WWE RAW Results (June 10, 2002)

Full WWE Raw Results - 6/10/02
LIVE From: Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The WWE promo hits followed by the RAW promo. The pyro goes off in the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia starting the show off.

Interview Segment - Ric Flair, Vince McMahon
Ric Flair gets on the mic and says that last week on RAW he lost a match to Stone Cold Steve Austin and lost it cleanly thanks to a Stunner followed by a 1, 2, 3. Flair brings up the stipulation that the loser would become the winners personal assistant. Flair says he doesn't like it but he came to Atlanta tonight to take it like a man. Flair then says that Steve Austin failed to show up tonight however. "No Chance In Hell" hits as Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring. McMahon gets a mic and says that he knows it is RAW and that this is Ric Flair's show but he did create this show. He says he knows Flair is sorry that Austin no-showed tonight but he goes on to claim that Flair is the sorriest owner he has ever seen in his life. McMahon said Flair drove this show right down the toilet. McMahon knows Flair is a 16-time World Champion but as an owner, he thinks Flair sucks. Flair gets on the mic and says that he is sorry that he hasn't lived up to McMahon's expectations. Flair then asks McMahon what he proposes they do about it. McMahon says that unlike Austin who didn't have the balls to show up tonight, McMahon did and got right in Flair's face. McMahon says that his ego will no longer allow Flair to own one half of what he created. McMahon proposes that a match go down tonight between himself and Ric Flair with no holds barred rules and it will determine 100% ownership of the WWE. Flair gets on the mic and accepts the challenge!


- Kevin Nash is shown earlier today reading a paper. X-Pac walks up and tries to get into the nWo's locker room but the door is locked. X-Pac asks why it is but he says Shawn is in there. Big Show comes up and tries to get in the locker room as well but Kevin Nash tells him the reason. Booker T walks up and asks if he can talk to Shawn but Kevin Nash also tells him the reason. Booker then goes onto claim that he is a "sexy boy" just like Shawn Michaels. X-Pac and Kevin Nash laugh at Booker T as he walks away.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
nWo (Booker T, Big Show & X-Pac) vs. Tommy Dreamer, Shawn Stasiak & Spike Dudley
Before the match starts, Chris Harvard is shown watching the match from the outside. X-Pac and Spike start the match out. Both men lockup but Spike breaks it up with punches but X-Pac regains composure and comes back with a big elbow to the chest. X-Pac picks up Spike and hits a big powerbomb and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. X-Pac takes Spike down in the corner and he hits a big Bronco Buster. Shawn Stasiak gets the tag but X-Pac takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Big Show gets the tag and he takes out Stasiak with two big hip tosses followed by a hanging suplex. The nWo locker room is then shown with Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels watching but Nash gets up and closes the door. Back to the match, Tommy Dreamer and Booker T get the tag. Dreamer brings in is puke bucket and Booker tries to dodge it and Dreamer throws it at Booker but confetti comes out. All six men charge the ring. Big Show tosses both Shawn Stasiak and Spike Dudley to the outside. Dreamer gets up in the ring but Booker T takes him down with a big spinning heel kick. Booker goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: nWo (Booker T, Big Show & X-Pac)

- After the match, Booker T gets on the mic and he says he wont leave Atlanta until he gives the fans what they want. Booker T does the spinearooni for the crowd as all the nWo members celebrate.


- Booker T is shown celebrating by himself backstage. Goldust then walks up dressed like the Undercover Brother. Booker tells Goldust that he tried to get him in the nWo but it just isn't going to happen now. Goldust pleads with Booker to quit the nWo. He tells Booker that Shawn Michaels really isn't a fan of "our kind." Booker T gets confused as Goldust walks away.

- Terri is shown standing by with Molly Holly. She says it is hard to consider Terri as a credible journalist when she poses half nude in magazines. Trish Stratus comes up and insults Molly and tells her that she has a big ass. Molly challenges Trish for his WWE Women's Title tonight. Trish says that tonight she wont get a title shot but if she will give her a match and if she can beat her, she will get a title match. Trish then says that if she beats Molly tonight, she will have to wear a thong in the ring. Molly accepts and walks away covering up her ass.

- Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero come up to Ric Flair backstage asking him why he would put his ownership on the line. Flair says they shouldn't worry and Guerrero should worry about his KOTR Qualifying Match with RVD tonight. Chris Benoit gets in Flair's face and he tells Flair that he hopes he is as confident as he says he is.


SLAM OF THE WEEK: Bradshaw winning the WWE Hardcore Title last week on RAW.

WWE European Title Match
William Regal (c) vs. Bradshaw
Match starts with both men locking up and Bradshaw getting the upperhand by backing Regal into the corner. Regal takes down Bradshaw with a drop toe hold but Bradshaw comes back by putting a headlock on Regal. Bradshaw takes down Regal with a elbow charge followed by an elbow drop. Bradshaw goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Regal gives Bradshaw a stiff knee to the face and he pins Bradshaw twice but only gets a 2 count. Bradshaw tosses Regal into the corner and hits a big clothesline. Bradshaw attempts the same thing again in the other corner but Regal catches Bradshaw with a boot to the face. Regal backs up and charges at Bradshaw but Bradshaw hits a big Fallaway Slam. Bradshaw hits a running clothesline on Regal in both corners followed by hitting a big DDT. Bradshaw goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Chris Harvard from Tough Enough tries to get into the ring but a security guard holds him back. While this is going down, Chris Harvard throws brass knuckles to Regal in the ring. Regal nails Bradshaw with the brass knuckles and pins Bradshaw to get the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner and STILL European Champion: William Regal

- After the match, Chris Harvard walks up the ramp with William Regal as they both stare down Bradshaw in the ring.

- Trish Stratus is shown making her way to the arena.


- A new WWE commercial is shown.

Non-Title Match
Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly
Match starts with Molly pulling Trish's head off the top rope from the ring apron. Molly gets in the ring and nails Trish's head off the turnbuckle numerous times. Trish the hits a big clothesline on Molly followed by quick dropkick. Molly gets right back up and Trish hits a big kick allowing Molly to pull Trish down by her hair. Molly goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Molly throws Trish into the corner and performs numerous flips until she charges Trish in the corner. Molly goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Trish hits a big neckbreaker on Molly. Trish picks up Molly and tries to go for the Stratusfaction but Molly counters it and hits a big back body drop. Molly climbed the top rope and hit her big flip finisher on Trish. Molly rolled up Trish and got the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner: Molly Holly

- After the match, Molly pulled out the thong Trish threw at her last week. She then choked Trish with it until the referee broke it up.

- Vince McMahon is shown backstage when Arn Anderson walks up. Anderson asks McMahon what he could be thinking. Anderson says he knows Vince McMahon is a business man but he is no wrestler. Anderson says he can't understand why he would gamble everything against Ric Flair in a wrestling match. McMahon says Anderson took a big gamble coming in the room and McMahon pushed Anderson. Anderson got in McMahon's face and told him that McMahon may be entering early retirement tonight.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero
Match starts with both men circling the ring until they lockup and Guerrero shoves RVD into the corner. RVD fights back and throws Guerrero into the corner. Guerrero charges and RVD takes him down with an arm drag. Both men exchange more arm drags until RVD rolls Guerrero up but only gets a 2 count. Guerrero puts a submission hold on RVD but RVD rolls out of it as both men get up and stare each other down. Guerrero takes down RVD by tripping him up. Guerrero locks on an STF but RVD reaches the ropes. RVD hits a few kicks to Guerrero's stomach before hitting a big spinning heel kick. Guerrero gets right back on his feet and he nails RVD's head off the turnbuckle. Guerrero goes off the ropes but RVD catches him with his feet and hits a big monkey toss. Both men go to the outside and exchange punches until RVD takes down Guerrero with a body slam followed by a Five Star Frog Splash from the ring apron to the ground on Guerrero! RVD rolls Guerrero back into the ring and hits a quick suplex and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. RVD tries to charge Guerrero in the corner but Guerrero catches him with an elbow followed by a big clothesline. Guerrero kicks RVD a few times in the ground until he locks on a submission to RVD's elbow. RVD eventually rolls over and reaches the bottom rope. Guerrero goes off the ropes and charges at RVD but RVD counters with a big slam followed by climbing up the top rope. Guerrero nails RVD and he hits a big suplex from the top rope. Guerrero charges at RVD but RVD catches him up on his shoulders and rolls him down. RVD then gets up on the top rope and hits a quick moonsault. RVD goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. RVD then hits a big monkey flip toss on Guerrero. RVD charges at Guerrero, Guerrero ducks, RVD then hits a split leg moonsault from the top rope. RVD goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Guerrero then charges at RVD and attempts a hurricanranna but RVD flips him over and he rolls up Guerrero and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner and advancing to King of the Ring: Rob Van Dam

- After the match, Guerrero gets in the ref's face claiming it was only a 2 count. Guerrero then tries to attack the celebrating RVD but RVD jumps out of the ring before anything can go down.

- The Undertaker is then showing riding his motorcycle towards the arena.


- The Coach is shown knocking on the nWo's locker room door hoping to get a word with them. Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash show up but they just say hi to The Coach and go right in.

Interview Segment - The Undertaker, Hardy Boyz
Before The Undertaker speaks, he gives the Undisputed Title to a WWE official on the outside to hold it up for the crowd. Undertaker gets on the mic and says that people just don't understand the fact that he is the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world. And being so, he deserves to be treated in a well matter. He then says people in Atlanta, GA are known for not being very smart but even they know that he deserves to be treated with respect. Undertaker then brings up Triple H and says that there is red blood in the water...and The Undertaker is the great white shark. Highlights are shown of SmackDown this past Thursday of The Undertaker taking out Triple H. Undertaker says that Triple H did get a shot at him at the King of the Ring for his Undisputed Title but he has a slim shot at winning the match. Undertaker then brings up the fact that last week on RAW, Jeff Hardy came down to his "yard" and kicked him in the back and made him land in Tommy Dreamer's vomit. Highlights of shown when this went down on RAW last week. Undertaker then asks Jeff Hardy if he is ready to die for what he did. The Hardy Boyz music hits but instead of Jeff coming out, Matt comes out and with a ladder in hand. Matt says this isn't about Jeff, it is about how The Undertaker disrespected Matt Hardy. Then, Jeff Hardy charges the ring and jumps from the top rope at Undertaker but Undertaker catches him and hits a big chokeslam. Matt Hardy charges the ring and attempts a Twist of Fate but Undertaker charges him into the corner and takes him down with a big boot to the face. Undertaker picks up Matt and goes for the Last Ride but Jeff comes back in and takes Undertaker's leg out. Jeff gets the ladder on the outside and both Hardy's double team Undertaker with it. Jeff sets the ladder up on the corner and he climbs the top rope. Jeff jumps over the top of the ladder and he nails Undertaker with a big leg drop. Both Hardy's walk up the ramp staring down The Undertaker in the ring as The Undertaker regains composure and stares them down.


- William Regal is shown leaving the arena with Chris Harvard. Terri walks up and asks them what kind of alignment they have now. Regal tells Chris to tell Terri all of her accomplishments. As Chris is doing so, Jeff Hardy walks up and says something I couldn't catch. Jeff got into a car and sped away.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
Match starts with Brock Lesnar locking up with Bubba Ray and throwing him into the corner taking Bubba Ray down with force. Bubba Ray throws Lesnar into the corner and charges at him with a big splash. Bubba Ray hits a big shoulder tackle on Lesnar and then taunts to the crowd saying he will get the tables. As he is doing so on the outside, Paul Heyman nails Bubba Ray over the back. Heyman backs up saying he is sorry when Lesnar grabs Bubba Ray and hits a big overhead belly to belly suplex on the ground. Lesnar throws Bubba Ray into the ring as he picks him up and locks on a bear hug type submission hold. Lesnar then shows his strength by lifting up Bubba Ray and hitting a big side suplex. Lesnar picks up Bubba Ray and hits a big overhead belly to belly suplex followed by going for the pin two times but only getting a 2 count on each. Bubba Ray gets some offense in but hitting a big german suplex on Lesnar keeping both men down until the 5 count by the referee. Lesnar charges at Bubba Ray but Bubba Ray picks Lesnar up and slams him back down hard. Lesnar charges at Bubba Ray in the corner but Bubba Ray nails Lesnar with an elbow followed by getting up on the top rope and hitting a front jumping slam. Paul Heyman gets into the ring and tries to interfere but Bubba Ray locks him up and tries to hit the Bubba Bomb. Lesnar breaks it up and he picks up Bubba Ray and hits his big finisher. Lesnar goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner and advancing to King of the Ring: Brock Lesnar


- Highlights are shown from earlier tonight when Vince McMahon challenged Ric Flair for a match with 100% ownership of the WWE on the line.

- Vince is shown warming up backstage when Paul Heyman comes in. He says he knows he will win his match against Ric Flair tonight and gain 100% ownership of the WWE. Heyman also reminds McMahon that he should also think about the "Next Best Thing" Brock Lesnar and what services he can offer in the future, especially at the King of the Ring. Vince says he will think about it as Heyman and Lesnar walk away.

- Kevin Nash is showning opening the nWo's locker room door when Shawn Michaels comes out and says that he is ready now.


- Highlights are shown from WWE Confidential this past Saturday night of when The Rock mentioned that he was coming back.

Interview Segment - "HBK" Shawn Michaels speaks
After his entrance, Shawn Michaels gets on the mic and says that wrestling is a funny business in a way. Back in his day in the WWF...now WWE, they had it all. They had garbage men, clowns, a bunch of people running around the joint. However, there was one thing that was real and that was the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. HBK says that night in and night out he gave everyone is body. Then at WrestleMania 14, HBK's back was broke and that a new direction was needed...like Attitude. HBK said that he had Attitude before it was used as a catchphrase. HBK said that they decided to use Stone Cold Steve Austin to steal his spotlight. HBK says that he won't play the blame game but it was really was the fans that dumped HBK and went to Stone Cold Steve Austin. HBK then brings up the fact why he is here. He says he is not here to wrestle because he did that once and he will never ever make that mistake again. He says that HBK really is dead just like he said on Confidential. HBK then says that one person stuck by him and was there for him when times were bad. HBK then introduces the leader of the nWo, Kevin Nash. All members of the nWo come down to the ring with Kevin Nash leading the way. HBK gets back on the mic and says that he is proud of Nash. When Nash first came to the WWE, he was his bodyguard Diesel. Now, he is the most recognized name in wrestling today. HBK then says that as he sat back at home he said that something was missing. HBK then points the power house of the Big Show, the wrestling ability of X-Pac and he then turns his attention to Booker T nailing him with the Sweet Chin Music! HBK says that no one will steal the spotlight from the nWo and that is exactly what Booker T did. All of the nWo members tear the nWo shirt off of Booker T and leave the ring celebrating.


100% Ownership of WWE on the line - No Holds Barred
Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair
Vince McMahon rolls to the outside charging at Ric Flair who catches McMahon and gives him many chops to the chest. McMahon fights back throwing Flair into the ring barrier nailing Flair with some hard right punches and kicks. Flair eventually fights back and clothesline McMahon to the outside in the crowd. Flair drags McMahon through the crowd until stopping and giving him a big body slam on the concrete. Flair throws McMahon over the ring barrier and throws him back into the ring. Flair chops McMahon two times until McMahon fights back with a rake to the eyes followed by a body slam. McMahon goes to the outside and gets the ring bell. Flair gets to one knee and McMahon nails the ring bell over the head of Ric Flair. Flair rolls to the outside holding his head as McMahon goes to the outside as well and throws Flair onto the announcers table. McMahon then chokes Flair with the TV cables on the ground. Flair starts to bleed heavily from the head as McMahon picks him up and nails his head off the steel steps. McMahon throws Flair back into the ring as McMahon continues to taunt the weak Flair. McMahon nails Flair with two hard right punches and then goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Flair charges McMahon into the corner and hits a few chops and hard rights to the head of McMahon. McMahon throws Flair into the corner and Flair bounces off the corner and McMahon nails him with a clothesline. Flair gets on his feet and McMahon hits another clothesline as he goes for the pin on Flair but only gets a 2 count. McMahon then picks up Flair and hits a big low blow on Flair but only gets a 2 count after he goes for the pin. McMahon then goes to the outside and gets a steel chair and tries to nail Flair with it but Flair gets a boot up. Flair nails the steel chair over McMahon's back followed by hitting two big kicks to the knees of McMahon. Arn Anderson then comes down to the ring and watches from the outside. Ric Flair picks up Vince McMahon and hits a big low blow. Flair then puts the Figure Four Leglock on McMahon. Brock Lesnar then comes down to the ring and hits his big finisher on Ric Flair as Arn Anderson leaves and walks away. Vince McMahon pins Ric Flair and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win!

Winner and 100% owner of the WWE: Vince McMahon

- After the match, Vince McMahon taunted at Ric Flair screaming about how how the WWE is all his now as RAW goes off the air...