WWE RAW Results (May 20, 2002)

Full WWE Raw Results
May 20, 2002
Live from: Memphis, TN
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

A nice little tribute to the British Bulldog was shown, narrated by Vince McMahon.

Rob Van Dam was coming down to the ring for his match. The Undertaker ran down and attacked him. Undertaker busted RVD open.

Undertaker gets in the ring and asks the fans for their attention. Undertaker says that he's the new WWE Undisputed champion. As that champion, he has the right to come down the ramp first and start Monday Night Raw. Since he's the champion, there will be changes. When he has something to say, he will come down and say it. If someone is in the ring, they got two choices, they can step aside, or stay in the way and get their ass kicked. If anyone has a problem with that, they can go and ask Hogan what it's like to disrespect the Undertaker. Undertaker said that he killed Hulkamania last night, it's over. "Hulkamania, Rest in peace." Undertaker said that on Smackdown, Hulk Hogan will announce his retirement. "You will respect the Undertaker." He doesn't care if you're a legend like Hulk Hogan, or a punk like RVD, if you cross his path, you will pay the consequences. RVD goes back in the ring crawling. They start fighting, and RVD does a spinning kick on the Undertaker. The referees came in and broke up the fight. Rvd went back in and they fought again. RVD does the five star frog splash on the Undertaker.


Undertaker comes crashing into Flair's office and Taker complains about RVD, and asks for a match tonight with RVD. Flair grants him that wish, but he tells him that the WWE title is on the line. Undertaker says "Fine! Damn!".

Match #1
Hardy Boyz vs X-Pac & Big Show w/ Booker T

X-Pac starts off against Jeff. Take down by X-Pac. Head lock by Jeff, followed by a take down. Matt gets the tag. The Hardyz knock down X-Pac, 1,2 but X-Pac kicked out. Clothesline by Matt. Booker T distracts Matt, and this allowed Big Show to clothesline him. Show got the tag and powerslammed Matt Hardy. Show does a number on Matt, and tags X-Pac. X-Pac delivers a couple of kicks, followed by the bronco buster. Matt fought back. Jeff gets the tag. Drop kick by Jeff. Hardyz attack Show and they knock him to the outside. They double team X-Pac, then Show comes in and does a double clothesline. Booker T accidently nailed the Big Show with a kick. X-Pac does the X-Factor and covers, but Goldust comes in dressed like Elvis Presley, and Booker T was in shock, and the referee was distracted by Goldust too. Roll up on X-Pac and the Hardyz get the win.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Paul Heyman tells Trish Stratus that he can't get her off his mind, after he saw her in her underwear on Smackdown. Paul eventually asks her out and she gave him a dirty look and told him that she has a match.


X-Pac tells Booker T that this freak friend of his cost them the match. Then all of them argue about who's going to be the nWo leader. Booker T says that him and Goldust will beat the Hardyz tonight, unlike Show and X-Pac.

Match #2
WWE Women's Title
Jacky vs Trish Stratus

They lock up and Trish pressures her into the corner. Take down by Jacky. Head lock by Jacky, followed by a take-down. Jacky trips Trish and covers, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Trish fought back. Clothesline by Trish, 1,2 but Jacky kicked out. Jacky ran to hit Trish, but Trish moved and Jacky hit the turnbuckle. Trish delivered the bulldog and got the win.

Winner: Still WWE Women's champion, Trish Stratus

After the match, Paul Heyman came out and ordered them to stop Trish's music. Heyman said that Trish didn't give him an answer, and Brock Lesnar doesn't like when people don't give answers. Is it yes, or no. She said no, and Brock went in the ring and was going to attack her. Then Bubba came for the rescue. Paul Heyman held Lesnar back, and talked him into leaving the ring.


Judgement Day highlights were shown.

Tommy Dreamer was getting a hair cut. He ate his hair, ate hair gel, he ate everything...

Doctor advised RVD not to wrestle because he has a pretty deep cut. RVD told him that nothing is going to stop him from kicking Undertaker's ass tonight.


Match #3
European Title
William Regal w/Molly vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Match starts real quick. Back body drop by Bubba. Regal fought back. Regal delivered his knee in the face of Bubba. Body slam by Bubba, followed by several punches. Sidewalk slam, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Bubba calls for himself to get the table. Bubba went to get the table, but Brock Lesnar came and attacked him. Molly gave the brass knuckles to William Regal, and he nails Bubba with them.

Winner by DQ: Bubba Ray Dudley


Ric Flair came down to the ring along with Arn Anderson. Ric Flair said that he has to set the record straight with Austin. Austin did not beat Flair, he wasn't the legal man in the ring. As the owner of RAW, he wants to correct the record book. Flair said that plan B takes effect tonight. Flair asks Austin if he can come out so he can explain his new plan face to face. Austin comes out. Arn Anderson takes the microphone and says that in case Austin wants to do something foolish, Ric Flair has permanent backup, it would be him, double A, Arn Anderson. Flair says that Austin is the property of RAW and since Flair is the owner, he is going to take Austin out of the ring. As of tonight, Austin is benched. Flair said that Austin has the night off. Flair tells Austin to leave. Austin knocks down Arn and Flair, and stuns them both.

Raven came down to ring side, to join Lawler and Ross on the commentary table.

Match #4
Hardy Boyz vs Booker T & Goldust

Booker starts off with Matt. Booker knocks him down with a kick. Goldust gets the tag and knocks down Matt. Side effect by Matt Hardy. Goldust fought back, then X-Pac comes down and kicks Goldust, which allowed Matt to do an inside cradle for the win.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

Stone Cold and Debra are shown in a local Memphis bar. Austin asked for 2 cups of beer.


Booker T grabs the microphone and tells X-Pac and Show that he thought they are on the same team. X-Pac said where was Booker T last night when they needed help with Austin? X-Pac said that Booker T was trying to get laid. Booker T said that at least he can get laid. Then, Booker T got in the face of the Big Show and they were about to fight... and Kevin Nash comes out.

Kevin Nash said that Flair put the t-shirt on Booker T, but Nash runs the nWo. Nash said that the last two weeks, Show and X-Pac made the colors of the nWo pathetic. It was the most feared logo this sport has ever seen. Nash says that if Show and Nash team up together, no one will be able to stop them. They can turn things around and they can do it tonight. Nash says that the nWo has a lot of room for a 5-time World champion. Booker T decides to join.

Debra received a small teddy bear, and Austin flipped out and wondered who it was from. He looked across the bar and it was from Eddie Guerrero. Austin asked Debra why would Eddie send her that and she said "I don't know."


Raven went in the ring. Raven said that he sat at ring side and listened to Lawler brag about puppies. He said that Jerry Lawler doesn't know wrestling. Raven challenged Lawler. "Tell me that you didn't just challenge me to a match, in my home town." Lawler said that the last time he saw a guy like Raven, he flushed it. He accepts the challenge.

Debra and Austin were shown at the bar once again. Debra asked Austin if he can sing. He went up on the stage. Guerrero was there and told Austin to sit down. Debra cooled Austin down. Eddie started signing, and the crowd started booing. It was horrible, but funny.


Match #5
Jerry Lawler vs Raven

Body slam by Raven. Back body drop by Raven, followed by a take down. Raven hammers away on Lawler in the corner. Raven sends Lawler to the outside. Lawler fought back. He knocks down Raven, followed by a drop kick. Lawler drags Raven to all four turnbuckles and hits Raven's head on there. Lawler goes on the second rope, but Raven just escaped to the outside, and walked up the ramp. Referee counted to 10 and that was it.

Winner by countout: Jerry Lawler

Austin is shown with the microphone at the bar. Austin started doing karaoke. Austin asked to change the song, and the guy did and put up the song lyrics on the screen, so Austin started singing again, but doesn't like the song, so he stops. He walks up to the table where Eddie Guerrero is sitting. Austin tells Guerrero that he is going to sing another song just to bother him. Austin turned his back, and Guerrero broke a beer bottle on Austin's head.


Match #6
WWE Undisputed Title
Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam

RVD jumps over the top rope and lands on Undertaker. RVD throws Taker in the ring and the match officially starts. RVD goes on the top rope and drops kicks Undertaker, 1,2 but Taker kicked out. RVD knocks down Taker again, 1,2 but Taker kicked out again. RVD sends Undertaker to the outside. Undertaker delivers a headbutt, then RVD fought back and sent Taker into the security rails. RVD sends Taker back in. Clothesline by Undertaker. Undertaker was going for the last ride, but RVD countered and fell on top of Taker, 1,2 but Taker kicked out. Undertaker knocked down RVD. Taker takes off the padding from the top turnbuckle. Undertaker hammers away on RVD. Undertaker sends RVD into the exposed turnbuckle. Undertaker was in complete control of the match. Taker misses the elbow, and RVD does a couple of drop kicks, 1,2 but Undertaker kicked out. Undertaker throws RVD in the corner and stomps on him. RVD sends Taker into that exposed turnbuckle, then does the rolling thunder, 1,2,3, but Undertaker had his foot on the rope. RVD was announced as the new champion.

Ric Flair came out and said that Undertaker's foot was on the ropes and the match will restart. RVD went after Flair and knocked him out, then Undertaker hit RVD from behind and did the last ride to recapture the title.

Winner: NEW WWE champion for the fifth time, The Undertaker