Full WWE RAW Results - 1/5/04 (Flair/Batista vs. Dudley Boyz - Tag Titles)

» Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
» On Tuesday, January 6, 2004 at 12:46 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 1/05/04
LIVE From: Memphis
Report by: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

Welcome to the first Raw of 2004, my name is Peter H and here we go. Just want to say thanks for the comments I get in my email, keep sending me your comments and I will respond ASAP. Onto the program

(Quick note, I am recapping the late edition of the show this week, so in other words, I am watching the slightly edited version. The late edition is a neat 2 hr package as opposed to the 2 hour and 7 minute show that is at 9pm)

Coach and Bischoff are talking in Eric’s office. Eric is whining to Coach, saying that Austin has given himself the title of the “Raw Sheriff”

Mark Henry and Teddy Long come into the office, The Coach leaves and the two want to collect on their favour from Survivor Series. The favour is that Teddy Long is the GM of Raw for one night only. Bischoff after giving it some thought agrees, cue the raw intro music.

JR and the King announce the Tag Title Match Main Event between the champs Flair and Batista vs. the Dudley’s. Teddy Long comes down to the ring and plays the race card saying that finally a black man is in charge. He starts knocking Memphis so the King comes down to the ring. The King actually goes into the ring and get into Teddy Long’s face. Randy Orton runs out from the back and hits a picture perfect RKO on Lawler. Teddy Long runs back up the ramp as Orton takes his time taunting Lawler, walking up the ramp.

We go backstage and Mark Henry confronts Randy Orton. Basically, we now have IC Title match between Henry and Orton. Henry and Long turn the corner and walk right into Austin. Austin saying that he is the sheriff lays down the law and puts RVD into the IC Title picture. We now have RVD vs. Henry with the winner named the #1 contender for the IC Title. Next week on Raw, we will see Randy Orton defend against either Henry or RVD.


Coach brings out his own chair (LSU sign on the back) and joins JR during the commentary. We have our first match. Renee Dupree will fight Spike Dudley. Replays are shown of that sick bump that involved Spike missing the table just 4 months ago. Coach is just taunting JR with some pro LSU smack (LSU beat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl the night before, and as reported, JR was actually at the game) Spike jumps on Dupree to start the match but Dupree reverses and dominates the early going. Spike tries some offense but Dupree gets the control back. (Coach Keeps taunting JR and Oklahoma and man is he ever getting on my nerves, call the match……) Dupree is dominating….yawn… poor spike, every time he tries to get some offense, Dupree powers him off……Military press by Dupree, reversal by Spike, rollup, 1-2-3. Your winner: Spike Dudley

The Dudley’s wait for Spike on the ramp, Spike is hoisted onto his brother’s shoulders and then they get jumped by the tag team champs, Flair and Batista. Bubba Ray actually gets thrown into the side of the set (2nd time in two weeks someone gets thrown into the set)


Jericho is seen in his dressing room, Christian walks in and apologizes for last week. They reminiscence about old times and Christian says that he talked to Teddy Long and there is a tag team match next. Y2J agrees and off they go.

A recap package is shown of last week’s main event. (In my opinion, that was one of the best raw main events in 2003, if not the best. Back and forth, great story telling and great athleticism by both athletes)


The King comes back to the announce booth. Teddy Long comes out and doesn’t want the King kick a black man out and threatens that if the King does anything to the Coach, he will be fired. Y2J comes down to the ring and now his tag team partner, Christian. (Coach is running his mouth and I am hoping they unplug his microphone soon) The opponents are Hurricane and Rosey. Christian and Rosey start things off, Rosey with some power moves on Christian and tags in the Hurricane into the match. Christian regains the control and tags into Y2J. Y2J in control until Hurricane hits a flying elbow. Back and forth action, until Y2J gets control. Christian gets tagged in, and they try to do a flapjack, but Hurricane reverses into the double DDT. Rosey gets tagged in; power moves lead to a quick 2. Rosey now in control and now Hurricane hits Y2J on the outside from the top turnbuckle. Rosey with a pin fall attempt on Christian, but only gets a 2 count from the referee. Rosey tries to hit Christian but goes through and hits the post. Y2J hits Rosey’s head on the post and Christian hits the unprettier for the victory

A woman’s title match between Victoria and Molly Holly teased as well as Mark Henry vs. RVD later on. A recap of the sneak attack on the Dudley’s by the tag champs


Steven Richards comes out with Victoria and he will be fighting Test in singles action. Richards is letting his hair grow long and Test knocks down Richards and is dominating Richards in the easy going. (More LSU taunting by the Coach) Once again we see one person dominating (Test) and the face (Richards) try to start some offense but is stopped in his tracks early. Victoria is causing some outside interference, Test misses the big boot, and Richards with the rollup for the 3 count. Next thing I see is a quick crowd shot (Canadian editing again) Victoria apparently raises Richards hand in victory and gets the boot from Test. She is KO’ed and Richards is pissed. He is just punching and punching Test. It takes 3 referees to hold him back as Test walks up the ramp. Richards goes to check on Victoria


Glass breaks and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin, the standard Austin intro in the ring by Austin as he grabs the mic and introduces himself as Sheriff Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin is about to announce the HBK HHH rematch when HHH comes out, and HHH making fun of the “Sheriff” title. Austin responds by flipping off the world champ as only he can. Austin is staring right at the champ, as HHH makes fun of the little badge that Austin is wearing. Austin finally speaks and says he can give HHH a stunner, if he wants. Austin gets into HHH’s face telling him that HBK kicked HHH’s ass. Hunter is getting in Austin’s face when HBK’s music starts and out comes HBK. Huge HBK chant by the crowd in Memphis, TN. Austin says that HHH will defend the world title against HBK at the Royal Rumble. HBK and HHH go nose to nose, as Austin gets back on the mic. He makes the match, a last man standing match. HBK gloats with a big smile at HHH. Hunter responds by giving HBK the pedigree in the middle of the ring.


Out comes Molly Holly for her woman’s title defense. She grabs the mic and says that since Victoria can’t compete, wants to be declared the winner. Teddy Long is on the jumbo-tron and makes a non-title match against another “white girl”. Out comes Trish Stratus and we have a non-title match. Molly using some heel tactics to get the early advantage. Chokehold by an aggressive Molly and now Trish will that handstand trick in the corner, making Molly fly. Back and forth action with Trish now on the apron, when all of a sudden Jazz runs down to ringside and enters the ring. Jazz throws Molly out of the ring and locks Trish in the STF. Jericho runs down and makes the save. Trish pushes him away and walks up the ramp alone. Jericho is confused as we go to a commercial, well at first it looks like one. It turns out to be a commercial pushing the “New Hardcore Legend” Randy Orton, paid for by the Friends of Randy Orton.


Out comes RVD and we are set for the #1 Contenders match for the IC Title. Here comes Mark Henry with Teddy Long right along side him. Start up with some smack by Henry, and RVD using his quickness to get the early advantage. Henry catches him and hits a nice power slam. Back and forth, as Mark Henry goes to the outside. Long gives Henry a chair as RVD dives from the apron at Henry and clocks RVD with the chair. Ref disqualifies Henry for using the chair on RVD. Long restarts the match, after threatening the ref and out comes Austin. He is driving an ATV and chases Long around ringside and chases him up the ramp and behind the curtain


We come back to the match and see RVD in a bear hug by Henry. Henry now in complete of the match until RVD uses his quickness to regain the advantage. RVD hits a couple of rolling thunders on Henry and goes outside to get a chair. He hits the running dropkick into the corner (called the Van Terminator). Then Henry gets up and knocks RVD down. RVD responds by throwing the chair and Henry and hitting a spin kick at Henry. A 5 Star Frog Splash leads to the victory and another IC Title shot for RVD. Austin chases Long back to the ring and after Long’s begging and pleading is on the receiving end of a Stunner. RVD and Austin share a beer at the top of the ramp.


Jericho is knocking on Trish’s down and goes in. We hear a shower running, so Jericho turns his back and apologizes to Trish. The shower is turned off as Jericho walks to the door to leave when the woman asks Jericho to turn around. It’s Mae Young (the ugliest Woman on the roster) She opens up the towel with her back to the camera (Thank you) Jericho freaks out and gets his butt out of there fast.

Kane comes down to the ring and cuts a promo about the Royal Rumble. He shows footage from last years rumble as Undertaker eliminates Kane. Kane says that Undertaker is now gone. The reason Kane attacked Booker T last week is revealed due to Booker getting the World Title Shot at Wrestlemania. Booker T runs down to the ring and beats on Kane. Kane goes over the top rope again, this time by Booker. Booker promises to win the rumble and to eliminate Kane. We go to the backstage area where D’Von gives a pep talk to Bubba Ray, time for the main event


Out come Evolution members and current World Tag Team Champions, Batista and Ric Flair. A quick recap of the sneak attack tonight and here come the Dudley’s. D’Von and Batista to start things off with Batista gaining the early power advantage over D’Von, back and forth action now. Bubba and Flair get tagged in. Bubba mocking Flair and now trading the trademark whooooo chops. Bubba using his power to hit a nice set of moves on Flair then tags in D’Von into the ring. D’Von tags Bubba back in after a couple of moves. Flair hits a heel tactic and after a little bit of Flair in control hits the figure four. Flair tags in Batista, letting Batista continuing the punishment on Bubba’s legs. Flair back in the ring now, Bubba needs to make a tag, D’Von is pacing back and forth as Flair and Bubba are trading chops again. Flair hits that turnbuckle jump, landing halfway across the ring, D’Von is tagged and hit a couple of moves on Flair. Finish sees Flair getting the 3-D and then HHH distracts the referee long enough for Batista to sneak back in and hit a tiger bomb on D’Von. Referee counts to 3 and Evolution retains the tag titles.

HHH goes to check on Flair as HBK runs into the ring and super kicks HHH and KO’s him in the center of the ring to end the show

Quick Results

Spike Dudley defeats Renee Dupree by Pinfall

Christian & Y2J defeat Hurricane & Rosey by Pinfall

Steven Richards (Yes, Steven Richards) defeats Test by Pinfall

Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus goes to a no contest due to interference by Jazz

RVD defeats Mark Henry by Pinfall

Ric Flair & Batista defeat Dudley Boys by Pinfall


- Having Teddy Long was a great idea for Raw, but when he was talking too long to Austin before getting the stunner

- Randy Orton RKO on Lawler was nice and the commercial was good but that was all we got of Orton

- Coach is the worst announcer in the history of Raw (just my opinion)

- Good to see La Resistance members in action on Raw again

- Let the Trish / Y2J storyline end please……..

- If they push it right, Steven Richards could be going somewhere

- Austin and HHH was funny and good at the same time

- Kane cut a nice creepy promo, they should have given him more time


- Too bad about the Canadian Juniors losing to the Americans, I am just surprised there is little to no mention of it on the American side of the border

Special thanks to AJ Main for the names of the two jobbers from last week who fought the Dudley’s (Eddie Kramer & Russell Simpson). As always I can be reached at either raw@wrestleview.com or holt0020@algonquincollege.com

See ya next week

Peter H.