Full WWE RAW Results - 2/16/04 - Bakersfield, CA (Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels)

» Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, February 16, 2004 at 11:35 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 2/16/04
LIVE from: Bakersfield, California
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

Hello everyone, it’s me Peter H. ready for another Raw show. Tonight we are less than a month away from WM 20. All set, Let’s go.

A video package is shown regarding the entire Benoit/HBK/HHH events over the past few weeks and especially when HBK signed on the dotted line.

JR pimps the main event with HBK vs. Chris Benoit.

The Raw fireworks go off as we are in Bakersfield, CA.

Booker T & RVD vs. Flair and Batista for the world title is shown as later tonight.

Down to the ring comes the world heavyweight champion (and Paul’s favourite) HHH. He explains his situation about Benoit and HBK, referencing WM 10 where the champion lost in his 2nd title defense that night. HHH is calling out Bischoff to get an explanation. Here comes the Raw GM without any music for once. HHH wants an answer and he wants one now. Bischoff wants to cancel the match with HBK and Benoit for tonight and replace it with a World Title match. Bischoff wants HHH to choose his opponent. The winner will defend against the unpicked opponent at WM 20. Basically for HHH its pick your poison time, a match with a great wrestler or a match against HBK. HHH doesn’t like that idea because the fans want it and HHH doesn’t care about the fans. Before HHH can come up with his own idea, here comes the #1 contender, Chris Benoit. HHH tries to talk but Benoit takes his microphone. Benoit’s got one thing to say, and he proceeds to beat down HHH. These two are beating the crap out of each other which ends with a cross face on HHH. Benoit clears out of the ring when Evolution runs down to the ring.

Commercial (which includes an awesome Backlash commercial with Benoit)

We come back to a commercial with the Monday Night Wars DVD

HHH is giving a pep talk to Evolution, telling Orton to go with the Flair and Batista for the next match

Booker T & RVD vs. Flair and Batista (c) – World Tag Team Championship Match
Booker T comes out to his own entrance and now RVD comes down to the ring. A recap of last week’s beat down by Evolution leads to their entrance. Booker T and Ric Flair to start this match, which doesn’t last too long as after a couple of minutes, Booker T tags in RVD. RVD vs. Flair for two holds before Batista gets tagged in. RVD getting the early advantage due to his quickness, actually getting a quick two count. Some interference by Evolution doesn’t stop RVD until he tries to attack Orton and Batista on the outside. All 3 are down so let’s go to a….


We are back and Batista is wearing down RVD in the middle of the ring. After a while Batista tags in Flair. RVD hits a double move with Flair knocking them both down. Booker T gets the hot tag. All 4 in the ring now and Orton tries to interfere as well. Now this is where it goes to hell. Mick Foley runs down to attack Orton , Flair puts Booker T in the figure four, Batista and Orton are fighting Foley outside the ring, RVD gives Flair a 5-Star frog splash as Flair is still giving Booker T the figure four. Booker T unlocks his legs and pins Flair for the 3 count

Winners & New World Tag Champs: Booker T & RVD


Raw comes back with an FDR inauguration, since its Presidents Day in the US of A. Lawler and JR recap what just happened with the Tag Champs. Lawler and JR congratulate Eddie on his victory and then intro a nice video package recapping the events from No Way Out and Goldberg.

Basically the video ends with Bischoff and Austin staring at a monitor. The short version of this segment is that if Bischoff doesn’t make a decision by the end of the night, Austin will kick his ass. Bischoff leaves and bumps into Orton. Orton says he is going to call out Foley for a brawl tonight, Bischoff aggress but it won’t be sanctioned

Y2J is getting ready for Kane tonight when Christian runs in for a word. Once again, the short version of the segment goes like this. Y2J is telling Christian that he wants to be more than friends with Trish. Y2J is going to give a rose to Trish and tell her how he feels about her after the match. Y2J gets Christian to hold the rose while he goes and fights Kane

JR and Lawler say that Kane vs. Y2J is next


Y2J vs. Kane
Y2J comes down to the ring first and now the big monster, Kane. We get some back and forth action with both wrestlers not getting a clear advantage in this match. Kane starting to work on Y2J’s hurt knee with a variety of leg locks. After some torture by Kane punishing Y2J’s knee, the ref calls for the bell. Kane picks up Y2J and throws him over the top rope. Kane then throws Y2J into the ring post knee first. Kane cuts a quick promo reminding the crowd that the Undertaker is dead. Kane then walks up the ramp, to be interrupted by the blue light. He continues to walk up the ramp when the Titantron video shows the old Undertaker cross with the WM 20 logo in the background “27 days”. It actually starts to rain on Kane, and rain hard. The expression on Kane’s face is of pure fear. (Very nice comparison as Fire = Kane, Rain = Undertaker)

Winner: Kane via referee’s decision to stop the match


Another quick President’s day clip (this one with Reagan)

Randy Orton is now coming down to the ring, alone with the IC title belt. Orton is trying to tell Foley that it isn’t fair that Foley will fight Orton. Orton is young while Foley is old. Orton says tonight that his name is Mick Foley, he’s Orton’s bitch. Car crash is heard as Foley comes down to the ring. These two guys are just slugging the crap out of each other. Foley dominating with a double arm DDT. Ric Flair runs in & gets punched down. Batista runs down to make it a 3 on 1. The numbers game catches up with Foley as a mugging is occurring in the middle of the ring. Batista and Flair are holding Foley up while Orton gets the cheap shots in. Orton hits Foley with the RKO. Orton kicks him some more and continues to beat down Foley, an impressive power bomb by Batista with the aid of Flair and Orton. Orton is now yelling at Foley to “Stay down”. Orton taunting to the crowd


JR and Lawler recap what just happened with Foley and ¾ of Evolution

HBK is getting ready for the match when Benoit walks into his face and says that tonight he will show the same respect that HBK showed him last week.

Stacy and Jackie are complaining to Bischoff that they weren’t on the cover of Playboy. Eric tells them to call Hugh Hefner and convince him to put them in Playboy. They leave and Austin walks in. Austin wants a decision and Bischoff doesn’t have one yet. Austin says he was watching the Monday Night Wars DVD mentioning the night where Bischoff challenged Vince to a street fight. Eric doesn’t know that Vince is right behind him. Vince says that he will make a big announcement regarding WM 20 next week while in his wrestling gear. Afterwards, Vince will call out Bischoff and the two of them will have a street fight


Another President’s day clip this time with JFK

Trish Stratus comes down to the ring and it looks like our next match is about to take place

Trish Stratus & Victoria w/ Steven Richards vs. Molly Holly & Jazz w/ T. Long
Jazz and Trish to start this match off, with both ladies brawling, and seeing Trish getting the early advantage. Jazz tags in Molly, and she is out-wrestling Trish. Trish hits a reversal and tags in Victoria. Back and forth action by both ladies with Victoria hitting the widow’s peak and gets the victory for her team. Test runs down and jumps Steven Richards. He beat Steven and shoves down Victoria to the mat. Trish jumps on Test’s back and gets thrown down. She is about the be power bombed when Christian makes the save

Winners: Trish Stratus & Victoria via pin fall


Trish runs down to Christian to thank him for the save from Test. Trish is off to go see Y2J. Christian says he will go also and gets his gear and give Trish the rose. (I smell a heel turn for Christian)

The same video package is shown from the start of the show with Benoit, HBK and HHH

HBK is heading down for our next match

HBK vs. Chris Benoit

But before Chris Benoit can come down……….


Benoit comes down to the ring and here we go. HBK starts to tap his right foot, so Benoit slaps the taste out of his mouth. Benoit is outwrestling HBK in the early going. HBK is now in control after a quick stomp of Benoit. Lawler makes a short joke but I still prefer him over Cole and Tazz and day. HBK still in control by slowing down this match, both guys are now brawling before HBK can get the advantage again. HBK tries for a flying elbow and gets nothing but mat as Benoit rolls out of the way. Benoit suplexes HBK out of the ring

Final Commercial

Benoit has a reverse chin-lock on HBK; HBK is now fighting back and gets to his feet before Benoit gets the advantage back. Benoit is now outwrestling HBK. HBK hits a reversal and now both men are getting tired. HBK with a sleeper now on Benoit, he’s starting to fade to his knees. Benoit gets back to his feet and hits a huge back suplex, tiring both men to an 8 count. HBK goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. Both men get to their feet and literally run into each other. Both men get back to their feet and try to get an advantage but no one can get a clear one. A couple of quick pin fall attempts but to no avail, Benoit sets up and fails trying to hit a super-plex. Benoit is down and HBK misses sweet chin music. Benoit tries the cross face and the sharpshooter but HBK will not submit. 3 straight German suplexes and HBK is down. HHH is now walking out to the ring. Benoit starts talking trash to HHH and turns around into sweet chin music for the 3 count.

Winner: HBK via pin fall

HHH goes and helps HBK up and then pedigrees him. HHH leaves the ring and out comes Austin on his ATV. Austin announces that for the first time in WM history it will be a triple threat for the World Title. HHH vs. HBK vs. Chris Benoit

HHH is irate

Show over

Match Results

Booker T & RVD win the World Tag Titles via pin fall over Ric Flair & Batista

Kane defeated Y2J via stoppage by referee

Trish Stratus & Victoria defeats Molly Holly & Jazz via pin fall

HBK defeats Chris Benoit via pin fall


- I like the buildup for the triple threat match
- Can’t remember the last time I saw Flair lose a title cleanly on Raw
- I am getting sick of the Y2J / Trish / Christian feud, interesting how it ends though
- Referee’s can stop matches now, it’s rare but it does happen folks
- I like Orton but come on, you don’t need Evolution to help you kick Foley’s ass
- I would love to see Stacy in Playboy
- Good main event tonight
- And finally, it will be reported later on but today both Ryan Allen and Paul Nemer punked me today, details to follow

Any comments just drop me a line at raw@wrestleview.com.