3: Crash vs. Jackie

Crash came out first. Jackie came out last. Crash defeated Jackie last night on Heat. Bell sounds. Jackie attacked Crash first. Jackie to the top rope and hits a dropkick off the top rope. Jackie with a nice pin and she gets the three count victory.

Winner is: Jackie

William Regal was backstage and was not happy with Spike Dudleys upset win last week from Raw. He said he will get his revenge at Backlash and tonight when he teams up will Eddie vs Spike and RVD.

Match 4: RVD and Spike vs. Eddie Gurrerro and William Regal

RVD came out first. Spike came out next. Then Regal came out. Eddie came out last. Bell sounds. Regal cheapshots Spike and Spike to the floor. RVD and Regal start in the ring and RVD with a nice swing kick. RVD hits a moneyflip out of the corner and tags Spike into the match. Eddie tags in also but Spike with a neckbreaker. Regal cheapshots Spike again and he tags in. Regal with a suplex on Spike and Spike landed on his neck. Eddie tags back in and hits a dropkick. RVD was in his corner and Eddie cheapshots RVD. Spike counters but only gets a two count. RVD tags in and RVD with a RVD type kick. RVD with a rolling thunder but only got a two count. RVD with a nice kick to Regal and goes to the top rope and hits a nice splits type move off the top rope but only got a two count. Spike tags in but Regal counters. Regal throws Spike to the floor and tossed Spike back into the ring. Eddie to the top rope and came out the top rope and hits a frogsplash to Spike and covered Spike for the three count victory.

Winners are : Eddie and Regal

After the match, RVD takes Eddie out and went to the top rope and was about to hit his version of the frogsplash but Regal helped Eddie out of the ring.

Match 5: Molly Holly vs. Trish (Winner gets Jazz at Backlash for Jazz's Women's title)

Molly came out first. Trish came out last. Bell sounds. Tie up and Molly with a scoop slam. Tie up again and Molly again with the advantage and locks on a armbar. To the outside of the ring. Trish smashed Molly's head on the announce table. Molly with a elbow drop but only got a two count. Molly grabbed Trish by the hair and tossed her into the corner and Trish face first into the corner turnbuckle. Trish counters with rights and another big right punch that made Molly fall to the mat and covered Molly but only got a two count. Trish keeps the controll in the match and gets the three count victory.

Winner is: Trish (Jazz vs Trish at Backlash)

The NWO is backstage and Xpac is wearing Kane's mask and they talk about tonight's match vs Austin and Bradshaw.

Lita is shown with The Coach and he asked her if her back is felling better and she said yes. Coach then asked her thoughts of Brock Lesner. Paul Heymen came into the screen and at Backlash it will be Lesner vs Matt Hardy. Heymen came into the picture and said some stuff that was disrespectful and went into her dressing room. She is pissed and Heymen sat down and grabbed her thongs in her dressing room and said you want to play dirty and she slapped him.

Match 6: The Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs. Booker T. and Goldust

Hardyz w/ Lita came out first. Booker came out next. Goldust came out last. Bell sounds. Jeff clothesline Goldust. Jeff with a double low blow with both his feet. Hardyz double team Goldust in the corner. Heymen to the ring with one of Lita's thongs and Matt chased him to the back. Back to the ring Booker and Goldust double team Jeff and Booker and Goldust win the match.

Winner are: Goldust and Booker T.

After the match, Brock came out to the stage and just killed Matt Hardy.

Clips where shown of The Rock in his new movie.

Jim Ross is in the ring and said it will be at Backlash HHH putting his Undisputed World Title on the line vs Hulk Hogan. Ross introduces HHH and HHH came out to a great ovation. HHH said that Hogan made a big mistake coming to the ring and I made a mistake turning my back away from Hogan. He said that Hogan's mistake was bigger. Ross said to HHH, that Hulk Hogan is back and can he drop the big leg drop on you and win the title again. HHH said yeah hulkimania is back but I will win this Sunday at Backlash. He also said I will answer a question that Hogan has said, and thats "Which you gonna do", and HHH said I will not make any mistakes and I will kick your ass Hogan. He also said if its Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Undertaker win at Backlash I will defeat them and I will also defeat Hogan this Sunday at Backlash, because I am "The Game".

Match 7: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bradshaw vs. The NWO and The Undertaker

Undertaker came out first. The NWO came out next and Xpac came out wearing Kane's mask. Then Bradshaw came out. Stone Cold Steve Austin came out last to a great ovation. Bell sounds. Everyone is in the ring going at it. Bradshaw threw Xpac over the top rope to the floor. Austin and Undertaker start. Undertaker with a flying clothesline to Austin. Undertaker whips Austin into the corner and hits a running clothesline. Austin tried to comeback with a stunner out of nowhere but Undertaker took the control back. Xpac tags in but Austin counters and stomped a mudhole on Xpac in the corner. Austin whips Xpac to the ropes and delivers a spinbuster to Xpac and Hall into the ring and Austin with a spinbuster to Hall. Austin tags in Bradshaw. Bradshaw has the control but out of nowhere Xpac with a spinning wheelkick out of nowhere. Hall tags in.

Bradshaw takes Hall out and tags Austin. Undertaker cheapshots Austin and Hall took the advantage. Hall with a clothesline in the corner and tags Xpac. Xpac with right punches in the corner but Austin came back with punches in the corner. Xpac came back and tagged Hall. Hall and Austin both connect with clotheslines. Both superstars are down on the mat. Austin tags Bradshaw. Bradshaw caught Xpac and kicked Hall trying to save Xpac and Bradshaw hits a fallaway slam. Austin punched Undertaker in the face many times and Undertaker to the floor. Not shown on the TV, Bradshaw gets the three count.

Winners are: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bradshaw

After the match, Undertaker smashed a chair over Austin's head outside the ring and the show is over!