WWE RAW Results (August 5, 2002)

Full WWE RAW Results - 8/05/02
LIVE From: Baltimore
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

They showed highlight of Triple H doing the pedigree on Shawn Michaels. They also showed highlights of last week's RAW, when Shawn was attacked.

RAW promo hits, followed by the pyro going off in Baltimore.

Opening Segment

Chris Jericho comes out. In case that us (jackasses) haven't heard the news, welcome to Monday Night Jericho. He says that, as of this moment, this show is his show. He said, everyone is wondering why Chris Jericho came to RAW. He said that Eric Bischoff is a certified genius. Bischoff knows the difference between a superstar and a loser. He gives an example, him being the superstar and the fans being the losers. Most importantly, Eric Bischoff knows the difference between a superstar like Chris Jericho, and a has-been like Ric Flair. He says that Flair in his prime didn't have half the talent he has.

Triple H's music hits, and he comes out and gets in Jericho's face. HHH says that personally, he doesn't give a flying crap why Jericho is here. But there are two things he knows, #1, Shawn was attacked last week, and that person has not revealed himself yet. The other thing, is that Jericho and him hated each other since day one. HHH says that Jericho is a little bitter man. Ever since WrestleMania, he is sure that Jericho is trying to get even with him. What better way to get even with him, then by attacking Shawn Michaels. Jericho denies it. Jericho says that it was HHH who pedigreed Shawn Michaels two weeks ago. He called HHH a Cerebral Ass. HHH said that he pedigreed Shawn Michaels for his own good, and he still considers him his best friend. HHH says that he believes that Jericho didn't do it, because Jericho doesn't have the balls to do something like that. HHH says that he isn't leaving the arena until he finds out who attacked Shawn Michaels, and HHH leaves the ring. Jericho wishes HHH luck in solving his little mystery.

Rob Van Dam's music hits and he comes out. Jericho goes nuts and yells at RVD for interrupting him and asks him why the hell he's here. RVD said that he came out to tell him "Welcome to RAW." Jericho thanks him and said he appreciates it (in a sarcastic way). RVD says that he was listening to Jericho saying that he owns this show. RVD asks Jericho what's he smoking? RVD challenges Jericho, because there can only be one true Mr. Monday Night. Jericho accepts the challenge. He said that it's not RVD like these idiots chant, it's "Y2J". RVD says it's "RVD", Jericho says "Y2J, you stupid son of a", then RVD hits Jericho. They get into a small fight and Jericho scores a kick on RVD and leaves the ring.


Table Match
Big Show vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba throws a few punches on Show, but it had no affect. Show nails him to the mat. Bubba fights back and pushes Show into the turnbuckle. The fight goes to the outside. Bubba grabs a table, then Show came, headbuts him and threw him back in the ring. Show whips Bubba into the turnbuckle. Bubba kicks Show in the face, but Show fought back and did a sidewalk slam. Show gets a table and tosses it in the ring. He places it on the turnbuckle. Show puts Bubba in the corner, and ran, but Bubba moved and Show landed on the table, in the corner. Bubba got another table. Show picked him up and dropped him. Show sets up the table and calls for the chokeslam. Then, Trish Stratus came in and distracted Show, while Spike came from behind wearing a football helmet and ran his head into the Big Show. Bubba then picked the Big Show and threw him on the table.

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley

Highlights of last week's RAW where shown, when the Un-Americans attacked the Undertaker.

Terri Runnels interviews the Un-Americans. Lance Storm says that he is happy to be in Baltimore, that's 60 miles away from the Nation's capital. Then he talks about Bush, saying he can't defend his own country. Test saw SGT. Slaughter, and got in his face and asked him if he had a problem with that. Test and Sgt. Slaughter agreed to fight, and the Un-Americans held Test back.


Jim Ross plugs Moolah's book.

Hardcore Title
Tommy Dreamer vs Bradshaw

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer is shown taping his wrist. Bradshaw gets in his face and attacks Dreamer. The bell rings and the match begins. Bradshaw is beating Dreamer with a kendo stick. The fight goes between the fans. Bradshaw still in control. Then, they find their way to ring side. Dreamer fights back and hits Bradshaw with a can lid. Dreamer sends Bradshaw shoulder first into the steel steps. The fight makes its way to the ring. Neckbreaker by Dreamer, 1,2 but Bradshaw kicked out. Dreamer went on the top rope, but Bradshaw caught up to him, and did a fall-away slam. Bradshaw was going for the powerbomb, but Dreamer backdropped him. Bradshaw went again for the powerbomb, and this time he was successful. Dreamer somehow fought back and nailed Bradshaw with the kendo stick. Both men are now fighting on the outside. Dreamer does the DDT on Bradshaw and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still WWE Hardcore champion, Tommy Dreamer

William Regal is talking to Chris Nowinski. They are talking about their upcoming match with Goldust and Booker T. Molly came in and introduced her friend, Victoria. She said that Victoria is going to get ready for her match against Trish Stratus. Molly left, and Victoria stayed. Chris asked Victoria if Molly was really a virgin, and Victoria said yes. Chris said "Not for long."


Goldust is talking to Booker T. Goldust said that Austin Powers stole his idea. Because there is only one Goldmember. Goldust got a midget dressed like him and he said that his name is Mini-dust. Booker T was leaving and HHH was standing right in front of him. HHH said that Shawn gave Booker T the sweet chin music, so Booker T gave him a little payback. Booker T said that he doesn't give a damn about Shawn, but it wasn't him. HHH says "I see that Goldust introduced you ti his little friend (Mini-dust), and if I catch you lying, I will introduce you to my friend. (HHH shows him the sledgehammer)"

Eric Bischoff is talking on his cell phone. Howard Finkel comes in his office, and Bischoff tells him told hold on. Bischoff ended his call. Howard Finkel says that he's been impressed by Bischoff, and he says that he's been announcing for 25 years, and he wants to challenge Lilian Garcia, because he wants his position back. Bischoff gives him the idea to perhaps rotate with Lilian, and he kinda agrees.

SGT. Slaughter is shown ready to fight.


A Kane music video was shown.

Test vs SGT. Slaughter

Test comes out with the American flag upside down. Then SGT. Slaughter came out with his American flag. Test hits Slaughter with the flag, and Slaughter falls to the outside. On the outside, Test delivers his boot to the face of Slaughter. then, Test waves the flag to the fans and leaves.

No Contest


Booker T & Goldust vs William Regal & Chris Nowinski

Booker T attacks Chris. Then Goldust starts off against Regal. Booker gets the tag. Booker T knocks down Regal and tags Goldust. Regal makes the tag to Chris. Goldust knocks him down and tags back Booker. Booker T delivers a hit and tags back Goldust. Uppercut by Goldust. Regal delivers a cheap shot on Goldust, to allow Chris to gain control. Regal gets the tag and works on Goldust's arm. Chris gets the tag back. Drop kick by Chris, 1,2 but Booker T broke the count. Regal gets the tag back, and takes down Goldust. Chris gets the tag back (yes that many tags). Double underhook slam by Chris. Regal gets the tag and delivers a couple of shots. Goldust does an inside cradle, but Regal kicked out. Regal continues to work on the arm of Goldust. Chris gets the tag back. Chris tries to go for the drop kick, but misses. Both men are down. Goldust tags Booker T. Booker T is all over Chris Nowinski. Booker knocks down Regal. Booker T delivers a few punches on Chris. Regal comes in and hits Booker T from behind, a tag that Booker T didn't see. Goldust comes in and clotheslines Chris to the outside. Atomic drop by Goldust on Regal, followed by the scissors kick by Booker T and the 1,2,3. After the match, Goldust asks for the spinaroonie, and Booker T does it.

Winners: Booker T & Goldust

HHH is shown walking with his sledgehammer backstage. He talks to the Un-Americans. He told them not to be scared of him, only to be scared of the Undertaker, because Undertaker is going to kick their ass. HHH asks them if they know anything about the attacker. Christian told him that they were on their way to get Shawn Michaels, but when they arrived, he was already attacked. HHH says that he believes them, but if he finds out they're lying, he will make the Un-Americans... unconscious!


Trish Stratus vs Victoria

Molly Holly joins JR and Lawler.

Match starts with Trish trying to do a full Nelson or something, then she ends up twisting Victoria's arm, then Victoria reverses it. Roll up by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria kicks out. Trish knocks down Victoria, 1,2 but she kicked out. Victoria somehow injured her leg, and the referee called for help. Then, Victoria kicks Trish in the face, it was all an act for her to gain control of the match. Snap suplex by Victoria, followed by another, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Knock down by Victoria. Roll up by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out again. Victoria drives her shoulder into the mid section. Scoop and a slam by Victoria. Sunset flip by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria rolls over and holds on the rope, 1,2,3. After the match, Molly came in and attacked Trish. Trish fought back and delivered the bulldog on Molly.

Winner: Victoria

HHH approaches the Big Show backstage. HHH continues his investigation. Show looks HHH right in the eye and tells him that he didn't do it, but he wishes that he did.


WWE Tag Team Championship
Hardy Boyz vs Christian & Lance Storm

Match starts with Matt and Christian. Both men exchange fists. Matt picks up Christian and drops him, 1,2 but Christian kicked out. Jeff gets the tag. All four men get involved. Storm is beating on Jeff on the outside, then tosses him back in the ring. Christian takes control of the match. Storm gets the tag. Clothesline by Storm, 1,2 but Jeff kicked out. Jeff fights back and tags Matt. Matt knocks down Lance Storm. Matt does a modified Rock bottom on Christian. Matt was going for the twist of Fate, but Christian comes in and hits Matt. Jeff takes care of Christian on the outside. Twist of Fate by Matt on Storm. Jeff goes for the Swanton bomb, 1,2 but Christian pulls out the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners by Disqualification, Hardy Boyz

After the match, Test came, then the Undertaker came and did a small number on the Un-Americans, and then they managed to get up and run away from the Undertaker. They went in their car and left. The Undertaker took a police motorcycle and went after them.


Eric Bischoff Segment

Eric Bischoff came out. He said that he loves each and every one of us. He wants to settle the ring announcing issue in a moment. But before that, later tonight, he has a big surprise for HHH that will answer all his questions. Bischoff then addresses Lilian and Howard. Bischoff will show highlights of the movie Triple X, and whoever does the best tag line between Howard and Lilian, will win. Clip was shown. Hoard Finkel: "See Triple X starring Vin Diesel and Samuel Jackson starting this Friday..." Then Lilian does her speech too. Bischoff was impressed by both. Howard says that he has more experience than Lilian, then Lilian bashes him. Bischoff tells them to be a little professional. Bischoff says that they took too long, to be exact, 3 minutes too long. Then TSN goes to commercial right away. Canadian viewers did not get to see what happened. After Bischoff said "Three minutes too long", the Island Boys came in the ring, then Howard Finkel pushed Lilian to them and left the ring. They beat up Lilian Garcia.


Lilian Garcia is shown being carried out on a stretcher.

Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam

Jericho attacks RVD, then pressures him in the corner and delivers a few hits. RVD fought back. Slingshot by RVD, and Jericho goes flying to the outside. RVD goes flying to the outside and lands on Jericho. RVD tosses Jericho back in. Release German suplex by Jericho. Jericho hammers away on RVD. Suplex by Jericho, followed by an elbow drop. Jericho chokes RVD on the ropes. Jericho tries to remove the padding off the turnbuckle, but referee, Earl Hebner stops Jericho. RVD sneaks up from behind and rolls up Jericho, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Jericho takes down RVD by the hair. Jericho applies pressure to the back of RVD. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but RVD had his knees up. Both men are down. Both men get up at the same time, but RVD delivers a super kick. Rolling thunder by Rob Van Dam, 1,2 but Chris Jericho kicked out. Jericho kicks RVD in the back of the head. Jericho regains control of the match. Jericho places RVD in the corner and delivers a few chops. Jericho tries to go for the Walls of Jericho, but RVD does an inside cradle, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. The referee gets accidently knocked out. Jericho gets a chair and nails RVD. Ric Flair comes in with a steel chair and nails Chris Jericho with it, while the referee is still down. RVD goes on the top rope and does the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD covers, 1,2,3.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Eric Bischoff is once again shown on the phone. He asks the person on the phone if he likes surprises, apparently the person said yes. Bischoff then tells him, "Wait until you see what surprise I have for Triple H."


Shawn's Attacker is Revealed!

Eric Bischoff is about to ask HHH to come to the ring, and HHH's music hits and he comes out right away, before Bischoff even finishes his sentence.

Bischoff says that he has setup a satellite feed from San Antonio. Shawn Michaels is shown on the Titon Tron. HHH asks him how he's doing and stuff. HHH tries to apologize, and Shawn tells him it's cool. Bischoff cuts them off and tells them to hurry up. HHH tells him that he's been investigating all night. HHH asks Shawn if he saw the guy who attacked him. Shawn said he didn't see the guy, because he was jumped from behind.

Then, Shawn said that the police sent him the footage, and they might find out who did this. They show it at first, but it was all blurry. Shawn said that with the technology these days we are able to see a closer look... They show the footage again, and it looked like HHH at first, then they put a close-up, and they removed the blurry picture and it was Triple H. Triple H admits on attacking Shawn and says that he is glad Shawn found out.

Shawn challenges Triple H, and HHH starts laughing and tells him "You're gonna talk me to death?". He tells him to face it, he can't wrestle. HHH says that he will cripple Shawn. HHH asks him, what if he is crippled and can't hold his 2-year old son anymore, what if he can't hold his wife anymore? Shawn says that he knows he isn't the showstopper anymore, but it's time to fight. And at SummerSlam he will walk to that ring not to wrestle, but to fight.

There you have it. Shawn Michaels vs Triple H at SummerSlam.