Full WWE RAW Results - 1/26/04 - Hershey, PA (SmackDown star on RAW)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 26, 2004 at 11:10 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 1/26/04
LIVE from: Hershey, PA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer & Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

RAW starts off with highlights of last night's Royal Rumble, where Mick Foley made his return and got some sort of revenge against Randy Orton.

Opening segment

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring under a new theme music, "Don't you wish you were me?" from the WWE originals CD . Jericho said that he'd normally be quite angry that Benoit won and he didn't, but he isn't angry. He said Benoit is on SmackDown. Jericho said that he was the last RAW superstar in the Royal Rumble, and since Eric Bischoff still owes him a favor, so he wants the title shot tonight in Hershey, PA. Jericho said he wanted to defend the belt in many States, making fun of Howard Dean.

Eric Bischoff's music hits and makes his way out. The fans started calling Bischoff an asshole. Jericho points it out to him. Eric Bischoff awards Jericho the title shot against Triple H. Bischoff said that Jericho might not want to use that favor, because he has a match lined up tonight between Kane and Trish Stratus. Bischoff said that even if Jericho was the last RAW guy in the Rumble, he didn't win it, the past two years it was a SmackDOwn guy. Bischoff gives Jericho a choice, he can use his favor to get Trish out of that match against Kane, or he can use his favor to get his title shot. Bischoff says that he knows Jericho still has feelings for Trish and he knows he'll use his favor for Trish. Bischoff makes a handicap match between Jericho, RVD against Flair, Batista and Randy Orton.


Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam

The match started with Jericho and Flair starting. Both men lock up, Flair knocks Jericho down, Jericho jumps back up and gets a quick dropkick. Randy Orton runs in and beats down Jericho and leaves quickly. Jericho takes down Flair and hits a few hard rights. Flair hits a rake to the eye. Orton gets the tag and beats down Jericho. Jericho fights back with a sidekick and a cover for a two count. RVD gets tagged in, hits a quick legdrop and gets a two count for a pin. RVD hits a big crossbody on Orton for a two count. RVD sets up Orton in the corner and hits a running missle kick. Jericho gets the tag and he hits some hard chops on Orton. Jericho connects with a big dropkick from the top rope, but only gets a two count on Orton. RVD gets tagged in and hits a big kick to the head on Orton. Orton fights back with some hard elbows followed by a snapmare. Flair gets the tag, but RVD takes him down right away. RVD takes out Orton and Batista on the ring apron and hits the rolling thunder on Flair for a two count broken up by Orton. Jericho comes in and dropkicks Batista to the outside. Jericho gets up on the ring apron and tries to jump on Batista, but Batista slams him down hard. Flair, Batista and Orton all surround RVD in the ring as they go to a commercial break.


Back from commercial, RVD rolls up Flair for a two count. Jericho is still hurt on the outside of the ring. Flair hits a few hard kicks to RVD as Batista and Orton look on. Orton gets the tag and he hits a legdrop on RVD's left arm, applying a submission. RVD tries to fight back, but Flair comes in and kicks him. Batista gets the tag and he applies a submission on RVD's arm. Flair gets the tag and he applies an armbar on RVD. Flair hits some chops on RVD, RVD fights back with some hard punches, but Orton gets the tag and applies another submission to RVD's arm. Jericho makes his way back up to the ring apron as Orton continues his submission on RVD. RVD gets a few punches, but Orton takes him down with a big dropkick. Flair gets the tag and he applies some more chops. RVD takes down Flair with a big kick to the face. Jericho gets the tag and he takes out Orton, Batista and Flair. Jericho knocks Flair to the outside and tries to apply the Walls of Jericho on Batista, but Batista rolls out. Orton comes in, but Jericho throws him to the outside. Batista attempts a big powerbomb, but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Flair tries to interfere, but RVD takes him out with the Frog Splash. As Jericho has the Walls of Jericho applied, Orton went for the RKO, but missed the first attempt. Orton ran off the ropes again and this time connected with the RKO. Batista pinned Jericho and got the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winners: Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton


Backstage segments

Randy Orton is complaining and yelling at Bischoff because Mick Foley ruined his chances last night. He said that he's that good, he learned from the best. Orton says that he hears Mick Foley will be here tonight, he wants permission to beat Foley's ass. Bischoff grants him that wish.

Steve Austin interrupts and says that Foley will be here tonight because he invited him. Austin tells Orton that Foley will be given time for an interview to talk about the Randy Orton commercial ads.

Trish Stratus comes in Jericho's locker room to thank him for giving up his title shot to save her from Kane. Trish Stratus tells him that she thinks they have a pretty good relationship, like close friends. Christian interrupts and Trish nicely leaves. Christian yells at Jericho for giving up his title shot to some chick who doesn't care about him. Christian tells Jericho that he was in Bischoff's office pulling some strings and got them a #1 contendership match against? we don't know who yet.. for the tag team titles next week on RAW.


Match #2: Tag Team match
Victoria w/ Richards & Lita vs. Molly Holly & Jazz w/Long

Lita starts off against Molly. They lock up, take down by Lita. Front face lock by Lita, into a suplex. Victoria asks for the tag and she gets it. Molly tags Jazz. They lock up, take down by Jazz, and applies a crossface. They're up again, sunset flip by Victoria, 1,2 but Jazz kicked out. Suplex by Victoria followed by a moonsault. Jaw breaker by Jazz. Drop kick by Jazz, and Victoria goes to the outside. Ricjards argues with Teddy Long. Victoria is back in the ring. Jazz does a leg drop and covers, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Molly gets the tag. Molly applies pressure on Victoria's neck. Molly kicks her in the back. Jazz gets the tag and knocks down Victoria. Jazz also applies pressure on Victoria's neck and then knees her in the back. Jazz missed a big splash. Victoria tags Lita and Molly gets the tag. Lita does a head scissors take down on Jazz. Molly pulls down Lita by the hair. Victoria gets the tag. Powerslam by Victoria on Molly, 1,2 but Jazz interrupts the count. Jazz and Lita are now fighting on the side. This leaves Victoria and Molly in the ring. Molly attempts to do a suplex, but Victoria delivers an inside cradle for the win.

Winners: Victoria & Lita


Backstage, Triple H is shown making his way to the arena with bandages on his face.

Interview Segment: Triple H, HBK, Austin & Chris Benoit!

Triple H gets on the mic and says that last night, two men stood in the ring, they scratched, they clawed, they fought and they bled buckets for what they believed in...the World Heavweight Championship. Triple H said that although Shawn Michaels said last week it would all come down to 1 second, he was unable to fulfill his promise because he is still the World's Heavyweight Champion. HBK's music hits and he comes down to the ring with bandages on his face as well. Triple H asks HBK what he has to do to him. Triple H asks what it will take. Triple H asks HBK if he has had enough yet. HBK says that they haven't even gotten started yet. Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits. Austin gets on the mic and said its a shame that Last Man Standing match ended in a tie. Austin said that match reminded him of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Austin said HBK deserves a re-match. Austin said he can't make matches however. Austin said the rules state the winner of the Royal Rumble goes on to face the champion at WrestleMania. Austin said the rules don't state which champion defends at WrestleMania. Austin introduces the Winner of the 2004 Royal Rumble...Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit gets into the ring and gets in both HBK and HHH's face. Benoit gets on the mic and said both HBK and HHH went through hell last night fighting for the World Title. Benoit said so did he. Benoit said for 18 years, he fought to be the best. He said it took him 62 minutes to beat 29 to get the opportunity to face the best at WrestleMania. Benoit said whether that is Shawn Michaels or Triple H, he will fulfill his destiny and become the next World Heavyweight Champion. Benoit stared down both HHH and HBK and left the ring.


Match #3
Kane vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba starts hammering away on Kane. Kane goes to the outside. Bubba follows him, Kane turns around and delivers a right hand. Back in the ring. Bubba delivers a clothesline and covers, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. They're both fighting on the mat. Kane is applying pressure on Bubba's injured eye. Kane gets the steel steps and throws them in the ring. Kane nails Bubba with the steel steps. Referee calls for the bell. D-Von comes in to help, but Kane hits him and delivers a tombstone piledriver. Undertaker's music hits and the lights go off. Then on the Titon tron, all we see is blurry pictures, and small clips of the buried alive match.

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley by disqualification.

Eric Bischoff is talking to Paul Heyman explaining to him that he had no clue about Chris Benoit coming to RAW. He blames it on Austin. Paul Heyman doesn't believe him, threatens to sue Bischoff and hangs up. The Coach comes in laughing at last night's small fight between Bischoff and Heyman. Bischoff got upset because he was laughing at him and books him in a match against Goldberg.


Match #4
Rob Conway w/ Rene Dupree vs. Rico w/ Miss Jackie

The match starts with both men locking up and Rico countering into a headlock of his own. Rico hits a drop toe hold and smacks Conway on the butt a few times. Rico jumps into the arms of Conway and gives him a kiss. Conway threw down Rico fast. Rene Dupree pulled Rico out and slammed him into the ring apron. Dupree threw Rico back in and Conway beat down Rico some more. Conway hits a big clothesline on Rico followed by applying a chinlock. Rico fought back with some hard rights and a big back body drop. Conway gets up and Rico hits a big kick. Rico grabs Conway by the arm and starts to hump it when Dupree gets up on the ring apron. Rico knocks down Dupree and Conway starts to turn his head around for a neckbreaker when Miss Jackie gets up on the ring apron and pulls down her top to distract Conway. Rico hits a big sidekick to Conway and got the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winner: Rico

After the match, Stacy Keibler came down to the ring and raised Miss Jackie's arm in the air and celebrated with Rico.


Mick Foley is shown entering the arena.

They show picture highlights of last night's Rumble, when Lesnar F5'd Goldberg.

Match #5
Jonathan Coachman vs. Goldberg

The Coach takes the microphone and says that he is out here because he was told to be out here. He said that he had already apologized to Bischoff, and asks Bischoff again to change his mind. He said that he'd been superkicked and his ribs are broken because of the Dudleys. He said that it's something nobody wants to see.

Teddy Long and Mark Henry came out. Teddy Long said that it's unfair for Bischoff to dump his problems on a black man. That's haterizing. Teddy Long said that he will give him Mark Henry to be in his corner tonight when he faces Goldberg.


Goldberg makes his way to the ring. Mark Henry and Goldberg square off. Headlock by Henry, then takes Goldberg down. They get face to face and Goldberg clotheslines Henry. Henry knocks down Goldberg. Mark henry squashes Goldberg in the corner, followed by a devastating clothesline. In the meantime, The Coach is sitting on the top rope watching the match and Teddy Long is up on the apron watching too. Bear hug by Mark Henry. Goldberg snaps and slams Mark Henry. Goldberg grabs The Coach and throws him off the top rope. Goldberg spears The Coach and jackhammers him. He scovers him with one foot.

Winner: Goldberg

After the match, Goldberg looked at the camera and said something like this: "I don't care where you are or what show you're on, but Lesnar, you're next!"


Interview Segment: Mick Foley confronts Randy Orton

Mick Foley's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Foley gets on the mic and says an explantion should be in order since he walked out on his match with Randy Orton. Foley says he can answer that question the best way he can. Foley says when people reflect on his career, they bring up his heart, guts, courage, his love for the business. Foley said some of that came into play. Foley said the main benefit he had was hatred. Foley said he was able to channel his anger into the ring against his opponents. Foley says when he retired from wrestling, he had to let go of all that anger. And when he did, he was able to be happy with himself. Foley said he made a big mistake on December 15th, 2003. Foley said the only mistake he made that night was accepting the match. He said Randy Orton decided to make his life a little harder by taking advantage of that night. Foley said Orton owes him something so he wants him to come out right now without Evolution.

Randy Orton walks down the ramp fast and gets into the ring. Orton yells at Foley, asking why he would want a favor from him. Foley said he wants Orton to spit in his face one more time. Foley said he knows it is a strange request, but he wants him to do it. Orton goes to talk, but Foley takes the mic away from him. Foley gets in Orton's and demands him to slap him. Foley slaps Orton a few times and begs him to hit him. Foley stops himself and says he won't hit him and will turn the other cheek. Foley gets a lougie chant started with the fans. Orton spits in his face and Foley laughs. Foley says he has kids and getting spit on is nothing. Foley says Randy Orton being called the Hardcore Legend is a big load of crap. Foley says when Orton spits in his face, he spit on his legacy and this business. Foley punches himself in the face a few times and starts to bleed. Foley gets in Orton's face and said he has sacrificed his body everywhere around the world. Foley takes the mic and nails Orton in the head. Foley starts beating down Orton in the corner as the fans chant "Foley". Ric Flair and Batista run down, but Foley takes them out. Batista and Flair fight back and take down Foley. Foley gets a steel chair and takes out Flair and Batista. The show goes off the air as Flair drags Orton out of the ring and Foley stares them down as blood continues to pour down his face...