WWF RAW Results (April 22, 2002)

WWF Raw Results 4-22-01
Live from: Savvis Center in St. Louis
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Picture and sound clips of Backlash's main event were shown. They showed how Hulk Hogan won the WWF title.

Match #1
Brock Lesnar w/Heyman vs Matt Hardy

Matt attacks Brock. Brock fought back and picked him up and slammed him. Brock worked on Matt's injured ribs. Back breaker by Brock. Bear hug by Brock. Brock shoved Matt in the corner, and he ran to crush him in the corner, but Matt moved and Brock went shoulder first into the steel post. Matt fought back and did a leg drop from the top rope. Matt was going for the twist of fate, but Brock picked Matt up and drop him. Brock Lesnar delivered a huge powerbomb. The referee then stops the match, because Matt couldn't continue.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Ric Flair was backstage walking and was saying hello to some of the WWF employees and they seemed to be mad at him for not seeing Austin's foot on the rope from last night. Flair said that he didn't see it and told them that they got a show to do and to get back to work. Undertaker came and said "Thanks Flair" for last night. Undertaker told Flair that he did the right thing last night. Ric Flair made it clear that he didn't see Austin's foot, and Undertaker said "sure you can say that." Undertaker thanked him again for counting the 1,2,3 last night. Undertaker told Flair that he is going to the ring to publicly thank him.


Undertaker Segment

Undertaker came out. As your number one contender, Undertaker would like to take this time to compliment someone on a job well done. He compliments Ric Flair on the job he did at Backlash. He said Flair called that match right down the middle, and when the time was right, he counted, 1,2,3. Flair did the right thing. Undertaker said that it didn't matter who the referee was, he was still going to beat Austin. Undertaker said that he gets to go to Judgment Day and to fight the Immortal, Hulk Hogan. He said that everyone is all caught up with the Hogan comeback story. Undertaker said that without him, Hogan wouldn't have won last night. HHH was shown walking backstage, and Undertaker said that he can't be here, he is suppose to be on Smackdown. HHH's music hits and he comes down and all hell broke loose. HHH and Undertaker resume their fighting on the outside. HHH hit the Undertaker with a TV monitor. Referees came to stop the fight, but HHH knocked them down and continued to go after Taker. They were fighting everywhere. The fight went backstage. HHH took a sledghammer from a car parked backstage and nailed the Undertaker with it. Security and police came and cuffed HHH.


Tons of Scorpion King hype....

Goldust and Booker T were talking about the Scorpion King and they showed a small highlight of it. Booker T the movie was great, but Rock can't act and he should have been the one in that movie. Booker T said that, "this is what would have happened if I were in the movie." They replayed the same thing, but Booker T was holding a sword. Goldust said that he should have been in it. Booker T said that if Goldust was in it, it would be called "The Scorpion Queen".

Flair and Regal are getting coffee. Regal "congratulates" him on his refereeing job. Flair said that it was an honest mistake.

Match #2
Mr. Perfect vs Rob Van Dam

Eddie Guerrero was doing some color commentary with Jim Ross and Lawler.

Perfect attacks RVD from behind, on the outside. Perfect sends him back in. Drop kick by RVD and Perfect goes to the outside. Perfect fought back and delievered a couple of chops to the chest of RVD. Spinning kick by RVD, 1,2 but Perfect kicked out. Perfect tried to pin RVD while he had his feet son the rope, but the referee saw it. Spinning kick by RVD, followed by the frog splash, 1,2,3. After the match, Guerrero went in the ring and attacked RVD and went for the frog splash, but RVD missed.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

*WWF Flashback*
They showed when Hogan won his first WWF title on January 23, 1984, against the Sheik.


Match #3
Trish Stratus & Jacky vs Jazz & Molly

Molly starts off with Jacky. Head lock by Jacky. Jacky takes Molly down. Jazz gets the tag and so does Trish. Trish hammers away on Jazz. Molly kicks Trish in the back and Jazz clotheslined her. Jazz went for a splash, but Trish moved. Trish tagged Jacky, and Jazz tagged Molly. Jacky takes both women down. Trish and Jazz are fighting on the outside. Jazz sends Trish into the steel steps. In the ring, Trish was fighting off Molly. Jazz hits Jacky with the belt and Molly clotheslined her and got the win.

Winners: Jazz & Molly

Ric Flair is talking to Arn Anderson. He told Arn about people ignoring him and thinking that he helped Taker. Arn tells Flair to go in the ring and to straighten the whole thing out. Flair said that's a good idea, and he will prove that he didn't see Austin's foot on the rope.


WrestleMania 5 Flashback was shown.. When Hogan defeated Randy Macho Man Savage.

Ric Flair Segment

Ric Flair said that he didn't come out tonight to make excuses. He came out to set the record straight. He said that he did a lousy job as a referee at Backlash; he did a mistake. Steve Austin's foot was on the rope and he blew the call. Flair asked them to play the footage from last night. They showed the footage from the angle Ric Flair saw it last night. By the angle they showed, he proved that he couldn't have seen it. He said that he likes Austin and he's friends with him. Flair apologizes from the bottom of his heart. The glass breaks and Austin comes out.

Here we go again.. The "what" chants start. Austin says that Flair is full of crap. He said that when he screwed him, Flair made the single most biggest mistake of his life. Flair said that he made an honest mistake and he isn't his enemy and he isn't Vince McMahon. Austin gives Flair the finger. Ric Flair said that he doesn't blame Austin for feeling this way. Flair says that he will make it up to him. Flair makes a tag match. Austin and Bradshaw against the nWo.


Match #4
Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Goldust & Booker T

Bubba and Goldust start things off. Bubba hammers away on Goldust in the corner. Suplex by Bubba. Spike gets the tag and jumps on Goldust. Roll-up by Spike, 1,2 but Goldust kicked out. Booker T beats on Spike on the outside and throws him back in. Goldust knocks down Spike, and tags Booker T. Booker stomps on Spike in the corner.Side kick by Booker T, 1,2 but Spike kicked out. Goldust gets the tag. He pulls Spike by the hair and drags him down. Sleeper by Goldust. Spike gets out of the hold. Bubba gets the tag. He slams Booker T. Spike goes on the top rope and jumps on Booker T. Goldust and Booker were on the outside. Spike tells Bubba to get the tables. Goldust attacks Bubba on the outside.... Booker T gets the win. (I missed the last part because I was flipping from ABC to TSN, since Bret Hart was on ABC, so just wanted to watch a bit of it.

Winners: Goldust & Booker T

After the match, Steven Richards came out and hit Bubba with a trash can lid, but Bubba kicked out. Bubba powerbombed Steven through the table on the outside.

WrestleMania 7 flashback... When Hogan pinned SGT. Slaughter


Match #5
Shawn Stasiak vs William Regal

Regal nailed Stasiak with the brass knuckle and got the win. Just that quick.

Winner: William Regal

Bradshaw was found knocked out backstage. No one saw who did it, but Flair has an idea.


Flair enters the nWo's locker room and he tells them that he knows they did it. They denied it. Flair leaves and Nash comes in the locker room, Flair goes back in and tells him to leave, because he has already suspended him. Flair says that Austin's tag team partner is the Big Show.

*WWF Flashback*
Tuesday Night in Texas. When Hogan beat the Undertaker to regain the WWF title.


*WWF Flashback*
WrestleMania 9, when Hogan beat Yokozuna for the WWF title, after Yoko had won the belt from Bret Hart.

Hulk Hogan Segment

Jim Ross kept making reference that it was 18 years ago that Hulk Hogan won his first WWF title.

Hogan chants everywhere. "Man it's still running wild isn't it!", Hogan says. Hogan said that HHH deserves a rematch. Hogan said that 18 years ago, Hulkamania was born and last night it was re-born. Hogan says that he didn't get to the top by himself, it was the fans who helped him. Then Hogan says, "Undertaker, watcha gonna do, when Hulkamania runs wild on you!" Hogan does his legendary poses.


Match #6
Scott Hall & X-Pac vs Steve Austin & Big Show

Show starts off against X-Pac. Show just overpowers him completely. Hall gets the tag. Hall throws his toothpick in Show's face, and Show shoves him to the mat. Hall says he wants Austin. Show tags Austin. Austin hammers away on Hall, and knocks down X-Pac. Hall takes down Austin. X-Pac gets the tag back. Spine buster by Austin. Austin hammers on X-Pac, then Hall. X-Pac takes Austin down with a clothesline. Hall gets the tag and does the fall away slam. Austin fought back and dropped the elbow, 1,2 but X-Pac broke the count. Hall beat on Austin in the corner. Abdominal stretch by Hall. Austin tried to fight back, but Hall knocked him down with a clothesline. X-Pac gets the tag. Austin takes down X-Pac and delivers a few right hands. X-Pac fights back with a spinning kick. Hall gets the tag. Austin puts the sleeper hold on Hall, then Hall reverses it and puts it on Austin. Austin delivered a jaw breaker. Austin makes the tag to Show and Big Show chockeslams Austin. Big Show joined the nWo.

Winners: No Contest