Full WWE RAW Results - 12/01/03 - Sacramento, California

Reported by Peter H. of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, December 1, 2003 at 11:51 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 12/01/03
LIVE from: Sacramento, California
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Peter H. of WrestleView.com.

My name is Peter H. and I am the two-time, two-time Raw Recap Reporter for Wrestleview.com. I’ve been here before so let’s get started.

The report consists of two versions; The short version, and the detailed version.

Short Version (Match Results)

World Tag Title Match
- Dudley’s defeated Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade via pinfall

- Booker T. defeated Test via pin fall

- Val Venis & Lance Storm defeated La Resistance via pin fall

- Trish Stratus & Chris Jericho defeated Rico & Miss Jackie via pinfall

- Matt Hardy defeated Christian via pinfall

- Jerry Lawler defeated Coach via pinfall

- RVD & HBK & Goldberg defeated Randy Orton & Batista & Kane via pinfall

Detailed Version

Eric Bischoff welcomes the crowd via a pre recorded statement. Main event tonight is a handicap match. It will be HBK & RVD vs. Evolution members Randy Orton & Batista and their tag team partner Kane

JR and the King welcome us to Raw from Sacramento. Goldberg makes his way to the ring. Goldberg Chants throughout the arena. Goldberg says that each week it seems he gets jumped from behind (HHH, Kane). Goldberg calls both them out, out comes the Raw GM Eric Bischoff. Bischoff states that he is the one calling the shots. Bischoff says that if anyone tries to call the shots, they will be fired. Calls Raw the Eric Bischoff Show, says no one can do anything about it.

Mick Foley music hits the speakers as Foley comes out in a suit and a clipboard. HE enters the ring to a HUGE Foley Chant from the capacity crowd. Foley says that he can do something about it and gives props to Goldberg. Foley is here from Linda McMahon. The Board of Directors basically giving Mick Foley the title of “Outside Consultant”. First change is tonight’s main event, basically putting Goldberg in the main event making it a six man tag match. Second change involves Stone Cold Steve Austin. Foley has a petition and hands it to Lillian Garcia to hand out to the crowd in Sacramento; basically it says that “By signing this petition, we want Stone Cold back on Raw in some capacity”. The final change is that Foley appoints a new Co-GM of Raw……………Himself. Mick Foley is the new Co-GM of Raw.

Coming back from commercial we see Bischoff talking in office with Coach. Bischoff calls Linda McMahon’s home number, Coach tries to talk him out of it but he calls her anyways. Bischoff tries to smooth talk Linda but she hangs up on him

Our 1st match tonight is a World Tag Team Title match. It’s the Dudley’s vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade. We have a flashback to last week’s strange bedfellow’s match and the aftermath concerning Bubba Ray and Garrison Cade. Bubba and Garrison start up and Bubba tries to beat some respect into him. Some brief back and forth action happens, D-Von and Jindrak get tagged in and the same back and forth action. I guess the theme here is the Dudley’s beating some respect into the rookies here tonight. Anyways after a quick tag back to Cade, he sneaks a very close two on D-Von with a handful of tights. After complaining to the ref, D-Von rolls him up with a big handful of tights, practically mooning the camera for the pin fall. Dudley’s retain the belts. Cade and Jindrak claim that the Dudley’s cheated and demand a replay on the screen and after seeing replays of both pin attempts with the handful of tights, the rookies demand a rematch.

Al Snow and Coach are backstage and think that the rookies deserve a rematch. Foley walks up to them and informs Coach that he is in a match with Jerry Lawler tonight, Al Snow is banned from ringside, and if Coach loses, then Coach is fired. (Good on air chemistry here with Foley and Snow)

Back from commercial Booker T is in the ring waiting for his opponent Test. Test comes down with Stacy who is dressed as a schoolgirl. After the usual entrance Booker T jumps Test from behind and we are underway. Test gets the better of Booker T and resorts to a lot of strength moves in the early going. After a bear hug and a stiff clothesline Booker retains control and hits a bicycle kick for a 2 count. Back and forth action with the same results involving Test trying to cheat, Stacy not letting him and when he yells at her, she slaps him. Booker hit a scissors kick and the pin fall. After seeing a spin-a-rooni, we actually see 2 of Stacy’s version of the spin-a-rooni complete with a view of her underwear; I swear the King wanted to see 10 of those (and who could blame him). After the second one, Mark Henry attacks Booker and hits him with his finisher, the world’s strongest slam.

We switch over to Trish and Lita talking about Jericho. Basically Trish bought him a 80’s style Team Canada Jersey, with Jericho on the back with the #1. Trish shows what she will be wearing underneath (blue bra) and that tonight will be the night (and I don’t think she is talking about scrabble here.

Back to the show, JR and the King plug the petition on wwe.com. Now we flashback to when Batista power bombed HBK after the main event last week. Terri is interviewing Orton and Batista backstage. Batista says more pain will happen tonight for HBK and if he survives tonight, then he will end it all at Armageddon. Scott Steiner music and Steiner, Test and Stacy come out to the ring. Steiner and Test basically decide to make Stacy the first person in the Steiner and Test Kiss my Ass club. As Test and Steiner pull down their pants, Foley’s music hits again. He invokes an executive order, and asks Stacy to come to the entranceway to consult with him. He says that it is disgusting that Stacy is Test’s property and that he’s found a way out for her. Test reminds Foley that it’s in his contract. Foley agrees and says that the contract is void because Test is fired. Steiner interjects saying that he and Test are a tag team and that they are going to be the champs. So Foley fires Steiner as well. Stacy celebrates by doing cartwheels and jumps into Foley’s arms (Lucky guy) Break

Steiner and Test in Bischoff’s office, complaining about being fired. Bischoff says he will fix it.

Foley joins the announcers for the next match is a tag match with Val Venis and Lance Storm vs. La Resistance. USA chant breaks out which makes no sense because Val is from Canada, Lance is billed as being from Canada, and both of La Resistance members are from France. Conway and Venis start out and Conway leads the early going. Good tag match, a little on the brief side. Foley during the match announces a Tag Team Turmoil match for Armageddon with details to follow. Winners are the Canadians with a good finishing move. Foley grabs a microphone and basically tries to turn La Resistance into good guys by having them recite along with the crowd the pledge of Allegiance. Conway half heartily does it, with Rene Dupree trying to stop him. After that doesn’t work, Foley fires La Resistance. Foley marches down the ring using old Sgt. Slaughter music as we cut backstage to see Trish and Jericho preparing for their match, acting all in love. Break

Trish comes down to ringside; Jericho is next down the entranceway. It’s a mixed tag match, Trish and Jericho vs. Rico and Miss Jackie. Rico sneaks behind the ref and pulls Trish down by the hair. Jericho and Rico start out with back and forth action. Jericho starts to dominate with a Walls of Jericho attempt. After some more action, the woman get involved in the match, Trish can teach Jackie a thing or two about how to wrestle; Rico distracts the ref and assists Jackie in a double suplex. Jackie in control by choking and hair pulling, Jackie wrestles like an 8 year old girl. Jackie with a submission move as the crowd gets into it. More blown spots by Jackie and we are back to the men in the ring. Jericho on fire here and is kicking ass here. Rico mounts a comeback and misses a top rope ax handle. With the guys brawling outside the ring, a top rope bulldog by Trish on Miss Jackie and we have a winner.

Bischoff is talking to a mystery person who is unseen at the present time. Bischoff recaps what’s happened tonight and hopes that the rumors aren’t true. Kane is reveled as the mystery person. Bischoff claims that Foley is going to strip Kane of his title shot at the PPV. Bischoff claims that he will do everything he can to make sure that Kane doesn’t lose his spot in the main event at the PPV. Break

Matt Hardy is in the ring waiting for his opponent Christian. Flashback from last week shows Hardy walking away from the tag match last week. Christian comes down to the ring with Lita. There’s the bell and we are underway. Some brawling to start the match, they start in the ring and end up outside the ring. Christian rolls Hardy in the ring and gets a two count. Hardy reverses a move by Christian and now is in control. He slows down the pace with of all things, an abdominal stretch. King notices that Lita is wearing a green thong, good grief. Matt Hardy hits Christian with a nice leg drop from the middle rope, for a two count. Back and forth action and another update from the King that yes Lita has a green thong on. To keep it short, the finish sees Christian trying to hit Hardy with a Un-prettier, as he is about to hit it, Molly runs down and throws Lita into the steps. Christian is distracted, Hardy with a rollup for the victory.

Plug for the main event, and the next match which is King vs. Coach.

We return with Lawler making his way down to ringside. JR reminds us of the stipulation that if Lawler wins, Coach is fired. Coach makes his entrance and no one is cheering, you can here a pin drop. Somehow I doubt we are going to see a wrestling clinic. Lawler in charge and in no surprise in a span of two minutes, Lawler is your winner and makes Coach the 5th person to be fired today. Lawler and JR sing that song that Coach sang to Stone Cold at Survivor Series as Coach weeps like a little baby walking up the entrance way. Break

The petition is being passed around the crowd as JR and King plug the address for the petition and the site on wwe.com. Recap of the Armageddon Card so far

Triple Threat Match for the World Title
HHH vs. Kane vs. Goldberg (c)

Singles Match
HBK vs. Batista

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
RVD (c) vs. Randy Orton

Singles Match
Booker T vs. Mark Henry

4 Team Tag Team Turmoil match for the World Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boys
Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
Hurricane & Rosey
Val Venis & Lance Storm

Christian and Jericho are talking in the back about the “bet”. It is reveled that the bet is who can sleep with their partner first. Jericho brags about Trish and Christian brags about Lita. The prize you might ask is one Canadian Dollar (that’s all?? if that is all it takes I’ve got a five dollar bill in my back pocket.) The camera pans out and shows Trish waiting for Jericho with the jersey in her hands, crying her eyes out. She heard every word as we go to yet another break.

We come back and it looks like Evolution is on their way to the ring. No Flair and no HHH either. Flair is seen making a late entrance down the ring, and now here’s their tag team partner Kane. The faces come down to ringside and we are underway. HHH is nowhere to be seen as Orton and RVD start things off. Good action between these two young superstars and now its HBK tagged in and then Batista. Brawl outside the ring sees Kane hitting HBK with a choke slam in the middle of the ring, Kane’s not the legal man as they cue the commercial.

We have no more commercials as Kane and HBK are now apparently legal. Kane is in charge using power moves. Kane tags Batista back in, I would have to compare Batista to a taller version of Brock Lesnar. Low blow by HBK sees him tag in Goldberg. Batista tags in Orton and Goldberg is on fire. Gorilla Press by Goldberg on Orton, Goldberg wants Kane. Kane tags in and the brawl has begun. Spear by Goldberg and now a jackhammer attempt is blocked by Evolution and now all 6 men are brawling. Kane and Goldberg are going through the crowd, same with Batista and HBK. A Rolling thunder by RVD on Orton gets a close two count. Flair pulls the ref out, and knocks him out. RVD reverses a RKO and a spin kick by RVD puts Orton on his back. Five star by RVD and no ref, so Foley runs done and counts the pin fall.

Bischoff comes down and claims that on Foley’s first day that he has ruined Raw. Bischoff claims that Paul Heyman will be waiting on Smackdown with open arms for the people that Foley has fired. Foley says he will not sign any release papers, he was proving a point on how Bischoff has run Raw for the past while. Foley announces the main event for next week; it will be Kane vs. Goldberg. Show ends with Foley giving Bischoff the mandible claw (or Mr. Socko).