Full WWE RAW Results - 12/08/03 - Anaheim, CA (WWE Superstar returns!)

Reported by Peter H. of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, December 8, 2003 at 11:42 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 12/08/03
LIVE from: Anaheim, California
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

This is the last Raw before Armageddon, so let’s get started.

Quick Results

  • Dudley Boys (c) defeat Y2J and Christian via pin fall

  • Batista defeats RVD (c) in a non-title match via pin fall

  • Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeat Lance Storm & Val Venis via pin fall

  • Mark Henry w/Theodore Long, Scott Steiner & Test defeat Booker T, Rosey & the Hurricane

  • Molly Holly (c) and Victoria defeat Trish Stratus & Lita via pin fall

  • Goldberg (c) defeats Kane via DQ

    Detailed Results

    The WWE logo intro is played with Eric and now Mick Foley in place of the Stone Cold photo. From there, an intro package is played replaying the events of last week, ending with the return of Mr. Socko.

    We are live from Anaheim, California and when the pyro went off Y2J and Christian make their entrance with roses in their hands. It looks like that Y2J and Christian are going to fight the Dudleys for the Tag Titles, but before the Dudleys come down, the two Canadians. Y2J and Christian hope that Trish and Lita don’t believe the rumours about the bet. The ladies come down and they look pissed. Y2J and Christian try to sweet talk their way with the roses and it doesn’t look like they are buying it. Trish slaps the taste out of Jericho’s mouth. After the ladies take the roses and beat the boys with them, all of a sudden here come the Dudley’s and what’s this, it’s our first commercial, Tag Title Match when we come back.

    Trish and Lita are remaining at ringside, as we watch D’von in the ring with Christian and the Dudleys are dominating. After tagging their respective partners, Y2J is in control of Bubba. Some brawling in the ring as JR announces that our next match is going to be RVD vs. Batista. Jericho is still in control as he tags in Christian to fight Bubba. Christian gets a few moves in and tags Y2J back in. After some brief action, the hot tag and we are back to D’Von and Christian. After a missed 3D and a close two on a lionsault, a bubba bomb gets a 2 count. Jericho pulls out the ref before the 3. Dudleys do a double wassup with Trish and Lita serving as the missiles. Christian gets hit with 3D for the 3 count; your winners are the Dudleys. Jericho has an intense look on his face as we go to commercial. It should be noted that Y2J busted his lip during the last moments of this match.

    Flair is giving a pep talk to Batista and Randy Orton. Flair says that HHH is here, and is not going anywhere near that ring. Orton says that HHH is not the only Evolution member to walk away with the gold. Batista gets in his two cents and then walks out to go to his match.

    Y2J and Christian are in Bischoff’s office, complaining about what happened. Bischoff makes a match with Y2J and Christian vs. Trish and Lita, in Eric Bischoff’s Battle of the sexes match for Armageddon. It should be noted that Christian is very excited about this but Y2J isn’t as thrilled. Fade to commercial.

    We come back to our second match, RVD vs. Batista. Batista is out first with the 16 time world champ, Ric Flair. Batista has an intense look on his face and in my opinion; Batista is going to be what Lesnar is to Smackdown, as long as he stays healthy. RVD is out next and the camera pans out to a huge sign in the crowd with the 5 Star Comics logo.

    Batista starts out with his strength moves, RVD counters with some speed moves as Batista rolls out of the ring to get some fresh air. Some outside action actually leads to a quick 2 count by RVD. Batista regains the control and dominates. Hard Irish whip by Batista, which follows with Batista calling RVD “boy”. Last time I checked, Batista isn’t a freaking Hardcore Legend. Anyways, more power moves by Batista which is followed by a 2 count. JR says that Batista is 6’5” and 275 lbs. RVD now in control and hits Batista with a leaping cannonball move. Rolling thunder by RVD gets him a 2 count. Finish sees a ref bump, RVD rolling out of a tiger bomb attempt, Flair interference, and finally a powerful tiger bomb by Batista for the 3. Basically, this match was to put Batista over as a monster, and did it ever. Main event of Goldberg vs. Kane is hyped as we go to commercial.

    Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak are in the ring and are making the statement that they aren’t whiners, they are winners. Their opponents are Val Venis and Lance Storm and of course they are accompanied by two ladies. Anyways as Storm and Venis pose on the buckles, Cade and Jindrak jump them from behind as we are underway. Cade and Storm to start, Cade showing off some good moves on Storm. Hot tag is made as Jindrak and Venis are tagged in. The two girls are not very smart due to the fact that they are standing on the outside in Jindrak’s and Cade’s corner. Finish sees a quick rollup by Jindrak on Venis with the handful of tights. Very brief match, it didn’t last more than five minutes.

    Kane is seen sitting in a boiler room or something and cuts a weird promo talking about his childhood and what he is going to do at Armageddon, “The fans might not like what happens at Armageddon, but I will”. The WWE is pushing Kane as a monster and this promo did exactly that. Cue the commercial.

    We return to the sweet sounds of a car crash, which could only mean the Co-GM is here. Mick Foley comes down to the ring, with another suit on and another clipboard in hand. Foley wants to make things right and is afraid of Flair interfering in the Orton – RVD match, so he appoints himself the special referee. Foley announces that the petition to bring back Stone Cold is now at the 500,000 signatures. Before Foley can continue, out comes La Resistance. They get in Foley’s face and cut a patriotic promo for France. They want Foley to pledge allegiance to the French Flag or /* Foley will get a French beating. Foley gets back in their faces and before the “beating” can start, THE ROCK comes out. This is a huge surprise, and the fans absolutely had no idea. Finally…….The Rock has come back to Anaheim. The Rock came back to surprise his friend Mick Foley and the millions…..and millions of fans. The Rock cuts a hilarious promo on La Resistance as only he can. La Resistance actually attack the Rock and Sock connection, a small brawl starts out ending with Mr. Socko and the People’s Elbow. Foley gets a people’s elbow in as well. The Rock signs the petition and leaves the ring. Foley gives the petition to Lillian Garcia as we go to break.

    We come back from break as JR and The King recapping the last segment. Bischoff and Coach are in Bischoff’s office. Bischoff says that Rock has been escorted out of the building and makes the main event a lumberjack match, and that the Lumberjacks will be chosen by Bischoff himself. Coach agrees as we go back to the ring.

    Booker T comes out and it looks like we are in for a 6 man tag team match. It’s Booker T, Hurricane, and Rosey against Test, Scott Steiner, and Mark Henry. Theodore Long makes his way with Mark Henry but there is no Stacy with Test and Steiner. Test and Rosey start things off. Tag to Hurricane, Test in control showing off some power. Test tags in Steiner and more power moves on Hurricane. Steiner is trash talking Booker T and actually got (bleeped). Tag to Test and after a quick move by Hurricane, in comes Booker T. Booker T cleans house and hits the spin-a-roonie. Henry enters the ring (no tag) and throws Booker T out of the ring, Military press slams Hurricane out of the ring and gives Rosey a spine buster (that is no small feat) and we go into another commercial with JR yelling that Mark Henry is dominant.

    We come back with Test with a sleeper chokehold on Booker T. Test tags in Henry and is dropping elbows on Booker T. Henry tags back to Test. Booker T regains the control only to have Test take the momentum back. Test tags back Henry and Mark Henry is applying a very painful looking sleeper on Booker T. Booker T gets back to his feet and gets slammed by Henry. Henry re-applies the sleeper on Booker T. Mark Henry is complete control and gets a two count. A Mark Henry tag to Steiner who is getting boo’s from the crowd. *(I’ll explain at the commercial)*. Steiner hits a couple of moves and then tags in Test. Test with a bear hug on Booker. Booker breaks free and hits the hot tag to Hurricane. Hurricane gets a close two on Test. Rosey gets and hits a botched finisher on Test. Test might have hurt his neck, it didn’t look good. Finish sees Mark Henry winning the match for his team with a bear hug on the Hurricane. He looked like a little kid in Henry’s arms. Booker breaks that hold and gets a bear hug until the referee breaks it up. The heels leave the faces lying in the ring.

    *Basically the fans are reacting to the US College Bowl Championships. USC (which is close to Anaheim) are first in both the USA Today poll and the Coaches poll but in the computerized system are ranked third and will play 4th ranked Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Since Steiner is from Michigan, he felt the fans wrath.

    JR and the King talk about the petition and then plug the main event as we go to another break.

    Bischoff have Evolution (No HHH) and Mark Henry (With Teddy Long) and tells them that they are the lumberjacks

    JR and the King go over the card for Armageddon

    Battle of the Sexes
    Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Chris Jericho and Christian

    HBK vs. Batista

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match (Special Referee Mick Foley)
    RVD (c) vs. Randy Orton
    Booker T vs. Henry

    6 Team Tag Team Turmoil Match for the World Tag Team Titles
    Dudley Boys (c)
    Lance Storm & Val Venis
    Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak
    Hurricane & Rosey
    Test & Scott Steiner
    La Resistance

    World Championship Triple Threat Match
    Goldberg (c) vs. HHH vs. Kane

    Tag Match is next, Lita and Trish vs. Molly Holly and Victoria when we come back.

    We come back with Molly in control of Trish. Also, Y2J and Christian are standing in the entranceway watching this match. Tag to Victoria and more of the same punishment to Trish. At least Victoria and Molly won’t screw up like Miss Jackie did last week. Tag back to Molly and more punishment is seen. Hot Tag to Lita, and she cleans house. Finish sees Matt Hardy run down to the ring to distract Lita as Victoria and Molly use a double team maneuver to win the match. JR and the King say that the main event is next. The final commercial is taken.

    Here come the Lumberjacks (Evolution with no HHH, and Mark Henry) Kane is out first and he looks intense as always. Goldberg taking his long entrance to the ring, and finally gets to the ring. Kane throws Goldberg out of the ring and the lumberjacks take advantage. They throw him back in the ring as Kane shows off his strength. After some brief action, Goldberg is again out and the lumberjacks taking their shots on Goldberg. Kane is in complete control as he hits Goldberg with a couple of nice power moves. Kane is using a sleeper on Goldberg; I can’t ever remember seeing Kane use the sleeper. Goldberg fights out and teases a spear. Kane gets tossed out and don’t get touched. Goldberg jumps out of the ring and beats up the lumberjacks. Goldberg back in the ring and teases another spear when Orton and Batista enter the ring. Ref calls for the bell and out comes RVD, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels. The faces clear the ring except for Kane. Sweet chin music to Kane, but he doesn’t fall. Spear by Goldberg and Kane goes down like a sack of potatoes

    End of Show

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