WWE RAW Results (May 6, 2002)

Full WWE RAW Results - 5/6/02
LIVE from: Hartford, CT
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- A brand new opening for the "WWE" brand opens followed by the RAW promo. The pyro goes off in Hartford and then they plug the big 6-Man Tag Team match with Steve Austin, Bradshaw, & Ric Flair vs. nWo (Scott Hall, X-Pac, & Big Show)

WWE Women's Title
Jazz (c) w/ Steven Richards vs. Trish Stratus
Lots of near pin-falls by both ladies. Trish dominates most of the opening of the match. Steven Richards interferes and gets the referees attention. Jazz takes control with a big double arm suplex, chocking Trish on the ropes and a chicken-wing submission. Trish ends up hitting the Stratusfaction and goes for the pin but Steven Richards pull the referee out. Richards gets into the ring and superkicks Trish allowing Jazz to pin Trish for the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner and STILL WWE Women's Champion: Jazz

- After the match, Bubba Ray Dudley comes out and takes out both Steven Richards and Jazz. Bubba gets a table and sets it up in the ring. Steven Richards goes to attack him but Bubba counters and hits the Bubba Bomb and pins Steven Richards to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion. Raven comes in and he hits the Raven Effect on Bubba Ray and gets the pin to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion. Justin Credible comes in and he superkicks Raven and gets the pin to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion. Crash Holly comes in and does a body splash from the top rope on Justin Credible to get the pin to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion. Bubba Ray gets up and nails Crash with the trash can but Trish takes advantage and pins Crash to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion. Jazz sprays the fire extinguisher into the face of Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray, who is blinded, picks up Trish and powerbombs her through the table he set up before. Steven Richards takes the advantage and he slides back into the ring and pins Trish to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion. Richards slides out of the ring and leaves the arena right away.


Interview Segment - nWo (Scott Hall, X-Pac, & Big Show) & Ric Flair
We come back from commercial with the nWo already in the ring. The Big Show gets on the mic and tells them to roll the footage from 2 weeks ago when he turned on Steve Austin and joined the nWo. Big Show says 2 years ago he Main Evented WrestleMania. This year he was in a restuarant for WrestleMania picking up ugly kids up. Two years ago, Austin was hurt and he was in the Main Event. Austin comes back, where does Big Show? Instead of being in a Main Event match, he is degraded to being on the opening card. Show says he is the biggest and baddest man in sports entertaiment today and he deserves the respect. Show says no one can stop him or control him. Says no one will no longer deny what it is rightfully his. Says he is a real live talking pissed off Giant. Show says the nWo just got bigger than it already was and that there is nothing Stone Cold Steve Austin or Ric Flair can do about it. WOOOOOOOOOOO. Ric Flair's music hits and he gets on the mic. Flair says Show should quit whinning about not being at WrestleMania. Flair says he might not be as big as the Big Show but he is a 16-time Heavyweight Champion. Flair says as far as the nWo goes, he apologizes for the mistake he made last week on RAW. Flair says that he does like Austin but he doesn't like the nWo. Flair reminds the nWo in Hartford that they will be taking on himself, Bradshaw, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. HEY YO. Scott Hall gets on the mic and says that although they have to fight Flair, Bradshaw, and Austin tonight, they will drop an even bigger surprise tonight in that very ring that will change the history of the company.


- A clip is shown from the Insurrextion Pay Per View this past Saturday in London, England in which Spike injured his ankle.

WWE European Title
Spike Dudley (c) vs. William Regal
Before the match starts, Regal gets on the mic and admires Spike's courage for competing in the match tonight to defend his European Title. Regal says Spike could do the right thing and forfeit the European Title or fight in the match tonight. Spike attacks Regal and the match starts. Regal attacks Spike's injured ankle many times until he locks a submission hold on which allows Spike to tap out and award William Regal the European Title.

Winner and NEW WWE European Champion: William Regal

- After the match, Regal attacks Spike in the ring before D-Lo Brown comes down and attacks Regal throwing him out of the ring. Regal stares down D-Lo in the ring as D-Lo helps Spike to his feet.

- Ric Flair is shown backstage with Arn Anderson and tells him he is going to go take care of some business.


- Booker T is shown walking into a 7-11 and he asks one of the clerks there if he saw a big weird Gold dude come in here. The clerk says he doesn't know and then Booker T goes and gets a 7-11 slurpee. He goes to get something /* but Goldust is standing in front of him disguised. Goldust tells Booker not to leave and he apologizes to Booker and Booker says maybe they can work things out. Goldust says before Booker goes, he asks if he can have a drink from Booker's slurpee then Booker can have a bite of his weiner. Booker gets grossed out and leaves when Goldberg gets mad and eats the hotdog mad.

- Clips are shown from Insurrextion when Paul Heyman is talking to Shawn Stasiak telling him that he should stay out of his business with Brock Lesnar and the Hardy Boyz. On the show, Stasiak ignores the demand which causes Brock to attack him. Brock is then shown getting ready for his match tonight on RAW when Paul Heyman walks up and tells him to head to the arena.

- Ric Flair walks into the nWo's locker room and he searches around before he finds an APA hat. Ric Flair picks it up and says that doesn't belong in here.


- Undertaker is shown arriving to the arena on his motorcycle. He tells a man to watch his bike because he wont be long.

- The camera zooms in more to see the nWo talking outside about something.

Brock Lesnar vs. Shawn Stasiak
Match starts with Brock hitting Stasiak from the ring apron before coming in and taking him down with numerous forearms. Lesnar charges Stasiak in the corner two times. Lesnar picks up Stasiak does a big powerslam before executing his powerful finishing move. Lesnar puts on foot on Stasiak's chest as the referee counts the 1, 2, and 3.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

- Backstage, The Undertaker is shown walking down the same hallway he arrived in before walking by the same person he told to watch his motorcycle. He chokes the man and asks him where is motorcycle is and the man says Hulk Hogan took it.


- Clips are shown from last week on RAW when The Undertaker attacked Hulk Hogan with his weight belt causing Hogan to be busted open.

Interview Segment - Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker
"Rollin'" hits but instead of The Undertaker coming out, Hulk Hogan comes out on Undertaker's motorcyle. Hulk Hogan gets into the ring and poses for the fans in attendance. Hogan gets on the mic and tells the Hulkamaniacs that things haven't changed since they stepped into the ring. Hogan says at Judgment Day he will show him just why things really have changed. Hogan says also he has something Undertaker loves, his motorcycle. Hogan leaves the ring and sits on the motorcyle and dares Undertaker to come out and take it back. "Rollin'" hits and Undertaker stands at the top of the ramp. Undertaker says that Hogan should know better this. He says Hogan should know not to touch another mans motorcyle. Undertaker says that he has sent people to the hospital for giving a dirty look to his motorcycle. Undertaker gives Hogan the opportunity to get off his bike and leave quietly. Hogan cuts Undertaker off and asks him if he will actually come down and do something about what he did instead of talk all night. Hogan says that if The Undertaker wont come down and get him, then he will. Hogan starts up the motorcycle and runs up it up the ramp chasing Undertaker away. Hogan rides the motorcyle around backstage looking for Undertaker but he doesn't find it. Hogan parks the motorcyle near a semi-truck and tells Undertaker to come out before he destroys the motorcycle.


- RAW comes back from commercial with Hogan still in the semi-truck. He gives Undertaker no more time and runs over the motorcycle.

Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy vs. Booker T & Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam start the match. Both men go back and forth before Guerrero tags in Booker T. Booker takes down RVD with a few spinning heel kicks before RVD tags in Jeff Hardy. Guerrero interferes from the outside giving Booker T the advantage in the ring. Guerrero attacks Jeff Hardy on the outside before rolling him in. Both RVD and Guerrero get tagged in. Booker T and Jeff Hardy get involved. Booker T takes out RVD on the outside while Jeff Hardy takes out Eddie Guerrero on the inside. Jeff Hardy climbs the top rope as well as RVD. Jeff Hardy first hits the Swantom Bomb followed by RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD pins Guerrero and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy

- The Coach interviews Terri backstage. He asks her why she challenged Molly Holly in a WWE Diva's Showdown. Terri says she wants to show off her puppies tonight and then shows The Coach them.


- Ric Flair is shown backstage talking to Arn Anderson. He questions the attack Bradshaw got on RAW a few weeks ago. Flair says he is going to confront Bradshaw in his locker room.

Diva's Showdown
Terri vs. Molly Holly
Molly Holly gets on the mic and says she will be the first to go. Molly takes off her robe and reveals and heavily covered swim suit with a cap. Terri takes off her robe and shows a very revealing swim suit. Lawler asks the crowd response to see how who wins. The fans boo Molly Holly while they cheer Terri.

Winner: Terri

- After the showdown, Molly attacks Terri but Lawler holds her back.

- Ric Flair is shown walking towards Bradshaws locker room. He knocks on the door but no answer. Flair opens the door and walks in but Bradshaw is gone. Flair is about to leave when he sees Kane's mask in the room. Flair leaves the room mad and asks Jacky where Steve Austin's locker room is. She points him to the direction as Flair heads down towards it.


- Flair is shown knocking on Steve Austin's locker room door. Debra answers and tells Flair that Austin left. Bradshaw walks up to Flai and asks if he is looking for him. Flair says as a matter of fact he is. Flair says he goes into the nWo locker room and finds an APA hat and then he goes into Bradshaw's locker room and finds a Kane mask. Bradshaw says he has no idea why those things were there and tells Flair that if he wants to join himself and Steve Austin tonight to kick some nWo ass, he better be ready.


- Before the match, Undertaker sees what Hogan did to his motorcycle. Undertaker gets mad and leaves.

- A limo pulls out nearby. The door opens and out comes Kevin Nash.


Six-Man Tag Team Match
Steve Austin, Bradshaw & Ric Flair vs. nWo (Scott Hall, X-Pac, & Big Show)
Austin and X-Pac start out the match. Shoulder tackle on X-Pac by Austin. Austin hits a big spinebuster on X-Pac and then another on Scott Hall who tries to come in and interfere. Hall comes in and Austin takes him down with a big Lou Thez Press followed by punches. Hall tags in Big Show and he stares down Austin. Austin charges Big Show in the corner before Big SHow counters back and hits a big back body drop. Bradshaw gets a tag and so does Scott Hall. Both men brawl and charge into the corner. Hall tags in X-Pac and Bradshaw takes the steam out of X-Pac with a big Fallaway Slam. X-Pac tags in Big Show and he takes out Big Show with a big boot to the face. Bradshaw fights back with punches to the face on Big Show but Big Show is too much. Scott Hall gets the tag. He hits a big Fallaway Slam on Bradshaw and only gets a 2 count after the pin. Big Show gets the tag. Flair and Austin talk trash toward Big Show on the ring apron. X-Pac gets the tag and he works on the head of Bradshaw in the corner. Both Austin and Flair try to get into the ring to help Bradshaw but the referee holds them back. All six men brawl in the ring until only Bradshaw and X-Pac remain. Bradshaw hits the Clothesline From Hell on X-Pac and the referee counts the pin but Big Show pulls Bradshaw out of the ring and he Chokeslams him through the announcers table. Scott Hall and X-Pac remain in the ring with Austin. Austin takes out both men with a double clothesline followed by a double Stunner! Austin calls Big Show into the ring. Big Show gets in and he takes out Austin with Austin still trying to fight back. Big Show hits big slaps to the chest on Austin. Big Show hits another big back body drop on Austin. Austin gets up on the second rope and hits a big Lou Thez Press on Big Show. Austin goes for a Stunner but Big Show counters out of it and hits a boot to the face on Austin. Flair gets into the ring with a steel chair but Big Show knocks it down. Big Show looks to Chokeslam Flair but Austin low blows Big Show. Austin tries to bring the referee back into the ring. Austin gets up and turns around only to get a big chairshot from Ric Flair!

Winners: No Contest

- Flair gets on the mic and says as his first official act on the RAW brand, he will make a match at Judgment Day in which himself and the Big Show will team up to take on Steve Austin in a Handicap Match. Flair locks the Figure Four Leg Lock on Austin for a while. RAW goes off the air with Ric Flair and Big Show celebrating...