WWE RAW Results (May 27, 2002)

Full WWE Raw Results
May 27, 2002
Live from: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Note: This will be my last RAW report because I am going on vacation for two months.

The Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit comes out to open RAW. Huge pop for Benoit. Benoit says that it feels good to be back. A few months ago, he was drafted by Vince to be on Smackdown. He said that there is absolutely no way that the WWE will come to his hometown without having him. He's only a few weeks away from coming back. He said that there is a reason why he came here tonight. Then, Eddie Guerrero's music hits and he comes out. Eddie tells Benoit that he's happy to see him, and that he missed him. Guerrero says that Benoit has always been jealous of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie says that he's the one with all the talent and charisma. Guerrero says that Benoit always tried to hold him back, because he was so jealous. Eddie says that last week he accomplished something that Benoit couldn't accomplish, and that's knocking out Austin.

Benoit says that Eddie is the IC champion an dthat's reality, but tonight RVD can change that reality. Benoit says that tonight, he'll find out if Eddie can have a better ladder match than him. Since Eddie is facing RVD tonight in a ladder match for the IC title. Benoit and Guerrero were going to fight, then Ric Flair comes out.

Flair says that he allowed Benoit to come out to suck up to his fans, and then he wants to start a fight..typical Canadian. Flair asks the fans if they want to see Benoit against Guerrero and they cheer. Flair said "too bad". Flair addresses Austin and says that he's still benched. Flair says that Benoit isn't benched, but if he thinks he can come out here and cause trouble against the IC champion, he's wrong. Flair says that if Benoit doesn't have a ticket, he should get out. Eddie agrees, and Benoit knocks him down. Flair calls security.. but Benoit left on his own.


Match #1
WWE Women's & European Titles
Trish Stratus & Spike vs William Regal & Molly

Spike starts off with Regal, and delivers a couple of drop kicks. Cross body by Spike, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Roll-up, 1,2 but Regal kicks out again. Molly gets the tag, then Spike tags Trish. Trish hammers away on Molly. Clothesline by Trish, 1,2 but Molly kicked out. Kick by Trish, 1,2 but kick out by Molly again. Regal dragged down Trish by the hair, which allowed Molly to take control of the match. Molly drops the elbow on Trish. Trish somehow ducked away from a move and did a backslide to pin Molly.

After the match, Regal knocked down Spike, and Molly knocked down Trish with the brass knuckles.

Winners: Trish Stratus & Spike Dudley


Terri interviews Steven Richards. She asks him about Jazz. He says that Jazz is recovering nicely. He says that she's so cute and cutely. Jacky interrupts and says excuse me? Steven says that Jacky is jealous, then Jacky hits him and covers him, since he's the hardcore champion, 1,2 but Stasiak interrupts the count, then Bossman gets involved...finally, Richards ends up with Terri all alone, and Terri covers him for the three count and she wins the title. Then, Steven rolls her up and regains his title.

nWo were shown in their locker room. Nash says that they won't get help with their matches tonight. If they lose, they're out, and they'll get their ass kicked by Nash. Booker T says that he doesn't like the nWO music much, he prefers using his music. Nash tells him that if he wins, they'll do a remix. Booker T and X-Pac are facing the Hardyz. Big Show is facing Bradshaw.

Jonathan Coachman is waiting for the arrival of Steve Austin in the parking lot.


Match #2
Booker T & X-Pac vs Hardy Boyz

Matt starts off against X-Pac. Arm drag take-down by X-Pac. Head lock by X-Pac, then Matt counters it into a roll-up, 1,2 but X-Pac kicked out. X-Pac delivers a few right hands and several kicks. Matt fought back and delivered a leg drop from the second rope. Booker T gets the tag, and so does Jeff. They fight a little, then Matt gets the tag. Then X-Pac gets the tag too. SO many tags in this match, it's hard to keep up. All four men are fighting at the same time. Side kick by Booker T on Jeff, followed by the scissors kick. X-Pac comes in, Booker T throws Matt out, then, X-Pac does the X-Factor and gets the win.

Booker T asked the music to stop and asked for his music. His music played and he did the spinaroonie.

Winners: X-Pac and Booker T

Paul Heyman was in front of Trish's locker room. He asked one of the paramedics how she was doing and he said she's doing ok. Paul enters Trish's locker room, but Bubba was waiting for him, and he beat up Heyman and told him to stay away from Trish.


Tommy Dreamer came to the ring to clear up some things about him. He said that he's a normal guy. He sees some guy in the crowd eating a how dog. Dreamer was going to take his hot dog and the guy dropped it on the floor. Dreamer went over the rail to get it and accidently stepped on it, then he ate it.

Undertaker came out. Undertaker says "So, you're just a normal average guy?" Then Taker says that he's the WWE champion and Dreamer is on his time. Undertaker suggests that Dreamer leaves before he kicks his ass. Undertaker says that even RVD didn't take up his time last week. Tommy Dreamer decides to leave. Undertaker offers him a shot at the title, and he accepts. Undertaker says that he's not going to get one, because he's not worthy. Undertaker says, since Dreamer likes to do disgusting things, he wants him to do something. Undertaker asked Dreamer to drink his tobacco spit. Dreamer says no. Undertaker says that he either drinks the tobacco spit, or he'll eat through a tube for the rest of his life. Undertaker spits out a chuck in the cup. Dreamer drinks it. Dreamer says that it's pretty good. Undertaker knocks him down. Taker chockeslams him and throws him over the top rope. Taker beats on him on the outside.

Paul Heyman was telling Brock about Bubba.


Match #3
Brock Lesnar w/Heyman vs Bubba

Brock pushed Bubba, then beats on him. Bubba fights back with a few punches, and Brock goes to the outside. Bubba goes and attacks him there. He sends Brock into the steel steps, then tosses him back in the ring. Neck breaker by Bubba, 1,2 but Lesnar kicked out. Brock fought back. Suplex by Lesnar. Bear hug by Brock. Belly to belly overhead suplex by Brock, 1,2 but Bubba kicked out. German suplex by Bubba. Sidewalk slam by Bubba, 1,2 and another kick out by Brock. Bubba bomb, but Heyman was on the apron distracting the referee. Bubba chases Heyman, then Brock hits Heyman by accident, because Bubba moved out of the way. Roll-up ,1,2 but Brock kicked out. Then Brock fought back and did his finisher and got the win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar


The coach is still waiting for Austin. He sees Raven waiting sitting outside, and he tells Raven that he's waiting for Austin, and that he heard Debra has some family problems... Pointless segment.

Match #4
Big Show vs Bradshaw

Bradshaw takes down Show, and works on his leg/knee. Show clotheslines Bradshaw, followed by a headbutt. Another clothesline by Show. Bradshaw kicked Show in the face, and delivered a few right hands. Bradshaw tried to clothesline Show, but he wouldn't go down. Show grabbed Bradshaw by the neck and chokeslammed him for the win.

Winner: Big Show


Booker T and X-Pac were happy. Goldust came in with white and black paint, and an nWo t-shirt. X-Pac was unhappy, then Booker tells him that Goldust isn't causing any harm. X-Pac says that he's going to tell Kev about Goldust disrespecting the nWo colors.

Terri interviews RVD. RVD congratulates her on her win. She asked him if he has any fear or anything concerning tonight's match. He basically said no, and he will climb the ladder and win the title.


A car pulls up in the parking lot, and Coach thought it was Austin, but it was just Howard Finkel.

Match #5
Goldust vs Crash Holly

Take down by Goldust. Few moves are done...Small package by Crash, 1,2 but Goldust kicked out. Really quick match. Goldust does the curtain call and gets the win.

nWo music hits, and Kevin Nash came out. Goldust got out of the ring quick. Nash kicked Crash Holly and that was it.

Winner: Goldust


Match #6
IC title
Ladder Match
Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam

Both men exchange fists. The fight goes to the outside of the ring. RVD picks up Guerrero and drops him on the security rails. Eddie sends RVD face first into the ladder. The fight is still on the outside. Suplex by Guerrero. Guerrero throws the ladder on RVD. Back in the ring. Guerrero hammers way on RVD. Devastating elbow by Guerrero, followed by a couple of shots to the neck of RVD. Guerrero wraps RVD's legs around the ring post and he hits one of them against the post. He takes a chair and hits RVD on the leg. Back suplex by Guerrero. Guerrero stomps on RVD in the corner. Powerbomb by Guerrero. Eddie goes on the outside and gets another ladder, but RVD ran and drop kicked the ladder on him. Both men are knocked down on the outside. Chris Benoit comes down between the crowd and security tries to stop him, but he had a ticket, so they allowed him.


Guerrero has the ladder in the ring and positioned. Guerrero climbs, then RVD drop kicks the ladder. RVD gets up and drops Guerrero on the ladder. Drop kick by RVD. RVD climbs the ladder, but so does Guerrero. They are both exchanging hits on the top of the ladder, then Guerrero does a sunset flip from the top of the ladder. A fan ran in the ring and security stopped him right after Guerrero knocked him down. Guerrero goes on top of the cage and jumps on RVD. Guerrero gets a steel chair and delivers a couple of shots on RVD. RVD fought back and sent Guerrero head first into the steel chair. Van daminator on Guerrero. Spinning leg drop by RVD. RVD climbs the ladder, but Guerrero pulled him right off. Guerrero pts the ladder in the corner. Eddie tried to send RVD into the ladder, but RVD fought back and reversed it. Van Dam flips Guerrero on the ladder. RVD puts the ladder on Guerrero and does the rolling thunder. RVD places the ladder, but Guerrero drop kicks him. Guerrero took the steel chair, then RVD got up and did a spinning kick. RVD placed the ladder in the corner, climbed up on top, was about to jump, but he lost he balance and fell. Guerrero went on the top rope, and RVD kicked him off. RVD places the ladder and climbs up and gets the title.

After the match, Eddie through RVD to the outside. Then Austin came out and beat up Guerrero. Flair and Arn Anderson tried to stop him, but Austin took them out too. Chris Benoit came in and hit Austin, then Eddie does the frog splash on Austin. Benoit turns heel.

Side note: I am pretty sure that RVD was suppose to hit the 5 star frog splash from the top of the ladder, and then get the win. But he lost his balance, so the ending changed.

Winner: New WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam