WWE RAW Results (June 17, 2002)

Full WWE Raw Results - 6/17/02
LIVE From: Oakland, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The WWE promo hits followed highlights from last week when Shawn Michaels kicked Booker T out of the nWo.

- The RAW promo hits followed by the pyro going off in The Arena in Oakland, CA starting the show off. We are reminded of the Quarterfinal Matches for the King of the Ring tonight between Booker T/Brock Lesnar and X-Pac/Rob Van Dam.

- They then say we will find out the real story concerning the situation with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE tonight.

King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match
Rob Van Dam vs. X-Pac
Match starts with both men circling the ring and then locking up. X-Pac hits a quick arm drag on RVD and then taunts to the fans which gets a booing reaction. Both men lockup again, headlock by X-Pac, X-Pac trips up RVD, slaps him across the back of the head then celebrates once again. Both men lockup once again but RVD gets the advantage and hits a few hard kicks to the gut of X-Pac followed by a spinning heel kick. RVD lays on the ground as X-Pac comes off the ropes and he gives X-Pac a big monkey flip. RVD throws X-Pac to the outside and follows it up with a moonsault from the ring apron to X-Pac on the outside. RVD hits a baseball slide to the face on X-Pac to the outside. RVD hits a front suplex on X-Pac over the guard barricade followed by a leg drop to the back of the head from the ring apron. X-Pac tries to flip back in across the back of RVD but RVD moves and X-Pac hits the ring hard. RVD hits a moonsault and goes for the pin but only gets 2 count. X-Pac gives RVD an irish whip into the ropes followed by hitting a big powerbomb. X-Pac goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. X-Pac applies a headlock but RVD fights back but gets thrown to the outside by X-Pac. X-Pac goes off the ropes and jumps over the top rope to the outside and nails RVD. X-Pac gets RVD back into the ring and gives him a few chops to the chest followed by taking him down off of his feet. X-Pac backs up, runs but misses the Bronco Buster. RVD hits a quick clothesline followed by a big spinning heel kick. RVD goes for a suplex, X-Pac flips back and lands on his feet, X-Pac goes for the X-Factor but RVD hits a big uppercut. RVD hits the Rolling Thunder and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. RVD goes up to the top rope and looks to hit the Five Star Frog Splash but X-Pac dropkicks RVD to the outside. Booker T then runs out and hits the Book End on X-Pac! RVD climbs the top rope, jumps and hits the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win!

Winner and advancing to Semifinals: Rob Van Dam

- A clip is shown from this past week on WWE Confidential when Jim Ross discussed the Steve Austin situation. They then say we will find out about the real story next.


- X-Pac is shown complaining to the nWo after what happened to him when Booker T interfered cost him his match against Rob Van Dam. Kevin Nash says he has a plan and they will take care of it soon.

Vince McMahon discusses Steve Austin's WWE status
Vince gets on the mic and says he knows the question on everyones mind and that question is if Stone Cold Steve Austin is really gone. He says the answer to that question is sadly yes. He said the other question is if Steve Austin will ever return to the WWE and get back into action. Vince says he doesn't know the answer because Austin has a lot of explaining to do. McMahon brings up the fact that Austin walked out the night after WrestleMania 18 and left for 2 weeks blaming it on burnout but what he did this past Monday was not professional. McMahon says that in his mind, Austin owes an apology for walking out to every superstar in the locker room as well as the WWE and each and every fan. McMahon says a number of people tried to speak with Steve Austin until he took one call and that was from Jim Ross. McMahon says JR pleaded with Austin to come back to work but Austin decided not to do that. McMahon says Austin's actions both personally and professionally are not like the Austin we all know. McMahon says the company has to move on and bring up new stars. McMahon states that the winner of the King of the Ring this Sunday will be granted a Undisputed Title shot at SummerSlam. McMahon says that Austin may be gone but he will never be forgetten and he knows Austin wishes well to the WWE superstars. McMahon says that on behalf of the company he helped build as well as all the numerous fans, thank you for the memories. McMahon then grabs a beer and drinks it. McMahon sets it down and walks away leaving it in the middle of the ring as the fans in the arena chant "AUSTIN" over and over again.


SLAM OF THE WEEK: The Hardy Boyz attacking The Undertaker last week on RAW.

Jeff Hardy vs. Raven
Before the match starts, clips are shown from the match between the two last night on Sunday Night Heat which resulted in a DQ when Jeff Hardy chocked out Raven with a TV cords. The bell rings and both men exchange punches as The Undertaker appears at the top of the entranceway. Both men reverse numerous moves until Jeff Hardy clothesline Raven to the outside. Jeff jumps up onto the guard railing, jumps off and clothesline Raven. Jeff throws Raven into the ring, Jeff charges and Raven drop toe holds him to the outside. Raven goes to the outside and nails Jeff's head off the guard railing followed by throwing him back in. Raven gets onto the top rope while holding Jeff and he jumps which allows Raven's leg to come down hard on Jeff's back. Raven hits a quick clothesline followed by a knee lift on Jeff Hardy. Raven goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Jeff hits a quick jaw drop on Raven followed by a dropkick. Raven comes off the ropes and Jeff hits a big spinning heel kick. Jeff climbs the top rope but Raven nails him in the groin allowing him to fall down. Raven attempts a superplex but Jeff fights back and throws Raven off the top rope. Jeff Hardy jumps and connects with the Swantom Bomb. Jeff goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

- After the match, The Undertaker continues to stand at the top of the entranceway. He stares down Jeff Hardy and yells something at him as he leaves.


- Booker T is shown backstage when Goldust walks up dressed up as the "Duke of Gold." Goldust reminds his warning to Booker T last week about Shawn Michaels which came true. Goldust says the nWo may want to get revenge during his King of the Ring Quarterfinal match with Brock Lesnar tonight. Goldust says if that doesn't happen tonight then Booker T could become "King Booker."

- The Coach interviews Molly Holly about Trish Stratus's comments last week on RAW when Trish said Molly had a "big ass." Molly said she was offended but she says she will beat Trish Stratus at the King of the Ring to become the new WWE Women's Champion. The Coach says that if she wins at the KOTR, she won't be the "butt" of jokes anymore. Molly slaps The Coach and leaves.

- The Big Show is shown laughing at what just happened when X-Pac walks up still complaining. The nWo walks in and they go to speak with X-Pac when Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walk in. Heyman says he knows the nWo might want revenge against Booker T tonight and he asks them to stay out of the way because they could ruin Brock Lesnar's chances at becoming the next WWE Undisputed Champion. X-Pac gets in Heyman's face and says it sounds more like a threat. Brock pushes Heyman aside and gets in the face of X-Pac. Shawn Michaels pushes X-Pac aside and gets in the face of Brock Lesnar. Kevin Nash pushes Shawn Michaels aside and gets in the face of Brock Lesnar. Both Brock and Heyman back up and leave.


WWE REWIND: Chris Nowinski from Tough Enough 1 helping William Regal out in his European Title match against Bradshaw last week on RAW.

Chris Nowinski w/ William Regal vs. Spike Dudley
The match starts with Spike charging at Chris right away. Spike takes Chris down to his feet in the corner and jumps up and down on his chest. Chris throws Spike over the top rope to the outside. Chris picks up Spike on the outside and throws him into the steel steps. Chris throws Spike back into the ring and he takes him down with a big back breaker. Chris goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Chris throws Spike onto the second rope and chokes him with it. Chris goes for a suplex but Spike gets out of it and lands on his feet. Chris turns around and takes Spike down with a big clothesline. Chris goes for the pin twice on Spike but gets a 2 count on both. Chris puts Spike onto the top rope and attempts a superplex but Spike throws Chris off and he jumps and connects with Chris's gut. Spike takes down Chris with two big elbows followed by going for the Dudley Dog but William Regal gets up on the ring apron. Spike nails Regal but when he turns around Chris hits a big Full Nelson Bomb! Chris Nowinski goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3.

Winner: Chris Nowinski

- After the match, both William Regal and Chris Nowinski beat on Spike in the ring when Bradshaw runs down and chases both men out of the ring.

- Ric Flair is then shown making his way to the arena.


Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit Segment
Ric Flair gets on the mic and says that a lot of people in the world think he lost everything last week. First, Steve Austin walks out on him and he then loses his 50% ownership of the company to Vince McMahon. Flair says he went home and took one long look in the mirror. He says he found the real Ric Flair. Flair says ownership went to his head and yes, he became an asshole. Flair wishes he still had the company but life isn't over. Flair says he didn't go home like Austin, he came back tonight. Flair says he took a look about what is really going on and that is the comeback of Hulk Hogan. Flair says his last match on RAW was losing to Vince McMahon and that is not the way he wants to be known. Flair says that he is not ready to go home and he signed a contract that makes him an official RAW superstar. Flair says he wants to prove that he still has one last good run in him. Flair then tells Brock Lesnar that before he leaves, he will prove to him his title of being the Dirtiest Player in the Game! Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits and the fans go nuts. It then cuts as Eddie Guerrero's music hits. Guerrero gets into the ring and gets on the mic. He tells the fans that hearing Austin's music will never happen again. Guerrero says he was set to take on Austin at King of the Ring but he won't be able to now due to Austin walking out. Guerrero asks Ric Flair who he is to walk out here and announce himself as a "wrestler" again. Guerrero says Austin left on Ric Flair's watch and which makes Flair personally responsible. Guerrero says Flair is a worthless piece of crap. Chris Benoit's music hits. Benoit gets a mic and asks Guerrero who the hell he thinks he is talking to. Benoit tells Guerrero that he is talking to Ric Flair. He has been in the business for the 30 years and he has beaten the best. Benoit flashes the Four Horsemen sign and asks Guerrero if he knows what that is. Benoit says Flair is a 16-time World Champion and he dedicated his entire left to this business. Eddie Guerrero says big deal and he calls Flair a loser. Guerrero says Flair's new run will be worse than his run as the owner of a company. Flair offers taking Steve Austin's stop at the King of the Ring. Guerrero gets in Ric Flair's face again when Benoit cuts Guerrero off. He says Flair took away his dream and hope. Benoit says Steve Austin broke his neck and Flair will never know how much he took away from him. Benoit also holds Flair responsible just like Guerrero. Flair nails in the face followed by Benoit. Both Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero take down Ric Flair and kick him numerous times. Guerrero puts the Figure Four Leg Lock on Flair as Benoit stands over him and yells at him. WWE referees rush the ring and break it up.

- Vince McMahon is shown talking on a cell phone when Chris Nowinski from Tough Enough 1 walks in. He tells Vince that he is without a doubt the first ever Harvard graduate to compete in the WWE. Vince says he is impressed but his cell phone is vibrating and he must answer the call. Vince gets off the phone and he says Tony Geraria, his lookout, just said that the man himself walked off a plane at the airport and is headed our way. Chris asks Vince who "the man" is and Vince says he can only assume it is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.


DURING THE BREAK: Vince McMahon tells security that he is aware that Stone Cold Steve Austin is on his way to the arena. He tells them to allow Steve Austin into the arena and do whatever he wants to an extent. He asks Sarge to get a camera ready and document anything Austin says.

Tag Team Match
D-Lo Brown & Trish Stratus vs. Crash Holly & Molly Holly
Match starts with D-Lo and Crash. D-Lo gives Crash a big scoop slam followed by a big leg drop. D-Lo goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Molly gets the tag as D-Lo tags in Trish. Trish nails Molly with some big elbows followed by taking her down with a big clothesline. Trish nails Molly in the head with a kick. Trish goes for the pin but only gets 2 count. Molly fights back taking down Trish and smashing her head into the ring mat. Trish gets up but Molly takes her down with a big back breaker. Molly goes to the top rope and attemps the Molly-Go-Round but Trish moves out of the way. D-Lo gets the tag as well as Crash. D-Lo nails Crash with two hard rights followed by a jumping knee to the face. Crash charges at D-Lo but D-Lo catches Crash and hits a modified side front slam. D-Lo goes for the pin but Molly breaks it up. Crash charges D-Lo once again but D-Lo catches him with the Skyhigh! D-Lo goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: D-Lo Brown & Trish Stratus

- After the match, Molly pulls Trish off the ring apron and throws her onto the announcers table. Trish nails her head off the announcers table as Molly and Crash leave.

- Lita is shown at The World in New York City in her neck brace. JR asks Lita about Matt's match with The Undertaker tonight. Lita says she spoke with Matt tonight about the match but she said it almost might not be worth the risk.

- The Undertaker is shown riding his motorcycle towards the arena.


- WWE production officials are shown getting the cameras ready for Stone Cold. Jackie from Tough Enough 2 walks in. Vince says he knows who she is but he asks why she is here. Jackie said she may have appeared on SmackDown, but it doesn't mean she hasn't signed with them. She wants to know if she can become a "RAW" girl. Vince says she can get the chance a week from tomorrow night when she will compete in a "Diva's Showdown." Jackie says she will win it and show just how raw she can get.

Non-Title Match
The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy
The match starts with Matt Hardy charging the ring but The Undertaker stops him right away. Undertaker irish whips Matt into the corner but Matt hits a boot to the face. Matt charges at Undertaker but Undertaker takes him down with a big clothesline. Undertaker puts Matt's head under the bottom rope. Undertaker jumps off the ring apron and connects with a big leg drop. Undertaker kicks Matt in the gut and looks to hit the Last Ride but Matt fights out of it and he hits Undertaker with a big swinging DDT. Matt goes for the pin but Undertaker kicks out after 2. Matt gets irish whipped into the ropes and Undertaker slaps his hand across his neck taking Matt down. Undertaker goes for the pin but Jeff Hardy comes down and pulls the referee out. Jeff climbs the top rope looking to take down The Undertaker but Raven comes out and throws him off of it. Matt charges at The Undertaker but Undertaker takes him down with a big boot. The Undertaker hits the Last Ride on Matt and he goes for the pin getting the 1, 2, and 3.

Winner: The Undertaker

- After the match, Raven gets into the ring and handcuffs Jeff Hardy's arm to the top rope. The Undertaker proceeds to then beat down Jeff Hardy. Matt gets on his feet looking to break it up but Raven gets into the ring and takes Matt down. Raven applies a submission to Matt stopping him from doing anything. Raven lets go of the hold as The Undertaker grabs the Undisputed Title and raises it into the air to the crowd as the boo back.


- The Undertaker is shown walking around backstage when Terri walks up. Undertaker says that Matt Hardy is a perfect example of when people try and take advantage of him. He warns Triple H and tells him that his belt shows that he is the best and he until he wins it, he is nothing. The Undertaker then walks away.

- Vince McMahon is shown backstage when his cell phone rings again. Once again, McMahon is notified that Austin is close to the arena. McMahon tells the WWE production crew to get ready.

- Paul Heyman is shown backstage talking with Senior WWE referee Earl Hebner. He tells Hebner to do his job and disqualify Booker T if anyone comes out because Brock Lesnar wants no interference. Hebner tells Heyman that he doesn't tell him how to do his job so he shouldn't tell him how to do his. Heyman turns around to walk away when Booker T walks up. He tells Heyman that Brock Lesnar shouldn't worry about any referee's because he will have to worry about the 5-time WCW champion beating down his rookie punk ass in the ring...SUCKAAAAAAAAAA!


King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match
Booker T vs. Brock Lesnar
Before the match starts, the nWo music hits as all members appear at the top of the entranceway. They surround the ring as Lesnar charges Booker in the corner. Booker hits some hard rights to Lesnar followed by chops. Lesnar fights back pulling Booker back towards him and hitting a big overhead belly to belly suplex. Lesnar throws Booker to the outside and clothesline him on the ring barricade. Lesnar throws Booker back into the ring and Lesnar keeps Booker isolated in the corner. Booker goes for a superkick on Lesnar but Lesnar blocks it and he hits a big belly to belly suplex. Goldust appears coming down ringside down the RAW ramp. He looks to interfere but then takes Paul Heyman out. Back in the ring, Booker T takes down Lesnar once again and performs the spinearooni! Booker gets up but X-Pac jumps up onto the ring apron. Booker nails him allowing X-Pac to fly off connecting with the floor on the outside. Big Show gets up on the ring apron and Booker does the same. Booker then turns his attention back to Lesnar but Lesnar kicks him in the gut and nails his big finisher! Lesnar pins Booker T and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner and advancing to Semifinals: Brock Lesnar

- After the match, Goldust gets into the ring to help Booker onto his feet when all the nWo members charge the ring. The Big Show grabs Goldust and gives him a big chokeslam. X-Pac jumps on Booker T and starts to give him some hard right punches to the head. Kevin Nash pulls X-Pac off Booker T and Shawn Michaels tells Big Show to chokeslam Booker. Big Show picks up Booker T, lifts him in the air and connects with a big chokeslam. The nWo members then celebrate and leave the ring.

- Vince McMahon is shown backstage once again when Sgt. Slaughter walks him. He tells Vince that Tony Geraria just pulled into the arena parking lot. Vince tells Sarge that Austin must not be far behind and he tells Sarge to get Austin to come to the ring because that is where he will be.


Vince McMahon gets interrupted by who?
Vince McMahon gets on the mic and demands a beer get handed to him. He says it is not for him but for someone /*. Vince says Austin must be in the building and tells him to come on out if he has anything to say. Vince waits in the ring as the fans begin to chant "WE WANT AUSTIN." Tony Geraria comes down to the ring and tells Vince something. Vince gets on the mic and says what do you mean "the man" isn't Stone Cold Steve Austin? The Rock's music hits as the fans in Oakland go nuts! The Rock makes his way down to the ring and he poses up on the turnbuckle. The Rock gets on the mic and says finally The Rock has come back to Oakland. Rock says that Vince McMahon looks a little surprised. He says were you expecting Stone Cold Steve Austin? Vince begins to speak when The Rock cuts him off and says it doesn't matter what you think. Rock says that it wasn't Stone Cold walking down that ramp but it was the Brahma Bull, the People's Champ...The Rock. Rock says he came out here to address the people and not Vince McMahon. He gives Vince 15 seconds to get out of the ring. Vince hands Rock the beer and he runs out of the ring. The Rock then tells Vince to take the beer with him and he throws it at Vince. The Rock gets on the mic and says he knows he is apart of SmackDown but he took the opportunity to come out here tonight on RAW LIVE. The Rock says that 5 years ago when he came to this company he wanted to be the absolute best. He says he knows all the guys from RAW and SmackDown compete night in and night out and they want to because they are proud to be with this company. The Rock then calls out anyone in the back to come out if they don't want to be part of this company. And if they don't, they should "get the F out." The Rock then says he was scheduled to return to the WWE on July 11th on SmackDown but that is all scratched. He will now return at the King of the Ring. The Rock says he bleeds the WWE. He says he will always be apart of the WWE even if he has to come down to the ring when he is 80 years old with the People's dentures and the People's walker. The Rock says just like his grandfather and dad were proud of being in the WWE, he is as well. He says that finally The Rock has come home...if ya smell what The Rock is cookin'! RAW goes off the air with The Rock celebrating to the crowd...